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Fall In Love With Me Episode 20 Recap

Omg guys this episode is taking so long to churn out…just look at the number of screenshots I've takenXD As an episode itself, I'm very happy with it and it made me smile a lot! But as an ending to the drama, there are still some ends left untied and some dissatisfaction.

Mum shouts at Lance and asks him what he's talking about. He retorts that if she doesn't like it, she's free to leave. So she rushes out of the house, despite Tian Xing's and Huan Huan's worried shouts. Lance leaves the living room and Huan Huan whimpers, "Why is it like this…why is it like this…"


Evil Mum wanders to a bench by the road side and cries silently. Tao Zi walks by and calls her "Li Ma Ma" gently. I have no idea if it's meant as a coincidence or an intentional run-in, because I initially thought that Tian Xing might have told Tao Zi about the Evil Mum's escape but they didn't make any mention to this later on. I guess it's not very important.

Evil Mum is distraught to see Tao Zi in front of her. She launches into a (very illogical) tirade about how she doesn't want to hear Tao Zi's voice. Lance is scolding her and Huan Huan everyday. She has given up so much so that Huan Huan can marry Tian Xing, but does Tao Zi know how terrible she feels getting scolded by Lance everyday? "This is all because of you! Without you, this wouldn't have happened. Without you, my son and my daughter will still be as kind and as cute. Without you, I wouldn't have to suffer all this! Why are you still here?!"


She grabs Tao Zi's arms and cries, "You shouldn't have existed! You shouldn't have appeared in front of me!"

Well. If it was me, I think I would have a whale of a time doing something nasty to this woman. But I guess that's why I'm not the female lead and Tao Zi is, because she's so gentle and full of love. Instead of being angry at Evil Mum, she tells her that it's okay for her to scold Tao Zi. She is willing to stand there and be her punching bag, till she's no longer sad. Evil Mum breaks down completely into sobs and accepts Tao Zi's hug.


Tao Zi brings Evil Mum home for dinner and the latter is surprised to see Fu Bo there. From the looks of it, Tao Zi has already told her parents about bringing Evil Mum home because they welcome her warmly. Evil Mum sits down in a state of disbelief of confusion, and asks directly why they still don't mind her being in their house despite her lousy attitude previously.


Tao Mum replies that it's okay because whoever Tao Zi respects, they will like that person too.


They are such kind, happy parents<3.

Evil Mum turns towards Tao Zi and asks why she's so… (kind) despite what she did. Tao Zi thinks that what she does is out of love for Huan Huan and there's nothing wrong in a mother doting on a daughter.


Tao Dad agrees but points out something (which I've been itching to say), "It's just that parents should know when to stop overindulging their children."


HAHA, I like Tao Mum's expression. This prompts the Evil Mum to reply, "Are you scolding me?" which causes Tao Dad to hurriedly protest (in English hahahah), "No no no." He mentions how they love Tao Zi too, but when Tao Zi fell in love with Xiao Lu, they also advised Tao Zi to give up because they couldn't possibly have forced Lu Tian Xing to become Xiao Lu. Evil Mum asks Tao Zi if she has really done wrong. Tao Zi replies, "You are my elder so I shouldn't say this, but the truth is, you are unhappy…Huan Huan and Lance are unhappy too."

Evil Mum starts tearing up and Tao Parents quickly lighten the atmosphere up with talks of food (specifically Tao Mum's fried beehoon) since food and sleep will make one feel better. That, I completely agree with. Fu Bo protests when Tao Dad jibes that someone who has felt lonely for the whole of his lifetime also yearns for his wife's fried beehoon, so Tao Zi asks why he likes coming to their house so often.

He replies honestly that he likes the warm atmosphere here. Everyone knows how to be considerate towards each other and lives his life happily so that the other members will be happy too. It makes him want to have a family like this, if he still has the chance to build a family.


So cuteee Fu Bo, I hope you find someone.

His words remind Evil Mum of what she used to have and she starts tearing up again.


Everyone gets flustered trying to calm her down, get tissue paper, and introduce food at the same time. HAHA.

So in the end, they did go down the route of redeeming Evil Mum's character, such that I can't call her Evil Mum anymore (but the name shall stay). While it meant that I didn't have the satisfaction of seeing an evil character punished, I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the way they are breaking the Evil Mum's character down in this scene. Her disbelief that a family can still treat her with so much love despite what she has done and her tears later on, shows a gradual realisation that she has indeed done something wrong to ruin the innocent family she used to have.

When she walks home later, she looks up into the skies and asks in her heart if she has really done something wrong. The answer is yes, stop asking.

The next day, Huan Huan visits OZ so that Tao Zi and Leo can explain the plot of the advertisement to her. She is distracted, causing the other four OZ members to roll their eyes. Lance calls at this moment, and they wonder what Lance wants.


I love this set of people heh. They are always rather united in their emotions and fit nicely with one another, even though it was just Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian at first.

Huan Huan hesitates picking up the call, knowing that everyone will be listening, so Leo helps her to a side and motions for everyone to continue their work. She picks up the phone call and Lance proposes having a thrash out talk because he wants to apologise to her.


Huan Huan is delighted, because she has been thinking of speaking to her brother too. Their mother cried non-stop when she came home last night. Lance tells her that Dale will pick her up and then they will have a good talk.


But when Dale picks her up, the atmosphere is slightly ominous, and Leo reminds Huan Huan that she can call him if anything pops up.


Huan Huan doesn't sense anything wrong and leaves with Dale. Tao Zi asks Leo if anything will happen and Leo tells her to call Tian Xing. Tian Xing, who happens to be in the car with Fu Bo, is anxious when he hears that Dale has suddenly picked Huan Huan up.

Lance joins the duo in the car and suggests that they have a good talk somewhere nice. Tian Xing calls at this moment and Lance hints that he hopes they can have a talk without any interruption. Huan Huan, wanting to please her brother, turns her phone off and asks if they will stop quarrelling after the talk and stop making their mother sad. Lance evades the question and keeps her phone, causing her to be a bit worried.


Tian Xing worries out loud that he's not sure whether Lance will resort to hurting Huan Huan in order to get the shares. Evil Mum calls and asks to meet Tian Xing, so he agrees to find the mum first since her emotions are so unstable.


Yay yay father-son couple is back!

As Dale's car travels up the winding roads, Huan Huan starts whining a bit and asks her brother where they are going. But Lance ignores her hand and keeps quiet. She knows something is wrong.


Tian Xing seeks help from Leo, so Leo and Tao Zi hurry to Tian Ji in hopes that they can find out where Lance went.

The siblings have arrived at their destination which is a private spot atop mountains. Huan Huan asks why they are here, and Lance answers, "I have no idea, I just know that no one will come here." He asks her if the situation now is such that she will not give him nor Tian Xing her shares, and she realises he just wants to talk about shares again.


She answers that she will not give him her shares because he will take the chance to chase Tian Xing out of the house and Tian Ji. He hates Mum, so he will chase her out too. Lance 'praises' her for thinking so thoroughly and she protests that she will not give her shares to Tian Xing either.


But Lance is not impressed because Tian Xing and Huan Huan are husband and wife after all, so her shares belong to him. He stands up with a "Think carefully about my request" and starts to walk off. Huan Huan panics, "Where are you going? Don't leave me here!"


Lance shouts at her, "Didn't you want to marry Tian Xing no matter what? Similarly, I will do anything to get the shares in your hands."


If she understands what he means, then give him her shares. If not, "Then you will stay here alone." Huan Huan cries desperately for him to stay and save her, but he walks off without any hesitation.


And she's stuck because he purposely places her wheelchair right at the top of a long flight of stone steps.

Dale returns to Tian Ji to find Leo and Tao Zi waiting for him. Tao Zi cleverly baits Dale about how he was the one who fetched Huan Huan and now that Huan Huan is missing, when she's back, she has every right to sue Dale. Does he think that she will sue her own brother? Of course not!

The next thing we know, while Huan Huan freaks out and sobs, is Tao Zi and Leo travelling up the same windy roads. Haha, that Dale wasn't so hard to bait. They get off at the right spot and look around for Huan Huan. Tao Zi spots her and shouts her name, causing Huan Huan to look up with hope.


Tao Zi quickly runs up the stone steps while Leo calls Tian Xing to inform him of the good news. Then…this Huan Huan has to do the next stupidest thing I've seen since her epic fall down the slope in her platform heels.

She pushes herself forward in her eagerness to reach Tao Zi.


Tao Zi shouts a warning, "Don't move yet!" but it's too late.


Woman, one does not wheel one's chair down the steps.

Thankfully, Tao Zi manages to catch and break her fall, as they land to the side of the steps. Leo runs up towards them and nicely/interestingly, he calls out, "Huan Huan! Tao Zi!" With Tao Zi next to her, Huan Huan breaks down and questions why her own brother could leave her behind.


Leo remarks that her brother's shift in attitude happened since the wedding. Her sobs slow down as she thinks, Is that it? When I have Love, I will lose my Kinship.


She cries again and Tao Zi wipes her tears. She asks why Tao Zi will save her and get injured for her, even though she was so mean. Doesn't she mind it that she has snatched Tian Xing away?


Tao Zi admits that she did mind it, but after seeing Huan Huan's plight post-wedding, she doesn't know what to think. Like Huan Huan, she doesn't understand how the reality could have been so different even though Huan Huan's, Evil Mum's, and Lance's wishes had been fulfilled. Huan Huan sobs and Tao Zi pats her head, while Leo watches quietly from a side.


Tian Xing brings Huan Huan back to his Xiao Lu apartment, where Evil Mum is already waiting. Evil Mum rushes towards her daughter and asks her if she's injured anywhere. Huan Huan credits her safety to Tao Zi who saved her and even got injured for her, and Evil Mum gushes, "Tao Le Si, thank you." Mother and daughter start crying and wonder why Lance has changed.


Leo speaks up, "Have you all thought…who made Lance like this." Exactly. Haha Leo is asking all the right questions and making all the right remarks in this episode. Huan Huan blames herself, that in her stubbornness to get married to Tian Xing, she has caused Lance to change. Evil Mum tells her not say that because she thinks it's her own mistakes that culminate in the situation today. Huan Huan wants things to return back to normal, like how they used to be.


Tao Zi looks at Tian Xing and smiles, "A friend that I've not met for a long time once told me that whenever something bad happens, something good will happen too." AWW, guess who said that. I love references to Xiao Lu days.


So will they believe with her, that something good will happen soon? Huan Huan and Mum look up at her with tears in their eyes and nod quietly.


During dinner, Evil Mum/Mum recalls the scene she saw at Tao Zi's house, where people love and trust each other. They used to have that too, but now they only have grudges and jealousy, thanks to her. She should have been like Tao Zi's parents and know when to stop her children's stubbornness. Tian Xing says that there's still a way out, as long as Huan Huan and Evil Mum are willing to change themselves.


Lance drinks broodingly at the pub that he and Tian Xing always visit and he gets a text from Tian Xing, who informs him about the shareholders' meeting the next day. Either Dale already 'fess up, or Lance doesn't care if his sister gets eaten by wild boars at night.

He enters Tian Ji the next morning with pseudo confidence and makes sure his hair is in place a.k.a his favourite move when he's feeling insecure.


He walks into the meeting room to find Tian Xing, Huan Huan and Mum sitting aligned at one side. He asks sarcastically for the point of the meeting since the three of them have already reached a consensus and they could have just texted him the conclusion. Tian Xing admits that they did reach a conclusion already. He motions for the lawyer to pass him some documents. The first one is the document that consists of a transfer of shares — it contains Huan Huan's and Tian Xing's combined shares and they have transferred it to the Executive Manager of the company, Lance. The second is a document from the law firm to verify that the first one is legal and recognised.


As long as Lance accepts, he will be the director of the company. Huan Huan pipes in that as long as it's something he wants, Mum and her will give it to him. "You are my brother, and you are Mum's son, this is something that will never change." Mum walks to him and asks for a chance to redeem herself. Lance takes a good look at all three of them and asks scathingly if Tian Xing is putting up a show to make him touched or to make a mockery of him.


Lance points out that the ex-director (Mum) only just said that he didn't have the capability to lead the company and will only cause it to go astray.  He does not want to accept Lu Tian Xing's arrangement. Tian Xing protests that this isn't his arrangement. It's a representation of the decision that his family has made with him in mind.


But to Lance, this is like charity. This arrangement is akin to showing the world that he has forced everyone to give up their shares. "I do not accept this." He rips the documents out of their files and tears them into many pieces, before throwing them up in the air.


He turns around and leaves the room, but not before saying, "I don't want to discuss this anymore." Back at his pub, he recalls Tian Xing's words about how this is his family's arrangement, and his own reaction.


He starts to tear, then cry, as the emotions well up inside him.


He can't take it anymore, so he rushes out of the pub where there's a thunderstorm going on.


He kneels down on the floor and roars in sadness and resignation.

This family is full of contradictions — they react another way after they get something they want. But I understand Lance's emotions. Actually, his fight for shares wasn't so that he can be the director of the company, but rather he wants to prove that Mum and Huan Huan value Tian Xing over him. But at the same time, he desperately wants them to prove him wrong and yet they don't. Now that they are giving him all their shares willingly, he realises that it feels like they are taking pity on him and just pacifying him.

In the morning, Tian Xing gets a call from Huan Huan who tells him that Lance has returned home and left again with his clothes. Tian Xing quickly picks Huan Huan and Mum up from their house. When Lance gets off his car at the airport's parking lot, Tian Xing calls out his name. He turns around and finds Mum and Huan Huan right there too.


Mum asks if he still feels that they have no concern and love for him. Huan Huan pleads, "You treat us the best, do you think we really don't know?"


Mum walks up to him and asks him to stay, to give them another chance. Tian Xing, on the other hand, says, "Brother, our war hasn't ended. I await for your return, for you to be my partner. Maybe when you return, you will have what I have." Lance takes a step forward and Mum calls out, "Lance."


He turns around and looks at them with tears in his eyes. He reminds Tian Xing to take good care of Huan Huan and Mum. "Mum, Huan Huan. I will always be part of the Li Family."


"Take care."


With that, he walks off and puts his shades back on.

Whoo-hoo time for some comic relief.

Jia Gai Xian surprises Helen with some hand moisturiser and Helen praises him for being so considerate.


Helen asks how one uses the product (you put it on your hands??) and Jia Gai Xian offers his services. Helen accepts, much to the other couple's surprise.


They watch as Jia Gai Xian takes the bottle with much seriousness.


He squeezes the lotion on to Helen's hands.


And proceeds to spread it…and can you guys just take a look at his face.


HAHA. You pervert.

Huan Huan's and Tian Xing's arrival in OZ interrupts this scene and Miao Miao asks in a semi-displeased manner why Huan Huan is here. Huan Huan jokes, "I heard that." Tian Xing asks if Leo and Tao Zi played truant, but Leo's voice, "Who are you gossiping about?" introduces their arrival too. Tian Xing is here to deliver good news — Huan Huan's advertisement has allowed the client's sales to increase exponentially. The client is so happy that they took the advertisement to sign up for the Best Advertisements Awards, and OZ…wins the Best Creativity Award. OZ erupts into happy screams and cheers as Tao Zi takes the certificate from Tian Xing. "Tao Le Si, you are awesome. Getting better and better!"


Tao Zi takes a look at Huan Huan and answers calmly, "Thanks for your praise." Huan Huan looks up and smiles at her.


There's something that they still haven't resolved. Huan Huan is still Tian Xing's wife. "Tian Xing will only belong to one person, there can be no second person. When one has lost, one should lose willingly, isn't that right, Tao Le Si?"


It's quite obvious that she's talking about herself, but I like how the words are structured in such a way that it sounds like she was taking offence with Tian Xing's praises of Tao Zi. Miao Miao sighs, "I thought that you can be normal just like in the past, but turns out you haven't changed at all." Huan Huan laughs and asks at which point of the past Miao Miao is referring to. Miao Miao mimes the action of pushing the wheels of a wheelchair. Huan Huan asks innocently what's the difference between then and now, and Leo answers, "Last time, your smile was cute and really pretty." "Do I not look pretty and cute now when I smile?"

Everyone lapses into an awkward silence. She tells Tao Zi that she really, really loves Tian Xing but she knows that Tao Zi also really loves Tian Xing. "I've been thinking lately what I should do."


No one really knows what she means.


She takes Tian Xing's hand and brings Tao Zi's hand to his.


She lets go of their hands and looks at her finger with solemnity. With the memories of the pastor's words, of their wedding vows and of Tian Xing's kiss ringing in her head, she reaches for her ring…and pulls it off her finger.


She places the ring in Tao Zi's hand while the rest of OZ wonders what this signifies.


"Tao Le Si. I've lost."


She watches as Tian Xing holds their hands with his other hand. She tells them that she has discussed with her mother, "Tian Xing Ge Ge, put the ring on Tao Le Si." "Are you sure?" She starts to tear as she nods.


Their wedding was a gift from Tian Xing and she simply had a good dream. She had him for a very short while, but it was an unhappy period. No matter what, she still wants to thank him for the present. "I'm very contented." Tian Xing pats her head with brotherly love and Helen chimes in that it's important for her to understand herself.

Does anyone think that Helen has a very broadcaster-ish kind of voice.

Jia Gai Xian jokes that he thought her brain was dysfunctional just like her legs. Huan Huan wipes her tears away, "If you say somemore, I won't give you a red packet when you get married to Helen." Helen smiles abashedly while Jia Gai Xian beams. Ting Wei notes that Huan Huan's smile right now is the happiest one that he has ever seen. She grins and then tells them that she wants to go out for a walk. Tian Xing offers to accompany her but she declines. "You should quickly put the ring on for her, what if I regret?"


Leo offers to be her companion instead and he pushes her out.


Somehow I love this scene very much, the way the couples are positioned and everything. It makes the office looks full of love and gives the show a sense of completion.

The moment Leo and Huan Huan are out of the office, the couple exchange a deep glance and Miao Miao's eyes widen. HAHA.


The other couple quickly turns away.


Just as Tao Zi speaks, "Lu Tian Xing…"


Tian Xing pulls her into a tight hug and the camera pans out a little to show the other two couples gleefully making their escape. "It's been a long time." I love this sentence – it's short but sweet, and encapsulates what they have gone through in the past few episodes.


She nods and smiles.


Ahhh I love this moment — it's simple and unmushy, but conveys the love all the same.


Hehe compare that scene to the scene 5 seconds ago. They are in their own worlddd.

Huan Huan notices that the speed of the wheelchair has slowed down and asks Leo what he's looking at. He's admiring the nest of small birds and Huan Huan reflects that she usually doesn't notice these things. Leo reminds her that there's many beautiful things in this world, "As long as you want to, you can see them." He asks her why she has suddenly decided to divorce Tian Xing and she remarks that it was a mistake in the first place to have gotten married. Now that she has some acting projects, she wants to give her best towards everything she's going to do, no matter whether it is for acting, physiotherapy or being her mother's companion.

"Leo director. I used to only know how to love Tian Xing Ge Ge, and it has caused me to miss out on so many things."


Leo ponders over this, and bends down in front of her.


"It's not too late to start now." They smile at each other.

Ting Wei surprises Miao Miao with two soft toys which are characters from her favourite Ipad game. He asks nonchalantly, "Do you want to bring Xu Mi Bao along and get married to me?" Miao Miao replies shyly that no one does a marriage proposal with just dolls…so Ting Wei takes out more and more soft toys which delight her to no end. He brings out a keychain that says "I love you" on the back, and then another one which says, "Marry me."


She looks up at him with tears in her eyes and he takes out the ring, "Marry me." She nods and he places the ring on her finger.


They cuddle lovingly for a few seconds before Jia Gai Xian comes along and scolds them for sitting around and being so slow when the game is going to start. Miao Miao thrusts her hand towards Jia Gai Xian, "Look at thisss!" Jia Gai Xian appears ecstatic for her, "Wahhhhhh"


before his face changes quickly into that of irritation, "Quickly!"



The couple quickly keeps all their soft toys and mutter about how Jia Gai Xian is jealous. I love this comic ending to a wedding proposal HAHA.

Everyone takes up their position, as Tao Zi steps into the batter's position. She looks at her watch, "Brother, rest assured that no matter what obstacles or difficulties we meet, we will do our best. We will walk down this path in happiness."


She grips the bat tightly and smiles.


Tian Xing looks on in happiness, and takes out a postcard.


It's a letter from Lance who informs him that he's almost ready (ready for their 'war' I suppose). He jokes that he has gone to a good place, a place without Tian Xing and without the annoying passion. He has also found doctors who specialise in nerves, and will be bringing Huan Huan over for treatment the following week.

The game has started and Helen pitches the ball. Tao Zi swings her bat, and it connects soundly with the ball, which causes the ball to fly all the way out. There's no doubt that she can do a home-run with this, and so she happily runs around the bases, while everyone cheers her on (which is a little funny if you think about it because the area is so small, and if it was me, I will be sad that we have no more balls to play with). Tian Xing places the postcard back in his pocket and runs towards Tao Zi/a base. She runs into his arms and he carries her.


Hehe so cuteee, and he brings her to the last base.


The camera moves away and fades.

The doors open, and Jia Gai Xian and Helen enter first.


Followed by Miao Miao and Ting Wei.


A second later, the main couple appears.



They walk down the aisle and everyone cheers for them. Everyone smiles and beams. Before the ceremony starts, there's something Tao Zi wants to say. She seeks out Huan Huan's face in the crowd and thanks her for specially coming back to attend the wedding.


Everyone claps, as Huan Huan smiles…and stands up. She has recovered!


A flashback shows the main couple thanking Huan Huan before the ceremony. She laughs that her 'Tian Xing Ge Ge' 's ceremony cannot be completed without her. And her best friend is going to become her sister-in-law, so it's given that she has to attend. I like this subtle note, but it conveys the message that her love for Tian Xing is purely that of one to a brother.


Tian Xing asks if her legs are better and she nods, saying that she will return back to the States to resume treatment. Is she going alone? "With Leo director." Guys, look at Leo's awkward expression.


This guy hahahahaha. I guess he hasn't changed much.

The flashback ends there, and we come back to the blissful scene. Tao Zi smiles wider this time, and I think she's also smiling at Leo. Finally, the guy who has loved her so much, has found his own happiness.


They turn around and the pastor continues, "Lu Tian Xing. Will you take Tao Le Si as your wife, respect her, love her and treasure her for eternity?"

"I will."


Tao Zi keeps her gaze on Tian Xing this whole time. When the pastor calls out her name, she cuts in, "I will!" even before he asks the question. HAHAHA.


Everyone in the church laughs and ahh it's such a loving scene.


They exchange their rings, and now, "The groom may kiss the bride."


And this story is coming to an end. Tao Zi, Xiao Lu, Tian Xing, Leo, Huan Huan…all this has been resolved and it's a happy ending.



Everyone cheers and claps as the couple kisses each other passionately.


Fu Bo, I really like your character so much heh.


And the scene fades out on the happy scene.

The scene comes back with the three girls, Helen, Miao Miao and Tao Zi waiting for something. A car arrives, and out comes Jia Gai Xian and Ting Wei. Where's Tian Xing? Out he comes from the back seat…


"Xiao Lu!" "Tao Le Si!" They hug each other, as the other four coo and laugh.


He kisses her hair and tells her he has something for her.


It's their couple bangles! He puts hers for her, and she does the same for him. They lock it with the necklace and he wants to help her wear the necklace. But Tao Zi says that their bangles will have no more need for unlocking.


So she takes the necklace and throws it into the distance.


The camera shows the necklace disappearing into the blue skies and the next scene is that of the car moving off with cans tied to its back. Tian Xing and Tao Zi are going on their honeymoon! The four jokers wave them off (and their hands are moving so fast, I can't even get a clear shot).




The camera then shows OZ's sign back on the wall and that'sss the end.

It's the end!! Hahaha I'm always rather sentimental when it comes to end of a drama that I've recapped/followed. Let's talk about the bad stuff first. As an ending, it doesn't tie up certain loose ends, or answer certain questions. I suppose after Lance has given up on the company, the shares don't matter anymore. But this makes the whole -finding Mr. Long- thing rather anti-climatic, and that's the thing that I dislike most about this drama. They have a lot of conflicts and climaxes and they spend a good 5 episodes most of the time trying to build it up. The problem is, their build-ups are always not bad, so it makes me look forward to the reveal and resolution, but one build-up will fizzle out and then they replace it with another build-up, leaving me behind and feeling stupid for even having made guesses for how things are supposed to turn out.

If I can jog your memory, this show's name, when literally translated, means 'Fall In love with both sides of me'. It was about Xiao Lu and Tao Zi and Tian Xing, and while I suppose that conflict couldn't have lasted all 20 episodes, it would have been nice if they made more references to Xiao Lu days. We also had other conflicts such as Huan Huan's lies that did not resolve in a way which gives me great satisfaction. Also, I now realise that the camera does more close-ups of Fu Bo in the latest episodes probably as a reminder of Xiao Lu days maybe, and not because Fu Bo had anything to do with anything.

Now the good points. I've mentioned before that I don't like watching evil characters being forgiven and becoming good, but I think this episode does a pretty good job out of it. Besides, the characters have always been portrayed as those who are nice, gentle and not malicious, so it's not hard to believe that everyone has it in them to forgive the Li Family. I like it that Lance couldn't take it anymore and leaves the family, because that is one sudden shock and change that Huan Huan and Mum need in order to cement their changes in personalities. It shows them that in their one-track mindedness to get Tian Xing, they neglect their own family member who could bring them the same amount of happiness and love. So even though I didn't get my scenes of the Li Family being tortured (not that I would want to watch that though, it would be rather disturbing and unfitting in this drama), I'm happy with the changes as they are.

I also like this episode because it's the cutest that we had in ages. AGES. And I miss the fun and cheers so much. I think Aaron and Tia enjoy working each other, so on-screen, I find it a joy to watch Tian Xing and Tao Zi do simple things like hugging. They don't need many words to convey their love for each other and it's the simplicity of it all that makes me smile. Of course, we can't forget our four jokes who made the show alive when it was so dead with malice and lies, and I love how even though it started out with Jia Gai Xian hitting on Miao Miao, we have arrived at our loving pairs today.

As for Tian Xing and Tao Zi, I really appreciate the mix-and-match at the end of the episode. Him appearing as Xiao Lu again but calling Tao Zi 'Tao Le Si'. It shows the combination of the two sides of him and I always love it when they do references like that. And the fact that Tao Zi is in sync with both sides of him makes it even better. I really like other small things like putting on their couple bangles again to parallel the scene when he did it for her as Xiao Lu. Or how they tied up the loose end of the watch to show that Tian Xing has returned it to Tao Zi. Everything fits in nicely with this couple and I'm glad that they make me happy for this episode. A nice thing to note is that the main couple has managed to resolve this conflict with their combined effort. Tian Xing with his plan of making the Li Family see the light that marrying him is not the solution to their wishes, and Tao Zi with her gentleness and love that brought Huan Huan and Evil Mum around. Couple power!

It's the end of another journey and I'm really thankful that I even started on this. The acting ranges from not bad to great, with occasional slips, and I personally feel that Aaron has acted his best in this drama. They have managed to convince fans like me who thought Aaron suits Puff the best, to like BuFen too and I think the chemistry among all the actors is something I will miss watching in the behind the scenes.

Thank you to everybody who has accompanied me on this trip. I love all the comments that you guys have posted throughout, and even to the silent readers, thanks for reading and for supporting. I will miss this very much, but hope to see you guys around!

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  1. It’s over! I’m so conflicted about how I feel and I think it’s mostly because this drama feels like two in one. I loved the episodes before the cliffhanger and I stuck through the rest, because Tao Zi and Tian Xing are adorable together, but honestly I could have done without the Li-family debacle. In the two last episodes it was as if the two leads were just supporting actors. I hope the writer(s?) will look back and learn from this, because they write romance well, they just need to work on their drama-skills.

    I love the four comedic reliefs. That proposal with the dolls and the keychains was the cutest and eventhough I knew the wedding would be Tao Zi’s and Tian Xing’s, I was silently hoping that it would be Mao Mao’s and Ting Wei’s. It would have been adorable.

    It’s a good thing that the Li-family finally saw the light and could reflect on their actions and the consequences. Although I think it would have been better if it had not all been condensed in one episode, it was still something I had hoped would happen. When Leo said: “Have you all thought…who made Lance like this.” I was so happy. Finally someone said it! I like Leo for this. It will be good for Huan Huan to be with him. He will tell her when she is overreacting again.
    It was smart of Lance to go on a trip. He needed space, he needed room to breath and like Tian Xing in the first episode (full circle! :P), he decided to take a leave. And even on leave he thinks of his sister. He loves his family and now they need to make sure that he knows it.

    Throwbacks to the Xiao Lu-days are always welcome and I liked they ended with that. It really shows that Tian Xing has managed to keep the good sides of both characters and that Tao Zi really has fallen in love with Tian Xing as a whole.
    And “Long time no see”, was perfect as a reunion sentence. Perfect.

    Thank you for recapping all the episodes. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the drama! 😀


    • I agree with everything you have said hahaha!

      I felt too that the main leads didn’t have that big a role to play in the last two episodes. They did make it up with the cuteness at the end of it all however. I appreciate Leo for all the on-point remarks that he has made. He’s not afraid of speaking his mind, and I think yes he will make a good pair with Huan Huan. It will actually be fun to have a special episode (something which J-dramas always do) where we can see Miao Miao/Ting Wei’s wedding or other forms of comic relief again.

      That was a nice observation about how the plot has gone full circle! And like you, I really love the reunion sentence. It wasn’t corny but it conveyed the meaning nonetheless. I think I will miss the main couple very much.

      Thank you for your comment and for having supported my recaps!!


  2. Bah! I’m glad it’s over. It ended pretty much how I expected – very easily after the episodes and episodes of drawn-out conflict. Sugary-sweet and happy.

    I was glad they didn’t reuse Huan Huan’s ring like she seemed to expect. That would have been gross!! Frankly, if it was me, I wouldn’t want the bracelets anymore either – too many bad memories. This drama had a great beginning but the last episode isn’t enough for me to cancel out the middle. Still, it was a good drama for showing Aaron Yan’s acting chops. And his physical assets. 😉


    • Hahahah yeah when Huan Huan told Tian Xing to put the ring on Tao Zi I was hoping they wouldn’t and thank goodness they didn’t.

      Mmhmm, I thought Aaron did a good job in this drama hehe and that was one of the main selling points for me.

      It was great having you around here through the drama journey and hope to see you around!!


  3. Anonymous says

    disappointing a bit but a happy ending.

    honestly, I thought that Tao Zi was too accepting in this episode… I mean… Tian Xing DID act like an ass in ep 19 when he was getting married an all… he didn’t even apologize to her… I expected her to be a bit more angry and I also wanted Tian Xing to reflect on what he did to Tao ZI and how he hurt her, but that didn’t seem to happen at all. Instead, they only talked about shares and Tao Zi and Tian XIng only got back together after Huan Huan “let” them… which kinda seemed like Tian Xing wasn’t going to go back to Tao Zi if Huan Huan didn’t let him. He even asked Huan Huan if she was “sure” that this was “okay..” which was annoying. Personally, if I were Tao Zi, I wouldn’t have accepted Tian Xing in a heartbeat like that. I would have made him suffer a bit before taking him back. She was way too nice. In general, it was a good drama, but the last two episodes were really annoying and I feel like ep 19 was just unnecessary.


    • Re: disappointing a bit but a happy ending.

      Hello there! I agree hahaha I think in general, I just didn’t really understand the direction of the drama towards the end of the show. I gave it a lot of leeway because I like the premise, and I like the actors, but it could have been dealt with so much better.


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