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School 2013!

A photo from Behind The Scenes Vogue Girl Hohoho And this! HAHA the number of photos they spammed while taking the scene: Love it <3thoughtsramble

School 2013 Episode 13

No recap this time round, just another post of thoughts — Min Ki's face of hopelessness Nam Soon and In Jae looking up And then Min Ki, who sits there and cries</3 And how he tells In Jae that he's just a flower that's being shaken now, right? And I cannot stop loving this two HAHA At this point I stopped taking screenshots since I figured out that there's no time to write a recap..but it's still a good episode nevertheless — How Min Ki slowly overcomes his trauma, and how his mother and him have reached a compromise. I like In Jae's wise words as well, that while experiencing it, any upsetting events would seem like it's a big thing, but just have the strength to survive through that period, and you will come out stronger than before. And this is precisely wh I like School 2013, because it balances plot with life lessons, and not many dramas can do that without seeming like they are preaching I probably should find another whole list …