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Yay! Okay I declare myself an addict to two of Fahrenheit’s songs in Love Buffet! It’s like Love Buffet will never make it to my favourite dramas simply because… Ah Yi didn’t get the girl:P but I really like their two songs inside the show. I’m so addicted to the two songs, they are all that I’m listening to these few days. One of them is called Mistake and it puts me in a really sad mood whenever I listen to it. The other is probably called Guardian Star if you translate directly from its Chinese title, and it puts me in such a good, bouncy mood!^^ My friend calls me bipolar. Haha! I find that I have a better view of Fahrenheit now(: I never hated them; I just thought they were eye candy…. they may still be eye candy right now, but after watching several videos of them going onto variety shows and such, I think they’re really funny, cute, nice and talented in certain areas that I (and I’m pretty sure many others) have not realised before. 

I’m so in love with those two songs mentioned, that…. even though I’m usually very open to any kind of comments, right now, I wouldn’t like anyone telling me that they suck, they are not that nice etc. However, if you are a fellow fan just like me, feel free to comment! I will love it if you comment and fangirl with me really:P 

(Aaron Yan is just so cute and good looking and wheeeeee:D)

I realise after searching for the track list for their newest album, that I actually already heard like 5 or 6 songs before!:O 

Exams are coming again…. for my really loyal readers, you would remember how busy I was whenever I had exams last year (and busy with putting up Playful Kiss recaps as well). I’m kinda stressed out, but I know I will survive!:D For all those out there, I wish you all the best in your work and your studies… and may you never be too busy to immerse yourself in dramaland(: Since exams are coming, I’m not sure though, if I should start watching Gloomy Salad Days for Aaron:P 



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