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Hello readers!

Yes haha here’s some updates on me! I’m currently watching City Hunter, and doing recaps on it. Toda Erika’s drama is going to be watched slowly instead… I kinda tried watching K One which was pretty funny but it’s too nonsensical for me to watch hee hee every episode because honestly I was really watching for Aaron. Yes, talking about Aaron…my recaps aren’t coming as fast as I hope because for the past few days I’ve been focusing a lot of time and energy on this particular whirlwind. Wu Zun has left Fahrenheit! This has caused such dramatic reactions in fans, that now some fans are targetting Aaron… so well, I’m kinda focusing on that right now, so apologies!

MIT recaps are something that I do when I feel like it, because I feel that I’m purely writing it to share with you guys(: Just asking, is there anyone out there who haven’t watched it? Well you should!

My break is going to be over pretty soon, so I will be back with the hectic life of assignments and work, but I will still take time out to write and update! This break of mine… wasn’t really a break sigh so I don’t feel very refreshed zzz.

Dramas are really… still the best form of escape. (and books, shall do a short review on Mixed Magics when I have time(:)


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