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The Clue Collector/ Pi Li MIT Episode 4 Recap

Hello everyone! Now that I’m having a break, I will be doing more recaps/reviews, so do look forward for that! Right here, we have MIT’s recap hur hur. Now that I’m rewatching, I’m very tempted to buy the DVD of this:P

The episode starts with a girl going to the old campus to meet someone called the Evil Wolf. In the end, she gets hit on the head and becomes unconscious. She wakes up to find Teacher Cherry asking her if she can recognise a famous Taiwanese model called Lin Zhi Ling. 007 tells someone in the computer that Teacher Cherry’s investigation with Shen Xiu Jun, the girl, shows that she only went there to meet Evil Wolf, but she doesn’t know who Evil Wolf is. He even told her not to reveal the secret, but she doesn’t know what secret he’s talking about.

The person he’s talking to is actually Lucifer, who is stuck in her own dorm since it’s past curfew times. 007 calmly tells her that her best camera angle is bottom left and 45 degrees. She says that he should have said so earlier because she doesn’t want to look like a pig. She starts clearing up her room, but in an attempt to find her phone which just receives a new sms, she accidentally throws her panty on to the camera.

Hahaha you can see that 007 is being very calm while 747 oogles. Lucifer immediately grabs her panty and starts wailing. 007 switches off the camera, and 187 laughs, afterwhich he makes the observation that it’s time for Lucifer to play the game. The next morning, 007 says that Evil Wolf has left nothing but the IP address which leads to one of the computers in the library. However, he has deleted all conversation with Shen Xiu Jun, so this means that the IP address is left there deliberately as a clue. Lucifer is wearing a mask because she can’t bring herself to face 007, while 747 has grown an eye infection which is a saying in Chinese to mean that you saw something which you shouldn’t.

Lucifer immediately grabs 747 to go for investigation, and as they have their meals in the cafeteria, she is worried that 007 thinks she’s someone who walks around showing her underpants.

Then, she sees Shen Xiu Jun walk near a table and all the girls vacate that table. She says sadly that seeing Shen Xiu Jun reminds her of herself before she joins MIT, because no one wanted to talk to her last time as well, since they all thought that she’s weird. She eats alone, converses alone etc. 747 says that he’s willing to accompany her for all her meals next time. Shen Xiu Jun accidentally bumps into a guy, and Lucifer rushes up to help her pick up the mess.

Teacher Cherry wants 007 to tell 187 that the girl he’s hugging right now has a father who is the leader of the mafia, but he replies that he’s trying to find out if there are other girls who went online to meet Evil Wolf. 007 tells him to say that to the camera himself, and because of his own words, he realises that the security camera is one place they haven’t checked. Indeed, there is a footage of Evil Wolf who goes near the camera and tips his baseball cap before walking out of the library. Teacher Cherry remarks that he’s very stylish, but changes her words to mean that she cannot see his face.

187 cannot understand why girls will be so stupid to meet someone called Evil Wolf, and that Shen Xiu Jun is like a dinosaur girl (ugly). Lucifer gets sad and shouts that girls like them will be very happy to have friends, regardless if they are called Evil Wolf or 007. She runs out after that. 007 looks at his watch, and says that he has something on. Teacher Cherry laughs and says, after he leaves, that if he likes her, he should just say so. Lucifer thinks that 007 came out to console her.

However, he walks past her and turns out, he wants to go for the cafeteria’s challenge. After the boss tells him that the challenge is over, he turns and walks back, without saying anything to Lucifer.

Wu Zhi Feng invites Lu Ke Ying to go for a basketball competition the next day, and Chen Yi Hong says that he’s sucking up to Lu Ke Ying, whom he has previously insulted to be a pile of dog shit. They end up in a fight. Teacher Lu says that out of the 100 students who have signed up to go for the exchange with Hayden, a prestigious school in England, she has narrowed it down to 3 — Lu Ke Ying, Chen Yi Hong and Wu Zhi Feng. While discussing with the principal about which student to send over there, she gets a phone call, about the fight. In the end, Lu Ke Ying confesses that he’s the one who started the fight, even though he isn’t. However, Teacher Lu still has to deal out punishment anyway, and Lu Ke Ying is taken out of the consideration for the student exchange program.

187 and Teacher Cherry go on this competition to find the guy who wears the baseball cap, and of course 187 wins with his network information. He gets a photo of a guy wearing the baseball cap, and 747 and 007 take this photo to ask around. 747 starts twisting this guy’s arm just to make sure he didn’t see the guy before, and 007 tells him to stop. So farny!

After the innocent guy leaves, 747 tells 007 that Lucifer didn’t appear today and he should give her a call. Lucifer is listening to them behind.

747 starts to scold 007 because of his indifferent attitude and Lucifer appears shouting, "Stop quarrelling!" She runs up and tells 007 that even though she knows she’s very troublesome, she really wants to be his partner. At this moment, 007 notices a guy who wears the baseball cap and runs after him, but still loses his trace. He runs back and says, "You are really troublesome, to pick this kind of time to make trouble." Lucifer retorts, "I know I’m troublesome, so I shall stay far far away from you. Is 100 metres enough!" She runs off and 747 follows.

She meets Shen Xiu Jun who lends her a handkerchief. She tells Shen Xiu Jun that 007 didn’t bully her, and she sighs that she should have said one metre instead of 100 metres. Lol!

Shen Xiu Jun runs off after 747 appears. Lucifer receives a phone call and thinks that it must be 007 calling to apologise, but it turns out to be a recorded message from the person who is playing the game (let’s call the person the mastermind from now on :D) The mastermind says that his aim is to eliminate all the shallow girls like her. Lucifer is determined to show 007 that she’s not just pure trouble, so she goes to the chatroom and dares Evil Wolf to appear. All the MIT members see and Teacher Cherry tries to tell her not to be foolish, but Lucifer turns off the conference speakers. Evil Wolf appears and tells her to meet him at the girls’ toilet. Other MIT members could not see this message and they get worried, knowing that Lucifer is going to go solve things on her own.

187 guesses correctly that Lucifer must have an argument with 007 but Lucifer tells him not to joke anymore and requests for Teacher Cherry to track down the IP address. This address leads them to Lu Ke Ying’s room where 007 finds the baseball cap. While this is happening, Chen Yi Hong comes in on them and calls Teacher Lu to tell her that the two of them are in Lu Ke Ying’s room. As Lucifer walks quietly towards the toilet, 747 suddenly hears a noise downstairs and rushes down. Lucifer notices someone who dash into the toilet and follows, only to find herself trapped by a guy who tells her, "If you want to reveal the secret to the whole world, I will die with you!" At the same time, 747 finds out that the noise belongs to a girl, Zhang Xuan Hui, who has come here to meet Evil Wolf.

Lucifer bites the arm of Evil Wolf and escapes, right into the arms of 747.

She asks 747 not to tell 007 that she’s scared and 747 hugs her while she cries. Lu Ke Ying is summoned for investigation by Teacher Cherry, who asks him about the baseball cap. He recalls that Wu Zhi Feng was the one who gave it to him, and lies that the baseball cap belongs to him. Teacher Cherry asks him what he was doing between 9 to 10 that night, and he says that he’s on the rooftop alone. Teacher Lu comes along to tell Teacher Cherry that she was with Lu Ke Ying, and they had an argument over how Lu Ke Ying purposely got into trouble just so he didn’t need to be eligible for the exchange program.

The next day, Teacher Cherry comes up with a new system of pairing — those who pick the red bean buns shall be in one group. She calls out, "Lucifer, 007 take your pick!" 747 looks around and sees no Lucifer, until she appears by the tall bushes. Teacher Cherry helps her pick one bun, which is red bean, and she asks 007 to pick one as well. 007 chooses one and breaks it into half.

The bun… is also red bean! Teacher Cherry happily pairs the both of them together while 007 asks, "Teacher! Why are you playing such childish games with her?"

She tells him to just quickly go and pair with Lucifer, who is already waiting for him. He holds the buns in his hands and goes off with Lucifer, while 747 looks downcast.

Haha 187 guesses correctly once again that all the buns are red bean buns actually, and 747 is shocked to hear that there are more red bean beans. Lucifer tells 007 that she will not sit next to him, until he acknowledges that they are partners. He gives her his Yacult, and she remarks that she loves Yacult. He smiles.

Lucifer says that they need to be serious in their investigation and 007 observes that Shen Xiu Jun and the other girl remain calm even after being threatened by Evil Wolf. Lucifer says that this shows how much 007 doesn’t understand girls’ feelings. "Before I met you…"

"Before I met a certain meanie… I was also alone…until I meet someone who knows what I like to eat, someone who has telepathy with me… and I just stupidly give him my feelings." Aww!

Then, the cafeteria guy comes over and asks if 007 wants to participate in the challange the next day.

Which is basketball bullfighting!! Whoo~~

747 tells 007 that even though he may be smarter, but 747’s physicality is definitely better than him.

007 laughs and says, "We shall see". -heart-melting smile-

Of course, 007 wins in the end, but he’s actually on the same team as 747 and 187, just that he scores most of the shots. As Wu Zhi Feng comes over to say how much he enjoyed playing with them, 007 notices that there’s a cut on his right arm.

He asks about it, and Wu Zhi Feng quickly covers the cut, while saying that his cat scratched him. Lu Ke Ying says that he has a cat too and he can recognise straight away that’s a scratch done by a cat. 007 looks at Lu Ke Ying, before smiling and saying, "I see."

Teacher Cherry immediately pretends to be a nurse and calls to remind Wu Zhi Feng about bringing his cat for vaccination. He replies that he doesn’t have a cat.  007 says that now what they have to do is to bait Wu Zhi Feng. Wu Zhi Feng is shown walking towards the basketball court in the old campus, and there he meets Shen Xiu Jun. He immediately shouts at her and asks her why she wanted to meet him even though he told her not to say anything the last time. She protests that she’s not the one who asked him out, and suddenly Zhang Xuan Hui flings herself onto him, trying to pull him off. Teacher Cherry appears, saying that she was the one who sent the sms. 

Shen Xiu Jun says that she didn’t intentionally lie to Teacher Cherry, "But no one is going to believe that I’ve dated Wu Zhi Feng before! After all, he is a white listed honour roll student." Zhang Xuan Hui goes through the same thing and she reveals that Wu Zhi Feng threatens her not to show others the intimate photos they’ve taken. Wu Zhi Feng tells Teacher Lu that those photos don’t mean anything. 

Teacher Cherry tells her father/ principal that she thinks someone uses Evil Wolf to set up Zhang Xuan Hui, Wu Zhi Feng and Shen Xiu Jun so that the matter of him toying with girls’ feelings will be exposed. She wants to continue investigating, but Teacher Lu tells her that it’s enough and that Wu Zhi Feng is willing to take his own punishment. The principal refuses to let Teacher Cherry continue investigating. 

Lucifer is adamant on continuing though, and 187 asks why, since she was the one who hated jerks that treats ugly girls badly. 

She replies that to her, that’s fake justice and she wants to find the real culprit. She looks hopefully at 007 and says, "007! You are the one with the most sense of justice, I know that you want to catch Evil Wolf right?" 
007 looks at her and replies coldly, "I’m not the hero that you imagine to be, so don’t expect me to catch any Evil Wolf."
Lucifer runs out of the hall and 747 follows. 187 smiles at one side, while 007 looks frustrated. 747 sees Lucifer crying and he struggles for while thinking, " If I like her, I will have to take care of her forever, but I will die at the age of 20!" In the end, he settles for lending her his jacket to cry on.
She replies that she doesn’t need it because she has a handkerchief already. She takes it out and sees the dog pattern on it. Immediately, she recalls that Shen Xiu Jun and Xiang Xuan Hui have the same pattern as well. She follows Shen Xiu Jun, to find her talking to Xiang Xuan Hui like a good friend. She takes out her phone to call 007, but decides that she shall solve this alone to prove to 007 that she’s the best partner. 

Hence, Lucifer goes online again and calls for Evil Wolf to come out, telling him/her that she knows the real identity. Someone calls her, and she looks at her phone in fear. The MIT members see what Lucifer has done, and they try calling her phone but she doesn’t pick up. 007 and Teacher Cherry rush to her dorm to find her, but she’s not in there. 747 and 187 try finding her around the school, while 747 yells that Lucifer shouldn’t have fallen in love with such a heartless guy like 007. Teacher Cherry says that even if he wants to beat up 007 there and then, there’s no time. 007 sees the handkerchief left on Lucifer’s table and realises that Lucifer must have found out that Shen Xiu Jun and Xiang Xuan Hui are good friends, and not strangers as they claim. 
187 decides to use his geek network as the last resort. 007 goes and takes a look at Lucifer’s desktop. He sees a video and opens it. It turns out to be a video of Lucifer who tells him, "If anything happens to me, I know that 007 will be able to find me through telepathy." She holds out the fortune cookies in her hands. 187 finds out from one geek that Shen Xiu Jun and Xiang Xuan Hui are last seen in the library. As Teacher Cherry and 007 dash towards there, 007 sees something on the floor. It’s a piece of a fortune cookie. He tracks these bits and pieces while Teacher Cherry rushes towards the library, where the rest find the two girls drugged unconscious. 
After they awake, they confess that it’s someone online who taught them how to set up Wu Zhi Feng and take revenge for his heartlessness. 007 hears this through the conference speakers and deduces that someone else must have taught them in order to expose what Wu Zhi Feng’s doings and also to pull Lu Ke Ying into this matter. He continues to follow the cookies. In the meanwhile, Lucifer drops one last piece right in front of the door and opens it. Immediately she gets grabbed by a guy who demands for the evidence. She realises that she must have thought wrongly since it’s a guy who grabbed her and not girls. In the midst of the struggle, the guy flings Lucifer off, who hits her head and falls unconscious. 
007 kneels down to pick up a piece and as he looks up, he sees a guy walking towards him. When the guy crosses paths with him, he spots a ring on his last finger, and recalls that the person who tips his baseball cap in front of the library’s security camera also has a ring on his last finger. He tells Teacher Cherry that he knows who is the real identity of Evil Wolf but he must leave it up to them to catch him as he has to check on Lucifer. When he reaches the room, he sees someone lying on the ground and he shouts, "Li Xiao Xing!" 

-fangirl fangirl-

Hur hur aww 007 you actually care a lot for her! 

Teacher Cherry, 747, 187 and Teacher Lu corner the real Evil Wolf, who is Chen Yi Hong. Teacher Cherry tells him that it’s the ring which gives him away, and he knows that he can’t get away with this. He came up with this plan because he knows that if he doesn’t eliminate the other two people, he will never be able to go to Hayden for the exchange program.

Teacher Cherry rushes to his locker but finds that Chen Yi Hong has already broken the game disc into half. No clues there. D: 

187 gives Chen Yi Hong a punch and says that even though he doesn’t like geeks, nerds, ugly girls, but that gives Chen Yi Hong no rights to do things to Lucifer like that, "because she’s MIT’s flower!" Aww~~

Okay this is an important scene in MIT — 

As 007 waits for Lucifer to wake up, he says, 

"Li Xiao Xing, it’s not that I dislike you… the one that I don’t like.. is me… everytime I see you, it’s like I look into a mirror, I see my own flaws, I see the reality that I don’t want to face… I can’t be the detective that you imagine… because I have a weird disease, that not only disappoints my father, but also you… Sorry…" -spazzing-

By then, Lucifer has woken up and she sits up right, murmuring, "007" before —

giving him a kiss on the cheek. 

AH AH AH~~~ (Guilun so cute! Never thought that there will be a day when I approve of GuiGui hahaha) 
747 happily bounces to the door and 187 tells him, "I advice you not to go in right now." 747 looks at him but ignores his advice. Poor 747 is heartbroken when he sees Lucifer kissing 007. Lucifer looks up at him —

and 747 quickly retreats out. 187 tells him to list down the qualities in a girl that he wants and he will find one for him. 747 sighs and says that he realises one thing, "A hero is always alone." Oh man poor 747! 

Teacher Cherry receives yet another piece of a puzzle and while she gets angry about this mastermind who keeps leaving these pieces, she gets a call. 

-the end-

Yay! I distinctly remember that it was from this episode onwards where I start liking the pairing of Lucifer and 007 because hahah they are just too cute together! Of course, I don’t think I approve much of GuiGui’s acting yet when I watched this way back a few weeks ago, because her voice is still very screechy when she needs to shout or scream. 

Hur hur I guess no one needs MIT recaps for a preview of the drama eh? But I’m still going to continue writing them because it’s a joy to rewatch and talk about all those classic scenes again. So if you are a MIT fan, do remember to comment! 😀


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