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W Episode 8-9 Review

I just love this show so much!

I fell in love with this show from the very start – remember my little rambles on the interesting premise, the acting and the characters? I’m really glad the show has gotten to where it is right now. Many more people are watching it (to me, it’s really worth your time more than Doctors) and the couple has become one of my favourite 2016 couples (guys, Descendants of the Sun happened this year too. It feels like so long ago though!!)

I did think the show falter a bit in Episode 7. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the romance, the cute and shy scenes, and all the funny fanservice moments (like when Chul said he preferred adult romances). However, I’m personally not a fan of couples who fall in love so quickly. Maybe it makes sense from Yeon Joo’s point of view because Chul is basically her ideal guy in flesh, but it hasn’t been that long since Chul met Yeon Joo.

That aside, I adore the recent episodes, especially the last two. Every episode revolves around a conflict issue, and solving each issue only serves to propel the plot further. It’s so poignant that she gets pulled back into W each time Chul dreams of her – it highlights how much he misses her. He’s supposed to have forgotten all about her, but their memories together still linger in his mind. It must have been so tough for Yeon Joo to be caught in that position where she knows she’s supposed to get over Chul but she still yearns to see him.

I personally also really like the idea that characters disappear once they lose their purpose. When we found out that So Hee’s hand disappeared, I already knew it was because she’s no longer the female lead. Her role is no longer needed and therefore, she has no place in the story. To see how that side plot strengthens in Episode 9 is so interesting and reflective of how authors/creators/artists/writers treat characters.

I didn’t quite understand the last scene of Episode 9. The person with a melted face is Yeon Joo’s father right? So why does the voice change too? Along with the appearance of the florescent words? I used to think that the villain has those words appearing in front of him because he’s a character from W and he has no being. But it seems like currently, the words are there because Yeon Joo’s father no longer has a mouth to speak with, which makes the whole function of the words more functional rather than representative.

I was wondering what would happen when the villain takes on the father’s face – would there be two beings with the same face? Would he become a killer? But technically, the killer simply has his face and not his physical being right? I certainly did not expect that once the villain took the face, the father’s face will be gone. That’s one twist that caught me by surprise and up the game by a notch.

Can’t wait for the next episode! You can watch episode of W here on Viki !


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  1. “It must have been so tough for Yeon Joo to be caught in that position where she knows she’s supposed to get over Chul but she still yearns to see him.” that’s why she couldnt help telling Chul, “its because I didn’t know why I am here.” its more than cruel for her to be forced to give him up, when less than a day before he make her draw him forgotten him… she was still a newly wed. in everything that spiral down where she was, she never once asked for it. she never asked to be pulled into his world by his own hands, and keep desiring to return back to real world. she never ask to kiss him, and later remembering all that kisses and hugs that she missed, never asked to be ‘forced’ to marry him… never ask, just submit to what he deemed best at all situation. then a the final moment, still never ask why so unjust to be ask to write him forgotten her. It already cruel to have him torn away from her forever barely a week past their ‘marriage’, and she by her hands write him forgotten him. i don’t get it when in certain sites, i read some people rant against her missing him. She was no submissive, and even when she met him again. she doesn’t seize the chance to gain him back, by prompting any memories still lingering in his mind… all these point to her being selfless and understanding. Hope that one day, Chul will realised how much pain she has gone thru.
    like you said, i am also for the kinda relationship that developed thru years, YeonJoo’s kind is like that. Chul is totally her ‘dreamchild’, beside being her Ideal-man. That’s why she knew him , even much more than the normal comic-fans. Yet, to understand a person, does not take “years”, some interraction take years also don’t development any understanding between two person. its take a heart that share the same thoughts and ideas to instantly knows and agree what the other feels. for Chul, the moment to really understand her, i believed its while reading the comic and knowing her feels towards him.
    my guess only: that ring may play a part to stir some memories into Chul.


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