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Gloomy Salad Days Episode 11 and 12 Recaps

Wow, I apologise for the late recaps!! I hope Livejournal will not ever crash again-.- It’s like I’m dying to do recaps and every time, I get a freaking "Your IP address is blocked." Zzz.

Xiao Dao gets scolded for beating the reporter up, and he’s going to get expelled from the school when the sir excuses him and gives him another chance. Shen Qi (oops I almost wanted to type Aaron hahaha) wakes up and discovers Du watching the news.

He asks why Du brought the girls away and he sounds very grumpy about it, because he thought that Du isn’t someone so cold-blooded and unfeeling. Du tells him that it were the girls who requested that of her, and it’s also them who couldn’t overcome their own obstacles.

After that, Shen Qi’s father comes in and happens to see the news report where Xiao Dao beated up the reporter. Shen Qi’s father tells him not to mix with this kind of friends anymore and lectures him for causing his wounds to tear open, resulting in another 2 months stay in the hospital. He tells Shen Qi that he has decided to take him out of the school, and he wants him to re-study that year, since he’s going to miss a lot of lessons while recuperating in the hospital.

Xiao Dao goes to his uncle’s shop which sells motorcycles and he sees Pei Pei there. Pei Pei is on good terms with his uncle, and after Pei Pei leaves with Xiao Dao, Xiao Dao’s uncle tells another guy that Pei Pei has pretty good riding skills even though she’s still young. Pei Pei starts whining that Xiao Dao doesn’t allow her to ride the motorcycle because she doesn’t have a license yet + Xiao Dao’s motorcycle is pretty hard to ride.

Xiao Dao rides to this place where he meets up with his friend called Li Qiang, who knows Pei Pei as well. While they’re talking and Pei Pei is whining to Li Qiang, another person, Ah Jie, turns up and tells Xiao Dao that his boss likes him a lot. After discussion, Xiao Dao decides to go with Ah Jie to meet this boss,called Kou Sang, who can take care of him (like stop the expulsion because this guy is someone who has good ties with both the bad guys like mafia and the good guys )

Li Qiang fetches Pei Pei home and notices that she’s not very willing to get on his bike because it’s like this old,grandpa-ry kind of motorcycle. He asks if Pei Pei will be willing to get fetched by him if he changes his motorcycle to a red, cool one and Pei Pei says yes. He asks, "What about Xiao Dao?" but Pei Pei asks him back, "Xiao Dao?" Li Qiang goes home, which is on the hills, and his father takes care of a big orchard. He asks his father for money to buy a new motorcycle and his father promises him that he will agree if the harvest is good. Ah Jie takes Xiao Dao to meet the boss, and after that, the boss asks Ah Jie to show Xiao Dao the ropes.

Xiao Dao sees Ah Jie pass a bag of what seems to be tea leaves to a guy and Ah Jie tells him that the job is done. After that, Ah Jie takes out a stack of money to be shared between the two of them, and Xiao Dao thinks the money is easily earned. He probably suspects that there’s some bad dealings going on.

In school, the teacher in charge confiscates a magazine and a handphone from Xiao Dao and Pei Pei. Xiao Dao gets very pissed off because he thinks that the teacher is picking on him, and she is.

The teacher even calls up Pei Pei’s mother to talk to her, and upon seeing the both of them together, Pei Pei gets worried that her mother will tell her father, which will most likely lead to her father pushing for her to go to America to continue her studies. Xiao Dao gets worried as well, (as it’s very evident to us that he likes her) but he asks Pei Pei not to joke around, when Pei Pei says that she should marry him and then her father wouldn’t be able to make her go anywhere.

Li Qiang tells Xiao Dao that he really wants to buy the red motorcycle in his uncle’s shop, but he has no money yet. Ironically, Xiao Dao is the one who manages to persuade his uncle to sell the motorcycle to Li Qiang at cost price, and he even manages to convince his uncle to let Li Qiang pay in installments. Oh, my heart just breaks for this kind of irony man.

Li Qiang takes Pei Pei out for a ride, and while they sit on the grass patch, Li Qiang confesses to Pei Pei. He asks if he is allowed to like her, and Pei Pei nods her head. Li Qiang decides to forget about Xiao Dao (hrumph).

Basically the two of them just get very happy HRUMPH and then when Xiao Dao calls, Li Qiang doesn’t pick up. He leans down to kiss Pei Pei and so the two of them engage in this happy couple-ly (possible) make out-ly time, while Xiao Dao wonders why Li Qiang doesn’t pick up his phone.

Okay lol, you can tell that I’m very grudgeful towards this haha!

Xiao Dao tries to invite Pei Pei out after school, but she makes up a lot of excuses, and that she has to go home. She asks Xiao Dao why he wants to find her, and he replies that he wants to visit Shen Qi at the hospital (even though honestly, he wants to give her her birthday present. Aww~) Pei Pei rejects him again, and Xiao Dao leaves in frustration. He decides to visit Shen Qi anyway and Shen Qi asks him why he’s alone.

He tells Shen Qi that he has something to give Pei Pei, but Pei Pei already has something on and needs to go home. Shen Qi laughs and says that then he should just go to Pei Pei’s house and pass her the present. Xiao Dao sees the sense in what he says, and he’s looking at the present — a model motorcycle, when Shen Qi needs to go for a checkup. After Shen Qi leaves, Shen Qi’s father sends an assistant to chase Xiao Dao out of the room. The assistant is very rude and he dumps Xiao Dao’s things back into his bag, asking him to leave. What he doesn’t know is that he has accidentally put Shen Qi’s stone into Xiao Dao’s bag.

After Shen Qi comes back from his check up, he is surprised that Xiao Dao isn’t inside. Then, he realises that his stone has disappeared. He starts to find it frantically, but to no avail.

Outside Pei Pei’s house, Pei Pei tells Li Qiang that she still hasn’t told Xiao Dao about them being together, and that she has managed to sneak out of the house because she was inspired by Xiao Dao (the excuse of visiting a friend at the hospital). Pei Pei hops on to Li Qiang’s motorcycle and they ride off. This scene is seen by Xiao Dao who feels hurt and betrayed, and he throws the model onto the floor, before following them on his motorcycle.

Li Qiang takes Pei Pei to a room and he takes out a guitar to croon a song for her, ending with "I love you." He tells her that he knows it’s her birthday and she’s very surprised. He thinks that Xiao Dao also knows that it’s her birthday, but she says that she doubts that Xiao Dao will remember. (NEVER MAKE ASSUMPTIONS HMM) Li Qiang starts to find a card that he has written for her, but he couldn’t find it. Turns out he drops it outside, by his motorcycle, and this card is read by Xiao Dao, who crushes it into a ball.

Xiao Dao’s very angry and he drives off to the place under the bridge. He throws the stone in the air and scolds Li Qiang for betraying him. Du suddenly appears and catches the stone. She asks him if he wants Li Qiang to disappear and he says yes, that if Li Qiang disappears, that no one will snatch Pei Pei, and that it’s Li Qiang’s fault for having no loyalty to friends, when Li Qiang knows that Xiao Dao likes Pei Pei since young. Du says that she can grant him his wish, but — will that make Xiao Dao any better than Li Qiang?

In the end, Xiao Dao just ends up in this very bad mood and after some probing, Ah Jie learns that Li Qiang stole Pei Pei away. Ah Jie decides to ‘scold’ Li Qiang ( in the gangsterly way) and saying stuff like "Do you think Pei Pei really likes you? She only likes your motorcycle!" Li Qiang gets agitated by what he says, and he decides to return the motorcycle to Xiao Dao’s uncle, who accepts the return even though there’s some scatches on the motorcycle because "You’re Xiao Dao’s good friend." Oh the irony~~

Kou Sang’s people find Li Qiang’s dad to ask him to sell his land, but Li Qiang’s dad is adamant on not selling. At night, there’s a phone call from Pei Pei who asks Li Qiang to pick her up the next day because she doesn’t want to squeeze in the public bus. She puts down the phone before Li Qiang could say anything.

Kou Sang has some simple job for them to do — simply go up the hills and disinfect a well. He even gives them one huge stack of money, and Xiao Dao is happy that he can earn so much from such a simple job.

Pei Pei looks very downcast that Li Qiang comes with the old bike. Li Qiang sees her reaction and decides to break up with her, telling her that he will get Xiao Dao to come and fetch her instead. Pei Pei looks very angry when Xiao Dao fetches her to school. Xiao Dao finally gives her the model as a present, and apologises for the scratches on the model. Pei Pei misunderstands that it’s Xiao Dao who has said something mean to Li Qiang, thus causing the break up. She throws the model on the floor and runs off.

Shen Qi goes to the library but is denied access because he’s no longer a student there, even though he still has the uniform.

While I was watching this scene, all I could think of was " HELLO YOU SEE THIS GOOD LOOKING SINCERE GUY WITH NICE EYES AND YOU DENIED HIM ACCESS TO A LIBRARY?!" Hahahah please don’t mind me~~

Anyway, Shen Qi leaves in disappointment and he turns around for one last look for Du, before going off. Du appears in the air after he turns his back, and at the same time, Pei Pei comes to talk to Li Qiang. She learns that it’s not Xiao Dao’s fault for causing the break up. In fact, Li Qiang has thought over it properly, and he thinks that it will not work out between the both of them. He’s going to stay behind and take care of the orchards, but Pei Pei will want to go Taipei. Pei Pei tells him that she already scolded Xiao Dao, oh no.

At night, Xiao Dao, Ah Jie and a sidekick go to the well, and Li Qiang sees Xiao Dao zooming up the road. Ah Jie wants Xiao Dao to pour the disinfectant, which he does, and he remarks that the disinfectant smells really gross. After that, Ah Jie brings Xiao Dao out for clubbing.

The next day, the health board comes to tell the whole village that their well water has poison inside, and that the whole land is not condusive for having orchards anymore. Every single villager gets very agitated and they want the health board to do the evaluation again, and out of them all, the most agitated person is Li Qiang’s father. In the end, the health board wants them to close the orchards down and stop selling their fruits. Li Qiang’s father is the most emotionally impacted by this, and he refuses to believe that his fruits have any problems. In an attempt to show defiance to the board, Li Qiang’s father attempts suicide with poison. Xiao Dao sees the news report on this, and tells Ah Jie that he wants to visit Li Qiang’s father in the hospital. Ah Jie seems surprised that Xiao Dao still treats Li Qiang as a friend.

At the hospital, Xiao Dao comforts Li Qiang and they start talking about Pei Pei. It’s obvious that Xiao Dao decides to give Pei Pei up. Li Qiang apologises and says that it’s his fault for not thinking properly. "You know Pei Pei likes you first…" Li Qiang tells Xiao Dao, and Xiao Dao replies, "But…. she falls in love with you after that."

Xiao Dao asks Li Qiang if the two of them are still buddies, and Li Qiang nods his head. The two of them smile at each other as they become good friends again. Xiao Dao asks if Li Qiang wants to follow him to work for Kou Sang, because Kou Sang takes pretty good care of them. Li Qiang starts to have some inkling, and he asks what Xiao Dao was doing at the hills the other day. Xiao Dao says that they only pour disinfectant down the well. Li Qiang becomes very agitated, because the waters for the villages are all connected, meaning if one well is contaminated, all the other wells will also be. He starts to accuss Xiao Dao for harming his father, and Xiao Dao thinks that there’s some misunderstanding somewhere, but the lack of denial from Ah Jie causes him to realise that something is wrong.

Later, Ah Jie tells him the truth that he already knows what the disinfectant really is — poison. Xiao Dao wants to stop doing this (they’re supposed to pour another massive container of disinfectant down that day) but Ah Jie warns him not to betray Kou Sang. Xiao Dao seems submissive at first and Ah Jie goes into a room to take the poison, when Xiao Dao creeps up behind him and knocks him unconscious. He takes the container and locks Ah Jie in the room. That night, he brings another sidekick to the well, and asks the sidekick to pour the stuff in the container down the well. While I was wondering HEH YOU MEAN HE STILL CONTINUED?!, a comment from the sidekick,"How come the disinfectant smells like milk?" reveals the truth. AWW<3

Xiao Dao goes to Kou Sang’s house, and he sees Ah Jie running up to Kou Sang and telling him what Xiao Dao has done. Kou Sang instructs Ah Jie to smash Xiao Dao’s uncle shop and Ah Jie runs off. Not long after, Xiao Dao receives a call from his uncle who says, "Don’t come back!" and his uncle groans because Ah Jie hits his head and says, "I tell you to tell him to come back, what do you mean by don’t come back?"

Ah Jie takes the phone back and threatens Xiao Dao. Xiao Dao does another submissive stunt and Ah Jie tells him, "I’m glad that you still know your place."

Kou Sang drives off in his chauffered car, and Xiao Dao follows behind, with some determination to carry out something. He reaches out for the stone and throws it, yelling for Du to appear, which she does.

Du asks if he wants to become a stone, and he says that he doesn’t care as long as Du helps him to chase up with Kou Sang’s car. Du knows that he wants her to bring Kou Sang away, but reminds him that he will turn into a stone if she helps him. "I don’t care if I turn into a stone. If he continues to live, he will only bring more harm to other people!"

Thus, Xiao Dao manages to gain extra speed with Du’s help and soon, Kou Sang realises that Xiao Dao is behind him. Not knowing what is Xiao Dao’s intention, Kou Sang instructs the chauffer to block Xiao Dao’s way. Xiao Dao takes a look at Du, breathes in deeply, yells and drives his motorcycle right into Kou Sang’s car.

Shen Qi opens his window and sees something. He realises that it’s Du, and he knows that someone must have died. That scene ends with Xiao Dao lying in a pool of blood on the ground, and Kou Sang stumbling out of the car, before collapsing next to Xiao Dao.

A period of time later, Pei Pei sets up a club on motorcycles, and Li Qiang sits in the club room, crooning a love song ( so I supposed they’re together? hrumph). Li Qiang congratulates Pei Pei on being the president of the club, and she says that if Xiao Dao is still around, he will be the president instead.

-the end-

AWW~ I really like both Xiao Dao and Chen Yi(the actor!!) I like how Xiao Dao stays true to his character and maintain his loyalty to friends from the start till the end, and that he’s willing to sacrifice to stop Kou Sang from bringing any more damage to others. In a sense, you can say that he couldn’t get past his own emotional barrier, but then, I feel like this one is more of a… sacrifice, rather than him being overcome by the difficulty.

I felt very sad that before his death, Li Qiang still didn’t forgive him. Haiz, and not to mention that I also felt very sad that Pei Pei and him could have been together if any one of them confessed to each other. NOT TO MENTION THAT I (think I’m) sad that Li Qiang and Pei Pei are happily together while Xiao Dao’s being a stone of the bridge. Hrumph. Hahaha.

I guess this short story is more special in a sense, because initially, I thought that Xiao Dao would die because he couldn’t overcome the obstacle of being betrayed by his friend, but it turns out that it’s because of a totally different reason.

Before I leave this, have I mentioned before…. how can any girl look at Aaron in his school uniform and marvel at how amazing he looks in a simple school uniform?!! No? It’s just me?



  1. So… exactly what role does Aaron Yan have in the drama? Does he just appear randomly or does he have a purpose? I mean, I’m not complaining or anything (who would? It’s AARON YAN!!) but I am a bit confused 🙂


    • Haha! Okay basically he doesn’t play a super major role like the conventional male leads in that sense. He’s just someone who can see Du even without using the stone, and the last short story is actually going to be about him and Du, but the majority of the drama is based on many short stories…so I wouldn’t say that he appears just randomly, just that his role isn’t very obvious until towards the last few episodes(:


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