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Love Buffet Episode 8 Recap

Sigh. It feels heartbreaking to be recapping these episodes now, since I already know the ending.. sigh:/ 

Seven hours ago, Ah Yi is rushing to meet Xiao Feng, when he gets a call from Ying Zhi. As he rushes to meet her, he sends an sms to Xiao Feng telling her that he has something on and he has to cancel the appointment. I think Xiao Feng calls Ah Yi, and Ah Yi wants to pick up the call, but Ying Zhi cries a bit and says, "All guys are like that… you only ask the girls to wait…" She starts to tell him about her troubles with Eason, her boyfriend, who always makes her wait… wait till he calls her, wait till he remembers her, wait till he comes home… Ah Yi keeps his handphone and puts his hand around her shoulders. 

Xiao Feng starts scolding herself for waiting for Ah Yi for seven hours and she tries to call him again, but he doesn’t pick up.

Ah Yi looks at his handphone, and he realises that he has 16 missed calls from Xiao Feng. He says goodbye to Ying Zhi, who thanks him for being there. It’s only when Xiao Feng returns home that she sees the sms that Ah Yi gives her. She hears footsteps, and it’s actually Ah Yi standing outside her window with a pudding in her hand. He reaches out to knock her window, but then he doesn’t in the end, and he just places the pudding on the ledge, before walking away. 
Xiao Feng goes to open her window and sees the pudding. She cocks her head in confusion. The next day, Xiao Feng thinks to herself that she has to clear things up, as she sees Ah Yi’s empty seat. She asks Da Ye if he knows where’s Ah Yi, and he says that he has been out the whole morning. Xiao Feng says that she’s very worried for Ah Yi because he has never missed lessons before. Then, Ying Zhi fetches Ah Yi home, when Ying Zhi happily rushes up and asks if Xiao Feng likes her present. "I chose it:D" Xiao Feng gets stunned because she thought that it’s Ah Yi who chose it. After Ying Zhi leaves, Ah Yi purposely evades Xiao Feng’s glance.
Da Ye leaves the both of them alone, and Xiao Feng tells Ah Yi that she had waited for him for seven hours. Ah Yi apologises and says that he cannot answer any of her questions then. He asks her to give him some time and walks away. Then, Ah Yi calls her and apologises for not being able to explain to her. Xiao Feng tells him that she’s worried about him, and Ah Yi tells her that Ying Zhi has quarrelled with her boyfriend and has no where to go. Xiao Feng asks why then did he not tell her, and Ah Yi calls Ying Zhi telling him not to care about his friends for one day. Xiao Feng wishes him goodnight, and after the call, Xiao Feng starts to cry a little. "Now… I don’t have a single feeling of happiness…" 
The next day, Da Ye asks if Xiao Feng can accompany him to go his (and Ah Yi’s) grandparents’ house. Da Ye introduces Xiao Feng to his grandmother called Rose. Haha! and her husband is called Jack. Xiao Feng immediately has this image of Da Ye’s grandparents in the classic scene in Titanic. Rose happily leaves the both of them alone and tells Da Ye not to anyhow treat Xiao Feng (like making advances. ) Xiao Feng asks if Rose has misunderstood them, and Da Ye says perhaps, since he has never brought any girl back. Da Ye brings her up to the second floor, and as Xiao Feng looks at the scribbles Ah Yi and him had painted onto the glass panels when they’re young, she realises that there’s so much things that she still doesn’t know about them. Da Ye reminisces about his days in the company, and Xiao Feng thinks emoly that that’s when Ying Zhi and Ah Yi met each other. Xiao Feng tells Da Ye that she’s very happy to leave in Bai Hui Xin Cheng, because she loves to play with all the kids there. 
At night, Jack and Rose start teasing Da Ye about not knowing his favourite type is Xiao Feng’s type. Then, they decide to look at photo albums, and that’s when Xiao Feng accidentally says that "Oh Ying Zhi is here too" at a photo. Jack and Rose start talking about how they don’t approve not because she’s older than him, but because she already has a boyfriend. Xiao Feng is left in deep thought, and when they return, they coincidentally meet Ying Zhi who fetches Ah Yi home. 
Xiao Feng quickly leaves them and goes back to her room. She hears footsteps running to her window, and soon after, someone knocks. It’s Ah Yi who tells her that he has something to tell her. They decide to talk outside. 
Xiao Feng tells him that as a friend, she’s scared that he will fall into a relationship with no ending. "I don’t understand what Ying Zhi is thinking." Ah Yi tells her that she just wants to find someone to chat with and "She needs me now… I’m just following her requests…" "Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? Why must she find you?" "She has a busy boyfriend… and she’s not strong nor independent… how can you ask me not to care about her?" "Then what about you? Are you strong enough to withstand her leaving another time? Just when she needs you, you appear, but when you need her? Will she be able to stay by your side?" This conversation is overheard by Da Ye.
The next day, Ah Yi wishes her happy birthday, and Xiao Feng says that she’s older than him now — "Child." "Really? Happy Birthday Auntie." "If I’m an auntie, then that woman will be super super old!" Ah Yi walks away saying that whatever he says now will not be understood the right way by her. Xiao Feng’s friends tell her that they can’t celebrate her birthday with her, and so can’t Qiu Ying. At night, Xiao Feng daydreams that if Ying Zhi is not here, she will be spending a happy birthday with Ah Yi. She starts to daydream that Ah Yi proposes to her, and as he takes out a wedding certificate, suddenly Ah Yi takes that and hit her head. 
Turns out a photo frame falls and hits her head. Actually, Da Ye and company have planned a surprise birthday party for Xiao Feng and Da Ye tells Ah Yi to come. When Ah Yi is going to go, Ying Zhi calls him and says that she couldn’t control herself so she went to Eason’s (boyfriend) company, in the end her boyfriend’s boss invites her for drinks, alone. She’s scared that she will be drunk pretty soon, and before Ah Yi can ask anymore, she hangs up. Da Ye gets Xiao Feng out of her house, and on the way, he sees Ah Yi getting on a cab. In order to hide that scene from Xiao Feng, Da Ye brings Xiao Feng on another route. 
Xiao Feng’s very happy but she keeps on waiting for Ah Yi to come. Da Ye hides the truth from her and tells her that Ah Yi has gone for work, and that maybe he can’t make it. Ah Yi finally finds the bar that Ying Zhi and the boss are at and he’s very worried for her, because she might get sexually harassed, especially when they’re both drunk. 
He picks up a potted plant from outside the bar and dashes in. He sees Ying Zhi first, and he’s going to break the potted plant on the table, when he realises that the boss…. is a lady. A LADY. Homg. The two of them start to laugh and get more drunk, and Ah Yi feels very, very stupid, because if he had known it was a lady, he wouldn’t be afraid for Ying Zhi, and he wouldn’t miss Xiao Feng’s birthday party. The thing is, I feel that Ying Zhi is damn stupid as well! ARGH. 
Ah Yi runs back to the location, but then the party is over. Sigh. When Ah Yi returns home, Da Ye tells him, "You went out for work tonight." "Work? Why?" "You still ask me? Anyway, you went for work tonight. Don’t break the lie." Ah Yi goes back to his room and stares at the cup again. The next day, a few classmates ask Ah Yi why he’s not at work yesterday because they went to his workplace the previous night. Xiao Feng hears them and quickly gets Da Ye. She tells him that even though he has good intentions, sometimes it will hurt her even more. Xiao Feng doesn’t go for classes, and instead disappears to the rooftop. She hears footsteps and turns her head away. It’s Ah Yi. 
Ah Yi thinks that she’s asleep and puts his shirt over her head, so that the sun won’t be on her face. Then, he says, "Sorry." and walks off. Xiao Feng starts to cry because she thinks that the fact that Ah Yi apologises to her means that it’s over between them. 
Later, Xiao Feng sees Ying Zhi waiting for Ah Yi, and tells her she doesn’t understand why she must get Ah Yi to buy things with her. She tells Ying Zhi that because of her, Ah Yi has no time for other things. She sees Ah Yi and rushes up happily. Ah Yi realises that Da Ye is behind the pillar. 
Da Ye tells Ying Zhi that she still hasn’t changed and she’s even more immature than last time, because "You involve a third party… no a fourth party." Ah Yi tells him to shut up, and Xiao Feng thinks that Ah Yi prefers to protect Ying Zhi in front of Xiao Feng. 
Ah Yi asks if he has finished his piece, and that this "Is a matter between us. You don’t need to interfere." Da Ye replies, "Us? There’s only you and Ying Zhi, no other party." Then he grabs Xiao Feng’s hand and pulls her away. Xiao Feng looks behind to see Ying Zhi and Ah Yi get onto the car and drive away. Da Ye brings Xiao Feng up to the mountain/hill/somewhere very high. As they look at the sunset, Xiao Feng starts to cry and wonders, "When did I ever let my thoughts revolve around one person again? Did I really lose Ah Yi…."
Da Ye wipes away her tears and tells her that she can cry, but she still needs to look at the sunset. 
Later, Xiao Feng asks her sister if someone might mistake pity for love. Her sister tells her that on a level, pity and love might be the same, but the relationship is doomed to fail. When she hears this, Xiao Feng is very happy (because she thinks that Ah Yi only pities Ying Zhi). Then her sister tells her that however, if one party doesn’t mind receiving the pity, and the other doesn’t mind giving, then the relationship will still go on. This leaves Xiao Feng in a pensive mood. 
Xiao Feng tells herself that she’s betting the outcome on Ah Yi’s answer. She doesn’t want to act strong anymore. She goes to find Ah Yi and asks him, "If I say… you don’t meet Ying Zhi anymore… what will you do?"
"Do you not wish for me to meet her again?" "Of course! I told you that you’re very important to me. I can’t stand seeing someone so important to me getting hurt again… and.. and!" Then Xiao Feng turns around. 
Ah Yi replies, "I understand." He promises her that he will not meet Ying Zhi again. "If that’s what you wish…" 
Xiao Feng gets a little troubled because she feels very bad at preventing the both of them meeting. Da Xiao Shen Lin gets irritated at her, because she gets worried no matter whether Ah Yi and Ying Zhi meet or not. Xiao Shen tells them that she thinks Xiao Feng should still observe Ah Yi, to see if he really doesn’t meet her. Later, Ah Yi tells Ying Zhi that they shouldn’t meet again. Ying Zhi apologises and says that she shouldn’t meet him at such an obvious place like school. Ah Yi clarifies that he means they shouldn’t meet ever again. Ying Zhi asks if it’s her fault. Ah Yi turns his head and sees Xiao Feng standing there. He apologises, and pulls Xiao Feng away.
Xiao Feng says, "You should know… that I like you right?" He answers, "I know this long time ago." "Thanks for abiding with the promise." Xiao Feng doesn’t know if she did the right thing for putting the guy she likes in a dilemma. 
Ah Yi recalls all the happy things that he went through with Xiao Feng and he’s going to throw the cup away but cannot bring himself to do it. He sits down and looks at the cup again, while Da Ye closes his door and stands outside his door. 
The next day, Da Ye scares Xiao Feng while she’s on her grocery trip. 
Xiao Feng treats Da Ye to doughnuts and thanks him for all that he has done. Da Ye asks if anything has happened, and she smiles (albiet a little bitterly) that Ah Yi has promised her not to meet Ying Zhi anymore. 
-the end-
I was watching behind the scenes, when I discovered the interviews they did before filming the daydream that Xiao Feng had in this episode! Haha I’ve got something for guys in white… and Ah Yi/Aaron keeps appearing in white!!:D Even Yu Hong Yuan ( the actress of Xiao Feng) agrees that guys in white suits are ….. very good looking. Haha! 
Sigh…. it feels very unrealistic to be recapping these episodes now because it’s like…. reminding myself all the stupid mistakes that Ah Yi and Xiao Feng made. GRAHHH. Haha! 
Lol. I declare myself an Aaron Yan fan right now! At first, I thought that there’ll be nothing to watch after I finished watching all the behind the scenes (the kiss was a behind the scene, but I don’t think it ever made it into the drama. Sad. ) then I start to watch all the Fahrenheit videos for Aaron, and haha I’m hooked! I always vision them as a boyband… for young kids hahaha, maybe because they’re super famous when I’m still relatively young, but seriously, they’re super funny as a group and they all have their own talents. It is very heartwarming to know that Aaron Yan is the one who is the most passionate about music out of the four of them! 
When I watched this episode, I was totally like ARGH STUPID AH YI STUPID YING ZHI. I think I’m suckers for guys like Ah Yi hahaha (and guys in white:P) 

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