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Hey guys! I’ve came back from a mini vacation, so I shall be updating thoughtsramble pretty soon!

I’m going crazy with Livejournal. Is it just my computer, or does Livejournal suck big time? Whenever I spot a spelling mistake in my entries and I want to correct it, the entry goes bonkers and all the alignment goes HAYWIRE. I’ve also mentioned before about how my entries will get deleted when I post them. Sometimes, when I edited the entry, and I saved the entry, it’s still not edited. Why?

I’m really reluctant to change to other platforms because it would be really troublesome, and I’m the kind that is quite adverse to change lol. But seriously, it’s going to affect the quality of my recapsD: So guys, if sometimes you spot spelling mistakes, or that the alignment is really strange and haywire, do pardon meD:



  1. OOH I SEE YAMAPI hahahah:P

    Wow first time that you’ve logged in^^ See, since your comments can’t load, doesn’t this mean that Livejournal is strange?:O

    I’ve just borrowed someone else’s computer and now it works fine, so I’m guessing it might have something to do with my computer… but that sounds quite strange to me.. This alignment problem only occurs in a post full of screenshots, and LJ cut, so I guess the ‘complexity’ of it just messes things up? ><

    Haha whoo~ sometimes I dare not edit the spelling mistakes so I will just leave it there haha. LOL I get what you mean hahah!


    • Anonymous says

      Yes… first time I logged in for ur LJ… haha. probably my last if LJ doesnt mess up again. lazy = me.
      Maybe LJ is strange because they are revamping something up or updating of some sort? I don’t know.
      To be honest, I’m not exactly a computer genius.. I’m not even a computer proficient person. ha. XD

      yes… Yamapi… he and NEWS were one of my old virtual stalking targets back in the days… Obsession would be an understatement. Now, not so much but I really like this particular pix of him I found a long time ago so my avatar is stuck with that pic since forever.. Plus like I said, I dont like change much and it’s too troublesome to find an avatar I would be satisfied with… If I had to change it now, it would perhaps be an avatar of super junior, a korean band. they have like 13 + 2 members so if i put all 15 of them in my avatar, it would be too crunched up and if i put only one of them, i wouldnt be able to decide which one. -_-”

      Well, for current taiwanese dramas, I heard drunken to love and sunny happiness were good dramas although I personally haven’t watched much of them yet, just a few episodes… and there’s a bunch of other tw dramas comin up as well like hayate, or material queen, or extravagant challenge… I’m totally going to watch EC because 1. I’m a suju fan and 2. I’ve been rereading skip beat… I stopped midway because the story went a bit crazy but rereading the manga a second time made me obsessed with it again…
      as for korean dramas/japanese dramas… there’s a BUNCH of them right now.. I’m having an overdose…

      Um… I’m not sure if I read your LJ when you wrote about Nodame but I remember going through all of your old posts (there weren’t many back then) so I definitely read your nodame post. I think it was the post that made me go “wow.. so much in common in terms of taste. XD”

      Oh… so you’re a Jay Chou fan? haha… I honestly admire him a LOT for his talent, especially how beastly he is at piano (o_O) and I like his songs… but WLH is like my ideal man… If I ever could fall in love with someone, WLH would be the most likely guy. XD
      Maybe it’s actually good you don’t know much about him or I might have to compete with you.. XD

      I have a total weakness for guys talented in music…do you know anson hu? or jjlin? they are not that good looking but i like their music. my latest crush has been korean TRAX jungmo… I’m half in love with him already just because he plays instruments well. XD
      actually, i have a weakness for all guys with talents.
      it’s like decent looking + talent = *total swooning* for me.
      like harry shum jr, the guy who play mike in Glee (it’s an american show) danced his way into my heart. XD ok.. I’ll shup up and stop talking about boys… I can go on and on forever…

      if u like jay… did you watch green hornet?

      and wow.. that was a long comment. *cross my fingers* hope LJ wont mess up when i post it.


      • Wow long reply! Hahaha(Y)Lol same I’m a computer noob as well:P

        Oh yeah I remembered about that time when you were trending one of the superjunior’s members on twitter right? 😀 Hahah ooh Yamapi is my fave celeb last time too! Until Aaron came into the picture hee hee:P Lol really!! I’m starving for dramas! I was going to watch Lie To Me, but my friend told me it sucked, so don’t bother… as for Japanese Dramas I’m watching a not-so-recent one of Toda Erika’s… but I still want more!

        Lol yeahh we do have a lot of common tastes eh 😛 I finished watching Nodame the live action drama just yesterday and it was shooo awesome!! Hee hee the music and the characters


  2. Anonymous says

    o.k,here goes my first comment!I just found your blog and i have to say;i am amazed by your journal and your effort.So, i am off to some reading!


  3. Anonymous says

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