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The Clue Collector/ Pi Li MIT Episode 3 Recap


The MIT members receive the mission from Teacher Cherry to check out the dorms to see if anyone suspicious is lurking around. After they check the places and 007 tells Teacher Cherry that everything seems to be safe, he realises that 747 is not with them. At this point in time, 747’s phone rings and 007 discovers 747 knocked out in the room.

747 wakes up and says that he dreams of getting hit at the behind of his head. 187 tells him that he isn’t dreaming, and that he really got hit. It’s revealed that 747 will be the next target of this mysterious person, but 747 is really happy about it. 007 says that the caller has already revealed his identity when he called 747. He’s called Li Zi Jie. However, Teacher Cherry’s search shows that Li Zi Jie had already died. 747 gets a call, and 007 manages to deduce that the call comes from the swimming pool. 747 runs there, and screams "Ghossst!!!" when someone in the pool grabs his ankle. The girl, called Huang Xin Yi, says that the ghost of Li Zi Jie pushed her into the pool and that he had escaped in the direction of the changing rooms.

007, 747 and 187 head towards the rooms but find no one there. 747 yells for the ghost to come out.

Wow! Hee hee the three of them standing together gives this very cool aura^^

In the end, he finds a towel and murmurs, "Li Zi Jie… You mean there are really ghosts?"

MIT sits down to discuss the case and Teacher Cherry shows them an article that she has found that talks about Li Zi Jie’s death.

Lucifer says that she has joined the Supernatural Club just to find more clues, and that the first prize they offered was a photo of Li Zi Jie appearing at the top of the building.

While she’s being happy about her find, 007 takes the photo and tells her that it’s merged using photoshop… lousy photoshop skills at that. Lucifer mutters that she wants to sell the photo off since a lot of people are bidding high prices for it. 747 tells MIT that Li Zi Jie is a good friend of his brother and many people even remarked that Li Zi Jie seemed more like a brother to his brother than himself. Teacher Cherry comes up with an idea for MIT to investigate the case — for the guys to move into the guys’ dorms. She arranges for 747 to move into the dorm that Li Zi Jie previously stayed in, and she sheepishly reveals that her reason for doing so is that 747 will probably communicate better with Li Zi Jie if he gets possessed since they knew each other. Lol!

At night, 007 goes to investigate more about Li Zi Jie, and he sees a comment left by GouGou. While he is wondering who exactly this GouGou is, Lucifer pops up and tells him that it must be the girlfriend. He chases Lucifer off, and she turns back at the same moment he lifts his head to ask her a question —


Lucifer thinks that 007 wants to call her back, but all 007 wanted to ask was "How did you know that it’s the girlfriend?" Lucifer says that it’s the instinct of someone in love, and 007 says, "I knew it that you were wild guessing." but he thinks that it’s indeed the girlfriend, seeing the kind of emoticons she used in her words. Lucifer tells him to wear the amulet that her mother gave her, so that he will be protected. She leaves after that, and 007 gives this thoughtful look.

Aww so sweet! It’s from this point onwards that I’ve sorta have a better view of Lucifer haha! 007 starts to print photos of Li Zi Jie (which he isn’t supposed to. Apparently he has hacked into Li Zi Jie’s account, after successfully guessing his password) but this is interrupted by Teacher Lu (/Teacher Angel, hahah I use these 2 names interchangeably) who is suspcious that someone is using the computer lab at such late time. She almost picks up the papers from the printer but Lu Ke Ying appears, telling her mum that it’s him working on his report. Teacher Lu leaves without taking a second look at the pictures. Lu Ke Ying calls the hiding 007 out and asks him if ghosts can really exist.

007 asks if he knows how Li Zi Jie died. Lu Ke Ying says no but he has heard of rumours. 187 plays a trick on 747 and laughs at him because he is sooo scared that he will get possessed by Li Zi Jie. 187 goes off to bathe, and after discovering that there’s only one shower working, he chases off another guy who has come in to bathe. After he strips and goes into the shower, 747 gets a call and he hears 187 screaming. Turns out that the moment 187 turns on the tap, blood splurts out from the showerhead and the words on the wall appeared. MIT thinks that Li Zi Jie could have been 187’s love rival, but 187 says that he really didn’t do anything to Li Zi Jie. 007 goes out to investigate the shower room and he asks 747 if the mysterious person always calls at the same time. 

747 realises grudgingly that 007 is right. 187 recalls harder and he realises that the guy whom he had chased off should be the one that was supposed to see the words on the wall. 007 says that GouGou should be the key to solving this case, and says that they should try to find her. Hence, MIT commences on this (funny) mission. Haha, Lucifer tries many means to find out who is GouGou, and for one method, she goes up to a random girl and asks, "Are you GouGou? A senior has written a letter to you!"

The girl takes the letter and looks to her left.

She replies, "Who is this GouGou? If it’s that handsome senior over there, I would do anything to snatch him over." Lolol. It’s quite funny how 007 walks subtly into the scene haha. Lucifer quickly snatches the letter back and later, she tells 007 that they might have been on the wrong track. They kept asking people who are from the Elite Honour Roll but what if GouGou is someone who is blacklisted? "You know, it’s soo hard for whitelisted and blacklisted people students to date each other!" Lucifer gives 007 a meaningful look (because she’s a blacklisted student, and 007 is whitelisted)

007 looks at her… and ignores her look. Haha!

In the end, that darn Teacher Lu thinks that it’s MIT who’s spreading rumours about Li Zi Jie coming back as a ghost. 007 rushes there to tell her that it’s definitely not MIT and that they will catch the culprit to prove their innocence.

They hear a commotion in the computer lab, and everyone rushes there. Turns out that everyone’s computer screen has a picture of Li Zi Jie. Li Guan Zhi quickly runs away and 747 gives chase. Teacher Cherry manages to find out that the person who first started the virus is…. Lu Ke Ying. He admits the deed, but says that all he did was to open an email that has the title, "That night… you saw the murderer, didn’t you?"

Teacher Cherry has a talk with Lu Ke Ying and Teacher Lu chases the 3 guys away. She shuts the door, and immediately, 747 slams himself flat on the door, 187 stands there… 

and 007 just leans down calmly, as if he doesn’t want to be caught eavesdropping. Haha! I really love these 3 guys, they’re so cute! Lu Ke Ying says that he didn’t see the murderer because it was too dark, and Teacher Angel prevents Teacher Cherry from asking any further. 747 is angry at the rest of MIT because they don’t want to take Liu Guan Zhi in for questioning yet, even though it’s pretty obvious he’s involved because they have learnt of his jealousy of Li Zi Jie. 747 storms out in anger and wants to carry out investigation on his own, but he accidentally drops a photo of 2 boys on the floor.  He picks the photo up in a fluster and leaves. Lucifer tells 747 just learns from the Supernatural Club the skill of conjuring up spirits. While 747 and Lucifer are out doing that, 007 is reading his book in his own dorm.

187 tells him not to be jealous that 747 and Lucifer are out, but 007 asserts that Lucifer isn’t his girlfriend.

It’s very funny to see how 187 keeps on disturbing 007, like voicing out a possible intimate conversation between Lucifer and 747. Teacher Cherry calls 007 and asks him if he’s suspecting the same thing as her — that 747 is GouGou, that 747 and Li Zi Jie are the 2 boys in the photo. 007 says that he did consider that, but for the moment, let’s just carry on with the original plan. 007 and 187 go the old building and investigate the rooftop because 007 is sure that something will happen at 11.13, as always.

747 and Lucifer are in the midst of conjuring up the spirit of Li Zi Jie, when they hear a cat screech. 747 throws Lucifer down on the grass in a fit of fear, and while they lie in that position…

747 starts to purse his lips, asking Lucifer, "Do you feel like your mouth is strange? Like it’s possessed?" He starts to lean down, obviously for a kiss, but Lucifer screams. Teacher Cherry is on the rooftop of the other building and through the video camera, she sees a figure on the rooftop of the other side. She shouts into the conference speakers for 007 and 187 to head to the other side, but too late, the person has already done what he/she wanted to do— cut the string and a dummy lands right in the spot where Li Zi Jie died a year ago. Below, 747 gets jolted out of this ‘kissing’ thing because of a call, and after he says, "Hello?" the dummy lands right next to him, scaring the daylights out of Lucifer and him.

The next day, MIT corners off this area, and Lucifer tells Teacher Cherry that it’s very scary because 747 got possessed. 187 laughs that 747 is just having puberty(erm… the hormornal thing I guess). 007 simply ignores them and starts to analysis what might have happened.

747 firmly believes that Liu Guan Zhi is the murderer and that they should just take him in. Teacher Cherry reveals that she wants 747 to drop out of the investigation because she thinks that he has lost his sense of judgement.

Out of anger, 747 says that he quits.

007 looks at this whole happening with a critical eye. Lucifer says that it’s very sad if 747 has to leave, and that he’s too pitiful. Teacher Cherry says that her rationale for doing so is because she suspects 747 is GouGou. 007 tells her that he thinks otherwise, and she makes another bet with him. This is how 007 and Lucifer end up on one team, believing that GouGou is the girlfriend, while 187 and Teacher Cherry are on another team, thinking that 747 is GouGou. 747 has no idea how to investigate by himself and he heads to the Supernatural Club. There, he meets a girl. 007 asks Lucifer if she has taken all the photos of the crime scene and she hands him a stack of photos…… and they’re all photos of him! HAHA.

007 says that next time, he will take note not to send her to the crime scene again. 187 and Teacher Cherry barge into 747’s dorm, thinking that he will be asleep since 187 placed sleeping pills in his coffee, but the thing is, 747 didn’t even drink the coffee. 007 realises that there’s an overexposed spot on each and every photo of him, and this spot is exactly the same as the one on Liu Guan Zhi’s photo. Lucifer reveals that she borrowed the camera from the Supernatural Club and when they go there, 007 realises that the president of the club is Huang Xin Yi. 747 manages to scare the truth out of Liu Guan Zhi — that he pranked Li Zi Jie and accidentally caused the death of Li Zi Jie. However, 187 and Teacher Cherry catch 747, thinking that he’s GouGou, and he wants to avenge Li Zi Jie.

007 suddenly has a headache, and Lucifer asks if he’s wearing the amulet. He suddenly links something to something, and uses the speakers to tell Teacher Cherry that the thing behind the photo should be a fortune prediction. Teacher Cherry smiles and says that even that could be guessed spot on by 007. Turns out that 747 owns up that the 2 boys in the photo are Liu Guan Zhi and his brother, and the prediction at the back of the photo says that 747 will die by the age of 20. Everyone else ignores this very sad fate of 747, and 007 tells them that Huang Xin Yi is GouGou. She’s also the only one who has really ‘seen’ Li Zi Jie’s ghost, and since no ghosts exist, they can know that she’s lying. They read the conversation on her computer window and realise that she asked Teacher Lu to go meet her.

GouGou asks Teacher Lu to go the the bridge in the school building, and Teacher Lu sees a telescope placed there. She looks through it and sees Lu Ke Ying being tied there. She quickly runs to the old building, while Huang Xin Yi tells Lu Ke Ying that Teacher Lu didn’t punish Liu Guan Zhi just so he can go get a gold medal back for the school. She is going to release the ropes that will hurl Lu Ke Ying down towards the ground, when 747 rushes over and er… overshoots, so he accidentally jumps out of the window and towards the ground, screaming. 187 quickly pulls Lu Ke Ying up and 007 says, "Huang Xin Yi! You are the real murderer. You killed Huang Hui Hong (747). That scream that he let out just now, isn’t it sad enough! Do you want to see his face after he fell to his death!" Huang Xin Yi starts to cry.

Below, 747 ends up on the inflated mattress and it’s revealed that it was 007 who thought of putting the mattress there in case of any mishaps. Huang Xin Yi says that even though she has lost the game, but to be able to scare Teacher Lu so much that she cried is enough for her. 

MIT tries to get the disc, but the mysterious guy behind all this manages to get the disc back first. Teacher Lu doesn’t allow MIT to move out of the dormitry.

-the end-

I really enjoy watching MIT! I feel like each episode is really interesting, with their own line of plot. I guess it’s exactly the kind of genre that attracts me… what with romance, and mystery, and cute members of this group that work together to solve something… aww!

It’s starting to be obvious that Lu Ke Ying and Teacher Angel are important people of the story. They seem to be highly involved with the cases, and this time, Lu Ke Ying is even in danger because of the case.

HAHA I totally laughed out loud when I watched how 007 acted the scene where Huang Hui Hong had died. Hahaha! He’s totally like OHH YOU KILLED HIMMMMM, but in the next scene, Lucifer reveals that it’s 007 himself who has the idea of putting the mattress there.

I can’t wait to recap the next few episodes!


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