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Gloomy Salad Days? Or MIT

Right, so I said that I was going to watch a drama with Aaron Yan as the lead (should have no second-lead induced sadness then) and I couldn’t decide between MIT and Gloomy Salad Days! I’ve heard that Aaron Yan and Guigui have the best chemistry ever but I find it hard to like (granted, I haven’t watched the show yet) because the first show I’ve watched Aaron Yan in is Love Buffet, and naturally I would pair him up with the actress in Love Buffet… so I don’t know if I’ll enjoy watching GuiLun(that’s how they call it!^^) in MIT! Haha! Maybe I’ll start out with Gloomy Salad Days first(:



  1. I’m torn… On one hand, I want you to watch MIT because I have watched it and I love it. On the other hand, I want you to watch Gloomy Days because I haven’t watched it yet and would like to hear your feedback before I get into it. But if I absolutely HAVE to choose… I’d say watch MIT first 🙂


    • Haha! Lol I currently have this mindset that Aaron should go with the actress from Love Buffet, hahaha. Yep, I’ll be watching MIT after Gloomy Salad Days!:D


  2. I’ve watched both. Both were really good but I liked Gloomy Salad Days more.

    Watch MIT if you want to watch something interesting and surprising and funny.

    Watch Gloomy Salad Days if you want to watch something sad and depressing but also cute and sweet.


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