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W Episode 6 Review

My dear you shouldn’t be this happy to find yourself in jail again!

6 episodes in and I’m still loving this show. Too busy to do a proper recap but I can’t let this go by without writing anything!

In this episode, we see the aftermath of Kang Chul’s act of shooting. Turns out he intentionally misses so that Yeon Joo’s dad lives on to tell the tale…Or not, because Yeon Joo and Soo Bong come up with a story that Yeon Joo’s dad tried to commit suicide (in order to explain the events that got drawn into the webtoon). Each character lives on but one day, Yeon Joo suddenly gets pulled into the Han River water and there she sees Kang Chul. She is startled to see that ‘The End’ on the webtoon is changed to ‘To be continued’ and hurries to find Soo Bong to save Kang Chul. Sung Moo is on a plane en route to New Zealand so the change couldn’t have been done by him, but it also means that Yeon Joo can’t ask her dad to save Chul. Soo Bong tries his best to draw a continuation scene but nothing happens. Then at the end, he tells Yeon Joo about something he heard from Sung Moo long time ago. We see divers saving Chul and Yeon Joo waking up back in the prison where she escaped from.

I read this theory on a comment some time ago that Yeon Joo was the one who created W, because her aunt commented in an earlier episode that Yeon Joo’s mum should have sent her to art school instead of medical school. I thought that was a super intelligent guess and that’s definitely what has happened in the last few seconds! Soo Bong couldn’t do anything because he’s just an assistant, but he must have told Yeon Joo that she was the one who drew Kang Chul (remember how in the previous episode, she drew a person holding a gun while her parents were arguing?). She then drew the boat with divers as she had suggested, and got pulled back into the world.

I’m loving all the twists that get thrown along our way, including the faceless criminal that seems to have taken a life on its own too. I’m still a bit lost as to the bigger picture that this drama is going along – is this a romance or a thriller mystery? Are we going back to the plot of Finding The Criminal? But he’s faceless, and technically based on Sung Moo’s set-up, there is no true criminal. Is the true villain and conflict this criminal or is it something bigger?

I’m also curious as to why this is happening at all. If the webtoon takes a life on its own because of Kang Chul, does it mean that this is all happening because of Kang Chul, or is there another persona out there controlling and drawing all this?

I still think that the premise of the show is super interesting. It’s not something that has been done before and it’s a joy to literally see what it means for a character to come alive. Yeon Joo’s question is something I myself have wondered before. Does time stop, or do characters really continue living lives happily after the last page? Do they get frozen in ‘Happily Ever After’ or do they live normal lives? This brings back some memories of the good old Once Upon A Time too.

I do have a question – if Kang Chul is created 7 years ago, and the first chapter is about his competition, then does that mean he has no memories of what happens before then? Won’t Kang Chul himself suspect anything already? When the world is only 7 years old technically and he has no memories of himself as a 7 year old? I do hope they address this somewhat as we go along more episodes. One great thing they have done is to answer the question why Kang Chul knew that Yeon Joo was immortal in his world – that’s because he tried to stab her father and he didn’t die. That’s a good link there.

The preview looks really promising. I hope the romance won’t be too rushed, especially since Yeon Joo is going to say the three big words next week. I do think that it might have been a little selfish of her to want to get pulled back into the world again when she knows she might be in danger and her father and Soo Bong will worry.

Let’s see how this goes along!


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