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Gloomy Salad Days Episode 9 and 10 recaps

 Hello guys! Still feeling unwell…. so I apologise for the late update!^^


After the stone was given to Xiao Ju, she doesn’t use it, of course, because she doesn’t really believe in what the stone does. Shen Qi walks into the big hall to look for A Guo, and is told that he already went to the university in Taipei.
Then he looks around, and asks for Xiao Ju, and is told that Xiao Ju has left the basketball team as well because she wants to focus on the upcoming chemistry examination. The girl asks if Shen Qi is really there to look for people and what exactly he wants, but Shen Qi just thanks her and walks off. 
Shen Qi is so cute here!! He walks off in disappointment and murmurs that, "I haven’t seen Du in a long time." After he realises what he has said, he knocks his own head and mutters, "What am I thinking? Every time she appears, someone dies." Aww~
It’s very obvious that Xiao Ju’s love for Li You has become bland because she hasn’t seen her in a long, long time, like six months. Qiao Qiao and her become very close, and you can sense that something is up, because Xiao Ju actually dismisses Li You’s calls to play with Qiao Qiao. One day, during the afternoon nap, Xiao Ju tells Qiao Qiao that Li You is considering going through with a gender change operation. She shows her the sms that Li You has sent her, and Qiao Qiao observes that Xiao Ju doesn’t seem to be very happy that Li You wants to turn into a guy for her. 
Xiao Ju replies that she has no idea why, but she seems to like Li You more if she’s a girl. If she becomes a guy… "It feels a bit strange." Qiao Qiao jokes that she’s a lesbian, and then the two of them start to mock kiss under the jacket. 
Xiao Dao (acted by Chen Yi) and Pei Pei (acted by Xiao Man) are two students that are avid motorcycle fans. During a speech, Qiao Qiao’s mother gets pissed off at the two of them for they’re talking during Qiao Qiao’s speech. She complains to the teacher of Qiao Qiao class, and hints for the teacher to transfer the two of them to another class. Xiao Dao gets very angry about it and thinks that Qiao Qiao purposely tells something mean to her mother, just to find trouble with him. 
Pei Pei!
Shen Qi tries to find out more about Du, so he goes into the library to see if he can find things about her. 
He realises that there’s a book at the top of the shelves and climbs up to take it, when Du appears, taking the book away. 
Du asks him if he’s reading up on her, and he answers that he’s just being curious. 
Without saying much, Du just disappears, and the book (which is a handrawn manga) disappears as well. 
Xiao Dao wants to scare Qiao Qiao and Xiao Ju, just to punish them for saying bad things about him, so he gets on to the motorcycle and is about to drive very closely to them just to give them a fright. However, at that same second, Shen Qi rushes up to Xiao Ju, wanting to ask her if she knows where the stone is. The result? Shen Qi gets knocked down by the motorcycle. He faints on the ground and gets sent to the hospital. 
After that, Xiao Dao realises that Qiao Qiao is actually quite nice. She goes to tell her mother nice things about Xiao Dao, just so that Xiao Dao can remain in the class. Xiao Dao feels grateful and thanks them sheepishly.
He tells Qiao Qiao that next time, Xiao Ju’s and Qiao Qiao’s matters will be his matters (meaning he will take care of them) and Qiao Qiao gives him a brotherly hand gesture thingy. Xiao Dao also congratulates Xiao Ju for getting into the next round of the chemistry competition. 
They go to visit Shen Qi at the hospital and learn that he has fractured his leg very badly. Xiao Ju asks Shen Qi why he rushed up to her so frantically the day before, and he answers that he wanted to ask her if she knows where the stone is. She replies that she doesn’t know but she will ask Li You when they meet each other. 
The thing is, Xiao Ju knows where the stone is — it’s right there with her! She shows the stone to Qiao Qiao and tells her that she took it from Li You the other time, because Li You was saying that she could see the Death Girl with the stone. Worried that she might want to commit suicide, Xiao Ju took the stone from her when she left for the university in Taipei. Qiao Qiao gets jealous and tells her that she’s still obviously in love with Li You, but Xiao Ju says that she’s not so sure. Qiao Qiao asks her if she knows where is the best place to go on a vacation, and tells Xiao Ju that the answer is, "If you go with a best, best friend, anywhere that you go will be the best!"
They make plans to go on a week vacation around Taiwan, and Xiao Ju offers her prize money from the chemistry competition. Being happy, Qiao Qiao goes for a sleepover at Xiao Ju’s house. 
At night….Qiao Qiao suddenly starts to touch Xiao Ju’s ears, and Xiao Ju turns around smiling…. and giving her a kiss. 
They engage in a very loving kiss but after Xiao Ju pulls away, Qiao Qiao says that she wants to take photos to prove that Xiao Ju likes her, so they take a lot of photos where Xiao Ju kisses her, and she kisses Xiao Ju back. After that, they both fall back asleep, but halfway through the night, Xiao Ju gets the sms from Li You that she will be coming to see her in three days. Xiao Ju’s face shows a mixture of confusion and dilemma, but she gets back into the bed when Qiao Qiao asks her what’s wrong. 
Three days later, Li You comes back with A Guo, and very eager to see Xiao Ju. 
However, Xiao Ju’s reception towards him is a little cold, but Li You doesn’t feel that. At night, Xiao Ju gets an sms from Qiao Qiao which says that she loves her, and Xiao Ju smiles. Then, Li You knocks on the door to ask to talk to her. After Xiao Ju opens the door, Li You hugs her very tightly and asks if she can go into the room to talk. Xiao Ju invites her in, and Li You tells her that she has been thinking a lot about what kind of future she can give to her. Even though it’s an ardours journey, she has managed to convince her whole family about the change of gender thing. Xiao Ju shows displeasure though, that Li You didn’t go through this monumental decision with her and just decide on things alone. "You are a man to your bones, you are just like my brother." Li You goes forward to hug her and says, "I can change a lot of things for you…….but for you, I will be willing not to change anything as well." Xiao Ju visibly softens, but the vibration of her phone causes her to jump apart from Li You.
Li You suspects that she has already liked someone else, but Xiao Ju says that it’s just a good friend. "Your friend is female?" "Yes." 
The next day, Li You goes to fetch Xiao Ju from her lesson, but she doesn’t want to and says that she’s going to Qiao Qiao’s house to study. Li You leaves angrily and this causes A Guo to be angry as well. Xiao Ju decides to stay over at Qiao Qiao’s house, but A Guo refuses to let her stay there. "Do you know that Li You has prepared your favourite dish? So you want to sleep over at your friend’s house, do you think that you can just go like that without permission?" 
Li You listens to A Guo’s words from the kitchen. 
She tells A Guo that she’s all right, and even shouts at A Guo that "You are still the same!", meaning that A Guo is still as narrow minded about love as usual, but A Guo shouts back, "What do you mean by still the same, the change that I went through for you and Xiao Ju, isn’t that enough?!" The fact that A Guo actually allowed Xiao Ju to be with her is obviously a very, very big compromise on A Guo’s part, so Li You has nothing to say. A Guo insists on calling Qiao Qiao’s house. 
In the end, Qiao Qiao’s mother gets angry with Xiao Ju and chases her home, because she’s scared that the two of them are lesbians and will do weird things in the room. Qiao Qiao gets angry with her mother and shouts at her, "YES!I’M A LESBIAN AND I WILL TELL YOU HONESTLY, I LIKE XIAO JU AND I WANT TO BE WITH HER!" She grabs her bag and rushes out of the house. Xiao Ju is waiting for her at the foot of the stairs, and they cry together. 
Qiao Qiao suggests for them to leave on their one week vacation right then, just so the both of them can leave and breathe for a while. Xiao Ju agrees and they get on to the bus. After they reach their bus stop, Xiao Ju listens to her voice mails and hears her brother scolding her for leaving after just a message that says, "Brother, I will be going on a vacation and I will be back in a few days." The next voice mail is actually from Li You, who tells her that she’s on her way back to Taipei. She just wants Xiao Ju to know that she loves her, and that she understands Xiao Ju for wanting to think things through. This whole episode has taught her that sometimes, things can be thought through as much as possible, but in the end, the result might be something unpredictable. (Because she has thought about the operation thing for 6 months, but turns out that Xiao Ju doesn’t want it at all.)
Qiao Qiao uploads the photos that she took the other time ( the kissing photos) on her blog without Xiao Ju knowing, and she writes that, "If there’s no space for us in this world, I would rather be with Xiao Ju forever than to survive in this world." Xiao Ju and her go to this accommodation thingy where they accidentally set fire to a very expensive bench. They have no money to repay the owner, and so they flee, but Xiao Ju feels very, very awful about it. While they’re in the bus, Qiao Qiao looks at the stone and thinks that she doesn’t mind dying if she can be with Xiao Ju. This causes Xiao Ju and Qiao Qiao to have the same dream — an encounter with Du, who tells them that if they don’t manage to overcome their obstacle, they will become stones as well. They wake up from the dream, and in order to make Xiao Ju feel better, Qiao Qiao writes a postcard to the owner to tell him that they will pay him back once they have the money. 
Xiao Dao goes to visit Shen Qi and Shen Qi asks why he’s alone. Xiao Dao tells Shen Qi that Qiao Qiao and Xiao Ju have disappeared and A Guo is very worried. 

Xiao Ju calls her family, not knowing that Qiao Qiao’s words and photos on her blog has already gone viral. Everyone has been leaving comments, and very nasty ones at that. That’s how Xiao Ju’s mother knows about this whole matter, and she calls Qiao Qiao a pervert who brings Xiao Ju wayward. Xiao Ju’s mother tries to convince her to come home, but her words only serve to backfire and Qiao Qiao helps Xiao Ju hang up on her mother. Shen Qi looks at the photos on Qiao Qiao’s blog and sees Du in one of the photos. Xiao Dao cannot see it, but Shen Qi realises that the stone is with the two of them. He asks if Xiao Dao knows where the two of them are, and Xiao Dao replies that if he knows, A Guo wouldn’t be in such a frenzy to find his sister. Shen Qi tells him that he needs to find the two of them soon, because they have the stone that can summon the Death Girl. Xiao Dao asks if he can leave the hospital, what with his fracture. 
Shen Qi decides to leave the hospital to find the two of them, and he manages the deduce their next destination.
Xiao Ju finally realises about the web sensation that they’ve caused because she manages to catch a news report on them (about how a pair of lesbians have run away from home and that they might want to commit suicide). The reporters are so bad that they even manage to find Li You and asks her about her connection with Xiao Ju. Li You looks very harassed and the stupid reporters even ask whose illegitimate daughters she is etc. Xiao Ju gets angry at Qiao Qiao for putting the photos up on her blog, but she forgives her in the end. (Grr seriously Qiao Qiao does things with no brains!!!!! Or like she should have done it with Xiao Ju’s permission). 
Li You gets even more and more harassed as more and more reporters congregate at her school area. She cries in frustration, and finally succumbs to the pressure. 
Xiao Ju and Qiao Qiao get chased by a policeman, and after escaping, Xiao Ju remarks that "This world really doesn’t suit us…." They decide to go to the beach side. On the way there, Xiao Ju sees a news report that reveal that Li You has committed suicide. A Guo looks at the news report and shakes his head in denial, muttering, "This is not real. This is not real." and ending up crying. Xiao Ju starts to cry and runs to the beach, yelling for Du to bring her away. Qiao Qiao hugs her and cries with her but Xiao Ju asks her to go back first. Qiao Qiao says that she wants to be with her forever, but Xiao Ju says that there’s no way she can bring herself to go back anymore. Du appears, and asks them if they really cannot overcome their own obstacles. Qiao Qiao says that "Anywhere is fine, as long as I can be with Xiao Ju." and Xiao Ju replies, "Anywhere is fine, as long as I can be with Qiao Qiao." -pause- WHAT ABOUT LI YOU ZOMG?! -unpause- Du holds the stone and looks at them.
Shen Qi and Xiao Dao arrive at the store that Xiao Ju and Qiao Qiao entered just minutes ago. 
Xiao Dao learns from the shop owner that the two of them had been there and had headed towards the sea. The two of them rush off, as the camera shows Xiao Ju and Qiao Qiao walking calmly into the sea, until a wave swallows them. Okay I criedD: By the time Shen Qi and Xiao Dao arrive, it’s too late. Shen Qi picks up the stone and tells Xiao Dao that it’s too late to save the two of them.


After their suicide, more reporters come to interview the school students, and Xiao Dao punches a reporter for ‘murdering’ his friends. (Yeah, you can see that in a way, because come on, this whole thing totally ended up like that because of the harassment from the reporters. tsk.)
– the end-
Slightly longer recaps this time!(and with more Aaron Yan, yay)
This is why I said that the only happy story is the previous one, and even then, it isn’t really happy, because everyone died in this story. AWW. I felt really sad, but I can’t help and feel a bit wasted for Li You. I mean…. she loves Xiao Ju so much, but Xiao Ju loves Qiao Qiao in the end?D: I guess the two of them can be stones forever… 
I really like Xiao Dao because he’s someone that places a lot of emphasis on friends, and despite his appearance, he’s actually someone who care about his grades (sort of… he wants to graduate at least). This really sucks because Xiao Dao is the lead of the next story…. and you guys know what happen to the leads right?D: 
I don’t know… this drama really makes me feel gloomy (well, true to its name) but I can’t stop watching it… It teaches me a lot of the diffferent stories and perspectives that could be happening right now to someone that we love, just that we don’t know because they hide it so well. Even if it’s happening to people I don’t know, I still feel sad for them, that the world is as such… 
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