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Descendants of the Sun Episode 14 Recap

Dang it, I missed the chance to recap all the funny and romantic comic relief last episode! But this episode makes up for it slightly, with an added story arc that kinda started and finished within 1 episode.

Continuing from previous episode, Mo Yeon gasps mid-sentence when the doors open to reveal the critical patient. As sober music plays, the medical team rushes Si Jin to the operation room while Mo Yeon cries for him to wake up.

The parking lot scenes are interspersed with the reality – we see Si Jin and Dae Young pointing their guns at Ahn. They were wary and on their guards. Something was wrong because Ahn said that he was on furlough and would not be participating in this mission.

Ahn said that he could not trust his own side and came a long way to find a friend, “Send me back to North Korea.” Before he could divulge more details, a van swooped into the parking lot and started firing. Ahn fell to the floor, injured. While Si Jin and Dae Young took cover and fired at the van, men tumbled out of the van and pushed Ahn into the van.

Si Jin called for back up and ran after the van. He placed himself in  the van’s direct path and told Dae Young he would halt the van. In reality, Si Jin has gone into cardiac arrest and Mo Yeon is placed in the traumatising position of having to save her boyfriend from death.

With 5m left, Si Jin shot at a fire extinguisher which exploded and caused the van to crash in the midst of white fumes. In this shower of mist, Si Jin was fired at a few times and he fell to the ground, gasping in breath.

His own men ran towards him, and what was touching is that Dae Young ran the fastest towards him.


As his breathing faded out and the cardiac arrest siren became louder, we are back to the present where Mo Yeon screams at him to wake up.

After a pregnant pause, the siren stops and is replaced by a steady heartbeat. Si Jin wakes up but the first thing he asks about is his friend, Ahn. Mo Yeon cries in frustration – he almost died!

He sits up straight, still insistent on knowing where his friend is. At this point in time, Min Ji comes running in to tell them that Ahn is making a fuss. He doesn’t want to be operated on by South Korean doctors, but Si Jin assures him that doctors are the only people who do not care which side you are on. I really like this statement!

I guess Ahn has no say in this either because in the next breath he topples to the ground. Si Jin requests for Mo Yeon to be the operating soldier and she shrugs his arm off, instructing others to give him scans and clamp him down if necessary.

Something is definitely up – the masked men are from the Matagonian security embassy, allegedly pursuing Ahn due to his fake passport. Worst excuse ever, as Dae Young rightly scoffs.


Si Jin survives (I mean he’s walking around all) but dips his head in guilt as Mo Yeon grumbles at how he forgets about his girlfriend who just saw her boyfriend in cardiac arrest and covered with blood an hour ago, “You seem to care more about your other friend. Wait till you recover, I might really kill you then.”

Ahn gets wheeled into the room just when Mo Yeon is going to pass Si Jin something she found during the operation. She later passes it – a chip – to Dae Young.


Eun Ji comments on how scary the North Korean is, covered with gunshot wounds and blood. Chi Hun replies that he has seen worse in Urk, “I’ve heard triggers clicking – hands up. Move and I’ll shoot.”

Eun Ji thinks that Chi Hun is just lying, much to Ja Ae’s irritation, “I want to kick you.” HAHA. At this moment, Sang Hyun dashes towards Ja Ae, threatening to kill the person who held her hostage. She replies, “He was half-dead until you saved him”. Oh dear hahahaha.

More comic relief follows as the team ponders over Ahn’s belongings and Sang Hyun almost licks the pen. Dae Young stops him in time and whispers that the pen is actually a poisonous syringe. Sang Hyun faints in shock.

The army has cornered off the entire corridor for their business, much to the Director’s annoyance. In the room, Si Jin tries to question Ahn on his mission, but when the Colonel asks Si Jin what else Ahn said, Si Jin replies, “He asked to be sent North.”

That isn’t everything that Ahn said and both of them know it. Later, Dae Young passes the Colonel the chip. The Colonel is anxious for Ahn to speak because the summit between North and South is happening soon, but Si Jin is doing all the speaking. “What is he saying?” “Er, he’s saying that adding vinegar gives it a zing and mustard gives it a zap.”

In other words, talking about condiments for noodles. HAHAHA. Dae Young tries to stifle his smiles while the Colonel frets over his captain. The Minister calls to chase for a report, as Commander Choi (North Korea) has moved up his schedule and is entering Seoul.

Based on their investigation, the team finds out that Ahn is wanted for murder of a sniper who worked for gangs in Tokyo. Both guys recognise the sniper as one of the sergeants who served in the same battalion as Ahn. Si Jin knows that Ahn will not open up. He has a way but he needs the chip and Mo Yeon. He sighs because he should have made a copy of the chip before handing it over, to which Dae Young smiles and whisks a copied chip out.

Mo Yeon nags at Ahn and Si Jin smiles to himself…but not for long, as Mo Yeon turns her attention to him. “Remember the soldier I met? You know, the one who yelled at me for operating on a dying man, the ugly person who disciplined you for it –”

Hahahahaha, the room of soldiers all turn to look at the Colonel while he stares forward awkwardly.

Si Jin dashes up and shuts her mouth before writing on her arm that the room is bugged. She winces but reacts very quickly that she was very happy to see Ahn.

While they continue the conversation about Mo Yeon’s mother, Si Jin writes that he needs somewhere private to speak to Ahn.

“She’s well.” “Let’s set a date,  I wasn’t able to meet her properly.”

Speaking in code words now, she replies, “Must I really? I don’t like it.” Si Jin pleads, “I won’t worry you.” “You don’t keep your promises.”

“This is a special request.” She steels herself and instructs Ahn to come down for CT scans.


She runs straight into the Colonel outside and pretends to be really happy to see him. She then dashes off to her friend’s room and whispers something of great importance, “Right now… I work for the government.”

“Does the government know you work for them?” Hahaha, I am so amused with this conversation. The almost juvenile scene (I have a secret shh!) is such an odd, but satisfying contrast, with the previous scene where something of great importance is being discussed and plotted.

The South and North Korean get their 10 minutes of private time. Si Jin throws the chip at Ahn and he finally spills – they received a tip that their Special Forces were being hired by crime syndicates as hit men for very high prices.

He was tasked to find eliminate the traitors and find the mastermind. That’s all he’s willing to say and he proceeds to swallow the chip. However, Ahn looks up in fear while Si Jin taunts him with the information that Commander Choi is on his way and that Ahn will be handed over the next morning.

In the stairway, Si Jin thanks Mo Yeon for her help and lets her know that his friend is called Ahn Jung Joon. Mo Yeon is concerned that he’s name dropping, to which Si Jin replies, “I am hoping someone would remember him. It would be better if it was someone as brave as you.”

I don’t like this ominous talk! Remember your friend’s name yourself.


Ahn breaks out of his ward through the window but the guards cannot enter because he has already barred the doors with his bed. He lands himself through the window into the ward downstairs, but only to get stopped by Si Jin. He smartly deduces that Ahn might be avoiding Commander Choi, “I’m your friend from far away…because your enemy…is also my enemy. Did you betray your country…or did your country betray you?”

Si Jin’s triumphant look shifts to anxiety as Ahn pushes the gun towards his heart, “A warrior never betrays his country.” In a flashback, we see that the mastermind is Commander Choi, who laughed on the phone which Ahn picked up from his battalion mate, “The traitor is you, Pluto.”

Ahn requests Si Jin to help him escape but Si Jin points out, almost desperately, that Ahn will die when he returns to North Korea, no matter who betrayed who.

Si Jin shifts the gun to his head and says with determination that he’s also a soldier serving his own country. He will not help him escape.


Before he gets sent back to Commander, Si Jin passes him a snack which Ahn keeps in his pocket.


In the morning, Mo Yeon grumbles, “I see your friend leaves without the physician’s recommendation…through that window.” Hahah look at how straight Si Jin is sitting up!!

Si Jin fakes pain but sits up the moment Mo Yeon orders him, “Sit up straight.” She continues to grumble about the cost of the windows and Si Jin goes into his default – where is that director who is giving my girlfriend a hard time – mode but shuts up when Mo Yeon retorts, “My boyfriend who was hospitalised with a North Korean soldier.”

She leaves after a phone call and reminds him not to run away. He looks down docilely but plucks out his IV drip the moment she’s gone.


Kim makes some insensitive remarks about not being able to differentiate Ji Soo from a patient (you have gone too far!) but her retribution (just a slight bit) comes in the next second when Hee Eun goes into labour and grabs onto the nearest thing she can find.


In the meanwhile, Mo Yeon gets called up by the hospital administrator to pay for the windows. Chi Hun is there too because he’s the doctor of the ward below hahaha and he chirps happily that Mo Yeon should pay. He gets a phone call that the baby is on the way and runs off, to which Mo Yeon claps her hands happily, “Ooh a baby is on the way!” and runs in the opposite direction. Anything to escape paying. HAHA.

Ahn meets with the Commander who deduces that the South Koreans wouldn’t have cracked the chip yet and Ahn must have it safely hidden in his body per his training. He whisks open the curtain and Ahn looks down to find that a sniper is aiming at his heart. The Commander tells him that he will bury the secret with the traitor, “Say your last words.” Ahn smirks, “Please prepare a bowl of Pyeongyang naengmyeon on the table during my memorial, if possible, from the Koryo hotel.”


The Commander scoffs. Ahn prepares for his last mission, “In the name of my country, I will eliminate traitor Commander Choi of the State Security Department”. He smashes a bottle on the table and dashes towards the Commander with a cry – but at the very last instance, a gun shot rings and Ahn falls to the table.


The Commander actually doesn’t want to reunite with the South – he doesn’t care for the reunion of separated families or economic cooperation. He thinks he won the game but the Minister shows him financial statement lists, evidence of how much the Commander has earned from betraying his country.


His anger turns into shock when he finds out that his army team is tasked to take him AND Ahn back to North Korea.

In a flashback, we see that Si Jin is the one behind the gun and his team has taken down the North Korean sniper.


He listens into the conversation via a tracking device located in the very snack he gave to Ahn. He snipes Ahn and tells the Colonel that he has cracked the password – it’s the GPS coordinates for the Koryo hotel in North Korea.


A voice comments, “The South Korean special forces shoot very poorly.”


We see Ahn sitting up, clutching at his injury, “I didn’t get shot in the fatal area.” Si Jin smiles.


And yes back to the reality, we see a well and alive Ahn who requests to eat his snack before he gets hauled back to North Korea, “Thanks to you, I can return to my home country and die a warrior. Thank you.”

Omo, someone explain to me why I feel a bit teary at this. Si Jin later picks up the snack packet and the device, his face solemn.

The Minister sends the original signed copy to North Korea, commenting that politics are above morality. I don’t know if something bad will happen to this Minister or he’s just a reflection of political figures in reality, but he has been spouting lots of self-centered speech the entire episode.

Dae Young stands guard at the door and warns Si Jin of Mo Yeon’s impending arrival. Si Jin gives up – he can’t wear his clothes properly because of the cast. Dae Young asks desparately (hahaha), “Why did you get it done again??” to which Si Jin replies, “I wanted to commit a perfect crime.”


Mo Yeon opens the door and is greeted by a sleeping Si Jin. She leaves and the two guys heave a sigh of relief, while Dae Young helps Si Jin with his pants.

Dae Young complains about the cast again and Mo Yeon walks in. The funniest thing is Dae Young leaps into the bed and covers himself with the blanket while Si Jin covers his face with a book, “He is asleep.”


Hahahaha do you really think you can fool her??

She leaves again, after sighing in disappointment. Oops. Si Jin suggests to Dae Young that they pay for the window equally, like real men. Dae Young protests, “I am not a real man.”




Oh I can’t stop laughing.

Mo Yeon runs into Myeong Ju and learns that she has broken up with Dae Young. After rattling off the questions like why? when?, she concludes, “I understand.” The two guys are like characters from Dumb and Dumber and she hopes the country never finds out that they are like that. HAHA. When Myeong Ju leaves to visit Si Jin, Mo Yeon murmurs, “Your love life is complicated too.”


Scene in room is awkward as the couple refuses to talk to each other. Si Jin tries his best to get Myeong Ju to stay by telling her how Dae Young  is very feminine, “He even ran his hand through his hair and said Omo~”. Myeong Ju scoffs, “You guys are really like Dumb and Dumber”. After she leaves, Si Jin finally learns why they broke up – because Dae Young applied for discharge.


Si Jin sits up and repeats what Dae Young has said. How could Dae Young make the decision by himself? Nevertheless, he urges Dae Young to go after Myeong Ju. He gave up his life for her, so don’t let her wait too long.


Dae Young spots her shadow and turns around, while Myeong Ju watches his reflection from the metal notice board.


Even though they are both looking at each other through the board, neither can bring himself or herself to narrow that distance.

If you have no idea what’s going on, no fear because Commentator Song and Ha are here. Sang Hyun guesses (with amazing accuracy, almost like he’s a script writer I say? Haha) that Myeong Ju probably broke up with Dae Young for his sake and that’s why she can’t give in, because she’s a good woman. Ja Ae guesses that Dae Young knows where Myeong Ju is hiding. He wants to after her but he can’t because he wants to keep Myeong Ju’s pride since she hid it so well.

Methinks that they are talking about themselves hahaha. Sang Hyun’s learning point from Urk is that there’s no point saving up because you don’t know when you will die haha. He decides to buy a new car and asks Ja Ae along for her opinion. While teasing her, he asks, “Do you like me?” “Yes” “-you said you like me. Why? Do you like -”

“Wait what?” And Sang Hyun smiles, realising that Ja Ae just accepted him.


Mo Yeon watches on the news that the meeting between separated families will finally resume after the North and South Korean government come to a consensus. She smiles and takes in the sight in front of her.

She visits Si Jin who declares his love of seeing Mo Yeon every two hours. She asks for his whereabouts just now and he replies that he went to the rooftop. “You weren’t there, I checked.” “..I didn’t say I went to the rooftop of this building.”

She realises that he’s been to the departmental store again and asks about his friend.  He replies that they had different paths and he doesn’t feel good because he’s not sure if his friend is alive or dead. Mo Yeon reminds him, “And your girlfriend is concerned about you.”


He pats at the spot beside him, “Have you ever tried lying on a patient’s bed?”


Hahaha, and grumbles when Mo Yeon chooses to sleep on a makeshift bed instead. “I’m a patient, I won’t be able to do anything.” Mo Yeon murmurs sleepily, “The patient was well enough to visit the departmental store. The doctor must protect herself.”


Mo Yeon informs him that Chi Hun became a father of a son. He smiles at the thought that the son would be adorable too but his smile fades away, “I am sorry for worrying you. Thank you for saving my life.”


Mo Yeon realises that they are a couple who always thank each other for saving each other’s lives, unlike other couples who thank each other for doing something special during their anniversary. “I’m sorry.” Mo Yeon sees the peace that he kept on the news, but if he’s really sorry, “Don’t appear before me covered in blood again. Please.”

“Copy that.” He suddenly sits up straight and asks her if she wants to watch the movie they missed – they  have the projector and speakers.


The two of them get so adorably happy that they finally get to watch the movie.


Their excitement is evident on their faces and makes me a teeny bit sad, because something as simple as catching a movie becomes such a special activity to this couple.


I can’t remember who fell asleep first. it was a long and tough day and I was in his arms. I shone brightly through the night in his arms like a woman who was deeply loved.


Did that movie that we miss have a happy…or sad ending? – Mo Yeon 

-the end-

The comic relief definitely isn’t as strong as last episode but nonetheless, I laughed to myself a few times while watching the episode and WHILE doing the recap. I don’t think I appear very sane actually.

I think something characteristic of this drama is that it always introduces conflicts that are set up to be something really great and potential for emotional heaving of tears, but they aren’t carried through. The only one big incident that had a huge impact was the earthquake and when the old leader sacrificed himself (I cried so much there!). From that point onwards, (1) Si Jin being stuck in the collapsed building (2) M3 virus epidemic (3) Myeong Ju being a positive patient (4) lead-up of Argus were all events that threaten, but hardly had any lasting impact. They don’t just fizzle out slowly; these conflicts simply disappear after a certain point. I think Descendants is probably one of the only shows that can get away with it because there is always something else distracting us, because the acting and filming is great and just because like me, we want happy endings.

In this episode too, the introduction was shot really well. I like the scenes where Mo Yeon was shocked at seeing Si Jin and where Si Jin fell to the ground, watching Dae Young run towards him. These scenes convey real and sharp terror or sadness and resignation. However, Si Jin (miraculously) is able to sit up straight after going through a cardiac arrest and he can even walk around after that. I thought he had multiple gun shots! The whole notion of -oh no!! Is Si Jin going to die!! Is he injured!- just disappears. Putting aside the fact that the guys in this EPISODE alone seem to be proof that gun shots are nothing (gun shot above the heart? No problem!), I think it would have made more sense that Si Jin was more injured than just a cast.

But that being aside, am I annoyed? Do I think that this show is horrible? Absolutely not! Because that was the Thoughtsramble side of me speaking (putting on the analytical cap) and most of us (including normal fangirl me) don’t mind at all watching the banter and fun that follows. Dae Young helping Si Jin with his pants is just so funny!

At this point in time, the craze over Descendants is so solid that probably nothing they do will fizzle it out. There’s only 2 episodes left (boo)! This also means that they can get away with squeezing in a plot line that is kind of irrelevant to the back story within 1-2 episodes. The writers certainly planned for this, given the amount of air time given to Ahn in Episode 1 and the dialogue between the two, so we know it isn’t some half-assed last minute thing (especially since the entire drama was filmed beforehand). However, this arc is probably kind of a filler to fulfill certain purposes – to show the friendship between a North and South Korean soldier, how Si Jin is willing to put his life at stake for someone else and how Mo Yeon is the one who saves Si Jin this time round. Otherwise, the focus is pretty much on the romance and how each couple deals with certain fall outs. That’s why I commented in the previous recap that I’m still unsure of the theme of the show – is the focus on the romance or on the events?

There were also a few ominous things dropped here and there that make me feel like someone is going to die. (Remember I haven’t spoiled myself on the ending yet!) Si Jin wants Mo Yeon to remember Ahn’s name and promises Mo Yeon that he will not appear in front of her covered in blood again. They finally watch the movie that they wanted to watch in Episode 1. They  have come full circle (ish). In the next episode, he goes off on an operation with Dae Young. I’m just hoping whatever I fear will not come true!







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