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Refresh Man Episode 11 Recap

I really enjoy watching this episode! Finally our couple has come together and even has few ground rules set. I like their dynamics because it is just like how a normal couple would behave!

Yu Tang picks up the hair tie and murmurs in surprise that it’s actually quite cute.  Wen Kai threatens to penalise her talking by taking away one puzzle piece and adds on the condition that she’s prohibited from talking loudly at all.


He looks up and sees his hair tie on her hair. Finally. Finally someone’s soul is going to rest easy.


Yu Tang is confused at all of this gimmick and whines, thus losing one puzzle piece. Although I’m a bit confused as to what Wen Kai’s intentions are, seeing his smile here, I think he’s just teasing Yu Tang hehe.

Yu Tang brings bad news that the director (Zi Yu’s dad) is planning to fly to Russia the next day for his anniversary with his wife. Hui Xin taps on her wide network and quips that the director will be gymming from four to six that day. Team 3 is determined to face off with the director and cheers, “Protect Team 3, protect Mei Mei!”

Is it just me or do the actors lack conviction here hahaha. I cringe sometimes when Team 3 does their syncho team cheer thing.

Their plan consists of sending the girls to distract the main bodyguard, Meng He to spray in his eyes, the guys to then block off the other two bodyguards, so that Yu Tang can wheeze through the space and stride confidently into…the male changing room.


Thank your lucky stars that your client is wrapped decently.

The director is amused at Team 3’s effort and finally concedes to having a chat with Yu Tang. He even agrees to bathe using the new Mei Mei. Yu Tang has gotten the director’s favourite food all down to a T, including his liking for milk tea after his gym.

The director laughs happily and reaches out for it, but Yu Tang pulls it back and emphasises that the last milk tea is in her hands. Before he drinks it, she hopes he can hear her out on how much she knows about Xin Wei and the good stuffz on Mei Mei.

As they all say, the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach. The director knows that Team 3 has put in a lot of effort just to make him happy so he promises to consider the Mei Mei proposal again. Yu Tang beams and promises that they won’t let him down.

Meng He tips Wen Kai off that Yu Tang is having a meal with Zi Yu’s father and urges him to take action. Indeed, Zi Yu descends on the scene but not because he’s a creep, but because his dad called him there. The director says, “I think it’s a not bad idea.” Yu Tang thinks that he’s talking about Mei Mei, but the director laughs, “It’s not a bad idea for you to be my daughter-in-law.”

Zi Yu’s father leaves them alone and they smile awkwardly at each other. I don’t know if it’s the actor or what, but there’s just no chemistry at all!

He fetches her home and Yu Tang notes considerately that Zi Yu is in a difficult position because the director is his own father. He smiles that she has noticed. Yu Tang rambles on about how as a secretary, she has seen how bosses treat their children so strictly and how she was glad that she’s just a small fry. Zi Yu puts on a series of constipated expressions looks uncomfortable and Yu Tang quickly apologises. Oh damn, because this led Zi Yu to go on about how his father likes her and that’s the first thing which they agreed on, “We both really like you.”




He confesses that he has liked her since he first met her and while working with her, he’s even more sure about his own feelings. Yu Tang hesitates but Zi Yu cuts her off and reaches out for her hand.

Thennn Wen Kai cuts in, “She has to come with me,” and pulls her away, leaving Zi Yu to frown/I have no idea what’s that expression. To be fair to Jack Li, I have no idea how anyone is supposed to react in that situation either.

For all those who got annoyed by Wen Kai physically forcing himself on Yu Tang, fret not because Yu Tang doesn’t take it down easy either. She flares at Wen Kai for pulling her away when she was still talking to someone else, “Aren’t you being too unreasonable? Even if I am a cleaning auntie, I have my own personal autonomy. What right do you have to treat me like that??”

As she is speaking, Wen Kai steps forward and clenches her face tightly. She thinks that he’s angry and retorts, “Don’t step overboard,” but Wen Kai moves in for a kiss instead.


Her eyes close and his hand also relaxes into a caress. Remember her question whether he wants to take revenge, take care of her or to protect her? His answer is, “All of the above, because I like you.”

Oh my that’s a lot of confessions a night for Yu Tang? Someone please give this girl some ice.

Wen Kai stares at her intently and looks at her with desire as he moves in for another kiss. She semi-closes her eyes too but suddenly leans back in shock, “Should we…calm down first?” It’s funny watching Wen Kai calm his inner fire hahaha as the couple walks off in the opposite direction…then realises that they are both walking in the wrong way.

Psh, I thought they stopped because they decided to have another round of confessions. Besides, it is just as Aaron and Joanne have mentioned in behind the scenes – who calms down at this moment??? JUST CONTINUE KISSING.

Yu Tang returns home and the entire kiss just replays in her head. She shrugs herself out of it and shuffles between feeling bad for pushing him away and feeling pissed that he just went for the kiss. Nevertheless, even she admits that the kiss felt good. Wen Kai returns home and wonders why his heart is still beating so fast.


Yu Tang finally picks up the courage to text him first, by asking if he has reached home (initial question was since when did you like me hahaha). He replies yes and puts his phone down to retrieve the bottle of puzzle pieces, “Cai Sheng Ren is right, I shouldn’t be a rookie in my love life.”

In the meantime, Yu Tang’s eyes are practically glued to her phone and her fingers itch to chat with him, so she finally relents and asks him if she should go clean his house the next morning.

Wen Kai smiles and is about to reply her when Ai Sha texts to let him know that some company big shot is asking whether he will also be flying to Russia tomorrow. He replies that he will not be doing so but will inform the bigshot if his schedule allows. After Ai Sha replies, he suddenly picks up on the word “also” and ponders about it. (This is good foreshadowing because it makes sense after you watch the preview! Will explain it below).

This means that the message Yu Tang sent is read but not replied to, causing Yu Tang to sleep in indignation. At 5.50am, she wakes up in anxiety and checks her phone, but nope still no reply.

She prepares to head to his house but is greeted by a lovely morning surprise. Thank goodness it isn’t Zi Yu.

Hehehe Wen Kai suggests that they should go for breakfast and they walk in shy silence. Yu Tang is touched that he still remembers all her favourite food but wants to eat quicker so that she can go to his house to clean. Wen Kai wants her to stop cleaning his house. She thinks that she’s fired, but Wen Kai states as a matter-of-factly, “It’s because I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Yu Tang winces and touches her head, “Er…I think that was too direct.” Hahaha, yeah what kind of ‘proposal’ is this?  Wen Kai reminds her that she’s the pawn who should just listen to him, “You can only agree.”

That is actually quite demanding, but that is nullified by Yu Tang’s shy smile when he declares the two of them as a couple. Wen Kai gives her the bottle of puzzle pieces – the debt is called off. Yu Tang accepts the pieces but insists on cleaning the house anyway, “…Besides…I am used to cleaning your house.” Of course, Wen Kai is happy if she wants to come!

He worries silently if he came across as being too demanding while Yu Tang frets silently if she’s really going to accept him. She ends up muttering her thoughts aloud, that she has no reason to reject him, causing him to laugh.

Yu Tang receives a text from Zi Yu and informs Wen Kai that Zi Yu will be flying off to intercept his father in Korea before they fly off to Russia. Wen Kai suddenly takes out his phone again, so Yu Tang thinks that he’s angry about Zi Yu.

While she sweetly offers to explain to Zi Yu when he’s back, Wen Kai also assures her that it’s no big deal.

Yu Tang cannot resist asking, “So the both of us are…” “We are a couple. If possible, I hope we can continue walking together forever.” “Roger”. On a side note, Wen Kai needs to learn how to hold her chin gentler.


Back at work, Wen Kai looks for what he wants in the manpower list and his face changes. Before Ai Sha leaves, she notices and guesses correctly that the new car model is a gift from Yu Tang. Wen Kai thanks her for encouraging him to confess.

“So…” He nods, in silent affirmation that Yu Tang and him have gotten together. “Ai Sha, thank you so much.”

Ai Sha smiles and leaves the office. While her face crumbles for a few seconds, Wen Kai also looks down, probably feeling bad.


Yu Tang briefs her team mates on everything that has transpired but Team 3 is more intrigued by her new behaviour – she has been smiling 30 degrees more, her tone is different and she has been touching her fringe 2.5 more times than usual. While this is going on, Yu Tang receives good news that Zi Yu has managed to convince the dad. Team 3 cheers, but Yu Tang’s face falls when Zi Yu asks for her to wait for him to return so that he can finish his conversation.

Team 3 settles on an adventurous sales pitch – where retailers only need to pay whatever has been sold. Therefore, where there’s leftover goods, retailers can bring it back to Tian Xing. Meng He thinks that this is risky but will provoke huge supplies to retailers. She reminds everyone that this is confidential.


When Team 3 knocks off, Jia Yin makes fun of You Rui and his girls while Liang Yu agrees to go for a barbecue with Hui Xin. Yu Tang trails at the back as she replies Wen Kai that she will think of where she wants to eat for dinner.

When she looks up, she is surrounded by Team 3 who peers at her inquisitively. HAHAHA. Meng He saves her hehe.

In the end, Yu Tang wants to cook for Wen Kai because they can eat whatever they want in a peaceful place. So off they go shopping for groceries. Aww, already acting like a married couple.

Instead of choosing between…some green thing and carrots? Wen Kai chooses Yu Tang, causing her to smile shyly. Wen Kai continues to suggest ideas such as pub or a movie but Yu Tang replies that she doesn’t want to be seen by the office members.

Although they are a proper couple, she thinks that if others see them together, they will just think that they are dating and not being serious at work. “Furthermore…you are a CEO, and I’m a small fry.”

Wen Kai looks away and thinks to himself that he needs to protect her, thus agreeing to her request to be low profile. Okay, this sounds like a good start? I really hope this will not become an obstacle where he feels unloved.

The duo has their own date in the supermarket, as Yu Tang runs away from durians and Wen Kai cheekily eats something which he cleans off from Yu Tang’s face. While pondering over which cup noodles to get, they see this random duo who dashes to a rack, “This is the best cup noodles!!” This causes everyone around them to mad-rush for the cup noodles, causing the rack to be empty in a few minutes. Wen Kai laughs and notes that this is a great advertising strategy.

Back at home, Wen Kai can’t stop staring at Yu Tang. When she complains that she can’t cook properly, he offers to help but she pushes him to the table and asks him to read instead.


Hee. He surrenders the carrot.

Turns out that’s a bad idea because Yu Tang cannot stop staring at Wen Kai and his side profile (also Aaron and his side profile, which is admittedly very, very pleasing) WHILE CHOPPING PEPPERS. It’s no surprise that she cuts her thumb.


He treats her wound and she confesses that it’s weird because he’s treating her so well. He jokes, “I didn’t know that you are a masochist. I will be bad next time.”

She sets down a few rules – to set work and personal affairs apart, he cannot text her at work. That’s Wen Kai’s rule biting right back at him. He’s stunned to hear that there’s a second rule that if they are to meet, they have to return home first before deciding where to go. He rejects it because he doesn’t want her to go home alone, so she compromises that they can meet at a common point first.

Wen Kai points out something very logical – she has always sat in his car with no qualms.If they act sneakily now, it’s only going to be more obvious and might backlash. I just really like this conversation/his reply because it’s realistic and something quite common.

Yu Tang’s rules get a bit convoluted because she also comes up with a code phrase. If they ask each other, “Do you want to have coffee after work?” that means they want to go home together after work. Which I think, is a very bad code phrase as it goes. There’s no code there at all??

She is just worried because a relationship that gets public too early dies fast. He relents, “Who asks me to like you so much.”

Pizza time!! The two chorus, “So hungry!” “What flavour do you want/do you want Coke!” He leans in closer, “I didn’t know we have such great telepathy.”

He tucks her hair behind her ear and cups her face, before leaning in for the kiss. Is it me or does Yu Tang look super hesitant pre-kiss? I think that was just slightly off-acting because I think this is supposed to be THE kiss. No qualms, no hesitations.


In any case, she gets into the moment too and we have a good 15 seconds of it hehe. At the end, he leans back and touches her lips gently.


I really like how contented they look!


The couple thinks of the fortune teller at the same time and both open their mouth to speak again, causing this really cute moment where Yu Tang’s like “You speak first” and Wen Kai laughs, “Me first me first.”

They realise that the fortune teller is for real because the month is about to be up. Ooh thank goodness they got together, if not they will be “disobeying the Heavens”. Hahaha, whatever floats your boat Wen Kai.

Back at Zhong household, Zhong dad worries that he has gotten too much supplies, although I think that the amount of food on the cabinet is pretty pathetic for a cafe??

Yu Tang comes home and answers Wen Kai’s call in a much sweeter voice than usual, causing Zhong dad and Zhong brother to wonder who she’s talking to.

Yu Tang pieces the puzzle until wee hours and falls asleep. Her brother dashes up in the morning and tells her that their father can’t make it longer anymore. Yu Tang speeds to the kitchen and is annoyed initially because the father is alive and kicking, just being busy in the kitchen. Then she turns around to see a very crowded cafe and Wen Kai helping out.

She gets reminded of the old days where Wen Kai and her rushed home from school to help out with the good business.


Even without saying it, Wen Kai knows that she was thinking about past times. This is watched on by Zhong dad who undoubtedly must be thinking that this is the best match he has ever seen.

Yu Tang is fed omurice and realises it’s the one she had eaten while she was ambushing the director. She is finally told of the secret that this is all due to Wen Kai and the chef he hired. It’s a surprise for her!

She grumbles that he has not told her the truth, causing her to misunderstand him but thanks him sincerely.

He smiles and reaches for her hand, causing Zhong brother to yell, “What are your hands doing! Oohhh, adultery…” Zhong dad hits his head, “What adultery, this is love!”

Hahaha. This is finally the moment to officially meet the dad and the bro, but Wen Kai has nothing to worry about because the dad approves of him whole-heartedly, knowing that Zhong mum would have approved too.

He gets reminded of that fateful day and we finally see a flashback on the day where Zhong mum insisted on going out to buy groceries, especially native eggs. In narration, Zhong dad revealed that none of them knew about the tumour in her brain. Yu Tang’s instincts must had been ticking her off, because she offered to go instead of her mum and when she realised there were lots of eggs in the fridge, she rushed out after her mum.

Her mum smiled at her and motioned for her to return. Yu Tang narrated, That was the last time I saw her silhouette and her smile. 

Back in the present, Wen Kai asks again if Zhong mum went out that day to buy eggs. Yu Tang starts to tear and excuses herself. Zhong dad and bro tell her that Yu Tang couldn’t let go of her mother’s death and even after a few years, she was still crying.


In another flashback, we see Zhong mum urging Wen Kai to come over for lunch. If he came, she would cook omurice with native eggs for him.


It’s because of me. 

-the end-

Wowww I can foresee a few complications after this episode, but I really hope they play everything well! I’m not sure where they are going with the fact that the Mum went out to buy eggs because of Wen Kai, especially because it seemed from the preview that he knew about the Mum’s illness. Are they going to play that -it’s his fault- storyline such that Yu Tang cannot accept him? Because that would suck for Wen Kai!! Especially since he only had good intentions at heart.

I’m also not sure how the low profile thing is going to work out. Either Wen Kai feels unloved or whatever Yu Tang has predicted is going to happen. In any case, I do like how the couple tackles the problem head-on and agrees on a certain matter before the issue even arises. It’s a good thing to do even for real-life couples!

What I also like is that from the preview, you can see that someone is mole/spy/double player. Someone has leaked Team 3’s business plans to a competing company, thus heavily jeopardising Mei Mei’s sales. With that in mind, everything makes sense as I rewatched this episode. That focus on the word “also”, that sudden perk-up when Yu Tang mentioned Russia and the secretive glance through the manpower list – seems like Wen Kai knows exactly who this mole is or is close to knowing. I am excited for the reveal and can only hope that it ties up nicely! Maybe it’s just Zi Yu all along, trying to play some game hahaha. That would add some depth to his character. However, it’s most probably someone in Team 3 itself, so start guessing which ‘harmless’ character you think fits the puzzle!






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