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Love Buffet Episode 10 Recap


Ah Yi asks if Xiao Feng can remember the cup and tells her that’s Ying Zhi’s cup. "Two years ago, Ying Zhi enters my company." Ah Yi recalled the day that he met Ying Zhi and he was obviously already a little attracted. "That was the first time that I was moved by a girl’s smile." In his memory, he remembered how Ying Zhi worked through the night with him. "Even though I know she has a boyfriend…" 
Ying Zhi was crying because her boyfriend couldn’t celebrate her birthday with her that day. That night, Ah Yi celebrated her birthday with her with a cake. "As long as I could see her smile, I feel like other things don’t matter anymore."
Yet, after a while, Ah Yi’s grandfather discovers there’s something fishy going on, and when Ying Zhi said she would brew milk tea for him, he suddenly grabbed her arm. I thought he was going to confess, but he just thanked her. "From the start till the end, I didn’t dare to let her know about my feelings." and later, Ying Zhi left, leaving behind her cup. Ah Yi only knew later that the company forced her to leave. 

Nice hair!^^

In the end, Ah Yi only had this mug left and he kept all his feelings in his heart. "But after that, you appeared. Looking at how you like Da Ye, I thought you would be like me, but you were much braver and courageous than me… I really like that you… but Xiao Feng, I must confess, the me now will still be moved when I see Ying Zhi. I will still want to be by her side when she needs me… I don’t know what this feeling is really." He takes out the box from his bag, and puts the cup inside the box. 

He stands up and says that he wants to really clear up his feelings. He wants to start afresh with Ying Zhi’s matter. He turns around, and drops the cup into the dustbin. "Xiaofeng… I’m sorry." Xiao Feng thinks to herself that the Xiao Feng Ah Yi likes maybe has already disappeared. "We, will really have to finish, but I know, the feeling of liking him is not an illusion… but sorry… we can’t be together… this kind of heart ache is not an illusion either… it’s just… sorry, we can’t find the solutions to too many questions." She thinks about this and cries very hard. Da Ye hugs her and tells her not to cry. She thinks, "I accept your apology. Ah Yi, you must be happy."
Why is Da Ye there huh? He’s eavesdropping right.
A period of time goes by. One day in school, a few girls criticise Xiao Feng behind her back. Ah Yi hears and tells them, "I heard you guys separately confess to Da Ye, but you both got rejected." Hahaha. 
Ah Yi joins the both of them at lunch and Da Ye says that Ah Yi’s bread seems very nice. Ah Yi gives them a piece each, and Xiao Feng thinks to herself that even she’s surprised that she could resume her friendship with him. "No awkward, no intention, no showing of any emotions…. just like normal friends." She is no longer sad over Ah Yi’s occasional meeting with Ying Zhi but she attributes her heart ache to lingering feelings.
Da Ye is very troubled over what he should do during Christmas, because he’s scared that he will make Xiao Feng feel awkward. In the end, he and Ah Ji come up with this idea of holding a party at Da Ye’s grandfather’s house. He announces this party to Ah Yi’s class and this was Ah Yi’s reaction.
Later, Da Ye confesses to Xiao Feng that he has made use of the class. He wants to spend Christmas with her only, but he knows that she might feel awkward. Xiao Feng gives a very touched smile. 
On that night of the party, Jack thinks that Xiao Feng is very pretty and wants to hug her. Lol. While cutting fruits, Da Ye’s grandmother asks her who she will want to date (i.e Ah Yi and Da Ye). Xiao Feng doesn’t reply, and Rose tells her her secret, "You must choose the one who will contribute more than you. The ideal partner… is one whom you love with 100% but he will love you back with 150%."
Da Ye comes over to them, dressed up as Santa Claus, and teases that Xiao Feng looks like a snow woman. Xiao Feng says that he really doesn’t know how to speak. "You should say that I’m as cute as a snowman." Da Ye looks at her, smiles and says, "Xiao Feng… you are like a snowman, very cute." Da Xiao Shen Lin twirls themselves away. Lol. 

She looks kinda really cute!^^
On the bus, (lonely Ah YiD:)

Ah Yi happens to see Ying Zhi with her boyfriend, Eason on the street. He thinks to himself that he has forgotten that Ying Zhi can smile so contentedly too and that’s an expression that she has only when she’s with her boyfriend. 
During the party, Da Ye’s playing the game of someone who confesses some secret and the person who has gathered the biggest reaction from the audience can get a big present. Da Xiao Shen Lin want to say Xiao Feng’s secret when Ah Yi appears and suddenly everyone becomes damn quiet. He says, "Merry Christmas!" Everyone wants Ah Yi to play the game and he takes the mike. There’s a lot of murmurings about whether he’s going to confess to Xiao Feng. Ah Yi says, 
" A few months ago… I find out that I love a girl who’s not very outstanding.. but at the same time, there’s a very outstanding guy who likes her… I thought it through, I’ve decided to play my cards out with this rival but they don’t let me get close to her and they don’t even reply my email." Xiao Feng feels damn awkward because he sounds like he’s talking about her. "This rival is… Barack Obama. The woman whom I like is Michelle Obama." HAHAHAH. Damn it I wish he was being serious so that he could confess properly. HAIZ. Da Ye asks why Ah Yi has returned, and he says that he has forgotten something so he comes back to get it. 
Ah Yi looks at Xiao Feng’s drawing and is in deep thought. Xiao Feng thinks that Da Ye sparkles because of his bravery, unlike her, but Da Ye says that to him, she’s the one who truly shines. Aww… I think generally, as long as you tell the girl how you feel, you seem to be able to get the girl. Hmm. 
Ah Ji says that he’s so happy that he can date Qiu Ying that he feels like evaporating into the air, and he doesn’t know that Qiu Ying is standing behind him. Xiao Feng happily says, "Qiu Ying, he’s going to evaporate soon! It’s all your fault."
Xiao Feng looks at the items that are associated with Ah Yi and attempts to throw them away, but she just cannot bring herself to throw them. (i.e the clip, the stone and the dress) "They were evidence of my past as well." She wonders what’s the feelings that Ah Yi has while keeping the cup. "Is it really an ending to throw the things away?"
Ah Yi asks if she wants to go with him to work at the shop but she replies, "I will not go with you until I finish spring cleaning." because she doesn’t want to recall the memories that she has with him.
Ah Yi asks if she has any other meaning behind her words, because it can also imply that she will not go with him until she has managed to clean up all her feelings for him. She denies it, and Ah Yi leaves.
Da Ye and Xiao Feng go to buy a birthday present for Ah Yi but Xiao Feng is adamant on buying something that Ah Yi cannot keep. She wants to buy something that will not leave any traces, so she doesn’t want to buy a box of biscuits for him too even though Da Ye suggests that. In the end, they still buy biscuits, but the wrapper is made of paper, so Da Ye says that Ah Yi wouldn’t keep the wrapper anyway. When they leave the shop, some girls walk by and murmur the same stuff that other girls had said the other time when Ah Yi and Xiao Feng went out to buy Da Ye’s birthday present,"Wah, her boyfriend has style." This causes Xiao Feng to recall how she’s worried last time that Ah Yi will fall in love with her, and she starts to become sad because Ah Yi doesn’t even like her. She starts to cry, and Da Ye notices, but Xiao Feng crosses the road to avoid Da Ye’s questions. 
Da Ye knows that she’s crying because of Ah Yi, and walks up to her, turns her around and kisses her. 
WHAT?! Okay granted, those cheering for a Da Ye and Xiao Feng pairing would be cheering, but for me I was being all D: because I know that’s the end for Ah Yi. BUT WHYYYYYY. 

Later, Da Ye pretends that nothing has happened, but suddenly springs the question on her, "Will you date me?" Xiao Feng thinks that he’s joking but he asks again. "I can promise you that I will make you forget him." Xiao Feng ponders over how she should answer him, and if her answer will change something. Da Ye has reunion dinner with Xiao Feng’s family and he says that he doesn’t want to take the food for Ah Yi because he wants to have Xiao Feng’s mother’s love for himself. Then he jokes that he’s going to be love rivals with Xiao Feng’s father, who says that  Da Ye can have Xiao Feng’s mother. Xiao Feng’s mother brings out a tray and hits his head and there’s just a lot of laughter and joking around. 
Ah Yi is not there because he’s out with Ying Zhi who cannot hang out with her boyfriend again, because he’s busy. "Ying Zhi, what’s our relationship?" "Good friends!" "I once wish that we aren’t friends… but I’m too cowardly, and I only know how to wait… Ying Zhi…give your boyfriend a call." 
He tells her that he knows the person whom she really wants to see is Eason, but Ying Zhi replies that he’s busy and she doesn’t want to interrupt his work. "Why don’t you dare to ask him to put down his work to spend more time to care for you, to be with you? Is it because you are scared that with too many requests, you will put him off? And you always come and look for me because I’ve never rejected you before." Ying Zhi says that she has never wanted to make use of him, and he says that he’s the one who has made use of her. "I always thought that feeling of being needed is love… once time passes, I don’t know whether I really like you or simply because I like the feeling of being needed… but I understand now… that love and being needed is different. Today.. might be the last time that we met." He tells her that he shouldn’t have let her hide behind his back, and that she should learn how to be herself in front of Eason. 
I don’t know why, but I really like this scene a lot! I feel like I can sense acting from Aaron in this scene, because I could tell that he has finally realised his feelings for Ying Zhi isn’t love even before he said it, and I think that’s quite good acting isn’t it? 
He encourages Ying Zhi to face the problem, and find her true self. After she listens to what he says, Ying Zhi calls her boyfriend and tells him that she will be going over to find him. She’s very happy because her boyfriend agrees. She thanks him, and he thanks her too. "I really wish that you will be happy." They hug each other and Ah Yi wishes her luck before running off. He thinks while running, "I don’t want to lose Xiao Feng’s smile. I want to protect her. I  should have known this earlier. The hand that let her go earlier, I don’t want to just quietly protect her… I only want to return to that idiot’s side."
He ran so fast that I couldn’t even screenshot properly. Okay I admit, I almost cried here. Love Buffet didn’t manage to gain any tears from me, but it almost did from this scene, because I knew that Xiao Feng is going to accept Da Ye’s confession and it just makes me so sad that Ah Yi has finally realised what his heart has been telling him but he’s not in time to do what he wants. I don’t think that it’s Ah Yi’s fault! Honestly, I don’t like the fact that Xiao Feng accepts Da Ye just to make herself forget Ah Yi. To me, that’s kinda irresponsible and not to mention if she has bothered waiting a little longer, she would have heard Ah Yi’s confession and then they’ll be happy AND I WILL BE HAPPY!^^ Zzz. So of course, that didn’t happen, but I still think that this run is a very good one, because it’s one of the very runs that make me feel something ( you know how dramas always have leads running for their loved ones or something, but somehow this run is more poignant because you know that his run is going to end up with a broken heart )
Can you spot Ah Yi in the background?D: WHY
Da Ye and Xiao Feng happily bounce into Ah Yi’s room. When they hand the present over to Ah Yi, Ah Yi looks at it for a while. Da Ye thinks that he doesn’t want it, and proceeds to take it back, but Ah Yi keeps his hold on it. Then Da Ye tells Ah Yi that he and Xiao Feng are together. Ah Yi looks at them and says, "I know."
So now they’re an item. Da Ye officially introduces Xiao Feng as his girlfriend, and while Da Xiao Shen Lin and Ah Ji get amazed at how they got together without them knowing, Xiao Feng sees Ah Yi walking towards them. Her body just reacts without her being able to control, and Xiao Feng pushes Da Ye’s arm off her shoulder. A second later, Xiao Feng regrets her action but she couldn’t do anything. Da Ye looks behind her to see Ah Yi walking towards them, and while Ah Yi walks by without saying anything, Da Ye puts his hand over her shoulder again, with a face of stubborn determination. 
Later, Xiao Feng says that Da Ye shouldn’t be angry because he should already know that she still likes Ah Yi and it was him who promised her that she will forget about Ah Yi. She keeps on saying things that she knows will hurt him, yet she cannot help but say it. She is scared that things will be over between them just like that. 
Da Ye walks up the stairs and tells her that he will think about what has just happened. Xiao Feng tugs his shirt and accidentally tears it.  He turns around and Xiao Feng apologises. "The one who is really being arrogant is me, just because someone likes me, I think that I’m so great." Da Ye places a finger on her lips and tells her that it’s his fault for being so impatient. "We will take it slowly." He smiles at her, and she agrees. 
Xiao Feng knows that their relationship is still very weak but she wants to continue forward, and she doesn’t want to give up. She returns the mended shirt to Da Ye and apologises for her weak stitchings, but Da Ye says it’s okay. 
Xiao Feng sees Qiu Ying knitting something for Ah Ji for his Valentines Day present, and Qiu Ying offers to teach her, but Xiao Feng says that she will definitely come out with something horrible. "So how’s your progress?" "Actually… I didn’t date him because I like him, but because I want everything to have a good start… is it too selfish? Can I really be his girlfriend? Can I bring him happiness?" Qiu Ying says that she’s happy that Xiao Feng starts to worry about Da Ye’s feelings because that shows that Da Ye’s status in her heart has improved. "Even though you two didn’t start liking each other from the start, but you guys are moving towards a good start."
Da Ye plays games with Xiao Feng and the kids, and when he loses, he suddenly mutters, "Mum!" Xiao Feng thinks that he’s calling her, and tells him that there’s no use calling her, Mother! (Hahaha) Da Ye smiles at someone behind her, and she turns around to see a woman wearing shades walking towards them. 
-the end-
I have no idea if this is a coincidence… but readership for recaps from Episode 7 onwards has also dropped:O and this has obviously nothing to do with other channels broadcasting better dramas right? It’s like everyone’s reading the recaps and being happy, but there’s quite few people reading the ones after that. Maybe they knew Ah Yi wouldn’t get the girl? Or maybe because I’ve gotten too many anti-Da Ye comments piled into the recap?:P 
I’m just going to keep going on with the recaps but they might come really slow, because my examinations are coming closer and the fact is, I get incredibly sad when I rewatched this drama again to do recaps. Yeah, I get too emotionally involved with my characters. Oh well… but it’s AH YI (and AARON ) how can I not be sad?D: 


  1. I, personally, don’t want to see the sad story that didn’t treat Aaron Yan right. That’s why I’ve stopped reading the recaps


    • Yeah I get what you mean… honestly it’s quite hard for me to have to watch this thing a second time again just to do recaps! But I will still continue…. because I don’t want to leave it undone. BUT trust me, it’s hardD:

      Hope that you will still continue to read thoughtsramble!^^

      (By the way, have you watched MIT or Gloomy Salad Days yet?)


      • MIT’s one of my favorite TWDramas. It’s what introduced me to the cutie that is Aaron Yan and the OTP that is Lucifer and 007.I haven’t watched Gloomy Salad Days yet. It’s on my list however. Have you watched it? Is it as gloomy as it sounds? Or does the hotness factor of Aaron Yan make it less gloomy than it should.


      • Haha I’ve watched neither at this point of time. I was thinking of watching Gloomy Salad Days first, but my friend tells me that MIT is a must watch.. so I’ve no idea!


      • MIT really is a must watch. I’m not a huge fun of suspense in dramas but I made a rare exception for this one.


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