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The Clue Collector/ Pi li MIT Episode 5 Recap

Hello! Here’s another recap^^

A girl keeps screaming as she runs down the corridor in fear. Turns out she’s just posing for the camera for her fellow club mate. She goes off to find another roll of film, and he is left alone, when he gets attacked from the back. Teacher Cherry is shown holding on to a heavy object that looks suspiciously like the weapon. 

Everyone believes that Teacher Cherry is the one who hurt Dai Zhi Xun, the guy who was injured. Teacher Angel told Teacher Cherry to go home and stay there for the time being. 007 asks 187 to find out where Xie Yi Qian, the girl, is, when all the students hear a scream. Xie Yi Qian is shown lying on the ground and Teacher Cherry rummages through her belongings trying to find something. Teacher Angel walks up behind her as students crowd around the area. Teacher Cherry says that she will investigate the matter herself but Teacher Angel says that she’s the one in charge of this. She turns around and sees this —
Whoo! MIT members~~
and continues, "If anyone, including you (referring to Teacher Cherry) does something rashly, I will not hesitate to punish accordingly." Of course that’s not going to stop MIT members as they try to find clues about Teacher Cherry. 187 finds a box with jigsaw puzzles inside and says that it seems to be from her lover. 007 recalls about the previous cases and deduces that four puzzle pieces stand for the four cases they have solved. 187 says if that’s the case… then the mysterious person who has been playing games with them along… might very well be Teacher Cherry herself. 747 thinks that Teacher Cherry is not as evil as they describe but 007 shows them what he has found on Teacher Cherry’s computer — detailed profile done up on Lucifer, 007, 747 and 187 — with details that even their parents don’t know. 
747 somersaults into the crime scene and signals for 007 to enter, saying that "There’s no one inside." 007 answers, "Of course I know that there’s no one. There’s a big sign that says "Entry prohibited" Who else other than us would come here?" Lol! 747 asks why 007 assigns him to be his bodyguard, instead of joining Lucifer and 187 in investigating. "Lucifer can change her appearance can you?" 007 answers. Lucifer is shown walking towards Dai Zhi Xun with a new hairdo and nerdy specs. 
She asks for Dai Zhi Xun’s words on what happened that night because she wants to write an article on it as her submission for joining the journalists’ club. 
747 thinks that 007 finally figures out he’s smarter than 187, but 007 snubs him by saying that 187 can get any girl to say the truth to him. 187 gets Xie Yi Qian to tell him about her attack. Apparently, she was walking back to her dorm when she saw Teacher Cherry behind her. She ran and then she got attacked. She receives an sms and quickly runs out. 187 follows her and meets with Lucifer. Lu Ke Ying is inside the room and he expresses desire to learn from Dai Zhi Xun, who tells him not to come again. After he leaves, Xie Yi Qian tells him that someone is going to reveal something about Teacher Cherry. Dai Zhi Xun expresses indifference, so Xie Yi Qian is determined to find out about the matter herself. 187 manages to get his girlfriend (oh well, one of the many:P) to find out what’s in the sms. 
This is how MIT members know where to lie in ambush that night. Lucifer tells 007 that she specially makes tea eggs based on a recipe her mother gave her and she peels the tea eggs for 007 to eat. 187 says that he didn’t know that a hero is not only lonely, but also capable of being jealous. 747 goes to the toilet and scolds his reflection, "Why are you being jealous for!" Through the reflection, he sees someone run past and gives chase. At the last minute, Xie Yi Qian receives another sms and runs to another meeting spot. 007 and others follow her and there’s a moment where they lose her. Xie Yi Qian gets grabbed by someone, who quickly runs away when MIT members catch up. The person manages to escape because Lucifer throws a badly-aimed tea egg that hits 187’s forehead and causes 007 to slip. Xie Yi Qian says that the person didn’t give her anything nor say anything and she quickly walks away. 
007 blames Lucifer for losing the person, "Don’t let me see those disgusting tea eggs anymore," and she says that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Turns out that the person gave a roll of film to Xie Yi Qian, and this film contains photos of Teacher Cherry being very friendly to the point of intimate with a student called Luo Jia Hao. At the same time, Teacher Angel receives the photos and wants Teacher Cherry’s dad to do something, but he tells her to ignore it. However, those photos are already published in the school newspaper. 187 is stunned that someone who is ranked #97 on the most Handsome Guys list can attract Teacher Cherry.
Lucifer says, "Even though I’m still angry with 007, but he’s really very shuai!"
Once again, 007 wins the challenge and smiles as he brings the prize back to the table with applause from other students. 
He sets the buns down on the table and 747 is like, "How can you still have the emotion to do challenges?" Oh 747, then why are you taking up the bun to eat? XD Hahaha.

007 says that it’s crucial to find out what the link is between Teacher Cherry and the students. 

Lucifer has already found a magazine from last time that talks about the connection. Luo Jia Hao almost caused another member of the journalists’ club to go blind and Teacher Cherry was the one who managed to get him to turn over a new leaf. The students who were present then were Lu Ke Ying, Dai Zhi Xun and Xie Yi Qian. MIT wants to have a talk with Teacher Cherry but she’s being held hostage by Teacher Angel. 
747 dresses up as a girl to sneak into the girls’ dorm. Lucifer counts down to something, as 747 mutters, "No body odour, okay. No bad breath, okay. No eyes’ secretion, okay." Lucifer announces, "Time’s up!" 
And then 747 is thrown on the bed — 

But Lucifer realises a problem, "If you are going to be the pervert, I should be at the bottom right?" So they change positions —

As 747 gets closer and closer to Lucifer, she screams, "Pervert!!!!!!" Teacher Angel receives a call notifying her that there’s a pervert in the girls’ dorm. She goes there to investigate but starts to have doubts the moment she sees that the pervert is 747. Teacher Cherry is left alone in the room and she mutters that the photographer took photos of her ‘bad side’ of the face. She turns around and gets a shock when she sees two guys standing there, thinking they are ghosts, but they are merely 187 and 007. 
They enter the room to talk to her, and after looking at Teacher Cherry’s clothes, 007 knows that Teacher Cherry has been framed, "Because there’s not a spot of blood on her clothes." Teacher Cherry says that she received a call that blackmailed her so she went to meet the person, but the person didn’t turn up, that’s why she thought that the people blackmailing her were Dai Zhi Xun and Xie Yi Qian. 187 asks about the photos, and she says that she did go many times to Luo Jia Hao’s hotel -187 looks stricken-, but only to play video games because she’s investigating the game disc matter as well. 
187 looks relieved. Teacher Angel hauls 747 out of the room and Lucifer quickly uses the speakers to tell 187 and 007 that she’s returning. 007 presses Teacher Cherry to tell them what’s her secret, which she must have or the blackmailer wouldn’t have anything to blackmail against, and she says that the only secret she’s hiding from them is the investigation of the game disc. The three of them stare at the door as the lock turns. When Teacher Angel steps in, all she sees is Teacher Cherry. In fact, 187 and 007 have already escaped through the windows. 
007 finds out the spot where the photographer was standing at to take the photos. He finds a wrapper for lozenges and clutches it in his hands. 
As they move to other spots, 187 comments that he must be too tired to mistake the paparazzi techniques that make it look like Luo Jia Hao and Teacher Cherry are kissing. 747 says that he can’t tell and 187 grabs Lucifer to show him how real couples kiss. 747 shouts for him to stop and 187 laughs, "Look, someone’s real boyfriend doesn’t even care, so why are you so uptight?" 747 runs up to 007 and sees 007 looking a poster for a challenge, "Finish 7 bowls and everything will be free." 747 is happy that he will definitely win and challenges 007, but he says, "I admit defeat." While 747 happily goes into the shop, 007 finds another wrapper and determines that the photographer also stood there before. 
(In a screechy voice), Lucifer tells 007 that she cannot stand him treating her like air anymore. 187 tells 007 that he shouldn’t have such a grumpy face, but 007 replies, "When I’m thinking I always look grumpy. Unless I solve the case, I will continue looking grumpy." Lol! Lucifer is determined to catch the culprit just so 007 will smile again. 747 sees a poster featuring the person who held a record for eating 12 bowls and she was wearing their school uniform. He thinks that if they can find this girl, they might be able to ask her if she has seen any suspicious people then. I fail to see 747’s logic hahaha. 
Lu Ke Ying goes to Dai Zhi Xun to give him his photographs again. Lucifer purposely causes a leak in a container of solution and Dai Zhi Xun and Xie Yi Qian get very nervous about her well being. Lu Ke Ying murmurs that he thought another accident will happen again. Teacher Angel comes in and demands them to write an apology notice to Teacher Cherry for fabricating fake news. Xie Yi Qian says that they would not write it, so Teacher Angel makes Lucifer write it. However, at night, while she’s worrying over how she should write it, she accidentally finds Lu Ke Ying’s photographs. Among them, are 2 photographs that are taken of Teacher Cherry. 007 is examining the photos that the mysterious photographer took and comments that there’s a technique of using the trees as foreground. Lucifer calls 007 to tell him that she knows who is the suspect and she will bring the photographs to him immediately. However, she gets knocked out and 007 hears this on the phone.
As he rushes over to the club, he overhears Dai Zhi Xun saying, "Thank goodness that Lu Ke Ying came back to take his photographs or you will be in trouble." 
Dai Zhi Xun says that he will take over the writing of the apology and Xie Yi Qian doesn’t believe it because that will mean giving up the freedom of reporting. She leaves in disappointment after saying, "You are not the Dai Zhi Xun that I know anymore." 
007 enters at this point of time and asks about Lucifer’s well being. Dai Zhi Xun requests for him to bring Lucifer back to her dorm since she had a minor accident. 007 bends down to keep Lucifer’s stuff when he notices a paper with the title " Mother’s special recipe, tea eggs that can cure Meneire’s Syndrome!" Aww! 007 reads it and looks touched.
As he piggy backs Lucifer, he tells her, thinking that she’s asleep, "I shouldn’t have said that your tea eggs were disgusting." He says that he would have eaten it then if he knew what it was for and Lucifer suddenly spring awake, "Really?"
"You pretend to be asleep again. Since you are awake, get down." "You will be willing to eat the tea egg?" 007 smiles and says, "Yeah. Next time." "No need to wait till next time! I have one with me right now." She peels one for him and gently pops it into his mouth. 
Aww!! Haha another milestone for 007 and Lucifer. 
Lucifer takes out their phones and snaps a photo of this. 007 tells her to get down, which she does, and she says, "You must promise me that you will not change your handphone’s wallpaper." 007 looks at his phone and keeps it, "You are not as stupid to give them the evidence right?" Lucifer smiles and says, "Of course! I kept it safe with me." She hands over the photos that Lu Ke Ying took of Teacher Cherry. Teacher Cherry is finally released. 187 gets news from his network regarding the owner of the lozenges. He goes out to meet his informant, and Teacher Cherry leaves to buy her dress. Turns out that the person who buys the lozenges is Xie Yi Qian. 187 confronts her and says that she must be the mastermind. She doesn’t understand what he’s talking about and runs, with 187 hot on her heels. However, as she turns a corner, 187 gets knocked out. Teacher Cherry gets a photo of a bound and gagged 187 and she goes to find him. In the end, while she’s trying to untie 187’s ropes, she herself gets knocked out.
Lucifer feeds 007 another egg and 007 obediently eats it.
747 murmurs, "When did you two reconcile?" She answers that they reconciled the day before and 007 even piggybacked her. 747 dejectedly takes the strawberries off the cake and leaves with the cake, "I shall not be the extra person." Lucifer happily says, "747 you actually know that I like strawberries, you are my best friend!" 747 answers that that’s all he can do for her since he’s a short-lived hero. Lucifer tells him that her mother tells her the prediction that he will die at 20 not only not mean that he will die, but also means that he might have a change of luck. 747 yells in happiness and he and Lucifer jump around. 007 shushes them and tells them that Lu Ke Ying is not the culprit because he doesn’t know how to use the golden ratio of taking the photographs. The person who took the photographs of Teacher Cherry knew how to, and the person is Dai Zhi Xun. 
Lucifer and 747 try calling Teacher Cherry and 187 but they find that their cellphones are off. 007 uses the tracking device in the speakers and finds out that they are in the old building. As 747 rushes off to find them, 007 tells Lucifer that "There’s one person. If she’s not the culprit, then she’s the only one who can stop Dai Zhi Xun."
187 and Teacher Cherry wake up to find themselves padlocked to the floor. Dai Zhi Xun appears on a video. Teacher Cherry yells, asking what his motive and he says that he merely wants to write an article on good teachers. He asks, "I would like to do an experiment. Teacher Cherry, if only one person is allowed to leave this room, who would it be?" and 187 yells. "Beep! Wrong answer! The student who answers wrongly must be punished!" Immediately, something in a container starts moving towards them. Xie Yi Qian goes to find Dai Zhi Xun and finds a draft on his computer, with the title that the teacher is sacrificed while saving a student. Lucifer comes in to find her and sees the article. She drags Xie Yi Qian out to find Dai Zhi Xun. Dai Zhi Xun tells Teacher Cherry that if she recalls about the incident last time, she would know what’s inside the container. 
Teacher Cherry thinks back and realises, "It’s developpers’ solution!" 
Dai Zhi Xun smiles and says that since Teacher Cherry forgives Luo Jia Hao so easily, then she will forgive him too for fabricating this accident. Teacher Cherry yells for him to stop and says that she will stay while 187 will be allowed to leave. Dai Zhi Xun tells them that the person who is leaving must beat the other person with the club first, before he can leave. Teacher Cherry holds the club and says, "If only one person can leave this alive –" and she hurls the thing at 187. 747 and 007 arrive at the scene but Dai Zhi Xun says that he has already proven Teacher Cherry is not compassionate at all. 

007 yells, "The two of you hold on! We will come and save you!" Teacher Cherry stands up and throws packets of ketchup around, saying that it’s lucky Teacher Angel keeps feeding her with fries that few days. 187 stands up and wipes off the ketchup. Knowing that he has been duped, Dai Zhi Xun angrily presses a button which activates the conveyor belt thingy again, so the container of solution starts moving towards them again. 
007 pulls Dai Zhi Xun’s collar and demands him to stop it, but Dai Zhi Xun reveals the incident that happened. Luo Jia Hao was the one who caused his eyes to be half blind. Now, he couldn’t take any good photographs anymore and yet Teacher Cherry still used her compassion to help Luo Jia Hao. Lucifer brings Xie Yi Qian to the scene just in time, and Xie Yi Qian tells Dai Zhi Xun to stop. He says that he will never be able to photograph award-winning photographs, but Xie Yi Qian says that he will go back to his previous standard if he works hard. He shouts, "Even you mistake that lousy Lu Ke Ying’s photographs to be mine!" 007 says that it’s time for Xie Yi Qian to confess. With tears, Xie Yi Qian apologises and says that she didn’t do on it on purpose. "You say you hurt me?" "Hurt me? Tell me you didn’t!!" "I did! I was the one who forgot to cap the developpers’ solution. I’m the one who destroyed your eyes, destroyed your everything! The one you should hate is me." Dai Zhi Xun cries and mutters that Xie Yi Qian only tells him now. 007 adds on, " If you are a murderer now, then Xie Yi Qian will feel guilty forever." 
Dai Zhi Xun admits defeat and says that he shouldn’t have listened to a game disc. 007 hurries back to find the game disc but as usual, someone has already taken it. Back in MIT room, Teacher Cherry yearns for oyster omelette, and 007 smiles. 
"You accidentally let it slip, Teacher Cherry. You are the 12 Bowls plump girl."
So that was how the blackmailer could blackmail Teacher Cherry! (: She says that she did all the dieting because she wanted to fit into MIT’s uniform. 187 doesn’t believe that the MIT then had uniform, watches, necklaces etc and she says that she will find one to show them. Instead of finding MIT-related stuff, she finds a box. 007 tells her that everyone knew about the puzzle pieces already, so she opens it. While opening it, the fire alarm rings. 
 -the end-
Even though I still don’t really like GuiGui’s voice at times, because it’s so screechy when she’s agitated, but I like the couple pairing. A lot!:D Haha so I’m happy when I see this milestone between 007 and Lucifer lol 😛 Aww it’s so sweet of 007 to accept her tea eggs and eat them so obediently lol. 
Of course, it’s not just the couple that attracts me to this drama. I like MIT for its plot and the characters. I think it would be indisputable to say that every MIT member is very funny, special and awesome in their own way! I’ve always liked dramas with not just romance, but also great friendships and feelings between one another, and this is what I see in MIT. 😛 
More recaps coming! 

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    WEEEEH! I love BUZZER BEAT! It is my top drama too!! Gonna try to watch your other recommendations! Thank you so much! 😉


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