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First impressions of Gloomy Salad Days

Yay! So I’ve finally decided that I shall watch Gloomy Salad Days for Aaron Yan. 

First impression?

This is a drama that’s really not bad. Not bad at all! Okay, however, it’s really down and depressing, so if you’re those who seek a fun rom-com, this is totally not it. According to Wikipedia, these are all true real life social cases, and I admit, it does get me a little down to know that there’re so many thoughts of death in teens. I mean, in a drama where it revolves around Death, just how un-gloomy can it get right? I think that the first 3 episodes have made a very good impression on me, because they found actors and actresses that can act, and who can convey the idea of hopelessness, desperation and grief quite well. They are so good, that it almost (stress:almost) didn’t matter that I probably only caught like one minute of Aaron Yan in total in these three episodes. 

First scene of Aaron Yan:

my favourite screenshot, for some reason:P

In case you say that I’ve only eyes for Aaron Yan, hey here’s a pretty girl^^ Lol.

I’m definitely sticking through with this drama till the end, not just because Shen Qi (Aaron Yan)’s romance comes at the end, but also because I find that each short story ( this drama is made up of a few short stories ) strikes me as a reflection of reality. It really depends on the direction of the drama’s plot to see if I will do recaps for this drama, because I personally feel that you must watch this and not read this drama in order to feel something. I might change my mind later though(: 

So, drama aside, I really like the style of the character that Aaron Yan portrays in this show! On a side note, I was watching an advertisement about Love Buffet and they compared Da Ye and Ah Yi. Da Ye is like the sun and the wind, while Ah Yi is like the moon and the rain. WOW, coincidental much? ( because I really love the moon and the rain haha^^) Anyway, so far, Shen Qi strikes me as someone very introverted. Even though he doesn’t speak much, he does know a lot. I’m looking forward to the meeting of paths between Shen Qi and Du in future episodes ( played by Serena Fang, who is Zhen En in Summer’s Desire). 

All right! That’s all from me now. Comments?



  1. Yay for Aaron Yan! I’m glad you made the choice so soon. Like I said in an earlier comment, I really wanted to watch this one but was a bit scared of the depressing stories. So thanks for preventing me from watching until I know exactly how good it’ll be. I’ll probably be stalking your journal for future impressions so… jia you!


    • Haha thanks!^^

      The stories are really quite depressing, for me, because like… somehow the idea that this might be happening to someone out there in the real world just makes me feel sad. I don’t know if I’ll be doing recaps, but I will definitely be posting reviews and etc about it. 😀


    • Hello there!^^

      Ooh then you are like me! As in, I like Aaron since he debut, but it was more of a “okay he’s cute” but I really “fell in love” with Ah Yi in Love Buffet, which led to me liking Aaron hee hee!

      Great — Gloomy Salad Days is a really good drama(Y)


      • I know! I was so happy with the end too! I had the same worry you did that I won’t mention here in case anyone comes to read this entry and hasn’t seen it yet…


      • Hahaha so you finished watching the drama?^^ Lol you can always comment in the last recap, then no problems there^^


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