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Refresh Man Episode 10 Recap

I hated the first episode but this drama has grown on me ever since!

Team 3 presents their ideas on the packaging for Zi Yu. During the meeting, Yu Tang coughs and Zi Yu churns out a soothing sweet immediately, which Wen Kai notices. Aish.


Wen Kai secretly hires a chef from Japan to teach Yu Tang’s dad how to cook omurice. In the mean time, Yu Tang wonders what Wen Kai thinks of their ideas and texts him, but she inadvertently mentions Zi Yu’s name, causing Wen Kai to drop his phone back in his pocket without replying her.


At the next meeting, Wen Kai also simply claps after she finishes presenting and leaves. He visits Yu Tang’s father and is pleased to find out that he has learnt the recipe of delicious omurice.


Yu Tang runs into him so he lies and says that he’s hear to see how the land which is mortgaged to him is doing.

The new Mei Meis are ready for the blind test – Meng Chief splits Team 3 into pairs (and couples actually) but inserts herself into the Zi Yu and Yu Tang’s team.


The blind test basically consists of pitching Mei Mei against another expensive brand of soap bar. It goes quite well as random passer bys all consistently pick Mei Mei over the other brand.

Wen Kai visits Yu Tang but happens to run into Zi Yu helping Yu Tang with her hair (again!! stop touching her hair omg). He leaves without even saying hi and returns to work.

The CEO of another company is incredibly impressed with Ai Sha’s working capability and tries to play cupid.

Back in the private sphere of the office, Wen Kai apologises for the jest but Ai Sha musters her courage and hugs him from the back.

She says gently that she has never felt that she suffered before. In contrast, she feels lucky because she can work with the person she likes. “Don’t feel apologetic, actually I’m quite selfish. Everytime someone thinks that there’s going on between us, I’ve never explained things and try to pretend that there might really be something.”

“Kelvin…I really, really like you.” “…Ai Sha…I…” She smiles sadly and lets go of her embrace.

She knows that his heart has never beat faster because of her, but she’s contented because he takes great care of her and treats her like family. “When you like someone, you should let the person know.”

So that there will be no regrets. Today, she has achieved that. What about him? He clearly likes Yu Tang.

Ai Sha, the best wing woman ever, even hints that he will get the answer he wants if he confesses, but Wen Kai retreats literally and figuratively, choosing instead to hide behind work.


Ai Sha relents and asks him out for dinner instead. She leaves first on the pretext of needing to change her clothes and runs into Zi Yu waiting outside the building.

Ai Sha tells Zi Yu that Yu Tang has already gone off (so that she can get rid for us this sticky second lead and kick her plan into action). Wen Kai waits for a late ‘Aisha’ but is surprised when Yu Tang turns up instead. He gets the gist of the situation pretty quickly and tells Yu Tang to might as well stay for dinner.

Over dinner, they do the usual awkward silence thing + reach out for the same piece of bread at the same time. Wen Kai gets jealous again at the hair tie and jabs furiously at his food, causing Yu Tang to smile when she spies food at the corner of his mouth. Wiping it off for him, she comments that their high school days were way better than this – at least, if they quarrelled, they will be direct with each other. Now, she doesn’t even know what she did wrong at his house that day.

She starts to list out the incidents where he had secretly helped her before and concludes, “Didn’t you come Tian Xing to take revenge on me? Why does it seem like you are helping me…taking care of me…protecting me?”


DUUUDE. Is there really a need to ask? Also Wen Kai, this is supposed to be your PRIME time to confess. You do not….spoil it by saying smirking, “Since you are so smart, then why did you not let your hair down when I told you to?”

Obviously Yu Tang flares up and tears off the hair tie…and the realisation hits, “Are you angry that Zi Yu gave this hair tie to me?”

Wen Kai doesn’t answer, causing her to be incredulous – just because Zi Yu gave her the hair tie, does it mean he likes her? Just because she is wearing the hair tie, does it mean she likes him? Wen Kai answers (quite cleverly I thought), “The first answer is right in front of you, the second ask yourself.”

She splutters and questions if Ai Sha likes Wen Kai simply because she’s wearing his bracelet – to which Wen Kai is speechless hahaha. Yu Tang is pretty dense! She leaves in a huff, after throwing the hair tie on the table. After tonight, she will never ask him again the question, the unspoken question if he likes her.

I guess Ai Sha’s plan failed miserably.

Zi Yu accompanies Ai Sha to her favourite spot which is by the river. She fingers the bracelet, “I really like this…I wish that I can wear it forever.” Omg is she going to throw the bracelet into the river? That would be stupid!

She proceeds to take it off her wrist and AND HURLS IT INTO THE SEA. I can’t….that bracelet must have cost a lot T.T

To her, the bracelet which always slips off seems to be a sign from Heavens that something which looked like it suits you may not actually be, and even if you try to make it stay, you can’t.

But to Zi Yu, there’s no such thing as two people being unsuitable for each other. It’s the same for the bracelet. If the clasp is spoiled, simply bring it to the shop for repairs. Any problems just have to be rectified. They agree to disagree and she thanks him for accompanying her. He hopes that they can become good friends in the future, and she smiles cheekily, “That depends on fate!”

Workaholic Wen Kai returns to office and Meng Chief is anxious on his behalf because the one month (for their kiss) is going to be up. Xin Wei Technology’s director a.k.a Zi Yu’s father suddenly calls up for an urgent meeting with Team 3. He’s absolutely livid that his company’s precious technology is being used on a cheap bar soap.

Zi Yu tries to come to the rescue but his father is having none of his nonsense. Yu Tang tries to rescue him but the father is also having none of her talk. Wen Kai finally arrives and the father calms down a little. Wen Kai assures him that Mei Mei will do well but ultimately, the director decides to withdraw from the project.

Isn’t it kind of strange that they started developing Mei Mei using the new technology even without signing a contract?

Yu Tang chases out to the lift but the director turns his back (literally) on her. Wen Kai leaves the meeting room as well but Yu Tang stops him. From the start till now, there hasn’t been one thing which she used her own ability to complete. She hopes that he will believe in her and stop helping her for once.

Wen Kai explains that he wasn’t speaking up for her in the meeting room; he truly believes in the ability of the new Mei Mei. Yu Tang softens and tries to speak more but he cuts her off and leaves.

Team 3 is all demoralised that their project is going to be cut even without having seen the light but Wen Kai walks in and gives each and every of them a pep talk – Meng Chief has seen the company through its ups and downs, Liang Yu has active imagination – how will his lead survive this?, Jia Yin used to be sales person No. 1 etc, Hui Xin has wide network from her parties.

To Yu Tang, he has the same old sentence, “Don’t let me look down on you.” Yu Tang’s spirit is renewed and you can tell that she has a different view on Wen Kai.


Post Wen Kai pep talk, Team 3 gets their wits together for the mission of ambushing the director to show him their sincerity. #1 pit stop: the director’s boxing ring, where Liang Yu faces his punches and falls repeatedly.


The director threatens to give him the hardest punch ever but his fist slows down into a mere tap on the head, showing that he actually has a kind heart.

#2 pit stop: Yu Tang waits patiently outside the spa for the director. She rushes up to a car, thinking it’s the director and returns to her waiting spot but now there’s dinner in the form of omurice waiting for her. She thinks that it was from Zi Yu but a note in the bag shows that it’s actually Wen Kai’s idea.

#3 pit stop:You Rui and Jia Yin stalk the director to a shop where he demands for a limited edition bag for his wife. You Rui thinks that he can use his trick of sweet talking on the director but he is told to scram oops.

Yu Tang is still waiting out at the spa and this time round, Wen Kai sneaks a coffee while she was dozing. He then texts her to tell her to come to his house the next morning.

She sneezes and he hears her (because he’s just around the corner) so he gently reminds her via text that the coffee is hot.

The next morning, he leaves a note outside the door for the “cleaning auntie” to text him when she’s ready to clean. When she enters, he gives her a second note to say that she must remain quiet while cleaning at all times. LOL where is this going.

When she drops her hair on the floor, he gives her another note that she’s allowed to tie her hair only with a specific hair tie, left on the kitchen island. She picks up the box and recognises it as the one Wen Kai dropped into the basket.

-the end-

I actually think that this is one of the better Aaron Yan dramas because the female lead is of great caliber. Although I certainly don’t think that she’s the best or one of the top few, it seems that the director of Marry Me, Or Not really liked her (apparently preferring her acting over Alice Ke’s even!) I can see why – out of Puff Guo, Tia Li and her, she’s obviously the most experienced and I think that allows Aaron to ride on the chemistry.

I guess the second lead isn’t a fight from the start because I’ve been biased towards Aaron Yan since day 1, but I also think that even if I didn’t like Aaron, this second lead wouldn’t have been my cup of tea. There is no chemistry at all between him and Yu Tang, although he is playing the Mr Nice Guy to a T.

Let me know what you think of this!




  1. NH says

    Really like this drama, although i do feel that Wen kai is being controlling and very childish (with regards to the hair tie). Ai sha is amazing and I am glad that they haven’t turned her into a dislikeable, crazy character that alot of dramas seem to have. I feel indifferent to Zi Yu, his character is pretty boring.


    • I once experienced something like that before (where a single small object drives you crazy because of the meaning you think the other person attach to it) so I can sort of understand where he is coming from! But I do think that he missed a great chance to confess. YEAH agree with you entirely – I’m glad Ai Sha is a different kind of second lead, although I wish they put more thought into Zi Yu. He has not much character.


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