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Moon River/Ming Ruo Xiao Xi Episode 27 Recap

You know, although the China’s cut may not sound very different from the Taiwan’s cut in writing (i.e the recaps produced may not differ that much at all, since I will be skimming over stuff too), I highly recommend watching the Taiwan’s cut if you are someone who wants to be emotionally attached to a show. The China’s cut breezes past all the boring AND exciting stuff so it’s good if you don’t really care about the characters and you just really want to know what happens.

Moon River Episode 23 Recap

Hohoho I’m not sure how many of you saw this coming, but I’ve basically fallen in love with this drama ever since it was in its infant stage (lol, meaning Episode 2 or 3). This was actually adapted from a novel, written by an author who commonly has other works spun off into dramas (e.g Summer’s Desire). Much as I love this show however, I’m not sure how much I can commit to it yet – if I can recap it regularly until it finishes, or only on an ad-hoc basis. I hope to make it more concise than my usual recaps, so that this leaves me more time to do this on a regular basis.