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School 2013 Episode 13

No recap this time round, just another post of thoughts —

Min Ki's face of hopelessness


Nam Soon and In Jae looking up


And then Min Ki, who sits there and cries</3


And how he tells In Jae that he's just a flower that's being shaken now, right?


And I cannot stop loving this two HAHA


At this point I stopped taking screenshots since I figured out that there's no time to write a recap..but it's still a good episode nevertheless — How Min Ki slowly overcomes his trauma, and how his mother and him have reached a compromise. I like In Jae's wise words as well, that while experiencing it, any upsetting events would seem like it's a big thing, but just have the strength to survive through that period, and you will come out stronger than before. And this is precisely wh I like School 2013, because it balances plot with life lessons, and not many dramas can do that without seeming like they are preaching

I probably should find another whole list of words that mean 'like' because there's so many good things that I enjoy. Nam Soon and Heung Soo's friendship is well on the repair (thank goodness) and there's still cute little interactions among the students. Min Ki's confiding in his brother while his mother listens from the other room is sad, and Se Chan's constant efforts to stop In Jae from leaving is just heartwarming. 

However, I wonder if it's really right to let the Vice Principal go just like that:/ It's realistic because you probably can't really fight a system like this, but it's still a little upsetting. If it was any other teacher, he or she would probably have been fired, but the Vice Principal gets off scot-free. Hmm. Though Se Chan 'blackmailing' him is quite funny too hahaha. 

Hopefully Nam Soon gets out of this mess!! A few more days to go to Episode 14 whoo.


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