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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 12 Recap

I don’t know how this recap will look like, because Livejournal’s down on my computer, and I have to go through a whole lot of complicated means to get this up.

Yang Myung walked into a side street and asked, “When have you known?” Woon stepped out from behind a house, and kept quiet. Knowing that Woon kept this a secret from him, he smiled with hurt in his eyes and commented that even Woon had become Hwon’s person.

By the time the puppet play was over, it was night time. As Hwon and Yeon Woo strolled down a street, Hwon commented on how ridiculous the plot was (hahaha funnily, it was a plot about the King and his romance with a girl who didn’t recognize that he was the King when he was out on the street in plain clothes). Yeon Woo looked at him, and he stopped, asking her why she’s looking at him like that.

She replied that it’s because the characters were human, and because they were human, they did things that couldn’t be explained with logic. Hwon parted ways from her, and couldn’t contain his happiness when he said that he would be meeting her again in a few hours. Yeon Woo watched him walked away, and apologized in her mind for not being able to accompany him that night.

She suddenly remembered about Jan Sil (yeah it’s about time) and Yang Myung stepped out from behind a tree, saying that she took a long time. He got heated up about how there might be someone waiting for her. In the end, he told her that he wouldn’t let her get snatched away for the third time.

Hyung Sun fussed over Hwon and complained about his frozen hands. Hwon pulled his hands towards him and told Hyung Sun that he would use his warm chest to warm his hands up. HAHA, as Hyung Sun slid out of the room in a panic that Hwon suddenly turned gay. After Hyung Sun left, Hwon looked at the coins hidden behind the books and smiled.

Yeon Woo had to pack her stuff to get ready to leave, but she requested Nok Young for permission to bid farewell to Hwon. As she pleaded for Nok Young to allow her to go into Hwon’s chambers one last time, Nok Young looked at her with worry.

I really like Nok Young’s acting; she’s one of the best casting out of the show.
Bo Kyung thought more and more about the Spy Report, and decided to see for herself who the shaman was. She made the shaman dropped the drapes of her clothes, and scoffed at how unlike she was to Yeon Woo….because this shaman wasn’t Yeon Woo! Hwon heard someone enter his chambers and commented at how late she was, but he was angry to find that it was Bo Kyung. Thinking that Hwon’s just falling in love with any shaman (since she couldn’t see the resemblance to Yeon Woo), she told Hwon that it’s okay even if he didn’t want to give her his heart, for the place by his side, the mother of this country would always be her.

Hwon learnt that Shaman Wol would be sent out of the palace because her mission was completed. Hyung Sun was sent to get Shaman Wol, and all the way there, Hyung Sun warned Yeon Woo that Hwon was only momentarily confused. Yeon Woo asked why Hyung Sun was speaking to her using respect words, and Hyung Sun realized even he himself confused Shaman Wol with Yeon Woo.

Hwon was really angry at Yeon Woo and asked who allowed her to leave. She told him that it was himself, who told her to not get close to him, and he shouted, “But I didn’t command for you to leave me!”

Taken aback, Yeon Woo looked at Hwon, who continued, “You’re right…I can’t tell whether the person standing in front of me is her…or you, but until I’m not confused, until I can settle this relationship, you! …cannot leave me.”

I love Hwon’s lines.

Bo Kyung learnt that the date for the consummation had been pushed forward. It would now happen three days later. On the way into the courts, Minister Yoon learnt that Hwon had made a scene the day before, and while talking to one of the ministers, he heard someone saying that the log books from eight years ago had disappeared. The person was instructed to check for it again, and when he went back into the archives room, Woon had stealthily returned the log books to their location.

Hwon knew that he had to be careful so as not to make Minister Yoon suspicious. Hyung Sun came in to tell him a piece of bad news – the ex-attendant had committed suicide. Hwon was really shocked at this unexpected news, and told Hyung Sun to do something for him. Before he reminded Hyung Sun, Hyung Sun said that he knew this would be top-secret and couldn’t be known to anyone. Hwon looked pleased at their good teamwork.

The top scholar from Sungkyunkwan eight years ago was disguised and sent to meet with … Hwon. He realized that the suicide case of the ex-attendant which should be handled by another court, was transferred to his care because of Hwon. Hwon entrusted him the task of finding out what really went on behind Yeon Woo’s death eight years ago.

Princess missed Yeom so much that she started imagining talking to him, and she asked him if he would look at her more if she wrote words on her body. Hahaha, as she smiled suggestively at him, her attendant cut in and said that it would take a lot of effort to wipe off all that ink. Princess learnt from her mother-in-law, that the consummation date would be pushed to three days later, and quickly returned to her room to write out tips on how to get pregnant easily.

She entered the palace to give these tips to Bo Kyung when Great Dowager appeared, looking very pleased to see her. She offered to go to Bo Kyung’s chambers with the Princess, but the Princess hurriedly beat a retreat out of the palace, and Great Dowager smiled in triumph. It seems like ever since Princess was privy to the reason why Yeon Woo died, Great Dowager would keep her out of the palace.

The doctors and the professors of prophecy came over to take Hwon’s pulse. They informed him about the nearing consummation date, and he threw a temper, saying he’s still not well. Bo Kyung learnt of this, but told her father that something must be up for Hwon to keep the shaman by his side. Since she couldn’t have his love, then she would only make use of his love.

Yeon Woo found gifts from Yang Myung in the Celestial Halls, and ran out to find him. He told her that he’s doing this because he liked her.

Yeon Woo protested, saying that he didn’t even know her that well, but he said that she’s the first woman to make him feel comfortable and at ease. She comforted him like no one else did, with her words, and even though initially he confused her with another woman (Yeon Woo), now he knew that the one he liked was her.

Nok Young was determined to keep Yeon Woo safe, but the guy told her that fates could not be thwarted by human intervention.

Actually, I’m not very sure what Nok Young’s aim was here. She wanted to make sure that Hwon and Bo Kyung consummate their relationship successfully so that Yeon Woo would be safe, but…by hiding Yeon Woo all the time, there’s no way she would ever become the Queen again, and what’s the point of that? Her fate was to be by Hwon’s side and help him, isn’t it?

Yeon Woo peered at Hwon and got dazed by his looks. Hwon commented that his looks must be extraordinary, not to mention that since he’s the King, he had that aura. Yeon Woo couldn’t help herself and laughed. Hwon looked at her,

and told her to go for a stroll with him. As they stood by the Hidden Moon Halls, he told Yeon Woo that someone died that day because of his inaccurate judging. He asked Yeon Woo to use her shaman powers and tell him if the truth he’s seeking would ever be revealed, and Yeon Woo answered firmly, “Yes.” “Now use your belief, not your powers,” and Yeon Woo answered firmly once more, “Yes.” Hwon asked her why she’s so sure, and she answered, “Just like how a tangled bunch of thoughts cannot be untangled within a moment…but during the process of untangling a string by a string, the truth that is hidden deeply…will be revealed one day, isn’t it?”

Hwon looked like he felt much better, and said that that’s the best comfort he heard. Next day, he threw another fit at Minister Yoon who told him about the consummation. He said that he’s still not feeling well yet, and Minister Yoon threw out his triumph card – since Hwon’s not feeling well, then this meant that the Shaman hadn’t been doing a good job, so she should be punished. We are set back into a flashback, of Bo Kyung telling her father that if Hwon claimed to be in ill health, then they should punish the shaman. If he’s feeling all right, then the shaman would still be sent out of the palace except she would be alive.

Should Hwon continue to keep the shaman by his side even after the consummation, then Minister Yoon could appeal to the scholars to complain about his behavior.

Hwon knew that he was trapped.

Is it just me or does Hwon look really small here.

Yeon Woo learnt that the consummation date was that very day and was really stunned. Hyung Sun tried to tell Hwon that the consummation was something to happen sooner or later, and Hwon got irritated. Hyung Sun expressed that Hwon needed to make a wise decision, if not, the person who would get hurt would be Shaman Wol. He just didn’t want Hwon to blame himself, just like how he had blamed himself for Yeon Woo’s demise, for anything that happened to Shaman Wol.

Aww!!! Hwon looked really sad, as he thought about it.

And so he did everything obediently, from the dressing up to the acupuncture, to the drinking of tonics. Yeon Woo stood outside the halls and looked into the sky. Yang Myung appeared and told her that to like Hwon would only mean one-sided love and rejection. Yeon Woo said that she knew, but tears still escaped from her eyes.

Hwon stepped into Bo Kyung’s chambers, and he had to take off his head garment. Next, he had to take off his waist belt. He stared at Bo Kyung and congratulated her for having her wish. She smiled and said that it wasn’t just her wish, it’s the wish from the two Dowagers above, to the commoners below them.

Yang Myung told Yeon Woo that he could disregard his Prince title and bring her away. He asked, “If you want to run away, I can leave with you…” and Yeon Woo turned around to look at him. Back in Bo Kyung’s chambers, Hwon continued to stare at Bo Kyung as she told him that no matter what, she would be his woman. Suddenly, he reached out and pulled her into his lap. With a hand on her face, he told her in a flippant tone, “Might as well…I shall take off my belt and loosen my clothes for you.”

Bo Kyung looks too old!!

And he leaned down towards Bo Kyung for a kiss.

-the end-I don’t know why, but I’m not shipping the second lead this time round. True, Yang Myung was just a loveable character and I still love him, and his character development, but till now, I’m shipping a Yeon Woo-Hwon pairing +scenes. I like it from an appreciating point of view that Yang Myung’s starting to turn ambitious and wanting to have something of his own. He had too many things of his that were Hwon’s and he had none of his own, but now, there’s one thing he knew he wanted and he’s not going to let Hwon have it – Shaman Wol.

That’s nice, except I can’t really believe him when he said that he knew he only liked Shaman Wol now. I guess that was meant to draw a comparison between him and Hwon. Hwon admitted to mixing Wol up with Yeon Woo, and still being unable to differentiate between them, but Yang Myung knew that the one in his heart now was Shaman Wol…but is it really? I feel that tinge of doubt, and I can’t help but think that the reason why he wants Shaman Wol so bad was partly because he knew Hwon liked her too.

Can’t wait for the next episode’s preview to be released!


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