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He loves me, he loves me not review


I’ve just watched this movie!^^

It’s a 2002 film with Audrey Tautau. I must admit that knowing what has already happened (thank Wikipedia for this) has both its pros and cons. The bad thing is, I already knew what will happen, hence no surprise there, and that Angelique(Audrey Tautau) has been imagining things. The good thing is, it has allowed me to guess what the other points of views are, while watching Angelique’s point of view of the story. It’s also interesting to note how a certain observation that gives you a certain idea of what has happened, can actually be attributed to a totally different reason. 

I didn’t take too much notice of the actors’ acting, because I was more focused on trying to understand the french words spoken, and trying to ignore the english subtitles. Ah, trying being the key word:P However, I think that this movie is really interesting and it’s just so…. frenchy! In a good way I guess. French movies, as I’ve mentioned before, seem to have their own flavour of quirkiness and weirdness and strangeness. 

If you think about this in a deeper level, this is a really good movie to explore the idea of perceptions. Of course, Angelique’s point of view can hardly be deemed as the correct version, but the fact is, that’s what she believes has really happened. It’s her world. It is enlightening to see Loic’s point of view on this whole matter, but it’s just so hard to convince someone else that what she has always believed in is not the truth at all. In our real world, it’s the same. It’s like… when you’re caught in between two good friends, and you remark dryly to yourself, just how on earth could such two different takes on a single matter happen? I don’t know if this has happened to you before, but it has happened to me. Many times. 

Of course, I would recommend this movie and I’m pretty sure some of you have already heard of this movie, but haven’t gotten the chance to watch it. You should! I would actually advice you not to go Wikipedia right now, because this movie will make a greater impact if you don’t really know what is the twist of the story. If you already know what’s the plot, I think you should still give this movie a try. It still works for me, as one can probably tell by my shrieks like "OMG, she’s going to appear behind him with a knife." (which I shall not tell you if it has really happened). 
And… the ending totally got me. (I totally forgot about the ending, because I read the entire plot on Wikipedia some time ago.)


  1. This post is probably years old. I watched this several years old and I recommend it to all my friends. The ones that are creepy like me that is. I love this show so much. It’s one that you pull out for a group movie night and the looks you get just get better and better as you go along. I’m so happy to have found someone else that has watched this. You’re awesome!

    I searched for this when I saw that you also wrote reviews for French movies.


    • Haha lol your comment just made me realise that this new layout doesn’t show the year of when the post was written! (Or is it something I can change..I shall find it out later) anyway nope it was written a year and a half ago I think! (Thoughtsramble was only ard for 2 years++)

      Yesss I love this show too! Even though Les Choristes has taken the top spot I think. French movies are always so quirky and creepy in its own way. I miss watching them actually (can’t find a good title to check out recently)


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