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Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 5 Recap

Whoo! I was right, this episode is Hayato's turning point. On a random side note, it only just fully hit me that Hayato is supposed to be a college student….but he looks like he barely finished high school!

During the interrogation, Hayato insisted it was the other party who brought out the knife, and that he was just a victim.

Even though the policeman didn't believe him at first, there were witness reports that verified Hayato's words and he was released. Back at home, Hayato still didn't want to tell his siblings what really happened, and Masato repeated Yuki's words, "If something really bad happens, it will be too late." Hayato said he knew and left home. He went to Club Alice, and saw another man, Oikawa, waiting outside. When the staff finally got released from work, Oikawa approached Kanako, but was stopped by Hayato who shouted at him, saying that it was because of his debts that the thugs came to look for Kanako for money. 

Oikawa beat a retreat and later, Kanako told Hayato that she couldn't date him. She recalled the incident a year ago where she gave the man chocolates and she learnt about the old watch that he was wearing. It was his father's, he said, and Hayato showed him the ring that her father gave her mother too. Oikawa gave it a look, and told Kanako that he would protect her. 

Back to the present, the next morning, Oikawa was found dead, and after tracing a few sources, Yuki was taken aback to hear that Hayato could be involved. They went to Masato's house, and because Hayato heard Yuki saying that she's from the police, he quickly hid himself and Masato couldn't find him. Yuki filled them in about how Hayato went to Club Alice quite a few times, and that his friend who was working there used to be Oikawa's girlfriend. Momoko repeated out loud the fact that Hayato had harassed a woman who already had a boyfriend. It was also during this conversation that the other two siblings learnt of Yuki's nickname for Masato — Masapio. 

Who always turns up when Masato is in need of emotional advice? Yep, Iwata-san.

Iwata-san made him realise that when one dies, he or she brings with him nothing, just like how one is born with nothing. 

Masato decided to go to Club Alice for a visit (and he was tailed by two guys). He was stunned to realise how much money a meal cost, and he spent even more money having to appoint Kanako to his table. Kanako revealed that they broke up because Oikawa took her ring and sold it to pay his debts. While having this conversation, the camera shot suspicious close ups at each of the staff in Club Alice. The two guys tailing Masato were from the police, and Yuki looked displeased that he had visited Club Alice. 


Masato grumbled about spending more than ten thousand yen and was determined to get it back from Hayato. He walked past the cellar/ the place where they placed the dead body, and realised that the light was on. Knowing that something was amiss and thinking that it might be a ghost, he gathered his courage to flip open the cover of the container…only to find Hayato. Hayato had hid himself inside but realised after that the container couldn't be unlock from the inside. 

He told his siblings that he's innocent, but he wouldn't go to the police and said that he wanted to wait for a few more days. At the same time, Haruka suspected Momoko of her relationship with her teacher, and they got into a quarrel. Masato scolded both Haruka and Momoko, but when Haruka shot him a look, he backed down, and that made Momoko unhappy. She started making jibes at Haruka, saying that she's just like a dog who had injured its own leg and couldn't fall in love.

Haruka got annoyed and poured chocolate over Momoko, who in return poured flour. Masato got really, really irritated and shouted for them to stop.

He kind of looks like he's laughing here. 

In the end, Hayato and Masato tried to step in and pull the two sisters apart, and they all fell on the floor. Their dad's portrait landed on the floor with a thud too, and Masato told them that even their father couldn't watch them any more. 

I reallyyy don't like Momoko. I doubt that I will like her even when she's reformed. 

The other three siblings felt that Kanako might be the one that had killed the man, and that Hayato was covering up for her. Masato repeated what Iwata-san told him, that at the point of death and birth, no one had anything. "If you really like her, you wouldn't mind getting hated by her." 

Sorry, I take a childish delight in screen shot-ing this. 

Masato said in a softer tone that they should go to the police the next morning, and Hayato nodded. It seemed like after this enormous volcanic eruption, it's the time for peace, and they all slept in the same room, side by side. 

They reminisced about the times when they could sneak into Kento's bed if they were scared, and the atmosphere was that of a cosy, warm feeling. 

Aww, nice smile. 

Kento was shown recalling his visit to the doctor, where he was advised to write down his name and his address on a tag. Back in the present, he did just that, and put the tag over his head sadly. Masato dreamt about the time when he slept peacefully by Kento's side, and was abruptly woken up by Haruka who realised that Hayato had disappeared. Yuki learnt from Masato what happened and wanted to tell Nagamine, but kept it inside. 

Eisuke found a card inside the container, and showed it to Masato. It's the card from a jewellery shop. He called Yuki out and said that he's buying something for her as a token of appreciation. Yuki was stunned that he's buying a ring for her, and tried to pull him towards the bracelets' section instead, when he told her that he's just joking and that he needed her help to question the staff. 

Yuki's look when she said, "Huh?" 

They learnt from the staff that Hayato came to retrieve something this morning, but the payment record for it was complicated. Yuki went back to the station with a worried expression, and learnt from Nagamine that one of the staff actually bought the man's watch (the one from his father) on the night that he died. As the staff left Club Alice, he saw someone else walk in. Yuki asked for the name of the person and Nagamine showed her the name written in his notebook. 

Masato read Hayato's scheduler, and guessed from the Valentines' Day a year ago, that Hayato would be going to a restaurant. He went there, and saw Kanako, who told him that this was the place where the man first asked her to be his girlfriend. Hayato appeared and revealed that he was actually here a year ago because he was worried for her safety. He sat down and gave Kanako a ring — the ring, which Kanako was shocked to realise, that she valued so much. Hayato told her that he went to the staff and told him that the man who sold this ring was dead, and he wanted to get it back. It was that point in time, that he learnt that Oikawa didn't sell the ring. 

Oikawa really loved Kanako…and the reason why he took her ring was because he wanted to make a ring of the same size for her. The proof? The existence of another ring that was made in her size. 

Masato told her that Oikawa had sold his watch so that he could get the money to buy her a ring, and Kanako started crying even harder. 

Hayato told Kanako that Oikawa must have wanted to propose to her on that day. 

So who was the murderer of Oikawa? Another employee of Club Alice, who was jealous that Oikawa had gone out with Kanako and stabbed Oikawa in anger. 

Kanako came for Oikawa's funeral, and told him that his ring was beautiful.

Hayato looked from a side. 

And Masato murmured, "Have a safe journey."

Later, Kanako apologised to Hayato for making use of his love for her, and he told her that it's all right. The four siblings had a nice dinner, as Haruka commented that now Hayato would grow up. Momoko and Haruka got into a tiff again, and Hayato shot Masato a look, who returned the same look.

And Masato quickly removed the hot pot that was right in the centre, lest the two sisters felt like throwing something.


Usual conclusion — Iwata-san came by and Masato smiled as Iwata commented that true love would be wishing the other party happiness, "Since we have nothing after we die, it's better to live like that."

In his verbal letter to his dad, Masato said, "Even when someone is not alive any more, he or she will leave behind many traces…belongings, money, or evidence of life…Conversely, you can't bring anything with you after you die…It's the first time that I felt love from them…it's something that I'm sure I can bring to heavens when I die…just joking~" 

Kento's 'secret' was finally revealed — he had cancer and would only have a few months left if he didn't go for surgery. Haruka was busy making food. Momoko saw her teacher out with his wife and his daughter. 

-the end-

Next week should be Momoko's turn to reform! I really hope that Kento doesn't die…but he might. Imagine starting the episode with their father's funeral, and ending the drama with Kento's death. From a technical point of view, that will form a really nice start and end! It will also reiterate the show's stand that the funeral will allow you to feel sadness from the bottom of your heart, and from there, move on. 

I guess we will not see any suicides from this show then. It's all about finding out the person's life before he or she died, so that any misunderstandings would not last and be brought to the heavens. 

I didn't really tear for this episode, but I do love Hayato's change. I always quite like him despite him taking money from the shop (later revealed to be because he wanted to help Kanako) so now I'm happy that he's going to be a nice kid again! Momoko's a trickier kid, and for that maybe I'm supposed to have more sympathy towards her plight…but no, I don't think I will like her much even when she becomes nice. She makes too many unnecessary jibes at Haruka! What's with her likening Haruka to a dog constantly?

Hehe, I do hope that Masato and Yuki will end up together:D



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