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Hello friends!^^

Wow it has been a (relatively) long time since I updated anything! As you guys should know, there’s some problems with Livejournal these few days, and for some reason my IP address was still blocked even though most of my friends’ weren’t since yesterday. Haha, a lot have happened in the past few days! I fell utterly in love with Aaron (LOL:P) and I’m amazed at my good timing because I like him just when he’s releasing/released an album so there’s lots of awesome good news about him around. I’m glad that his album sales are good!^^ I’ve just had my exams, and I finally can rest for a while…and I rediscovered the awesomeness of Jacky Wu (homg I’ve never laughed so hard for an episode of I Guess for a long time… I guess (no pun intended!) without Jacky Wu, I Guess is not I Guess.)

I will be coming up with recaps pretty soon, so looked out for them!^^



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