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Hello my dear readers!

Thoughtsramble has been mulling over certain things recently… It sorta depresses me a little to realise that this livejournal will probably not go on forever. No, it doesn’t mean that I’m stopping now, of course not…. but when I get busy next time, I don’t think I would have the time to do recaps anymore… reviews on dramas probably but not recaps since they take a lot of time. I’ve been thinking of ways that I can make this livejournal into something that can quite last, but other than putting advertisements here to gain some form of revenue, I don’t think there’s any other methods. Besides, I started thoughtsramble purely because of my love for dramas, writing and making friends… so we shall see yeah? I’m such a computer noob that I don’t even want to put advertisments here because I’m sure it will screw up somewhere 😛

Of course, I’m thinking too far ahead. That decision-making time wouldn’t come yet for a long time, so I shall just enjoy writing thoughtsramble right now.

I’m sure I would have time to update once in a while when that time comes… but is once in every two weeks good enough for myself and my fellow readers?

On a less serious note, I’m going to start watching City Hunter! My friend recommended it to me hee hee.


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