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Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap

I really enjoyed this episode as usual especially with the couple scenes, but this is just a pleasant comfortable watch – don’t place too much hope on the plot!

Yu Tang returns to her seat and tries to act strong. Yu Tang’s dad reveals that the shop is called “Homelet’s Smile” because Yu Tang’s mum’s last name started with ‘H’ so she combined it with ‘Omelet’ such that it means Home Let’s Smile. That’s not bad!


Wen Kai gently reminds everyone that Yu Tang’s mum probably would want them to smile, especially on the first day of re-opening. Yu Tang smiles but as her face falls, Wen Kai looks at her worriedly. He goes off to the park alone later on, and we see a flashback of Wen Kai meeting Yu Tang’s mum.

She urged Wen Kai to study with Yu Tang for finals and he hesitated, not knowing whether to tell her that his dad was bringing him overseas soon. Zhong mum guessed that they had a quarrel but Wen Kai quickly said it was his fault. She worried that Yu Tang was actually a child at heart, unlike Wen Kai who appeared like a kid but was actually an adult inside.

Her headache hit her at that moment and she quickly grabbed on to Wen Kai’s hand, “Can you promise me something?”

“Please watch over Yu Tang. When she climbs to new heights, remind her. When she falls, help her. When she’s hurt, console her.” Sounds like a wedding vow to me!

He smiled and nodded. In order to fulfil the promise that he just made, he finally agreed to going to the house during the weekends. Satisfied, Zhong Mum promised that she would cook an omelette with native eggs for him.

Back to the present, Wen Kai sighs that Zhong mum actually passed away because of him. Yu Tang knows that Wen Kai has some troubles so she calls him, but he assures her that there’s nothing wrong.


She puts down the phone but she knows that Wen Kai is hiding something from her, “What is that you can’t tell me?”


The next day, the couple goes to the shaved ice shop and has this adorable moment where Yu Tang looks out of the window and Wen Kai looks at her.

Wang demands for results slip and Wen Kai proudly announces that Yu Tang has won because she managed to get Yours to sign a contract. There’s yet another cute moment when Wang cannot see the screen so they pulled it like 1.5m back.

Hearing that Wen Kai has helped Yu Tang out a lot this time round, Wang thinks that Wen Kai has finally ‘fessed up about all the things he has done 10 years ago so he rambles on about how Wen Kai intentionally lost to Yu Tang.

Yu Tang squeezes his chin, “Who needs you to lose to me intentionally?” Wang watches them and notes that there’s something off about them today, especially the glances they are giving each other.

Hehehe, cuteeeee.

Wen Kai announces their relationship to Wang, much to Wang’s happiness. Hai Di descends and insists that Wen Kai couldn’t have her so he fell for Yu Tang instead.

Yu Tang pretends that she needs to call a client but she actually calls Wen Kai and requests that he just plays along with Hai Di because she’s just like a kid. Hai Di, that poor delusional soul, comforts Wen Kai that it’s just that she sets her sights high and it’s normal for Wen Kai to have a bittersweet first love.

Although she’s really egoistical and slightly annoying here, she does her best friend duty rather well by noticing that Yu Tang is upset and bringing her out for drinks.

Yu Tang confides that she once lost happiness and bliss just when she was so close to it – her grades were going well and the shop had great business, but suddenly her mother passed away and Wen Kai disappeared. Now…can she really be happy?

Hai Di assures her that she’s just worrying too much and reminds her that Wen Kai can take care of her. Alternatively, she will support Yu Tang till the end.

Yu Tang feels much better, “What should I do without youuu?”


After their drinks, Wen Kai pops up to fetch her back. Hai Di is impressed that he not only allows her to have own space by chatting with her best friend, but also takes care of her. After seeing how Yu Tang’s mood has brightened considerably, he jokes later on that it’s worth it to be mistaken by Hai Di for ten years that he liked her.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the recording? I doubt they will tie back to that flashback, but it will be quite cool if the misunderstanding actually arose from there (the recording which Yu Tang snatched away).

Wen Kai explains that he really has nothing for her and Yu Tang grumbles that he always doesn’t explain things properly when the misunderstanding occurs. Wen Kai grimaces sheepishly, “I admit that’s my flaw”, but Yu Tang feels that any past experiences will mould their present, therefore, everything is worth it.

Is this foreshadowing some sort of oncoming misunderstanding?

They walk back to the car and Yu Tang confides in him what she has told Hai Di. I really like this relationship because it’s quite down-to-earth and reflecting good habits! She thanks him for allowing her to meet Team 3 who becomes like her family and for helping her family. He listens with a contented smile.

After sitting in the car, Yu Tang winds down the window, “Hey! Wait up. I still have more things to say.”

Wen Kai walks back to the car and Yu Tang pokes her whole body out. Aaah, I really like how Wen Kai/Aaron reacts to Yu Tang – the small actions speak so much, like how he tenderly swipes her falling hair away when she stands up. It’s all too quick for me to screenshot properly but it’s lovely. And his smile when she leans close to him.

She squeezes his cheeks, “I really, really thank you…for allowing me to meet you again after ten years.”

She kisses him and leans back with a smile.

Aaah can you feel the love here??

He cups her head, “I really thank you too, for letting me to meet you again.”

They lean towards each other and this time, the kiss is wonderful.


You can tell that Aaron really enjoys his kissing scenes hahaha. Every kiss symbolises a phase – here, I hope this doesn’t entail the end of happy-times for them?


The scene fades out and back to Wen Kai’s house, where he looks at Yu Tang’s photo and murmurs that he will take care of her now that he has the ability, just like how he promised Zhong mum years ago, “Don’t worry, I will always be with you.”

On a side note, he’s really rocking those plain colour t-shirts???

Wen Kai and Ai Sha visit Ah Hui Boss who is very cynical and unfriendly, but Wen Kai knows how to play his cards – he passes him some dessert from a famous shop and simply leaves after telling Ah Hui that all he wants is to have a meal with him.

Team 3 goes on a mission to get suppliers to take in their goods. Hui Xin is all chummy with this guy, who promises to take in another 20 boxes of Mei Mei if she drinks with him. Liang Yu feels uncomfortable and intercepts his hug….but it is revealed later that actually the guy is gay and so it was really Liang Yu who got taken advantage of.


As for the Jia Yin-You Rui pair, it’s Jia Yin’s time to shine with her confidence and pretty looks. She flatters some director and maneuvers out of his advances smoothly by reminding him that his wife’s birthday is coming up and that she has prepared some priced beauty products from the company for her.

You can tell that each pair is really utilising his or her strength, something which we have not seen before. It is thus rather amusing that when it comes to Meng He and Yu Tang, their winning trick is for Yu Tang to pretend that she has calls from other supplies who want huge amounts of Mei Mei, so as to provoke the supplier in front of them into a sense of insecurity and agreeing to import a ridiculous amount of Mei Mei too.

Good times however don’t last. Suppliers soon pull out before they sign the official contracts and sales reports of the new Mei Mei show that sales are not much better than before. Gasp.

Wen Kai asked them for their thoughts and Team 3 initially latches on to the idea that it could be because Mei Mei just launched and hence, more time is needed for Mei Mei to gain a reputation. He passes out the supply orders of another top-end soap bar and Team 3 is aghast to realise that that competing company has offered suppliers to import their goods on the same terms as Mei Mei. Of course the suppliers are going to pick the top-end soap bar.

While Meng He wonders straightaway who leaked out the news, Wen Kai looks at the printer in suspicion, and then turns his eyes to the CCTV. In the meanwhile, Team 3 trusts each other and is determined not to let the other company bring them down.

“I believe you all can overcome this.” He nods at Yu Tang. Ai Sha wonders if someone is intentionally targeting Team 3. Wen Kai smiles knowingly and walks off.

Team 3 has one of those meetings where things just miraculously fall into place and they have this revelation that they should change for the better with better marketing strategies…and then they put up a plaque which said Change for the better on the wall….as if that’s going to help them……….

Yu Tang saves the moment for me by accidentally leaking that she went to supermaket the other day with “Ji —” She wants to say Ji Wen Kai, but realises her mistake and changes to “Myself”. Which is pretty funny. She tells them about how there was a girl who gushed over the cup noodles and caused the cup noodles to sell out within minutes. Team 3 gets invigorated by this idea, but You Rui harps on the “Ji” person HAHA.

Yu Tang receives a message from Wen Kai and Team 3 looks at her suspiciously – why would the CEO sms her directly and not go through Meng He instead? Meng He dashes to the rescue and sends Yu Tang on her way.

Wen Kai wants to send someone from Team 3 to the conference held in Singapore. It will be interesting, especially since they usually only send people from Team 1 and 2 as representatives. As he sits in front of the lego blocks, Yu Tang pops in and finally notices the names on the blocks.

Ai Sha reveals that he has been paving the way for her ever since she has gone into Team 3. She also congratulates Yu Tang for finally realising her feelings. Wen Kai quickly clarifies that Ai Sha knew about this because she’s very meticulous and guessed it by herself.

Yu Tang gives her thanks but I like how Ai Sha smiles with a tinge of sadness?

Anyway, Wen Kai asks her to come to his office so that he can ask her if she wants to have coffee – that is, lousy code for do you want to go home together later.

Yu Tang actually forgets the very code that she came up with and thinks that the invitation is literal. HAHA. Wen Kai frowns when she replies, “It’s okay I drank this morning.”

He repeats his offer, “I’m saying…let’s have coffee.”

Yu Tang is very confused that Wen Kai is asking her to drink coffee again even though she already had one in the morning. Wen Kai now contorts his face in disbelief, “Look into my eyes. I’m saying…do you…want…to. drink. coffee?”


As if saying it slower is going to make this girl remember what she says hahahaha.


Of course she doesn’t and she rejects Wen Kai’s offer for the last time. After she leaves, Ai Sha asks, “So what does ‘having a coffee’ mean?” Wen Kai laughs and wishes that Yu Tang has half of her wits.

I love this entire scene! The fact that Ai Sha got it so fast hahaha and Wen Kai’s expressions were pretty priceless. Went a bit mad screenshotting here!

Ah Hui calls to arrange for dinner that very night and Ai Sha laughs that he can’t have his coffee. Post-work, Yu Tang hangs behind because she wants to go home with Wen Kai…and that’s when it strikes her, what Wen Kai was really trying to say.

Oopsss, she texts him but he appears behind her to tell her it’s too late heh. She goes home to piece her puzzles but decides to hang out with Hai Di instead.

Wen Kai orders in barbecue and beer, and even shrugs off his suit. Ah Hui starts to change his mind about him and decides that Wen Kai is a good friend to have – he’s unlike those big bosses and CEOs who only treat him nice when they need supplies and throw him aside when they have no need for him.

Hai Di, this time round, is being a very bad friend by scolding Yu Tang for not keeping a tighter grip on her boyfriend. They check out Ai Sha’s social media (wow wow) and Hai Di thinks that all guys will fall over her. Yu Tang rightly points out that Ai Sha does not just have looks; she’s incredibly capable too.

Hai Di sinks even further by forcing Yu Tang to call up Wen Kai. She relents and calls, right when Wen Kai goes off to the gents. Ai Sha picks up her phone and Yu Tang is stunned for a moment. However, she hears in the background Ah Hui and Co. ‘s voices that they want to drink with Ai Sha and smiles – they are really just entertaining and socialising.


Hai Di doesn’t like Ai Sha’s voice and says that it’s the perfect voice of a seductress. I really dislike this conversation right here! The only thing that comforts me is that Yu Tang decides affirmatively that she’s going to continue being good friends with Ai Sha.

Meng He, Jia Ying and Yu Tang put up a show for the general public by pretending to fight for the new Mei Mei. The public falls for it and soon the store goes out of stock.

You Rui, Hui Xin and Liang Yu put on another show where he pretends to be an African American who wishes to buy Mei Mei. Hmmmmm. This is dangerous business, director, you have offended quite a few people!

Anyway, Liang Yu’s wig starts to fall off, which You Rui notices but they both thought that the video was just a rehearsal so who cares. However, Hui Xin already excitedly uploads the video and before they can take it down, it has been shared.

The scene cuts to Team 3 being scolded in Wen Kai’s office, for coming up with such a lousy idea. Meng He apologises for the impersonation and faking of video. He emphasises that success is for those who are willing to work hard, “You guys…are. too. lucky.” Mmmm?


Turns out the video has already been viewed a hundred thousand times – Liang Yu’s lousy English and wig caused the public to think that the video was just an advertising gimmick (instead of an actual attempt to lie to the public that an African American specially flew to Taiwan to buy Mei Mei). Actually, I think this makes a lot of sense. The fact that they thought that the video could actually deceive the public was stupid, so stupid that I think if this happens in real life, people would similarly think that it’s just in the plans all along.

To everyone’s delight, suppliers are calling in once again to place orders, leading to this (slightly ridiculous) scene where everyone’s busy on the phone.

With such good results, Meng He orders that no one is to work on the oncoming weekend. Team 3 wants to go out on a trip but Yu Tang declines, provoking everyone’s suspicions again hahaha. She makes an escape and indeed, the next day, she meets with Wen Kai. Hehe, the shy look that she gives him is quite cute.


They walk along the streets and have fun. She asks why he’s smiling and he says that he’s very happy because she’s linking his arm, “I think I can continue to walk, walk, walk on like this.” AWWW cutiepies.

But Yu Tang quickly dashes this by pulling her hands away, causing Wen Kai to ask, “What? Did you forget to off the gas?” HAHA laugh it. I honestly laughed out loud. I’m not sure but it might be ad-libbed by Aaron!

She doesn’t want to risk being seen in the public holding hands and Wen Kai relents. They spot someone eating ice cream so he asks her to wait at the park while he goes and buys for her.


Team 3 returns to Taipei after their trip and runs straight into Wen Kai.

-the end-

I very much prefer the plot in Fall In Love With Me. Even though it kinda went downhill towards the end, but the set-up and the climax were really good – there was an imminent sense of conflict. Here, it’s mostly revolving around how Yu Tang becomes a stronger and better person, both in terms of emotional health and her capabilities. Other than that, she and Team 3 mostly sail through the obstacles with no sweat. I guess there’s nothing much that can be done, because the premise of the show is simply that – to see Yu Tang and Team 3 grow. Nevertheless, I do enjoy this drama because of the comic and the couple itself.

Aaron is delightful as usual, adding his own touches to the show. Although he’s not the best actor, but I think he has come a long way since…MIT? Hahaha. I think because Joanne Tseng is a much better actress, this couple here has a sense of a very stable and old couple, but yet one who retains that shyness of first dates and first kisses.

On a side note, I hope they aren’t going to make Yu Tang jealous? It’s just not worth it to spend time on this ‘conflict’, especially since she exhibited exemplary faith in both Ai Sha and Wen Kai. While I think that Hai Di has her own reasons for being so worried and that in reality, best friends do this all the time, that doesn’t really justify her words. It’s also a bit unwarranted. However, given that Yu Tang doesn’t actually yet know that Ai Sha actually liked Wen Kai, I worry that this IS going to play a part in a final (if any) fall out between the couple.



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