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Castle In The Air Review

Hello guys!:D

Recently, I’ve just gone to the library for a sweep of books, and guess what, I return home with 3 Diana Wynne Jones (who had just died recently, and I’m really sad D:)

So, I’ve managed to finish Castle In The Air within one sitting, and I really like it! It’s a story about Abdullah and how he comes into possession of a flying carpet. He meets with Flower-In-The-Night (which is an absolutely delightful name if you think about it) and falls in love with her. However, before they could elope, Flower-In-The-Night gets abducted! –cues gasps- And so Abdullah sets off on this journey to get his princess back.

Of course, I really like the ‘cameo’ appearance of Howl, Lettie, Sophie and Calcifer in this story! It was really fun to read more about them and to find out what happened with Howl and Sophie after Howl’s Moving Castle.

As for the story itself, I thought that it’s quite interesting… but somehow it seems like Howl’s Moving Castle’s story line manages to grab my attention more than this story. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched the animated film of Howl’s Moving Castle… I really don’t know… but the exciting parts of the story seem to come towards the end of the story, rather than throughout the story like Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m not saying that exciting bits at the end of the story is bad. It’s just that everyone has different reading tastes and all that, and I happen to prefer, if given a choice, stories that constantly put me on suspense.

That being said, Castle In The Air is still an absolutely delightful read for me!<3 I love how Diana Wynne Jones can put her readers into this temporary journey into another world, and when you turn the last page, you are reluctant to leave the world.



  1. Good luck good luck!!:D

    Yeah I was very sad too!:< I'm going to start hunting out her other series and reading them! Have you only read Chrestomanci?

    Hmm not yet! But it's on my to-read list definitely.

    Aww thanks! It isn't doing too well in terms of readership, and I suspect it's because I've been focusing on TWdramas..oh well. Thanks for you comment, it made my day!^^


    • Anonymous says

      yes, i have read around 20+ of her books, including her series like howl’s castle, dalemark quartet, derkholm, and of course chrestomanci as well as stand-alone books like hexwook, power of three, etc.
      my fav is still chrestomanci and howl’s castle though. i’ve reread chrestomanci so much the books are worn out. even her latest two books pinhoe and conrad are starting to look used.

      and dont worry about readership… whether you concern yourself with it or not, you can’t do much about it so might as well forget it altogether and focus on what you enjoy from this blog rather than add worry. XD

      btw, i love twdramas as well (in a different kind of way).. there’s nothing wrong with tw dramas. actually, they are quite popular. im quite excited about upcoming extravagant challenge, partially because of SJ donghae and siwon even though i kinda got behind on skip beat a long time ago. i have a final in two days.. eeeps… gotta go.


      • Ooh okay! I’m definitely going to the library soon. I think I read a few of her stand alone/series books before, but I didn’t really remember the title — all I could remember was that the story line takes a very different style as compared to Chrestomanci.

        Haha yeah, that’s what I’m doing right now!:D I shall just continue watching dramas that I want to watch hee and not care so much about readership:D

        Hmm yeah, but I get this feeling that the general public online looks more for recaps of Korean Dramas. I myself personally like TW dramas the most ( as in my favourite dramas are usually from TW, though not all TW dramas are my favourite) probably because they speak a language that I can understand.

        Hahah good luck!!:D


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