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First impressions of City Hunter Episode 1-5

Hello my dear readers! Yes I’ve started on a new drama called City Hunter, starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young….. and I love the show! Nice action, smart guy, smart girl, nice second leads (more on that later hee hee), and basically very good looking leads with good plot… -thumbs up!-

As you probably know, I usually don’t start off with recaps for the first few episodes, because they are always just like the soup of the day to me — getting ready for the main course. Alternatively, you could also say that me watching the first few episodes and doing reviews is like testing the water. If I like it, I will continue, if I don’t…. too bad 😛

This time round, it’s a bit different, because my first impressions of the drama is filled with screenshots!

To cut the long story short, there were 5 high ranking officials who planned for 21 special agents to infiltrate North Korea and kill North Korea agents. However, the 5 officials decide to abort the plan and they had their own people to kill the 21 agents so as to seal off the existence of the plan itself. Yet, one out of this 21 agents survived and he’s called Jin Pyo. He was actually saved by his own team mate, Moo Ryul, and he swore to avenge his team mates. He snatched the one-month old son of Moo Ryul and brought him up to be excellent in fighting, shooting etc. 17 years later, he told the son, Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) about his goal but lied that he was abandoned by his mother. Yoon Sung went to MIT for 7 years, and he returned to Korea as a government official. He meets a girl called Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) who works as a bodyguard for the Blue House. Thus, a plot of revenge, love and secrets begin.

Yoon Sung returns to Korea and he gets a phone call from his father, Jin Pyo.

Feeling the air of the land where he belongs

Kim Na Na rushes to the hospital after getting a phone call. She begs the doctor to save her father, who has been in a coma for ten years.

Whoo second lead~~

Kim Na Na finally lands a job in the Blue House, as a bodyguard. Yoon Sung also reports to his work on the first day, as an IT official, and he’s highly coveted because of his degree in MIT. They pair each bodyguard to each IT member, so that the IT member can learn how to defend himself/herself, and Yoon Sung acts as if he doesn’t know all these things.

I bet a lot of you fangirled over this right!!! Tsk tsk~~

Instead, I fangirled over this~ Haha love the hair! Yoon Sung purposely flirts with a woman to get news on his first target (one of the 5 government officials) but decides to ‘break up’ with her after she reveals that the official has already broken up with her. He happens to see Na Na and —

Kiss her. Whoo~~

During one of the training sessions, Yoon Sung accidentally trips Na Na over and her ankle is sprained. He carries her up the stairs.

Da Hye, the daughter of the president, is highly interested in Yoon Sung. She keeps pestering for him to become her tutor and after Yoon Sung walks away, she says out loud, "If you don’t want to be my tutor, then date me!"

Lol I love Lee Min Ho’s expression here~

Wah already like a family eh~~ (those 2 kids are Na Na’s neighbours and she takes care of them together with Yoon Sung after realising that their father has left them)

Na Na learns that Yoon Sung doesn’t have a mother and she says that at least they have something in common. Yoon Sung looks at her, but quickly looks away when she turns around.

I love looking at back views really~

Na Na is really cold towards Yoon Sung after all the jerky things he had said. Seriously, I’m very amused and yet frustrated at Yoon Sung, because he always has good intentions and good plans, but he will spoil all these by saying something really mean! He thinks good thoughts but all these thoughts always translate to insulting words when he talks to Na Na. Aww~

Jin Pyo almost kills Na Na but Yoon Sung pushes her aside, in the dark. He quickly leaves, as he’s not even supposed to be there, but he doesn’t know that he left his necklace behind.

Smsing Na Na and keeps saying "Reply reply reply" to his hand phone. Aww!

And my favourite scene below —

Yoon Sung feigns asleep and leans on Na Na’s shoulder.

She is surprised at first and tries to push him away but she starts laughing.

Yoon Sung smiles as well.

Such a beautiful scene, don’t you think!^^

Yeah now on to my first impression of the drama. Not bad really, even though I forwarded most of episode 1. I mean, all I really wanted to see was if Lee Min Ho is interesting in the drama, and he doesn’t appear until halfway through the show (on top of an elephant on top of that hahaha) but he looks really good. He looks even better after he goes back to Korea, what with the hair and all. As you can tell, I’m crazy over the male leads’ hairstyles if they are nice. Instead, I’m not so much of a fan of bathroom scenes haha:P Ooh in fact, I love Park Min Young’s hair here as well! It’s really soft and it is a bit wavy, not perms and not rebonded… very natural. Aww, if only I have that kind of hair haha but we all know that’s quite impossible, without a hair stylist.

The plot is holding me up at the moment. I think there’s a lot of secrets involved, and I really like to see how secrets get revealed and solved. However, I think it will start to lose me if it adds in any more complications because right now, I feel like everyone knows everyone but it’s purposely withheld about how that everyone knows everyone, so while I was watching I’m like, "So does he know her? Oh wait he knows her? Huh but she doesn’t know? WAIT HOLD ON now how does she know him?" Hahaha yes I’m serious. 

If you follow me long enough, you would know that I’m someone who is suckers for second leads. TOTALLY (well there are exceptions of couse, usually when the male lead is an actor that I already like before the drama, then my feelings change haha!) This drama however, I like both the male lead and the second lead! They are on equal grounds because I’ve watched their dramas before and really like them in their respective shows, so I was really pleased ( yet torn at the same time) when I found out that they are acting together here. Right now though, I would say that I support Yoon Sung more than Young Joo (second lead). Surprised? I guess that’s because I feel really bad and amused at Yoon Sung. He really did a lot for Na Na but she doesn’t know, and besides the best and really cool him is only shown when he’s a city hunter, meaning hunting down the bad guys… and of course Na Na isn’t supposed to know that he’s the city hunter! 

So well… right now I really wish for Na Na to find out that the necklace belonged to Yoon Sung and be happy that he saved her. Think it won’t come so soon though >.<

On a side note, I’m so glad that I manage to find a HD version of this show… look at how clear the screenshots are!



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