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Die Sterntaler Episode 7 Recap

Yep, I couldn't resist it and here's the recap of Die Sterntaler Episode 7! I will probably do an on-off thing, depending on whether I like the episode enough.

Yong Xiu looks at the constellations in his room and suddenly gains back the memory of telling the story of Die Sterntaler/Heaven's Coins to someone using sign language. 


At this point in time, I must admit that Rhydian cannot act very well (yet?(:) I thought he's in pain, but turns out he's too ecstatic from his memory gain. Oops. 

He calls Xiang Qi and happily gestures, "How are you, thank you" to her, only to gain a response of "What are you doing?" Xiang Qi quickly realises why Yong Xiu knows sign language and it shows on her face.


But facing with Yong Xiu's "I thought you would know why I learnt sign language," she recovers quickly and weaves a story of how Yong Xiu wanted to make the deaf patients feel more at ease back in Tokyo.


She even smiles and asks, "Do you remember that you promised you would teach me sign language as well?" Yong Xiu replies apologetically, "No…" and she says, "It's all right. We have a life time to do whatever we didn't finish last time."


Someone. Just smack her or punch her already. GARRRGHH. 

Xiao Cai has to go for work alone, but Yong Tuo sends her a text for her to look at the road. There he is, standing by his car and motioning that he will cross the road to her. Thank goodness that he crossed safely, I thought that some car will come hurtling by and knock him down, and break his legs, and make him lose his memory, and Xiao Cai has to take care of him forever. Okay, apologies, let me rein in my imagination.

Anyway, the safe and sound Yong Tuo asks Xiao Cai to go out with him that day because he's not feeling good. 


Xiao Cai brings him to climb a small hill and tells him that sweating it out will make him feel better.


She learns that he has moved out of his house and when he jokes that it's because there's a ghost at home, she tells him (in written words) that he has no need to act in front of her. She's willing to listen to him.


And Yong Tuo tells her, that he doesn't want to ruin any remaining feelings that exist between him and his father. 


Vice Director threatens Director's right hand man by pulling out all the dirty stuff he has done before. In order for the sex tapes not to be released during the next directors' meeting, the right hand man will have to make it look like the director embezzled the hospital's funds and placed them in his wife's account. 


Evilllllll. Someone stab him too:(

Yong Tuo brings Xiao Cai back to his new place, and hugs her as she looks at the books on sign language. 


She isn't very taken aback per se, and turns around with a curious glance. Yong Tuo explains the books, saying that she should just teach him directly so that he wouldn't have to read those books. Xiao Cai strikes up a deal — he gets a job and she will teach him. 


Such a sweet girl^^ They must have casted Nikki Hsieh because she has such expressive eyes and sweet demeanour!

Mei He happens to run into the delivery man and brings the pizza directly to Yong Tuo's hotel room. She tells Xiao Cai in a joking tone, to be aware of guys like Yong Tuo who speak such sweet words.


But as she drives away, watching the two in her rear-view mirror, she reminds herself that Yong Tuo is Chu Yi Cheng's son and that she cannot harbour any feelings for him.


I like a good-intentioned villain 😀

Yong Tuo's mother, back in her 'pretty' self, visits Vice Director and finds him in a good mood.


Yong Tuo's mother…she deserves to be slapped too. Oh dear, this drama is bringing out all sorts of violent reactions. 

Xiao Cai comes back to the hostel to find Yong Xiu gesturing the story of Die Sterntaler. 


She is full of pleasant surprise and runs up to him, but doesn't tell him in the end, that he was the one who told her this story, instead choosing to nod when he asks if it's a guy that she likes who told her the story. 


And he even wishes the two of them all the best. 



Yong Tuo's mother comes home after a night of I-don't-know-what and pretends to be all insulted when Yi Cheng questions her whereabouts. 


Despite her defensive remarks, he knows. And he asks Vice Director why he's still not married yet, to which he gives the reply that at his age, marriage is no longer his goal. 

Xiao Cai happens to give out flyers with a middle-aged woman who faints. Turns out that she's Ah Yi's aunt! Xiao Cai tells Ah Yi that she cannot read what he's saying because his mouth isn't facing him. 


He asks her if it feels terrible, being shut in a world like this, and she tells him that if it's her, she will take the surgery — for the people she loves and the people who love her. 


Coming back to hostel, she meets Yong Xiu again^^


He tells her that somehow he finds the swing really familiar, and she replies, "Maybe there is indeed such a swing in your memories." He finds her really comforting to talk to, because she has such a kind heart, and she tells him — you can always talk to me when you have troubles. 


Haizzzz. Dude, just get your memory back already, before tragedy strikes:(

Xiang Qi is very dismayed to find Xiao Cai still roaming in the hospital.


She pretends to run into Xiao Cai and has lunch with her. Finding out about her predicament, she pretends to be full of concern (well she IS concerned, but for the wrong reasons) and provides lots of suggestions for Xiao Cai to take up jobs back in Japan. Xiao Cai writes — I still have a reason to stay in Taiwan..when the reason disappears, I will go back to Japan. 

Yong Tuo finally manages to land a job as a bartender, and they go out for roasted meat as a celebration, Yuan Yuan included in the party as well.


Xiang Qi proposes to Yong Xiu, but gets rejected. She's worried and frantic, and asks why. Yong Xiu replies that he still doesn't remember the love between them but she protests, "I don't mind –"


"But I mind!" Yong Xiu holds her hands and apologises. He wants more time…and she nods. 


What are you apologising for:< I love it (and of course by that I hate it as well) how Xiang Qi manages to act sooo well, the role of a girlfriend that is standing by a guy who lost all memories of her. And then look at poor Xiao Cai:(

All is well during the celebration, until some retarded dude decides to laugh out loud about how such a pretty girl like Xiao Cai is deaf and mute — good for a girlfriend because she won't talk back. Unable to hold his indignation and anger, Yong Tuo beat up the guy. Xiao Cai gets angry at him but he tells her that given a second time, he will still do it. 


"Mmm Xiao Cai…don't be angry~~~" he whines and rubs his head on her thigh. 


HAHA. What a cute kid~ 

Yong Xiu sits alone on the swing, looking at the moon and we all know — he's really waiting for someone. But as the time goes by, he decides to return back to his ward. 


And by a rule of thumb, dramas have Perfect Timings, so Xiao Cai returns a moment later, her turn to gaze forlornly at the empty swing. 


When Ah Yi's aunt gets released, Xiao Cai promises that she will look after the aunt and Yuan Yuan takes responsibility for taking care of Ah Yi, to which Ah Yi mutters that he would rather Xiao Cai look after him. HAHA. 


Yong Tuo receives a letter which affects him a lot, so he calls Xiao Cai out and the first thing he does is to hug her. 


She reminds him that he has no need to act in front of her, so he finally shows her the letter, which is an invitation card for a children's music concert. He asks if she can accompany him, for she gives him strength and she nods. 


Yong Xiu on the other hand, listens to the song When You're Smiling, and gets back a faint memory of seeing a girl in the shop. 


Xiao Cai follows Yong Tuo to the concert and when a young girl on a wheelchair starts playing Fantasie, Yong Tuo is evidently agitated. Turns out — "She's my daughter." 

Yong Xiu walks on the street and watches as bubbles float around him. This sparks off more memories, which lead to another bout of headache, causing him to faint in the middle of the road. 


-the end-

Thank goodness it's the middle so no cars will come by and slice him into half. 

So this style of recaps is a bit different from the usual — much less details, but that's because I'm still not fully invested in the show yet and I don't know if I will ever be, seeing that I feel ever so cautious of the show, not liking the impending moment when Xiao Cai shows any remote interest back to Yong Tuo. Please nooo:( there must be a reason for a remake — change the ending please. 

It might be because I really like Yong Xiu to be with Xiao Cai, but I don't really like it that Yong Tuo is so touchy with Xiao Cai. I know, he's a guy whose default language is most probably touch…but I still don't like it. 

Can't wait for the next episode! 



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