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Pi Li MIT Episode 7 Recap!

Hello my dear readers! I apologise for being so MIA… will post an update soon so that you guys know what is going on! And so sorry guys, even lesser screenshots this time!

007 gets a call from this girl who asks him for his help because she’s constantly stalked by someone. When 007 meets this girl, the girl happens to find a life sized mannequin of herself being hung in the corridor. She screams and her legs buckled. Later, she gets a phonecall and she passes it to 007. The caller challenges 007 to find out who he is since he’s so great and he’s the son of the great Dr James, the detective.

007 brings the mannequin back to MIT’s room and tells them that they don’t need to investigate with him if they don’t want to. Teacher Cherry is touched that after the Purgatory Angel episode, he believes more in them and actually asks them for their help out of his own accord. 187, 747 and Lucifer all join him willingly and excitedly. Teacher Cherry exclaims, "Wow it’s the first time that I don’t need to come up with any tricks to get you guys to work together." 007 says that all he needs now is a favour from Teacher Cherry.

He goes to find Teacher Angel and tells him that he wants to join the science club. Teacher Angel is dubious and asks if it’s because he wants to investigate something. At this moment, Teacher Cherry enters the office and says, "Zhan Shi De, I don’t allow you to leave MIT!" Teacher Angel immediately understands the situation and asks 007 if he wants to stay or leave with Teacher Cherry. 007 says, "Stay." Teacher Cherry storms out of the office in a fury, and Teacher Angel gives 007 a pat on the shoulder. She brings him to meet the science club members after that, but little did she know that this is what 007 has planned.

007 gets introduced to the science club members "I believe you will be an asset to the upcoming science competition", and the girl, Cai Ya Jing, gives him a small smile. He tells the members that he thinks what they are lacking right now is concrete experiments, so he has gotten them a willing party. Guess who turns up? Yes, 747. Lol. He whispers, "You can ask me to be a spy, but why must I be a lab rat?" Cai Ya Jing asks who can help her set up the equipment and 007 observes how the other two guy members fight subtly over who can be the one to take the equipment. The experiment is to monitor 747’s heartbeat and they will run the system of showing him photos of all the girls in the school. The system shows that he likes Li Xiao Xing. He looks guiltily at 007, who looks back at him. He immediately brings 007 out of the room and says, "You cannot tell anyone that I like Li Xiao Xing." "I have no interests in revealing other people’s secret." 007 replies and walks back.

Cai Ya Jing is carrying a stack of reports when she feels like someone is following her again. She meets Teacher Angel and passes her the reports. Teacher Angel assures her that she’s just imagining and reiterates that the other 2 members of the club have fathers who are very important to the school. While Cai Ya Jing is walking in the corridor, someone is shown following her, and 187 suddenly steps out stopping the guy. He says, "If you like someone, please say it out loud. Don’t be a shame to us guys." But the guy is actually one of the members of the science club, Dai Ming Ze. Turns out that he wants to give Cai Ya Jing her handphone, that she has dropped. 187 introduces himself to Cai Ya Jing, who is the #5 on the Prettiest Girls in school. 007 steps out and says, "I cannot watch you 24/7. Even though he’s a little perverse, but he’s dependable." HAHA.

Cai Ya Jing says that she cannot bring herself to trust anyone other than 007 and brings him away. She tells 007 that she will become more brave, but she finds a doll in her locker with the note, "You will always be mine." 187 realises that he has been rejected for the first time, and he starts to gobble down the instant noodles that MIT always has at night for supper. Teacher Cherry consoles him and says that it’s like how different people have different tastes "Some might like oyster omelette, some might like stinky tofu." "Then…. which one am I –" Lucifer says, "Of course stinky tofu, my 007 is not stinky at all…Don’t tell me Cai Ya Jing likes 007, ahhh what if he goes to her room and they are —" "Do you think that I’m you?" 007 says as he walks into the room, putting the doll on the table.

He tells them that he has put a secret camera in the science club room and 747 is undergoing an experiment then. 747 and the other member, Qiu Shi Hong, get into this conversation about crushes. 747 is like, "It’s happy and yet torturous at the same time." and Qiu Shi Hong talks about how “I will say goodnight to her every midnight, smell her and say.. I love you” EEEEE. The more 747 talks, the more it’s obvious to everyone that he likes Lucifer (he didn’t know that there’s a security camera there) but only Lucifer thinks that he’s cooking up a story. 007 thinks that if Qiu Shi Hong is the stalker, then he will go to Cai Ya Jing’s dorm that night. Lucifer and 007 enter Cai Ya Jing’s room and Lucifer asks with a sweet smile  “Are we sleeping on the bed together? Do you want to sleep on the left side, or the right side?” LOL and 007 replies, “Even an idiot can tell that something’s not right if there are two people hiding there.” He proceeds to hide in the cupboard and shushes Lucifer as someone enters the room.

That someone walks near the bed and starts caressing Lucifer. After controlling herself for a few seconds, the disgusted Lucifer cannot help but push the guy away. 007 jumps out to stop the guy from leaving, but the guy throws 007 off and runs away. Guess where 007 landed? YES, because of the way he lands, he ends up kissing Lucifer’s forehead. Aww~~

The next day, Lucifer is in this good mood haha. Teacher Cherry and 187 repeat sentences like, "It’s so happy and yet torturous at the same time." 747 realises that they have been listening and panics, thinking that Lucifer knows about his crush on her, but Lucifer compliments him for his storytelling skills. Teacher Cherry and 187 give 747 pitying looks. 007 says that both Dai Ming Ze and Qiu Shi Hong are suspicious and he gets a call from Cai Ya Jing screaming that her stalker is there again.007 runs off leaving the other four and he finds her in the bathroom crying and wailing. There’s a recording that goes “Cai Ya Jing” in an eerie manner. 007 manages to find the recorder lodged in ceiling and stops it.  

Later in the science club, 007 informs the other two that Cai Ya Jing is not going to be there because she’s not feeling well. They ask him what’s his relationship with Cai Ya Jing and how he can be so close to her. 007 replies cool-ly, “Anyway she doesn’t belong to anyone, everyone has rights to woo her” 747 asks if he’s joking and 007 says that there’s no need for him to joke. Lol 747 is very naïve! They fight to give her chocolate, and 007 says that he has already given her the chocolate. He advices them from finding her. 747 immediately drags 007 to the toilet and warns him from betraying Lucifer. 007 says that he doesn’t need to listen to a coward, since he doesn’t even dare to confess to Lucifer. “It’s I don’t want, not don’t dare” 007 says that’s just an excuse and that “Someone who gives up right at the start, does not have the right to be a hero” That got 747 riled up into saying "Fine, I will ignore our brotherly ties and I will confess to her." After he leaves, 007 blows his bangs in frustration. Aww!

Cai Ya Jing is now arranged to sleep in Lucifer’s dorm for the time being. She tells Lucifer that she has read the latest book in Dr James series and she asks Lucifer what she thinks about Steve Wang. Lucifer says that he’s very stupid and always catches the wrong guys, but Cai Ya Jing retorts that that’s just how the movie wrongly depicts Steve Wang. In reality, Steve Wang is very smart and he only fails because of one small mistake. Lucifer cannot believe that as a greatest fan, she hasn’t read the latest book but Cai Ya Jing tells her that she has only read it because it’s in English.

187 uses his girlfriend to distract Dai Ming Ze, while he looks through the photos in his handphone. He finds a photo taken of Cai Ya Jing when she first discovers the mannequin. Dai Ming Ze is brought to MIT room for interrogation but Teacher Angel brings him away after a while, saying that he has no time for the nonsense. 007 believes that Dai Ming Ze is saying the truth, that he’s not the one who is stalking Cai Ya Jing. 747 goes back to the science club for more experiments and he expresses his frustration. However, Qiu Shi Hong does not empathise because he has progressed from "Crush" to "In relationship". 747 snatches his handphone and sees his sms, "“Goddess, you belong to me, I won’t let anyone snatch you away”

Cai Ya Jing helps Lucifer to paint her nails and says that she should have guessed Qiu Shi Hong was the one stalking her. Lucifer asks if she can see the experiment set up and Cai Ya Jing brings her to the room. They happen to hear 747 who is in a deep slumber talking about Li Xiao Xing and Lucifer gets stunned when she realises that 747 likes her. The next day, 747 says that Qiu Shi Hong is not a suspect anymore because he has a girlfriend already (so not stalker anymore). 007 ponders over the sudden appearance of this goddess. Lucifer shows other MIT members her nails that Cai Ya Jing has painted for her, and tells them that she is such a fan that she has even read the lastest installation. 007’s eyes show suspicion.

Then, Lucifer gets a call from Cai Ya Jing asking her to rush back and she quickly brings Teacher Cherry with her. Turns out that the stalker has now installed cameras in Lucifer’s room and he’s sending them footages of themselves in real time. Cai Ya Jing gets a call going "Cai Ya Jing Cai Ya Jing Cai Ya Jing". Lucifer stops the call for her, but the stalker now calls her phone, going "Cai Ya Jing". Lucifer screams and the both of them leap into each other’s arms. It was kinda amusing lol~

Teacher Cherry soon gets the call as well, but she scolds the stalker. Then, the stalker replies, "You are not enough for me. I want Zhan Shi De. Tell him that tonight at 9pm I will come to take Cai Ya Jing away." Teacher Cherry comes up with this plan of posting MIT members at strategic locations so that the stalker cannot come to take Cai Ya Jing. 007 says that this stalker seems to have a foolproof method and that can only mean one thing. That night, 5 minutes before nine, Lucifer is chatting with Cai Ya Jing and somehow they get on the topic of 007. Cai Ya Jing says that 007 shows no reaction when he knew 747 likes Lucifer and that means he doesn’t care about her at all. Lucifer immediately calls 007 and yells, "You really don’t care about me??!"

007 tells her to put down the phone but she says she will only put it down if he answers. The clock hits nine, and suddenly the room is plunged into darkness. Cai Ya Jing screams and when Lucifer switches on the lights, Cai Ya Jing has disappeared. MIT quickly go around school to find Cai Ya Jing and 007 goes back to the science club. He sees Cai Ya Jing lying on the makeshift bed and then he realises that Qiu Shi Hong is there as well. Cai Ya Jing awakes and tries to throw Qiu Shi Hong off. 007 rushes up and Qiu Shi Hong grabs a knife, shouting, "I won’t let you snatch her away from me!" He rushes towards 007…ouch.

The other MIT members cannot find Cai Ya Jing and Teacher Cherry worries about 007 who is not answering. 007 is shown lying next to Qiu Shi Hong who is lying face down on the ground. He stands up and Cai Ya Jing asks if he has stabbed Qiu Shi Hong instead. 007 answers that he has no choice because it was in self defense, when Cai Ya Jing starts laughing. She wonders out loud what will happen to 007 when Qiu Shi Hong’s big shot father finds out that his son is stabbed to death because of a guy who wants to play detective. 007 asks her what she means and how she could explain the stalker then. "I will just say that I imagine this and that you were the one who want to play detective!"

It’s 007’s turn to smile.

"What are you smiling at!" Turns out that 007 has guessed all along that this is Cai Ya Jing’s scheme. He reveals that the only way Cai Ya Jing could be ‘stolen’ is she herself hides in the darkness then comes out after MIT is gone. Also, how can someone who is so scared of her stalker still has the emotions to paint her nails? Cai Ya Jing is impressed with how smart he is, and gives him a last challenge — figures out her motive. 007 answers that he has already asked his dad. The latest book has not even been written, so this means that Cai Ya Jing is related to Steve Wang. "He’s my dad! He was such a great detective and it’s only because of one small mistake that he accidentally killed someone else." "So you want to frame me, so that I can go to jail with the sentence of accidentally killing someone else too." Cai Ya Jing gets very agitated and she takes the knife again. 007 pushes her away and 747 arrives to take the knife out of her hand. Lucifer tells her that she has mistaken. It wasn’t 007’s father who sold the copyrights to the movie, it was her own mother.

Cai Ya Jing doesn’t believe because there’s no way her mother will just sell her father’s dignity like that. 007 tells her to stop misunderstanding her mother’s good intentions "If this money can bring you the best school, I’m sure your father will agree as well." Cai Ya Jing scolds herself for believing Black Ghost and playing the game. This is how MIT knows that the mastermind of this whole game thing is Black Ghost.

Teacher Cherry gives MIT pizza as reward and 747, 007 and Lucifer happen to take the same piece at the same time. They immediately take back their hands.

187 purposely asks if they want to play Truth or Dare, and Teacher Cherry shushes him. 747 leaps out of his chair and says, "I want to play! Lucifer —" Lucifer jumps up too and interrupts, "I want to play too! And what I want to say is I want 747 and 007 to be good friends and not to fight over me." 007 says, "I’m not going to fight over you…because right now, I have no wishes of getting a girlfriend. Coward… you can say it now.” 747 shouts, “You listen! Lucifer I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend." Lucifer asks for a week to consider.

Aww 007 you idiot!

-the end-

Haha 007 is such a silent jealous kind. He obviously likes Lucifer and yet something is stopping him from accepting his feelings. If it’s not for the fact that I already like Aaron before I watch MIT, I thinkn I might support 747 because oh well, I always pity the second leads haha. And yet that might not be the case because 007 and Lucifer’s relationship is just too sweet! Gosh that gentle kiss on the forehead is so….. fangirling-able haha! Putting aside the fact that wow 007 has excellent ‘aim’, I’m willing to ignore the illogicality of the scene haha because oh please, who cares! 😛



  1. Thanks

    Thanks so much for the recaps, I’ve been looking everywhere for them. I love this drama, thinking of starting it again. I only watched it halfway then forgot what episode I was on. So the recaps really helped. Thanks.


      • Re: Thanks

        Hehe yea I’m still watching it even though I’ve been busy most the time. Still it’s pretty good 🙂 Just love it, but I am watching a lot of dramas lately haha So I wasn’t able to finish it fast enough and my busy schedule. Oh well but still thanks again for the recaps XD


      • Re: Thanks

        I did finish a Korean drama lately called “I Love Lee Tae Ri” and well still watching “My Princess.” Even though I’m only on the second episode for that drama. But because I’ve been busy so those are the only ones I watched over the five months. lol well I don’t even remember. But all of these aren’t really new, so I wanted to want some upcoming dramas but didn’t get the chance to do so. How about you?


      • Re: Thanks

        Ohh I’ve heard of both! I only watched 5 episodes of My Princess though. I’m having a good rest now, but was really busy for the past year, hence I couldn’t watch as many dramas as I wanted, nor write as many reviews/recaps:(


      • Re: Thanks

        Haha yea I Love Lee Tae Ri is a cute one though haha not just because Kim Ki Bum is in it lol Even though I have so much time now I still am so busy with homework >..< I see but good luck, hope I can read more of your recaps soon XD


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