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Okay I’ve just finished watching the last episode of Love Buffet… and meh!!!! -spoilers ahead- WHYYYYYY okay Xiao Feng decides to go with Da Ye after all, even though Ah Yi tells her that he will like her forever. Even till the end, Ah Yi still likes her, but Xiao Feng truly likes Da Ye… 

I can’t decide if I like Aaron Yan more or Ah Yi more haha! Somehow I feel that I do see a little of Aaron in Ah Yi ( as in the same kind of aura?) not sure… but anyway, feeling rather:/ about the ending now! It’s like Ah Yi just wishes Xiao Feng to be happy… then what about himself? I wouldn’t mind it so much if he ends up with someone else, but he tells Da Ye that he will treasure the drawing that Xiao Feng drew, meaning…he will still continue to like Xiao Feng… 

Sigh. Sometimes I wish I weren’t suckers for second leads, then I wouldn’t feel sad so many times. Hrumph. 



  1. Anonymous says

    I kinda of don’t like the ending that much because I was rooting for ah yi. Probably bias from me though I was late on catching episodes but I skipped to episode 13 though I was on 12 and after watching the ending I didn’t tend to like it as much as I did from episode one.

    And the ending was kind of confusing because at first I thought that after two years ah yi and xiao feng would get together though I watched it again and she was wearing the bracelet that da ye gave her. Plus I kind of don’t like xiao feng character maybe the show is too short because it makes it seem like xiao feng likes da ye and then quickly likes ah yi because he cares about her. Then she gives up on ah yi because he use to like this girl and even after he said that he is giving up on the old girl. I still get it I mean why xiao feng has to get with da ye when she is still in love with ah yi. But that is what I think I don’t if it is going to be the same as your thoughts though I just wanted to find a place to put my thoughts so thank you >.


    • I was rooting for him too!

      Yeah I knew that she’s going to be with Da Ye because she’s wearing the bracelet…it just makes me very sad that Ah Yi finally realises that he likes Xiao Feng and yet after he runs back, all he sees is Xiao Feng accepting Da Ye. D: Ooh, for me I get it why Xiao Feng thinks that it’s over between her and Ah Yi, but I don’t like it that she gets together with Da Ye just to make herself forget Ah Yi. To me, that’s quite irresponsible, but yeah I don’t really like the Xiao Feng character too!


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