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Nice Guy Episode 19 Stills

I can't take it. The two are so adorable, both Song Joong Ki + Moon Chae Won, as well as Eun Gi and Maru. Just look at that guy smiles! credits: Episode 20 has been out a few hours ago, but yes like all sad us who don't understand enough Korean, we shall have to wait for subs. SUBS PLEASE. The cast's acting really has me being involved in the show the entire time. The telephone scene between Maru and Eun Gi was so poignant, I couldn't help but cry/tear. And then at the end of it all, I can't help but just really want Maru to be happy. <3thoughtsramble


Hoho I've been utterly hooked on Innocent Man, but I don't think I will pick it up as a recapping series — purely for entertainment purposes. Regardless, I am impressed with Song Joong Ki's acting! He shows a maturity that is way different from that of Gu Yong Ha in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I love it.  Currently, I have my eye set on Priceless, Koukou Nyushi, Monster as well as Die Sterntaler! I would really love some comedy but I'm not very inclined towards To The Beautiful You Not entirely sure if I will continue with Die Sterntaler as well since it is a remake of Spring Days and I remembered that I abhorred the ending. So. It has been some time since I've a drama that I lost my head over. The last time was Moon That Embraces The Sun…I wonder when will the next drama come along? <3thoughtsramble