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The Clue Collector/ Pi Li MIT Episode 6 Recap

Hello! Yesh I aim to do as many recaps as possible^^

I’m soo sorry guys! I think I must have been too captivated with 007 or something, or maybe I was feeling sick that day when I watched this epsiode, because there were a startling few screenshots. Hope it’s okay! I will use my powers of description while you use your powers of imagination^^ Hee hee.


After the fire alarm rings, 747 hears someone yelling for help and MIT quickly rushes to the guys’ dormitries. MIT and Teacher Angel find Yang Ming Wei stumbling down the stairs and Lu Ke Ying appears a few seconds later, holding a penknife. Their accounts of what had happened differ obviously. Yang Ming Wei says that Lu Ke Ying was very angry that Yang Ming Wei copied his thesis, even though he didn’t. Lu Ke Ying tore his thesis and burnt it, thus triggering the smoke alarm. He even slashed Yang Ming Wei when he was running away from him. Lu Ke Ying’s account is that Yang Ming Wei was very angry that no one believed that he didn’t copy Lu Ke Ying’s thesis and he burnt it angrily. He took the knife and wanted to slash himself, but Lu Ke Ying accidentally slashed him instead when he was taking the knife away from him.

Later, Teacher Cherry tells 747 that she has a very important mission for him, and he’s happy that she didn’t give it to 007. She tells him that she wants him to keep a close watch on someone and he assures her that he will do it correctly. Teacher Cherry gets Lu Ke Ying to enter the room and 747 pulls Teacher Cherry away, saying, “It’s not that I’m scared…but the guy inside supposedly just lets out his beastly side out yesterday!” Teacher Cherry tells him that’s why she wants him to be the one to keep watch. Lol, euphemisms eh.

007 realises that the key to this case is the energy-boosting drink which both accounts said that Yang Ming Wei was drinking. However, they couldn’t find the bottle at the scene, so this is suspicious. 007 receives a call which starts talking about the Purgatory Angel. His face changes and 187 asks if it’s his turn to play the game again. 007 denies it and goes to have lunch. Lucifer tags along and is happy to note that the reward for the challenge that day is sashimi. 007 steps into the café and his eyes widen in shock when he hears the flute. He walks closer and looks at the girl playing the flute. Lucifer tells him that she wants to eat the sushi and asks him to go challenge her, but he answers softly, “I don’t want to do the challenge today.”

He leaves the cafe, and Lucifer runs after him. After that, while the girl is walking down a corridor, someone quickly grabs her into a room. It’s 007. She asks if he’s not scared about her screaming that he’s a pervert. 007 asks why she’s here, and she says it’s of course because he’s there. “I hope that you don’t have any other motives," 007 replies.

007 says that he wishes that he still can be friends with her and she steps forward to hug him, saying, "I rather you tell me that you miss me and you want to go back to how we were last time…Purgatory Angel." Lucifer looks into the room and sees her hugging him. The girl, Lin Yu Jie, tells him that his girlfriend is angry and he turns around to see Lucifer’s back. He tells her that she played the prank on the wrong person, "She’s not my girlfriend." Lin Yu Jie deftly takes his handphone from his pocket and shows him his wallpaper (the one with him and Lucifer),“This is not important? Then I will help you delete it!” but 007 quickly snatches the handphone back.

Whoo, this shows that he does care for Lucifer.

187 asks 007 if he receives any more clues from phone calls and 007 says that he didn’t. 187 says with a smile that his instinct tells him that the mastermind’s next target is 007. 007’s eyes widen but 187 says that he won’t tell Teacher Cherry yet, because “I like to see you being panicky.”

Remember how 747 is supposed to keep a watch on Lu Ke Ying? Well….


Lol I got a shock when I first saw this!!

Lu Ke Ying sees this and quickly enters a game to ask in the chatroom if he can find the Purgatory Angel. He clutches tightly to the empty bottle which is the energy-boosting drink. Someone replies and says that his level is too low so the Angel won’t care about him. 007 and 187 are supposed to be keeping watch on Yang Ming Wei, but he seems to keep typing a report. What they don’t know is that he’s repeatedly typing,  "Thief Thief Thief" all over his document. 007 says, “If you are Lu Ke Ying… and you take a knife to slash me…” 187 answers, “Gladly” and lunges towards him. 007 uses his arm to block and he proves that Yang Ming Wei’s account is flawed, because one’s natural instinct would be to use the outer side of your arm to block the slash, so he couldn’t have gotten the slash on his inner wrist. 187 says that since it’s so easily solved, then the mastermind has another motive. He looks meaningfully at 007, who says that he needs to go to the toilet.

Lin Yu Jie gets a call with the ID Purgatory Angel. She rejects his call, and 007 is shown looking at a rejected call. He then receives a call from someone saying that when the lazy body plunges to his death, it’s when the life gets eternity. 187 follows him and sees him listening to the call. At this point, they hear Yang Ming Wei shouting and they run to the scene. Turns out Yang Ming Wei wants to kill himself because no one believes that it’s just a coincidence that his thesis topic and Lu Ke Ying’s thesis topic is the same. MIT quickly run up to the top floor but Teacher Cherry is already there, and she manages to pull Yang Ming Wei to safety.

Teacher Cherry says that if she didn’t notice that Yang Ming Wei had spoilt the security camera, Yang Ming Wei might have already jumped. She and Lucifer take over the job of watching over Yang Ming Wei and she wants 747 to keep a close eye on Lu Ke Ying as well because she is more worried that things will happen to Lu Ke Ying after he sees Yang Ming Wei’s attempted suicide. 747 answers that, "I’m not like 007 and 187, you can trust me." Lol~

Lu Ke Ying hears him and secretly goes on the chatroom again to ask if he can find the Angel. Someone replies and says to meet at the bathroom on the third floor. In his room, 007 gets another call which says when the body gets a cleansing, that’s when the life gets eternity. He quickly calls 747 to ask about Lu Ke Ying’s whereabouts.747 replies that he’s bathing. 007 hurriedly tells him to check on Lu Ke Ying. Lu Ke Ying sees a bottle sitting on a ledge and walks towards it, but he gets knocked out. 747 enters the bathroom to find an unconscious Lu Ke Ying.

007 puts down his speakers/earpiece thingy and looks at his computer. It shows the Angel of Purgatory game. He closes his eyes and recalls the time when Lin Yu Jie set the password and account username for him. She used the flute to ask him to guess and he said that he could enter the password and username with his eyes closed. Coming back to the present, 007 enters the information with his eyes closed and opens them to find himself in the game. 

Even after Yang Ming Wei’s and Lu Ke Ying’s accounts match, Teacher Angel still thinks that Yang Ming Wei is lying about the energy-boosting drink. She says that she will get a doctor to prove that there’s no drugs in his body, and warns MIT from doing any rash actions. MIT is looking at the bottle which Lu Ke Ying had gotten, and 187 asks 007 why he wasn’t so interested anymore. 007 takes the bottle and requests for a few days of leave. After he leaves the room, 187 tells Teacher Cherry that he wants to speak to her alone about 007. 007 goes to the library to find Lin Yu Jie. He murmurs, "The third chapter of Salvation: When the arrogant body learns to howl like a dog, that’s when the life goes to heaven." Lin Yu Jie is happy that he remembers the game, and he answers, "I was the one who designed the rules of the game. I can’t forget even if I want to." He tells her to stop playing the Purgatory Angel and leave before the matter blows up. She looks at the scars on her wrist and says that they are the marks of his betrayal. He looks guilty and asks what she wants him to do.

Lin Yu Jie replies that she wants him to return to her side, and continue the game but he says that he doesn’t want to. She believes that they will be together even if both of their parents abandoned them. 007 steps aside, saying furiously, "Don’t mention my father!" Lin Yu Jie turns around with tears in her eyes and says that since he still hates his father, then stop acting like an obedient kid and return to her. She hugs him from behind and asks if he will only return after she dies.

007’s eyes widen and he turns around, which resulted in his face being in close proximity to Lin Yu Jie’s face. Lucifer enters the library with 747 behind her, and Lin Yu Jie sees her. Lin Yu Jie leans forward to kiss 007 but 007 turns his head away. However, from where she stands, Lucifer sees Lin Yu Jie successfully kissing 007 and she storms out of the library. Lin Yu Jie smiles and tells 007 that she will be waiting for him to return. Lucifer leans forward to kiss 747 and he pushes her away. She says, "You see! All guys should push other girls away, not like 007 who is a pig and lunges towards the girl." 747 is sad that she’s only using her to prove a point and she happily walks away after looking at her fortune cookie message which says, "There’s no difficult things in the world."

007 walks along the corridor when he gets another bout of bad bad bad headache. As he groans in pain, he recalls his father telling him that solving a case is like a table with four legs. You need the evidence, eye witnesses, crime scene and lastly, luck. "You’ve gotten a weird illness, I can only say that you lack some luck." 007 rolls on the floor in agony as he mutters that it was also because of a lack of luck that he didn’t get into the Police Academy even though he tried so hard. Lucifer sees him and quickly rushes up to help him but he pushes her away. Lucifer quickly feeds him his medicine and he calms down a little.

As Lucifer gently touches his hair, she apologises for not making any weird tasting tea eggs recently because she was jealous of him and Lin Yu Jie. She says, "Come back and be my hero, 007." Lin Yu Jie sees this scene and walks away.

The medical report is out. There’s no traces of drugs in Yang Ming Wei’s body. Teacher Angel happily declares that Yang Ming Wei is lying and demands MIT to stop investigating. Teacher Cherry thinks that the report is fabricated but Teacher Angel insists on stopping MIT. So Teacher Cherry and 187 come up with a new plan. First, they need 747 to pretend to be Ophelia, someone who goes to the chatroom and buys energy-boosting drink for herself. Second, he needs to go to the meeting place. 747 is very happy, until he realises that Ophelia is a girl. Lol! 007 finds Lin Yu Jie and tells her to quickly leave, but she says that even if she gets find out and her whole life is destroyed, it doesn’t matter because the Angel of Purgatory will be imprinted forever in his heart. He grips tightly to her wrist. 747 goes to the place and opens the window to howl. Someone appears behind him, holding a club. Teacher Cherry appears and says, "007, I’ve already guessed that it will be you."

747 turns around to find 007 holding the club. Teacher Cherry keeps asking him if he’s the Purgatory Angel and he says yes. 187 enters the room and says that both Lin Yu Jie and 007 left their old school half a year ago, showing that they must have dated each other then. 007 tells them not to drag Lin Yu Jie into this matter as he is the Angel of Purgatory. Teacher Cherry bangs the table and asks why 007 doesn’t believe in MIT, that they can save the Purgatory Angel. She uses the earpiece to tell Lucifer to bring Lin Yu Jie into the room, but Lucifer doesn’t answer. 007 mutters, "I’ve already become the Angel that she wants. What else does she want me to do?!" He gets a call "I’ve rewritten the third chapter. What do you think of this? When envious bodies start attacking each other, that’s when the life goes to heaven."

747 is very angry that Lucifer gets dragged into this. Lucifer is shown bound and gagged and Lin Yu Jie enters the room. She tells her that she knew it was a trap and she purposely sends 007 in her place, so that even if he doesn’t want to be her Angel, he would have to be anyway. A guy with a mask enters the room and Lin Yu Jie tells him to finish Lucifer off. However, this guy knocks Lin Yu Jie out as well. Back in the MIT room, 187 returns hurriedly and says that he has already mobilised his network with their god sisters and god friends (lol) to find Lucifer. Teacher Cherry reveals that there’s something strange — the lack of drugs in Yang Ming Wei’s body.

007 thinks of something and quickly drinks the energy-boosting drink that Lin Yu Jie gave him earlier. "It’s just like any normal energy-boosting drink… Why did she lie to me?!" He throws the bottle to one side as it shatters into pieces. Then, he recalls something else, that the caller always called him at 8.00pm.

He asks Teacher Cherry to show him all the surveillance footages of Yang Ming Wei for the past few days and she agrees. Lin Yu Jie wakes up to a room filled with smoke and Lucifer yells that they must quickly get out. Lin Yu Jie laughs and says that since Zhan Shi De will never go back to her, it doesn’t matter if she dies. Lucifer says, "Why are you stupider than me?" She tells Lin Yu Jie that 007 is so smart and he must have known that it was a trap as well. Yet, he still went in her place because he wants to protect her and take the blame for her.

Lin Yu Jie asks how she knows this and Lucifer murmurs, "Because we have telepathy. So let me tell you, after we get out, I will challenge you and take 007 as my boyfriend. Even if we die, I will still fight with you for 007 as ghosts!" She tells Lin Yu Jie that they can get out if Lin Yu Jie reaches into her pocket and turn on the earpiece.

Yang Ming Wei hears the fire siren and he stands up with a look of anticipation. Teacher Cherry enters his room and he immediately adopts a face of innocence, asking Teacher Cherry what happened. "There’s a classroom on fire. Luckily we manage to rescue the two female students who were trapped inside." 007 appears and says, "Actually the one who hurt them… is you." Yang Ming Wei protests but Teacher Cherry says that they have evidence. He had tampered with the surveillance system such that every time between 8.00pm and 8.15pm, the camera will replay itself for 15 minutes. He used this 15 minutes to attack Lu Ke Ying previously, and also to attack Lin Yu Jie. Yang Ming Wei drops his act and says that he truly lives up to the name of the Purgatory Angel. 007 punches him and yells, "You can target me, but why did you hurt Lin Yu Jie and Li Xiao Xing!" Yang Ming Wei laughs and says that they are the same, only that he dares to carry out 007’s online game into reality.

Teacher Cherry immediately tells 007 that he’s not like Yang Ming Wei because he will never hurt innocent people, and in order to protect Lin Yu Jie, he even willingly sacrificed himself. "I saw your efforts in pushing away your illness so that you can help teacher in solving cases. I can see that you are slowly erasing the Purgatory Angel in you. Teacher believes that you will be able to use 007 this brand new name." 007 looks touched as he asks Yang Ming Wei about the game disc. However, Yang Ming Wei’s computer gets a virus and Teacher Cherry says that there’s no use even if they get the game disc.

Lin Yu Jie is leaving the school. Lucifer runs up to tell her that 007 will definitely come to say goodbye so wait for him. Then, 187, 747 and 007 appear. 187 says, "If you are a guy, go and break up properly, don’t break the girl’s heart." 747 mutters that he must learn the sentence because he can use it someday (hahaha) and 187 nudges 007 towards Lin Yu Jie, while 187 and 747 cart Lucifer off. Haha!

007 says that she doesn’t need to leave but she replies that she shouldn’t use his pity, just like how he took the blame for her, to ask him to be her boyfriend again. He apologises for leaving without a word half a year ago, but at that time, he really thought that his life was over. She tells him that maybe she’s jealous of him, that he can find friends so easily in his new school while she suffers in pain… but now she won’t anymore. She recalls Lucifer’s challenge to her, and tells 007 that Li Xiao Xing and her had an agreement which he will find out in time. 007 smiles and says, "Okay….. Goodbye." Lin Yu Jie smiles and leaves after saying goodbye. 


Lucifer looks at 007’s back while 007 looks at Lin Yu Jie’s back ( I like, so cool!). She sees an aeroplane in the sky and quickly makes a motion of grabbing it and eating it. 747 asks what she’s doing and she replies that if she eats 100 planes, she can make a wish. 747 asks about her wish but she tells him that it’s a secret, before walking away. 187 laughs and tells 747, "I understand… a hero is always lonely." At this moment, 007 gets a call from a girl, requesting for his help.

-the end-


I really like this episode! It feels like it’s sort of a turning point in the story. For one, we get a glimpse of what happened in 007’s previous school, before he comes here and becomes a MIT member. It’s also very nice to see a calm and serious character like 007 to break out of this cool demeanour and show that he does care for those people around him. He cares for Lin Yu Jie ( it was so sweet when he sacrificed himself to take the blame~) and he cares for Lucifer as well.  
Hur hur, and of course, the scene where Lucifer calms 007 down is a fangirling-worthy moment. It’s so sweet! I always like to ask myself, and people around me, whenever I watch a drama, "Why does the guy like her??" Sometimes I find answers, sometimes I don’t and I simply conclude that guys… have weird tastes. (for example, there are male characters who get very attracted to girls who are demanding and noisy hmm) As for Lucifer, I think I can understand why 007 starts to care for her! She’s a very ‘true’ character in that sense. Her feelings are very simple and you don’t need to guess. She’s very straightfoward with her feelings and she does care a lot for 007.

Of course, I’m only so supportive of a Lucifer X 007’s relationship after GuiGui tones down with her screechiness. I think her voice starts to get better from this episode onwards phew~



  1. Narf says

    Its been forever since you posted this, but I wanted to say “Thanks for the recap.”

    I’m watching this series for the second time after a few years break, and this episode still frustrates me. I like the depth added to the characters, and the game itself was entertaining, but what on earth was the Purgatory Angel Game? I’ve seen the episode translated by two different teams and neither really explained that aspect. I hope its not a silly question, its just really messing with my head. Any thoughts?


    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I was SUPER caught up with some stuff!

      Anyway, thanks for reading my recap! As far as I can remember, I don’t think the game rules were ever explained in detail, but the game entails some sort of (self-appointed) ‘angel’ dealing out punishment to those who deserved it. It’s definitely not a silly question, and I wish they’ve explained the rules further, but I think it was simply a plot device to show how dark 007 was in the past for being that kind of person.

      Of course, if I ever re-watched this again I would let you know if I have new thoughts!^^


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