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City Hunter Episode 6 Recap

Hello readers! I’ve started on the next recap for City Hunter!

Nana knew that Yoon Sung was the one who bought her appartment so she went to find him. He was shocked to realise that Nana knew but when Nana said incredulously that he wanted to leave his big house to live in her appartment, he nodded his head. When Nana turned to walk away, Yoon Sung said that she should be more honest and if she wanted to ask for a favour, then she should do it properly. Nana told him angrily that she hated people who used money to curry favour from others and she stalked off, leaving Yoon Sung in frustration.

Aah! Yoon Sung! You obviously had good intentions when you bought her appartment, why!!

Back in her office, Nana took out the necklace that the person who saved her had dropped and she looked at it. Young Joo decided that the bullet that was used in the attempt to kill Seo Yong Hak might be manufactured in America since it’s not found in Korea. His assistants asked if it’s possible that it’s the doing of the city hunter but Young Joo thought that it’s contradictory for the city hunter to send the target to the police and to kill them.

Yoon Sung went to check out Nana’s appartment and muttered that it’s a good location for running away. He went to ask the workers to put in bullet proof windows but they said that they needed the key so that they could change the windows, even when he’s not in. Nana already arranged with him that she would leave the house after work, and Yoon Sung sat in his car, trying to rehearse the different ways of how he could tell Nana that she didn’t need to leave. When Nana appeared, Yoon Sung jumped and got a shock (Haha!) Oh my, and then Yoon Sung sounded like a jerk again (AGAIN!!!) when he asked her for the key. She thought that he was so happy to chase her out that he wanted the key immediately. She went up and packed her luggage, before asking Yoon Sung to take care of the dog. She left before Yoon Sung could do anything and he followed her to the hospital where she talked to her father.

She cried and told her father that she felt like she let him down, because her wages got cut, she got scolded for being impolite and she lost her appartment to someone else.

Yoon Sung saw all this through the gap in the door.

Then, Nana took out the necklace from her pocket and said, "If it wasn’t for this person, I could have died already. To think that I used to think of dying…" Yoon Sung saw the necklace and immediately reached out to touch his neck. He realised that his necklace was the one in Nana’s hands. Later, Yoon Sung realised that person who was in Nana’s house was following him and he devised a plan to get away. He went up to a woman and told him that the person had a crush on her, so would she go over and say hi to him. Well, that she did, but she told the person that the type she preferred was Yoon Sung and could he tell her his handphone number. In the midst of this confusion, Yoon Sung slipped away.

Yoon Sung went back to Nana’s house and found that almost everything couldn’t work — the television and even the toilet flush. The next day when he met Nana, even though he was guilty and worried for her (he even bought coffee for her!), the first thing that sprouted from his mouth was to scold her for the faulty toilet flush. She walked away in anger, and Yoon Sung was once again frustrated. On Young Joo’s side, they found out that the IP address of the person who posted photos of the military army’s boots filled with nails all over the computers came from the communication office. They whizzed in there to take Ki Joon away for investigation.

During their lunch, Yoon Sung’s team leader speculated about the possiblity that Ki Joon was a spy but Nana’s team leader was like, "Lee Yoon Sung and Ki Joon are famous for their weakness." Haha! While Yoon Sung was still amused for this dig at him, Yoon Sung’s team leader replied, "It might just be a technique to hide the real side!" and Yoon Sung coughed a little. Eun Ah couldn’t stand all these speculations and stood up to defend Ki Joon. I couldn’t help but notice Yoon Sung’s face of amusement haha!

Yoon Sung, with the help of Shik Joong, found out that Seo Yong Hak’s sons had all been faking their illnesses and injuries so that they wouldn’t need to go to the army. Nana and Eun Ah were to be body guards to Seo Yong Hak as he went around for his campaign. However, one very passionate fan insisted on talking to Seo Yong Hak, and Nana not knowing that he’s a fan, did a flip on him, thus making him land heavily on his back. Of course, Nana got scolded for that and Seo Yong Hak’s wife was immensely displeased because she felt that the media might write badly about it. While Nana was being really down about this, Yoon Sung’s oh-so-pefect timing made him send an sms which said, "Come and clean the dog shit." ARGH Yoon Sung!!

Nana rolled her eyes and she went back to her home (I love her hair!) only to find just a little pool of shit. Yoon Sung said that she never said that he should clean up the dog shit anyway.

Then, he was suddenly like, "Then come and live with me!". LOL gosh why does funny statements always pop out from his mouth? He immediately comes up with a proposal, even though he himself was shocked to hear himself saying those words. So, she only needed to live here, clean the house, cook food etc and she wouldn’t need to pay rent. To prove his point that this is a good plan, he was like "You are only a B-cup right?" Nana immediately covered her chest. "I don’t look at women below D-cups" He went on to say, "Knowing that you know judo and can defend yourself well, will I stay touch you? Am I that stupid?" Haha! Nana said to give her a few minutes to consider as she felt like what he said made sense.

She went into her room to talk to herself about her decision, while Yoon Sung who initally feigned nonchalence, immediately pressed his ears to the door.

Upon hearing Nana coming to the door, Yoon Sung JUMPEEEED and leapt back onto the couch. HAHAHA. I must admit that I sorta replayed that scene quite a few times:P Nana said that she would accept his offer but just in case, she wanted to draw up an agreement about not touch each other. If he touched her hands, it would be fifty thousand. Yoon Sung laughed and stood up —

"How about your shoulders?"

"Hundred thousand."

"Arm around the shoulder?"

Yoon Sung said this while walking towards Nana, who kept walking backwards.

"Two hundered thousand"

"What if I hug you?"

"Three hundered thousand!"

"Ah… what if I peck you?"

"….Five hundered thousand!!"

"What if I kiss you?"

Nana clutched the pillar behind her and frantically said, "One million!!" LOL~~

Yoon Sung laughed that her boyfriend would need to spend a fortune to date her and told her to quickly pack her stuff to bring back here. Phew~ For once, you didn’t screw up, Yoon Sung! Yoon Sung went home and got Shik Joong to pack his stuff. Shik Joong expressed his unease because that would be defying the team leader, a.k.a Jin Pyo. He warned Yoon Sung not to touch Nana (haha!) and offered to give Yoon Sung food that he could share with Nana.

Aww! I like Shik Joong, so I shall screenshot him. Haha no lah.

Nana drew up the agreement plan while Yoon Sung was bathing. He said that he didn’t bring any clothes that he could wear as pyjamas and asked Nana to lend him her judo clothes. She didn’t give him a belt however, so after he came out, he wanted to use Nana’s tie as a belt, but Nana immediately took the tie out of his hands and gave him something else. She shuffled to the bathroom after that. When she came out, Yoon Sung was eating chips and he turned his head to look at her.

Entranced, he looked for a quite some time, until Nana turned her head, and Yoon Sung immediately used something to cover his face. Well, that something being a chip.

Nana disappeared into her room while Yoon Sung remarked in disappointment that they could have watched the movie together while eating chips. Aww you!

The both of them couldn’t really sleep well, and they kept turning on their sides.

I love this scene! It made it look like they were looking into each other’s eyes when the truth was Nana was on her bed, while Yoon Sung was on the floor outside the room. Nana had a nightmare in the middle of the night and woke up crying for her mother. The next day, Nana kept giving herself mini heart attacks because she didn’t want people to see her and Yoon Sung together. After she (cutely) disappeared down the street, Yoon Sung laughed. Yoon Sung went to find Ki Joon and told him that he knew that that he knew that he’s only protecting his brother — his brother was the real one who posted all those photos of the military boots. Ki Joon was surprised but told Yoon Sung that he could find a new job, but what about his brother? His brother who really wanted to teach kids how to do taekwando, couldn’t anymore because of the nail that gave him tetritus.

After Yoon Sung came out from the jail, he met Ki Joon’s brother and he told him that even though he couldn’t understand this kind of love, but he still felt that Ki Joon’s brother should own up instead and not let his brother take the blame. Nana’s team leader took charge of Yoon Sung that day and he was like "A big guy like this, how could you be so scared?" If only you know~~

Then, Da Hye appeared and she asked for an aiming lesson from Yoon Sung. Nana helped her wear the goggles and the irritated Yoon Sung was like, "Legs to shoulder width" while nudging Da Hye’s legs. Eun Ah laughed, "He wants to teach with his that kind of skills?" Hee hee oh what you don’t know~~

Da Hye did that and continued gazing at Yoon Sung’s face. He twisted her face to look at the target, put his arm around hers and told her to focus. Then, he helped her pull the trigger and the shot was fired.

Eun Ah felt that the shot was sure to be quite off, but when Da Hye used the binoculars to look at her shot, it was right dead in the center. She exclaimed that she had skill (while we all knew that was a show of Yoon Sung’s excellent shooting skills). Shik Joong posted himself at the airport and told Yoon Sung when the person in charge of a big American company that was going to strike a deal with Seo Yong Hak’s company had come. It was lucky that Yoon Sung guessed that the person in charge would arrive a day early.

Young Joo went to the hospital to fetch Sae Hee as the both of them went somewhere together. There’s a hint of what their relationship used to be because Sae Hee was like, "Someone who was together because of us had her third kid now, while the both of us…" Turns out that they were attending the celebration party held by their friend, because their third kid hit the first month. In the hotel, Young Joo happened to see the person in charge, someone whom he wanted to talk to as well (but well, too bad he didn’t have the brains to guess that he would come one day early) and he dashed off to talk to them before Sae Hee could stop him. She murmured, "Why do I feel rejected again?"

Young Joo chased them till the lift and told Seo Yong Hak that he was required in aiding the police investigation (of which Seo Yong Hak was terribly incoorperative). He told the person in charge that he would watching the both of them and basically explicitly hinted that their dealings with each other would be taken note of. When the whole party of people went up to the room and entered the room, Yoon Sung appeared behind them and entered the room next to them. Shik Joong had to play the role of a waiter to give food to them. When Young Joo went back to the lobby, he couldn’t find Sae Hee. What Shik Joong did was to put a device on the flask so that Yoon Sung could record the video and the audio of the dealings.

And what great evidence Yoon Sung got! Seo Yong Hak made a deal with the person even though he knew that the airplanes that the person’s company manufactured had flaws in them and could very well fail when there were real pilots inside. His aim was to make more money and profit. Yoon Sung went down to the bar to get a drink and there he met Sae Hee. While talking, what Yoon Sung said reminded Sae Hee about her purpose for coming to the hotel, and she stood up wanting to go back to the party. She accidentally swiped her drink all over Yoon Sung and much as Yoon Sung was reluctant to, he had to go up to the room to change it out so that she could send it for dry cleaning.

Nana was there at the hotel as well because she was Seo Yong Hak’s bodyguard. She was checking the site for any possible weapons when she met Young Joo who was trying to find Sae Hee. After a nice chat, Seo Yong Hak came and told her that he needed her to go to his room to take a file. Young Joo who left a while before, went back to the lobby and was shocked to see Sae Hee entering the lift with Yoon Sung. He immediately went and noticed what floor the lift stopped on. When Nana reached the floor, she forgot which room number it was, and she chose one to knock on.

Surprise surprise, that the person she saw was Yoon Sung… in a robe. Young Joo appeared, saw her, walked towards her, came behind her, and his eyes widened when he saw Sae Hee appear behind Yoon Sung.

-the end-


AAAHHH WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! (and what a misunderstanding, poor Yoon Sung)

I really like City Hunter right now because it has a pretty good plot, and not too much action. Well, because I must admit that too much action puts me to sleep. I like the brains involved in the plotting and scheming, and even though sometimes one might wonder why each time the plan could be executed so perfectly, it doesn’t take much to ignore the coincidences and everything. Lee Min Ho acted pretty well, I felt, which comes off as quite a surprise to me because he didn’t act so well in Personal Taste.

And I mention before… even though my heart usually leans towards second leads, this time, my heart is entirely with Yoon Sung. For one, goshhhh who couldn’t pity him!! He always has such good intentions towards Nana, but always, what he thinks comes off wrongly when he says it. I thought that the plot might be a little cliche at first… I mean, a guy who couldn’t love, how old can you get??? But the drama is getting quite convincing in this matter, especially with the latest episodes.

I really like how Nana plays the role of a bodyguard… because you can do a lot of things there, what with the indirect battle between a bodyguard and the city hunter, which on the surface seems to be good vs evil respectively, but you know that there’s more to it. It feels like Robin Hood you know, and I’m happy that Yoon Sung was dead against killing anyone because that would just end up in a blood cycle.


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