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Pi Li MIT and Gloomy Salad Days


I’ve just finished watching Pi Li MIT, a.k.a The Clue Collector, and gosh, the drama blues! I really like 007 and Lucifer, and also all members of MIT. It’s kinda surprising for me to see GuiGui act so well in the last few episodes of MIT. On the other hand, even though I’m obviously not complaining, Aaron’s character has less space for him to show/improve his acting skills, as 007 is someone who is cool, but as usual, very sweet towards the girl.

I want a sequel! -starts chanting- It will be really nice to see all five of them act in the same drama again!

Recaps of this drama will be coming soon<3

On a side note, I'm going to finish watching Gloomy Salad Days as well, and haha, sometimes I hate it when I watch 2 good dramas at the same time, because when both finish, the drama blues will be DOUBLE. 'Tis not very good when I'm having examinations right now, heh:P



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