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School 2013 Episode 12 Recap

Aaah finally we're here at Episode 12

The episode starts off with the recap of Se Chan telling In Jae that she's the teacher he wanted himself to be. In Jae falls to the floor, and he kneels down beside her.


But she entreats him to let her go, because it's not fair to ask her to finish what he himself is unable to do.

"You're telling me to run, when you fell down and was unable to get up, so that your mind will be at ease. That's not right."

And when she stands up, Se Chan doesn't hold on to her wrist and just watches as she leaves, not even bothering to pick up her stuff. The class is still in a solemn silence after both teachers leave. Min Ki returns to the classroom, feeling strange that the class atmosphere is as such. Mean Girl shouts at Jung Ho, asking why he can still sit in the classroom, knowing that this is all his fault. Jung Ho pushes the table and stands up, ready for a fight, when Nam Soon yells his name. The class readies themselves, as Nam Soon makes his way over to Jung Ho.


"Oh Jung Ho…have you finished your notes?"


Haha, look at Heung Soo smirking. The tension is broken, as Jung Ho goes ?? but Yi Kyung gets him out of the room before anything else happens. Nam Soon makes his way back to his seat, as everyone else heaves a sigh of relief. 


Hahaha, look at how pleased Heung Soo is.

Se Chan happens to see Jung Ho leaving the class, and reminds him that now there will be no teacher to cover up for him anymore, so just return to class and study quietly. In Jae returns home and lies on her sofa, all dejected and depressed. Aigoo:((

The next day, Se Chan gets bothered when he sees In Jae's empty seat and picks up his phone to text her.


I love how this is a reversal of sorts — In Jae's always the one worrying about her students, always being the one to text them when they aren't there, and using the cafeteria's food as a bait of sorts. And now she's gone, and Se Chan takes over the worrying role, using the same bait — "Today's side dish for lunch is pork cutlets". He couldn't bring himself to send the text, and Uhm Force asks about In Jae's whereabouts. 

During morning assembly, Se Chan rubs his nose bridge before starting, "Did you all sleep well?" The class squirms in their seats, as he tells them that he will see them one to one about the Grade Evaluation consultations. Jong Hyun asks about In Jae, "What happened to Teacher Jung?" and Se Chan asks back sarcastically, "What about Teacher Jung?" I'm quite annoyed with the class. You guys reject In Jae yourselves, even after all that she has done for you. Where is the loyalty yo.

Se Chan tells Kang Joo and Ha Kyung to meet him in the staffroom, where he asks why both of them aren't participating in the essay contest. Kang Joo replies that she has decided not to, and Se Chan lets her go. Ha Kyung feels that if it's Teacher Jung, she will at least ask for the reason why Kang Joo is not participating, and Se Chan replies coldly, "I'm not Teacher Jung, so get rid of that expectation at once."

In Jae wakes up and thinks that she is late for school, but the realisation hits her when she reaches the bathroom.


She reads her texts, where there's one from Woo Young and Ji Hoon each, asking her if she's coming to school. Se Chan sends a series of texts, asking what he's supposed to do with this and that (is he supposed to have a stamp at the back of a report etc). Hahaha Se Chan, what a way to act nonchalant. In Jae receives a new text, and it's from Nam Soon: "Teach…" (short form of Teacher)

In a bad mood, Se Chan throws every consultation in the most pragmatic light — telling one student she won't be able to get into college, angering Kyung Min because he tells her she won't be able to keep her 2nd place position when it comes to the next evaluation test.

As he writes some questions in the staffroom, he asks instinctively, "Do you think this will be too hard for the students?" before remembering that In Jae isn't there. Uhm Force notices, and tells Se Chan to get In Jae to come to the school the next day so that they can settle things.


Se Chan waits anxiously outside, as In Jae finally makes her downstairs and out to see him. Se Chan splutters that In Jae looks fine, so why isn't she replying his texts?


Hahaha. Does she look that fine to you. Se Chan suggests going to a cafe, but even then, In Jae doesn't lighten up. 

He asks if she's really not coming to school anymore.



He conveys the message that Uhm Force wants to see her the next day, and brightens up when he sees In Jae's hesitation, but his face falls when she replies, "I go in and finish everything tomorrow."


As he gets up to leave, he turns and tells her that he's not holding onto her so that he will feel at ease. It's because he wants to move forward together with her, "So don't ignore my texts."


"I mean, you respond to the kids so well, but why are you scarcely sending any to me?"

Seriouslyyy, who can ignore this forlorn guy haha. 

In Jae writes out a resignation request, and sets it outside, before writing in a notebook the things to note when handling certain kids, like how Kang Joo's hurt about the essay contest, how Se Chan should compliment Jung Ho on coming back to school etc.


Life goes on in the classroom, as Ki Duk sucks up to Heung Soo, and Yi Kyung throwing something at Ki Duk. Uhm Force wants to meet Jung Ho and tells Nam Soon to collect the class satisfaction surveys. In Jae walks into the staffroom, causing Se Chan to completely brighten up.


You know…it's really great that when you're missing, there's someone wishing that you're back… 

The entire staffroom watches as Se Chan leaps to his feet, and then attempts some everyday talk about the class satisfaction surveys. I wonder if it's just as obvious to everyone else that Se Chan's heart is a leeeetle overtaken now hehe. However, In Jae walks over to Uhm Force and places her resignation letter on his desk, causing the onwatching teachers to have varying reactions — sadness, acceptance, disappointment. 


Uhm Force, however, is not going to let her go so easily, chiding her for resigning when she has other classes to teach, and not just Class 2-2. Nam Soon walks in at that moment with the surveys and notices In Jae. 


He tells Se Chan that he's here with the surveys, but seeing that both are absorbed in the scene, Nam Soon doesn't place the stack in Se Chan's hands and Se Chan keeps grasping the air. Twice. 



Se Chan tells Nam Soon not to worry and sends him back to class. Uhm Force asks In Jae which the teacher the students hate the most in the school, "It's me. If every teacher quits because the students don't like him or her, how many teachers would there be left in Korea?" 


A student runs into Class 2-2, announcing that Teacher Jung is coming back to school. The students wonder about her reaction, and how they are going to face her if she continues teaching the Literature lessons. Nam Soon returns back to class, and overhears this conversation that the Vain Girl has with her friend — about how she was thinking that something was wrong because her phone was so quiet that morning, since Teacher Jung would always remind her not to be late. 

In Jae hands over the notebook to Se Chan, who remarks, "How can you bring yourself to leave when you're like that?" She replies softly, "It's because I was planning to leave, that's why I wrote that."


Jung Ho needs to do school service because he has two weeks of absences. Yi Kyung tells him to apologise to Ji Hoon first but Jung Ho merely pushes him to a side. 


Yi Kyung quickly leaves when In Jae turns up. She compliments Jung Ho on being diligent and he replies that it's only for that day. She nods, "That's right…everyday, we will just think that 'it's only for today'. Let's do that." She returns Jung Ho his phone and he takes it back eagerly, but snaps at her when she advices him about his diploma. She clarifies that she's going to care about him till the end, and he tells her to come back to school, albeit in a indirect manner, "If I'm attending school, why shouldn't you?"

Aww, Jung Ho's soft side. 

Se Chan meets Kang Jong and talks to her about the essay contest. When she points out that a student who doesn't do well competes in the same contest as a student who does well, she will be seen as selfish, Se Chan splutters and says that it's just her inferiority complex because there's no such thing. She cuts in, "Yes, it's my inferiority complex."


Nam Soon tells Min Ki that he plans on gathering the students together about stopping In Jae from leaving the school, and Min Ki says he will back him up. Nam Soon finds Kang Joo emo-ing on the steps and asks her about her opinions. 


Kang Joo asks if he also thinks that she's afraid of Ha Kyung, and he laughs, "Aigoo, does that make sense. You are so strong." Hahaha, that earns him a kick from Kang Joo, but he continues, "You, who are strong, will look after her." He gets up and tells her to get back in quickly. Back in class, the three mean girls purposely make up stories about how they heard from Kang Joo the mean things she has said about Ha Kyung. When Kang Joo walks in wanting to thrash things out with Ha Kyung, Ha Kyung yells at her, telling her not to bitch behind her back. Kang Joo stops her from packing her stuff, and when she retaliates, she accidentally injures Kang Joo. 


Someone motions for Jong Hyun to get a teacher, while everyone stares in shock, especially Ha Kyung. Jong Hyun runs into the staffroom in a fluster, and initially Teacher Jung hesitates, saying that Se Chan happens to be out. But upon seeing Jong Hyun in a fluster, she gets worried and runs to the classroom. Nam Soon makes his way over to Kang Joo and uses his handkerchief to stop the bleeding, before staring at Ha Kyung, "You should have been more careful."


Heung Soo looks at everything in shock and worry, as In Jae appears at the door of the room.

I love it, I love how this is a scaled-down but also a repeat of Nam Soon's and Heung Soo's encounter. Later, Heung Soo runs into Ha Kyung playing with her phone and tells her to "put a stop before everything blows up," meaning to apologise. She asks how she should do it, and he asks if he has to teach her that. 

Guys. Just give me two nice couples within the four students. No nonsense over Heung Soo and Nam Soon over the same girl, and Kang Joo and Ha Kyung over the same guy please. 

In Jae brings Kang Joo back from the hospital and asks if it's really all right not to get her mother to school. Kang Joo replies that her mother works at a market, "The stall will be empty even if she leaves for a moment." She doesn't blame Ha Kyung for what has happened, knowing that Ha Kyung's just full of pride, " Just a 'Sorry', 'Let's do well' would have been enough."


Kang Joo also apologises to In Jae. She wanted to raise her hand in objection the other day, but she was mad, and now she's regretting her actions. In Jae smiles, and forgives her.


She gets a call from the Vice Principal, and brings Kang Joo to the visiting room. Turns out Ha Kyung's mother has appeared, wanting to meet Kang Joo's mother to talk things out, in case Kang Joo's mother would call for a school violence meeting.


When her mother requests for a memorandum from Kang Joo, specifying that she will cause no such trouble, Ha Kyung shouts at her mother and leaves the room.


In Jae follows Ha Kyung out and comforts her, as she cries by the stairs.


Back in the room, Se Chan stops Kang Joo from writing the memorandum, "What good will it be?" but Ha Kyung's mother insists on it, "Having it is better than not, isn't it?"

I like it how they explore different types of mothers in this drama through Min Ki's mum and Ha Kyung's mum. Both employ different methods to get what they want because they care for their kids. Min Ki's mum is aggressive, while Ha Kyung's mum is passive-aggressive. While both irritate me as a viewer, it makes me think as a daughter. 

When the group leaves the room, Ha Kyung returns and Ha Kyung's mum assures her that everything has ended. Ha Kyung starts crying again, "I don't know how much Kang Joo is hurt now. I can't even apologise and I can't even say it's okay to Kang Joo. So what has ended?"


Haha. Se Chan handles the problem between Nam Soon and Heung Soo by making them do physical tasks together — moving desks, playing basketball. Call it a stereotype if you may, but I like how they draw a parallel with In Jae solving the problem between Ha Kyung and Kang Joo by asking them to sleep it off in the infirmary for an hour — on beds that are just side by side. 

Se Chan waits for In Jae outside the infirmary and clarifies that he didn't know Ha Kyung was going to be like that, as if he has done something wrong and In Jae's going to scold him. But In Jae cuts him off, "It will be good if you talk to Ha Kyung after this. After all you are her homeroom teacher," and walks away, leaving Se Chan all dejected again. 

It is awkward at first, but Ha Kyung soon apologises to Kang Joo — for not congratulating her when she was chosen and for being mean. Kang Joo forgives Ha Kyung and pretends to be all squirmish heh. She gets into her bed and while Ha Kyung protests that the bed is too small, she smiles and gladly shares the blanket. Kang Joo asks if Ha Kyung likes college or her more, and Ha Kyung answers in the latter. Ha Kyung asks her the same question, and she replies the same. 


And there, the best friends reconcile.

Nam Soon smiles when he sits in front of Heung Soo and eats. 


The other students wonder if the line of power has changed. Heung Soo takes it silently for a few seconds, before putting down his cutlery and telling Nam Soon to get over to the other students.


Nam Soon shakes his head like a kid, and Heung Soo retorts, "It's because it's awkward you punk." Nam Soon points out that he should hold the awkwardness in for at least something like this, if he wants to make up.


Yi Kyung and Ji Hoon watch in shock as Jung Ho sits next to Heung Soo and Nam Soon, "I figured if I'm attending school, I need to get in line with you guys." The other students comically start feeding Ki Duk, assuming that he's in line after Jung Ho haha. Jung Ho wonders why the two seem to lose their appetite when he has already sucked up to them, and even places a piece of his meat on their plates (nicely to Heung Soo, and reluctantly to Nam Soon hahaha).


The two look at each other, before accepting the strange occurrence and continuing eating. 

It's obvious when Ha Kyung and Kang Joo return to class that they have made up and Heung Soo's pleased about it.

I like it how Heung Soo and Nam Soon are watching over Ha Kyung's and Kang Joo's friendship. Nam Soon's annoyance at Ha Kyung's carelessness is because he himself had been in that position before, and Heung Soo probably is happy to see how Kang Joo is able to accept Ha Kyung's apology. 

Min Ki reminds Nam Soon about the Teacher Jung's issue, and Nam Soon coughs awkwardly before bringing it up to the class, wondering if anyone has changed his or her mind about it. Woo Young hasn't and Min Ki expresses his support as well, till a mean girl points out — it's your mum who kicked Teacher Jung out, who are you to talk?


Nam Soon's eyes flickers at this information, and Min Ki's obviously affected. He walks out of the classroom, and apologises to Nam Soon when he follows after, but Nam Soon says it's all right. Min Ki remarks, "At times like this I wish I don't have a mother," but the wise Nam Soon points out, "How about when you eat the food that she makes?" and Min Ki concedes, "Then I don't," with a smile. 

Se Chan gets In Jae to look over the participants' list of the essay contest, claiming that it's the educational department's job, not as a homeroom teacher's job. She sees Min Ki's name and texts him. The next day, Min Ki tries to bring up that he likes Teacher Jung, but his mother brushes it aside, "That teacher likes to say what the student likes to hear." Concerned, In Jae visits the homeroom and tries to run away when a bunch of students open the door. They warm up to her immediately, but she is obviously uncomfortable, calling out for Nam Soon to get Min Ki.


When Nam Soon returns with the reply that Min Ki's not in the classroom, she quickly walks away even with a unanimous whine, "Teacherrr" from the students. Mmhmm, I like it that she doesn't put down the hurt so easily, because that's more realistic. You can't move on that easily in reality.

However, Min Ki's actually in the room. He just cannot bring himself to face Teacher Jung. 

Se Chan puts his hand out and Nam Soon hands over the papers that he has transcribed. When asked about his, Heung Soo points out, "That's mine," earning a 0.0!! look from Nam Soon.


Hahahah, don't you remember Nam Soon? Heung Soo said that you would have to transcribe his papers for him when he saved you from the transfer.

Nam Soon has to stay back and clean the library, while Heung Soo returns to the classroom. Ji Hoon shouts at Yi Kyung to leave, and Yi Kyung leaves Jung Ho reluctantly as he cleans the classroom by himself. When asked if he's going to help him clean, Heung Soo scoffs and picks up his bag. Jung Ho picks up a call where he exchanges an argument, telling the other person that he will not do those stuff again and he will just pay for it later.


Pretending that he doesn't care, Heung Soo walks over and 'accidentally' drops an empty bottle before leaving. Hahaha, you are such a jerk sometimes. 

Kyung Min wants to enter the contest last minute, but gets shot down by Se Chan about how if she has cared about her specs, she should have done it from Grade 1. She leaves the staffroom, obviously very hurt, and cries when In Jae runs after her and consoles her. When Kyung Min remarks softly that she seems to release part of her feelings everytime she vents to In Jae, In Jae tells her that she could always talk to her, before breaking off awkwardly.  Kyung Min asks if she's really going to leave the school, and In Jae changes topic by telling her to get a quick dinner before the contest. 


In Jae returns to her seat and tells Se Chan that he cannot shoot down students' grades just like that, when they think that grades sum up the entirety of their lives. Se Chan continues his realistic tone of things — they need the pressure so that they can get better, when In Jae points out astutely if he's just being like that for her to see. 


He denies it quickly, "You know I'm always like that," and turns away. Hahahah I knew it Kang Se Chan. He's obviously just playing his mean side up, so that the class will appreciate Teacher Jung better, and also that Teacher Jung will come back to take care of the students. 

Min Ki's mother feeds Min Ki well before his contest, and hands over a stack of papers that they are going to look through together. I'm quite sure it's the contest question that the Vice Principal has given her. No wonder he looks so suspicious when Se Chan submits the question. Min Ki tells his mother outright — the future she wants for him, must he take it?


His mother replies that when he gets into law college, he will be able to smile and thank her. He questions, "Till then, are you always going to be like that?" She doesn't reply and continues pouring water for him. 

Ha Kyung and Kang Joo go for the contest happily, cheering each other on. When Min Ki comes in looking downcast, In Jae asks after him but he just nods his head and enters the library. 

Heung Soo's aunt brings him out to shop and he's all happy.


But he turns around and sees Jung Ho being pushed by the gang people. Recalling what he heard earlier, he runs after them. Nam Soon follows In Jae to place the handphones, collected earlier before the contest, into the cupboard. He turns around and snatches a glimpse of Jung Ho but pays no attention to it. Heung Soo passes by the gang members who are waiting by the school gates for Jung Ho and he surprises Nam Soon when he suddenly turns up, asking if he has seen Jung Ho.


In Jae looks at a card and realises she has forgotten something, just as Heung Soo and Nam Soon rush into the staffroom, with Nam Soon wondering if Jung Ho has already come and gone. In Jae puts the staffroom on lockdown and leaves. Min Ki takes out the essay question that his mother has prepared beforehand and places it on the table. Taking a breath, he stands up to leave, telling Se Chan that he doesn't want to take part in the contest anymore. Kyung Min notices the two stacks of papers on his table and compares it with the essay question that she has. Min Ki hesitates for a moment, before taking the elevator, and the camera focuses on the level that keeps going up.

Heung Soo and Nam Soon come out from their hiding places (underneath Teacher Jung's and Teacher Kang's tables) and realise that the bag of handphones is already gone. They quickly leave the staffroom, not knowing its on lockdown, thus triggering the alarm, and they stare at each other in horror.

Kyung Min is angry, thinking that Se Chan has released the questions beforehand. As he looks through the second stack of paper, he is horrified to find that yes, indeed the questions were leaked.  

Min Ki slowly climbs the steps and opens the door to the rooftop.

-the end-

Oh my took a really longg time to recap this but I love this episode anyway. When have I not love something from School 2013? All my thoughts are scattered throughout the recap so enough said about how much I like it — the parallels of friendship, the representation of mother-child relationships and all. I find it quite interesting that only the mothers are represented though. Where have all the fathers gone?

Kang Joo and Ha Kyung going through something like Heung Soo and Nam Soon shows that friendship is something strong, as long as you take the right measures quickly. It's as if the two guys are living vicariously through the girls — if only Nam Soon apologised quickly, if only Heung Soo accepted his apology, so on and so forth. And I like it. We all go through something like this in our lives I suppose, maybe not exactly the same, but still similar. 

I always suppose they are going to bring in the suicide card on Min Ki, because it always seems like there's no other way to go. He's literally trapped in a prison that his mother has put him in. Face his mother? His mother goes into a crazy fit like the other time, triggering his guilt. Find comfort in Teacher Jung? His mother takes In Jae down easily. He doesn't have the courage to simply leave because he IS ultimately very dependant on his mother who has provided for him thus far, so there's only two options for him — leave completely by a suicide or to take his brother's path. 

I'm very interested to see how this will play out. Obviously I'm hoping to death that Min Ki doesn't die, but even at the start of this episode, I had the feeling that something would happen to Min Ki…because everything seems too smooth sailing thus far — friendships on repair, students loving Teacher Jung and so on. Let's just see how this will follow through, and I hope the naughty duo won't get into any trouble:(



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