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Pi Li MIT and Gloomy Salad Days

DRAMA BLUES AGAIN!! I’ve just finished watching Pi Li MIT, a.k.a The Clue Collector, and gosh, the drama blues! I really like 007 and Lucifer, and also all members of MIT. It’s kinda surprising for me to see GuiGui act so well in the last few episodes of MIT. On the other hand, even though I’m obviously not complaining, Aaron’s character has less space for him to show/improve his acting skills, as 007 is someone who is cool, but as usual, very sweet towards the girl. I want a sequel! -starts chanting- It will be really nice to see all five of them act in the same drama again! Recaps of this drama will be coming soon<3 On a side note, I'm going to finish watching Gloomy Salad Days as well, and haha, sometimes I hate it when I watch 2 good dramas at the same time, because when both finish, the drama blues will be DOUBLE. 'Tis not very good when I'm having examinations right now, heh:P <3thoughtsramble


Hello guys!<3 Exams have been hell to me so far:/ I’ve been falling sick regularly because I just hate exams sooo much, and they keep coming! THEY WOULDN’T STOP OH SAVE ME.  Lol. Anyway, life has been quite hectic so far, what with juggling dramas and exams and fangirling:P I’m currently watching Gloomy Salad Days and Pi Li MIT/The Clue Collector, and continuing on Love Buffet Recaps. I’ve just discovered that Shirota Yu has just come up with a new drama called Yotsuba Jinja Ura Kagyo Shitsuren Hoken and I’m so excited to watch it!:DD It seems quite nice, even though I didn’t particularly like the female lead in the show. I’ve been trying to find sites that have online streaming of this drama, but it seems like I can’t find it:/ Oh well. I guess I will just have to wait a little longer! Next on my list should be Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta (what’s up with all the long titles!) starred by Toda Erika. She acts as a teacher inside. …

OH man

I really hate it… when I’m sick!! I’m sorry guys! I was going to update today about Gloomy Salad Days, but I fell really ill… zzzz. So I’m just dropping by to tell you guys that I will continue updating of course, very soon!:D <3thoughtsramble

First impressions of Gloomy Salad Days

Yay! So I’ve finally decided that I shall watch Gloomy Salad Days for Aaron Yan.  First impression? This is a drama that’s really not bad. Not bad at all! Okay, however, it’s really down and depressing, so if you’re those who seek a fun rom-com, this is totally not it. According to Wikipedia, these are all true real life social cases, and I admit, it does get me a little down to know that there’re so many thoughts of death in teens. I mean, in a drama where it revolves around Death, just how un-gloomy can it get right? I think that the first 3 episodes have made a very good impression on me, because they found actors and actresses that can act, and who can convey the idea of hopelessness, desperation and grief quite well. They are so good, that it almost (stress:almost) didn’t matter that I probably only caught like one minute of Aaron Yan in total in these three episodes.  First scene of Aaron Yan: my favourite screenshot, for some reason:P In …

Gloomy Salad Days? Or MIT

Right, so I said that I was going to watch a drama with Aaron Yan as the lead (should have no second-lead induced sadness then) and I couldn’t decide between MIT and Gloomy Salad Days! I’ve heard that Aaron Yan and Guigui have the best chemistry ever but I find it hard to like (granted, I haven’t watched the show yet) because the first show I’ve watched Aaron Yan in is Love Buffet, and naturally I would pair him up with the actress in Love Buffet… so I don’t know if I’ll enjoy watching GuiLun(that’s how they call it!^^) in MIT! Haha! Maybe I’ll start out with Gloomy Salad Days first(: <3thoughtsramble


Yay! Okay I declare myself an addict to two of Fahrenheit’s songs in Love Buffet! It’s like Love Buffet will never make it to my favourite dramas simply because… Ah Yi didn’t get the girl:P but I really like their two songs inside the show. I’m so addicted to the two songs, they are all that I’m listening to these few days. One of them is called Mistake and it puts me in a really sad mood whenever I listen to it. The other is probably called Guardian Star if you translate directly from its Chinese title, and it puts me in such a good, bouncy mood!^^ My friend calls me bipolar. Haha! I find that I have a better view of Fahrenheit now(: I never hated them; I just thought they were eye candy…. they may still be eye candy right now, but after watching several videos of them going onto variety shows and such, I think they’re really funny, cute, nice and talented in certain areas that I (and I’m pretty sure many …