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Love Buffet Episode 9 Recap


Good looking right?!! Hee heee:P Can’t resist but screenshot haha!

Ah Ji introduces his new dish to Ah Yi and Xiao Feng, and they happily eat it. Halfway through their meal, Ying Zhi calls Ah Yi but he hangs up on her. Then she calls again, but Ah Yi doesn’t pick up and shift his bag where he cannot see his mobile phone. 

Ah Yi asks her if she likes her meal and she says yes. He takes out the stone that Xiao Feng gave him other time, and there’s a girl drawn on the stone. Xiao Feng asks him if he has been holding on to that stone by his side all the while and he replies, "I want to remind myself the innocence and happiness you had when you gave this to me. I wish one day… I can give you the same bliss." Awww! He smiles at Xiao Feng and Xiao Feng smiles back. 

Xiao Feng’s mother ordered food from the stall that Ah Yi works at, so Xiao Feng goes to the shop to take the food. She watches Ah Yi go about his business and smiles, and Ah Yi smiles when he notices her noticing him. Then, Ying Zhi comes into the stall and she’s obviously there because of Ah Yi. Xiao Feng feels uncomfortable and watches them very closely. When Ah Yi goes up to take their orders, Ying Zhi slips a note into his apron and Xiao Feng happens to notice. 

She becomes very sad and quickly leaves the shop after getting her food. Ah Yi sees her reaction and runs after her. Ah Yi chases up with her and tells her that he really didn’t know that Ying Zhi will go to the shop. Xiao Feng looks away from him, and Ah Yi gently turns her around. "I already promise you that I will not meet her again." 
He takes out the note that Ying Zhi puts inside his apron, and presses it into her palm, telling her that the note can be kept by her. He walks away and Xiao Feng opens the note, to see that Ying Zhi wants to meet him at a certain time at the nearby convenience stall. The next day, Xiao Feng asks if Ah Yi is going home so that they can go home together. Ah Yi says that he has club activities later on and walks away. Xiao Feng blames herself for making Ah Yi so torn and sad, and she chases after him to give him the note. "You can go and find Ying Zhi." Ah Yi grabs her wrist.
"I thought you were the one who don’t want me to meet her?" "If I don’t say anything… you will still meet her right? When she needs you, you will stay by her side… if time is long enough, you might even rekindle an old flame." Ah Yi gets irritated because he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. Xiao Feng says that he has been very distracted and moody lately and she thinks that’s because he needs Ying Zhi. "Ying Zhi needs you too… the extra person is me." "What are you talking about?" "I don’t need you." Ah Yi becomes angry and asks why she’s saying something that she obviously doesn’t feel the same but she denies the accusation. "I just don’t want to be the third party." Ah Yi mutters, "Forget it." and walks away. Xiao Feng looks at his back and starts to cry. 
She doesn’t know why she’s saying all those stuff that will push him towards Ying Zhi, but she doesn’t want to be the extra person. She asks in her heart, "But I cannot imagine how much you want to meet her… Can you tell me… if you really want to see Ying Zhi?" While she’s emo-ing, Da Ye sees her. Ah Yi really goes to meet Ying Zhi at the convenience store, and Ying Zhi tries to clear things up. She tries to bring Ah Yi to eat, but Ah Yi holds himself back and says, "Ying Zhi… I already said we should not meet… Sorry." "Is it because of Xiao Feng? So we are not friends anymore?" 
Da Ye brings Xiao Feng up to the rooftop and Xiao Feng remarks, "I hear before that smoke and fools climb upwards." implying that Da Ye is a fool. Da Ye shouts to the sky, "Then Heaven is the biggest fooollll!!" Xiao Feng doesn’t know she should be sad for what things, and maybe she doesn’t even have the rights to be sad over Ah Yi. Da Ye reaches out and squeezes her hand till she says it’s pain, but Da Ye says it’s intentional. Xiao Feng pretends that she’s crying from the pain, and thinks, "I can cry for this pain right?" 
Ying Zhi and Ah Yi sit down for a talk. She apologises and says that nothing will happen that will make Xiao Feng misunderstand (i.e they won’t have any romantic relationship) "Is there a need not to meet anymore?" 
At night, Xiao Feng hears sounds of a car, and soon, there’s a knock on her window. She goes to open the windows, and she sees Ah Yi standing outside. 
They sit outside on the bench, and Ah Yi tells her that he has met with Ying Zhi. She walks away, crying. Ah Yi says, " I can’t ignore Ying Zhi." Xiao Feng shouts, "I tell you not to say anymore!"
Ah Yi walks closer, and closer to her and turns her around. "But I can’t ignore you even more. When I see you being sad, it’s more heartbreaking than seeing Ying Zhi sad."
Xiao Feng looks up at him and pushes him away. " Than? What does that mean? How can you compare between the two and come to a conclusion? It’s not real love if you have to compare between the two. If you feel heartbroken when you see me being sad, that’s pity and not love." Xiao Feng doesn’t want his love anymore since she thinks it’s pity and not real love. Omg you can’t believe how sad I am for Ah Yi. D: Xiao Feng curls up on her bed and cries very hard, thinking, "If Ah Yi does not have real love towards me, is my love towards Ah Yi an illusion too?" 
Ah Yi meets up with Ying Zhi, and she asks him what’s wrong. He doesn’t say anything and just reaches forward to hug her, obviously in need of consolation. (Mehhhh. This is getting cruel to me sigh. Haha) Da Xiao Shen Lin visit Xiao Feng because she falls sick. "I don’t want to go out, don’t want to go to school, don’t want to see Ah Yi… and I fall ill." They tell her that sometimes it’s inevitable to have comparisons but Xiao Lin says sometimes girls still wish for guys to treat them like the most important. Ah Yi packs his stuff and goes back to his grandfather’s house. While packing his stuff, he discovers the drawing stuck in the wall and asks himself, "Is this a sign from Heaven?" Xiao Feng’s wish from young is to be together with her beloved prince. "Didn’t I promise her that I will give her happiness?" So sad… Da Ye teases Xiao Feng for having puffy eyes, and asks if she has any towels or tissue paper. She says that she doesn’t have and Da Ye runs away, before returning to give her a cold compass to put on her eyes. Guess where he has gotten the material from? His own shirt. 
Then, Da Ye confesses to her, telling her that he likes her. "Huh?! I thought you don’t know what’s love?" "But I think that I already know what’s that feeling now(:" He tells her that he will cut in to snatch her away before happily bounces away. 
During lesson, Xiao Feng notices Ah Yi has not come for class. "Is it because he knows that I’m avoiding him? Or he doesn’t want to see me as well? Or…. is he sick……. and Ying Zhi is taking care of him now?!!" She bangs her desk in anger and realises that she has disrupted the class. Xiao Feng notices that the light in Ah Yi’s bedroom is not lighted. Xiao Feng scolds herself for being stupid at still thinking about Ah Yi. There’s a knock on the window and Xiao Feng thinks it’s Ah Yi. Turns out it’s Da Ye (hrumph how can he copy Ah Yi) who tells her, "Next time you can open your windows a few times, and I will come and find you." He gives her a stone, and after that Xiao Feng recalls what Ah Yi tells her about how he wants to give her happiness. Da Ye goes up to his room and beatboxed. Xiao Feng smiles.
The next day, Da Ye goes to school with her and asks her if she has heard him hitting the floorboards the night before. Da Ye teases her about her height and she retorts that at least she has hit the average height of girls. Da Ye says that he’s just joking, when a bus arrives at the bus stop and Ah Yi gets down. There’s a moment of awkward silence and Ah Yi says, "Good morning." before walking away. Xiao Feng senses something wrong because the bus that he gets down from does not come from their house. Da Ye reveals that he has already moved away, and Xiao Feng wants to talk to Ah Yi immediately. Da Ye pulls her back and says that he will not let her go and find Ah Yi. Xiao Feng nods. 

Two very sad souls. D: (Just be together and you will be happy!!!) I think Xiao Feng is really…. I wouldn’t call her fickle minded like what all my friends think… I would call her quite rash to come to a conclusion and she’s determined to hold her views. She was the one who doesn’t want Ah Yi’s love, and then she gets sad and convinces herself that Ah Yi was the one who doesn’t want her. There seems to be no difference, but there is a difference to me because that makes a whole world on who gives up on who first. 

Ah Yi comes back to take more of his stuff back to his grandfather’s house, and he stares moodily at Xiao Feng’s closed windows. Da Ye meets up with Qiu Ying and tells her that he finally understands what’s love and that he likes Xiao Feng. Qiu Ying asks what he’s waiting for and Da Ye says that he’s scared he will hurt Xiao Feng again. Qiu Ying tells him that love should be bravely voiced out, and that’s like what he will do. 
Da Ye announces over the system that they will be holding a mini concert in five minutes. Everyone rushes out to watch, but Ah Yi stays in the class. 

Xiao Feng is surprised because Da Ye didn’t tell her that he will be performing. I started laughing ( in a good way) because Da Ye starts to sing one of the Fahrenheit’s songs! Hahaha. He sings the whole song, and he changes one of the ending lines to "Xiao Feng I love you." Everyone gets very shocked, including Xiao Feng. Da Ye points to Xiao Feng, and everyone realises that the girl he’s singing about is around. Xiao Feng hides behind her friends, and Da Ye pauses before singing, "Xiao Fenggggg….. I LOVE YOU."
Everyone cheers and Da Xiao Shen Lin pushes Xiao Feng to the center while the crowd encourages them to kiss. Xiao Feng gives an expression of being in a dilemma, and Da Ye pulls her away. Xiao Feng tells him that she will feel very disturbed if he keeps doing that. Da Ye apologises and says that he will change. 
Gu Du comes to find Xiao Feng and asks her, "Why is my brother at my grandfather’s house?" Xiao Feng repeats the excuse that Ah Yi comes up with but Gu Du doesn’t believe her and brings her somewhere. 
Turns out she brings him to her grandfather’s house and tells her that she should just run up to Ah Yi and tells him to return to her side. "Why don’t you want to say?" Gu Du asks why she allows Ying Zhi to snatch her brother away, and she thought that Xiao Feng really likes her brother. At that point in time, Ah Yi returns home but Xiao Feng simply watches him walk away. She apologises and Gu Du starts to cry for the both of them. " I don’t want you two to become like that…" Xiao Feng looks at the door and says, "We are already moving in different directions… The place he’s going now does not have me…" She hugs Gu Du and they cry together. 
Gu Du and Xiao Feng hang out together, and Gu Du very cutely gives Xiao Feng her name card. "When you feel like you cannot hang on anymore, you can call me and I will listen to your troubles." Xiao Feng hugs her and laughs. 
On the way to school, Xiao Feng is very sad that the relationships between humans are so cruel, and coincidentally, Ah Yi gets off the bus and walks past her without saying anything. Da Ye sees and scolds him. "I think you are very lousy." Xiao Feng tells him not to be like that, but Da Ye continues. "You must know that the only one being sad isn’t you!" Ah Yi replies, "Xiao Feng says… my feeling for her is pity, not love… not real… No matter how much I think, I can’t figure it out… I really don’t understand. Really." Aww! Xiao Feng realises that he is just like her, not knowing what to do and feeling very helpless. Da Ye’s going to punch him, when Xiao Feng shouts, "Stop! Everything has already finished."
Life continues as normal, and Da Ye cycles Xiao Feng to school, joking that she has become fatter. Xiao Feng feels very happy that Da Ye is by her side, and offers to cycle Da Ye instead. For their tennis club activity, after drawing lots, Da Ye and Xiao Feng are the ones to go shopping for the club’s materials. Da Ye notices that Xiao Feng might feel uncomfortable, and asks for Qiu Ying to go along as well. On the day of the shopping trip, Qiu Ying brings Ah Ji along as well. He sees a figurine and thinks that it’s the same as Qiu Ying. Qiu Ying tells him that he should buy figurine of a couple instead. Xiao Feng looks at the both of them and murmurs, "People in love really cannot see others." 

Da Ye holds a pig figurine and says that it looks like Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng walks away, right into a stack of boxes. Da Ye holds her close to him, and asks her if she’s all right. Qiu Ying and Ah Ji laugh behind their backs because they look very intimate.
Qiu Ying teases Xiao Feng, but Xiao Feng teases her back about Ah Ji. Later, Qiu Ying apologises for pushing her towards Ah Yi, "because I thought that you will not cry anymore." Xiao Feng says that it’s her own fault for not being able to make Ah Yi stay by her side. She leans her head on Qiu Ying’s shoulder. Xiao Feng jokes that Ah Ji is a nice guy, and "You don’t destroy him:P" 
At night, when Xiao Feng returns home, Da Ye tells her about his dilemma because he’s scared that he will put her in a tight spot, but he doesn’t know what he should do and what he shouldn’t do. "You must tell me if you feel awkward or anything… because I want to go forward with the same pace as you." Xiao Yun asks Xiao Feng to run some errands for her, which she does, and on the way, she actually sees this. 
Coincidental much? Xiao Feng thinks, "Ah Yi can sleep so soundly next to Ying Zhi’s side…" Later, she thinks, "I thought we both like each other… but we were yearning too much for that far away happiness." 
Ah Yi returns home and Gu Du tells him, "Stop. Why can’t you be with Xiao Feng? Because she’s not pretty, because she’s not smart?" She tells him that she’s not happy even though she can see him. "I don’t admire you anymore." Ah Yi thinks to himself that Gu Du is wrong and that the one whom he is hiding from is himself, not Xiao Feng. "Gu Du… what can I do so that you will admire brother again?" 
Gu Du writes an email to Xiao Feng, telling her that her brother tells her that there are many kinds of courage. As she sees the back of her brother running, she feels like her brother is suddenly quite brave. "I hope… you will accept my brave brother." As the content is being voiced over, Ah Yi is shown packing his things and when he returns to his room, he looks very hard at the cup that Ying Zhi gives him. As Xiao Feng reads her mail, there’s a knock on the windows. It’s Ah Yi, telling her, "I got something to tell you."
-the end-
AWW!! I feel a sudden bout of relief that I didn’t have thoughtsramble yet ( I think ) when You Are Beautiful was showing, because I would have just died recapping Shin Woo’s sadness. Okay but I did recapped on Jae Shin’s sadness too. Sigh. I said in the previous entry, that Love Buffet will not be my favourite drama at all… but I realise that I don’t hate, hate it. There’s a lot of people out there who say that this drama has a very stupid plot etc. I don’t think so! I just don’t like it because Ah Yi doesn’t get the girl, and you wouldn’t know how sad I am that I have to watch this break up scenes + making Ah Yi sad scenes twice. 
I was checking out the episode ratings the other day, and I realised that the episode rating was super good on episode 7, but sort of declined after that. I know that people have been saying it’s because of the new show that was broadcasted on another channel, but I can’t help and wonder if this has something to do with the plot… Coincidentally, Episode 7 is the episode where Ah Yi and Xiao Feng get together and it’s the episode where there’s the sweetest moments between the both of them. Hmm. 
Since I’m a sucker for second leads, and this show has caused me to fall in love with Aaron Yan, I’m wondering if I should watch Gloomy Salad Days:D 

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    I speak spanish and she’s saying that lee minho liked her because of the plastic surgeries she have done,but I personally think they are a great couple and I support 100% this relationship… fans that are angry are not true fans because they don’t want minho to be happy, he has a life too…


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