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School 2013 Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin Interview

The interview opens with… Lee Jong Suk's face (aaahh~) I'm sorry, this recap is going to be peppered with my commentsXD.

Interviewer — I
Lee Jong Suk — LJS
Kim Woo Bin — KWB


Hohoho so cute. 

I: Have you two heard of the term 'chemical explosion'?
LJS: (turns to KWB) Have you heard before?


KWB: (tagged with a '?!'. He doesn't know hahaha)

The two listen attentively as the interviewer explains:


I: There's a buzz on the internet, where many people call LJS as the Angel of Chemistry in School 2013. 


LJS laughs shyly as KWB mutters at the side: What is this, what's Angel of Chemistry?

A side note explains that 'Angel of Chemistry' is the term netizens coined LJS, because he complements Choi Daniel, Jang Nara, Kim Woo Bin and various other actors so well, with a lot of chemistry when he played opposite them. 

Aww hahaha, now that they pointed that out, YES indeed. He brings out a lot in the various scenes with the various actors, that establish each relationship so well. 

LJS: Ohh…that's too much a praise.
I: Which actor do you think you complement the best?
LJS: To me, most fellow actors are pretty great, just like the one next to me, Kim Woo Bin sshi.


KWB: (makes a thinking sound)
I: Kim Woo Bin sshi, what do you think then?
KWB: Actually…I only have scenes with LJS. (laughs)



I: From the debut in White Christmas, to Gentleman's Dignity, and now School 2013, it's your third time acting as a rebellious kid.


I: Actually, you must have a little of that rebel in you right?


HAHA. Kim Woo Bin's expression.

KWB: (turns to LJS) What do you think?
LJS: (thinks for a second)


and continues with certainty: Yes, he's very rebellious.

He is going to continue elaborating, when KWB mock punches him in the chest.


Hahahah oh myyy, they are so cute even in real life. 

KWB takes over: I don't think I'm rebellious at all. 
LJS: Oh really?
KWB: Isn't it?

-insert of KWB's rebellious face in the show- hahahah

I: Actually, when KWB was in school, he's always the top three in his class, even reaching top five in the level before. This is totally opposite from your usual image. Is it because your family's very strict? 
KWB: ……(laughs awkwardly) 


KWB: What kind of question is this? (LJS laughs)


I: How is KWB in LJS's eyes?
LJS: When I first saw him, and perhaps during filming, indeed he gives off that feel, but out of filming, he's pretty serious when it comes to studying his lines. 
I: LJS has experienced top works like Prosecutor Princess, Secret Garden, High Kick and now School 2013. (KWB nodding his head) What makes the directors and scriptwriters love you so much? I would like to hear from you.

LJS: Ah..this…I'm not in a position to say..(laughs awkwardly)
KWB: (comes to the rescue) In my opinion, Jong Suk is a pretty boy that is very popular with the teens. He's tall, and he can act. That's why the scriptwriters all want to keep a tight hold on him… (suddenly turns to LJS) that's what you think right? In your heart? (jabs lightly at LJS's heart area)


LJS: (points to the screen) That's right.


And they both laugh. 

Kya~~ Love the jab and then the laugh haha. They really have a great chemistry.

Interviewer asks if the both of them have experienced or seen school violence acts before, because they act really well. LJS says that he has never experienced it but this is a theme often explored by dramas and movies.

KWB: Jong Suk and I are already friends before this and the situation didn't seem that bad when we were studying. But before the filming of the drama, we did watch many news regarding this issue. Compared to the kids of this age, we weren't so agitated then. (LJS listens intently and nodding along)


OMO, that's why they have such great chemistry? Because they are already friends before! Hahaha it must have been great, being able to film a show with your friend, and in that show, the very theme you guys are exploring is friendship. 

I: Is there anything you would like to say to the students?
LJS: Err…I feel that there are many students, and even parents, among the audience of School 2013. Students may find some parts of the drama really familiar, and parents may even realise that "Ah, school is actually such a place." It will be great if students can learn something through this drama. As for the parents….


(towards KWB) I don't know how to end again? 


KWB stones for two seconds, before continuing, and LJS nods as if he agrees absolutely (but KWB hasn't said more than a few words yet HAHA)


KWB: As for parents..nowadays, parents may be really busy, but if you could sit down and watch this with your family, and make use of this opportunity to create some conversation topics, things may be better. 


(turns to LJS and continues without missing a beat) That's what you wanted to say right.


and LJS's all like that's right!


And KWB concludes: That's right.


And they laugh^^

LJS: School 2013
KWB: Please take care of us.


And they laugh as they wave bye.

-the end-

I don't know how close they were in the past, but I feel that their already existing friendship really, really helps in their portrayal in school 2013. They are already good actors, but to have that friendship as a base really shows. The kind of synchronization they show in the drama (calling Se Chan a jerk at the same time, turning to clean the room with the same pose) is showed once again in this interview, when Kim Woo Bin helps to pick up Lee Jong Suk's trailing thoughts, and Lee Jong Suk's immediate playing along when Kim Woo Bin suddenly turns his attention to him. And I love that chemistry^^ 

As for the Angel of Chemistry, it's the first time I'm hearing it, but hey it's no surprise. I'm really pleased with Lee Jong Suk's acting, and I'm so glad this drama gave him the space to portray his skills. Prosecutor Princess and Secret Garden are good platforms, but they are small, where he takes on the role of a minor prosecutor and an aspiring singer respectively. Cool but nothing much. (but hoho that being said, I had a good impression of Lee Jong Suk because of Secret Garden^^) 

Hope you guys like the recap and remember to credit if you're taking the translation!(:

And School 2013, I've high hopes in you!:D


clip source:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/kFLcoMLD_uo/?bid=03&pid=02&resourceId=0_03_05_02


  1. thanks for the translation! watched the vid and i could be wrong, but imo jong suk seems awkward with woo bin. or is he a shy type? looks like he’s avoiding any eye contact.
    anyway, tq!


    • Ooohh it did occur to me, but I still felt like the chemistry was so good heh! And I thought that it could just be he’s shy…he didn’t really know how to answer the questions and all.


  2. Well, they did say the thing between them felt more like “love” than “friendship” during the filming of School 2013. Kkk.

    They were friends long before the drama, but after the drama, they become even closer than before. ^^


      • They didn’t have exact love line with any other actresses in the drama. And Heungsoo/Namsoon story was just so endearing and cares for each other. Woobin/Jongsuk completely absorbed themselves in the roles. I could understand it when Jongsuk said “it felt like couples were breaking up when we finished filming School 2013”, kkk.
        I enjoyed it lot more, maybe becuz it doesn’t have that rich-guy-likes-poor-girl, we-met-so-many-times-accidentally-now-we-work-together or those evil step moms and witch 3rd wheel characters.
        You should finish it. I re-watched the whole thing 3 times already.


      • You rewatched 3 times already? Okay I should! Hahaha it’s just that the idea of having to re-love the characters when the show has already ended and everyone has moved on past the drama blues doesn’t really motivate me to watch it againXD but I will because I really love the first 13 episodes!

        Indeed heh, the material is refreshing and appeal to audiences of all kinds:O even parents, that’s how wonderful it is. Hahahah cute Jong Suk for saying that.


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