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Aahhh School 2013 Episode 11

Oh my gawd! Am I just being strangely emotional today, or did someone feel like me too? Teared/cried three times watching School 2013. #1 was when Nam Soon eats his lunch with Heung Soo and he is stuffing all the food in his mouth and tearing. #2 was when Heung Soo tells Uhm Force that Nam Soon and him are just friends in the process of making up. (Oh my how I love this pair of friends. Their friendship is something relat-able. Something that we all can identify with.)

#3 is this:

Se Chan looking all angry and determined and indignant after In Jae packs her stuff and walks out of the room.


Then him running after her and grabbing her arm till her stuff drops to the ground with a loud crash.

"You can't leave it like that. It's not that the kids rejected you, it's the ruined world that rejected you. We are not fighting with the kids, but we are fighting with the wrong system!"


Don't mind me, but his eyes here. Woah. Love it!!

"Whether it is the kids or the world, I cannot do it anymore. No. I don't want to do it anymore."


She walks away but Se Chan holds tight to her wrist. (aaahh)

"Why on earth do you want to hold on to me?! You are a teacher 10 times, 100 times, more famous than me isn't it?!"

"Because you are…the teacher that I want to become."


"That teacher, no matter how hard I tried, that I never got to become. "


"That exact teacher."



(I mean it would have been nice if he had said "Because you are the woman I love" but HAHA I kid, here's not the time for romance yet.)

I was so, so busy and tired that I didn't get to do recaps for the past 2 episodes, even though I would really love to. There's so many good stuff, both funny and touching. I love how Nam Soon and Heung Soo continue to have funny, synchro movements and reactions, and that the transfer problem finally got their friendship back on track. I love how Se Chan is slowly starting to care for his students, albeit in his mean way, like making Nam Soon and Heung Soo transcribe (hahahaha seriously, when he tried to play with the basketball and failed terribly.) And of course, I love the last interaction. It's a kind of interaction that you would imagine happening between a guy who likes a girl, and telling her why she shouldn't leave, but the fact that it's happening between two teachers, and putting aside the consideration that Se Chan MIGHT like In Jae, i think it has become much more meaningful as well.

The wrong system. All of us come from different places, and we might all be fighting some form of unfair system. I don't know…but I just know that it's so hard to fight a system, even if everyone else is on your side (look at all those sympathetic teacher). So do you just give up and let the system take over you?

In reality, maybe. And that's why I really hope that at least in this drama, a wrong system can be changed.


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