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City Hunter Episode 7 Recap

Hello! AAH CITY HUNTER HAS REALLY GOOD CLIFFHANGERS OMG (am currently on episode 12, the latest one already)

So continuing from last recap, Nana saw Yoon Sung in a robe together with Sae Hee. It’s kinda hard NOT to misunderstand right? Anyway, she got a shock and her eyes widened. Well, actually everyone’s eyes widened except Sae Hee who was really calm. At this moment, the bodyguard from the next room came out and told Nana that the document she wanted was there. Nana took it and ran off. Young Joo asked with accusation in his eyes what Sae Hee was doing there. Sae Hee raised the shirt that she was holding and told Yoon Sung to wait for her, before stalking off. Young Joo turned his accusatory glare towards Yoon Sung and stalked off as well, leaving Yoon Sung in frustration.

Young Joo was hurt that Sae Hee was drinking with Yoon Sung but she retorted that he was the one who forgot about her. He got a call and was going to rush off when he realised that he’s proving Sae Hee’s point. Sae Hee stalked off once more after telling Young Joo that he could go and she didn’t like that he had to look at her mood. Young Joo quickly rushed back to the station where his assistants managed to find out that a likely suspect was someone named Steve Lee (also known as Jin Pyo, meaning they got the right person sigh).

Yoon Sung was called back to Jin Pyo’s house and it was revealed that he got busted for not living in his own house. While he explained to Jin Pyo why he refused to kill for revenge, and that he wanted to show Seo Yong Hak that everyone was fair in front of the law, Young Joo turned up. While Yoon Sung and Shik Joong hid at one side, Young Joo saw a cute key chain on the chair and asked if it’s Jin Pyo’s. Jin Pyo replied no, and asked him for the purpose of his visit. He asked Jin Pyo if he ever held a gun before and Jin Pyo said no. When Jin Pyo left the room for a while, Young Joo’s assistant quickly took his fingerprints and then they left the house. However, later, Jin Pyo was shown peeling skin off his fingers, showing that they would not be able to prove anything.

Nana went to Yoon Sung’s mother’s stall to eat again and she was grumbling, "How does he know that Sae Hee Yoona likes tall men?" LOL

Yoon Sung’s mother gave her some food to bring home, and she happily continued to eat at home. Yoon Sung came home and asked why she didn’t pick up her call. He insisted that she’s jealous and she was like "What are you talking about?" before trying to escape into her room. Yoon Sung grabbed her shoulder, and then she wanted him to pay money. Yoon Sung was irritated and purposely touched both shoulders. He took out bills to give to her but she escaped into her room. Yoon Sung explained outside the room what really happened and Nana touched her shoulers, before gently knocking her head, "You idiot, why are you so worried for?"

Later, Nana showed that she believed him by inviting him out of his room to share the food that the nice Ahjumma gave. She told Yoon Sung that she wanted to return the containers back to the ahjumma and told Yoon Sung to accompany her. Yoon Sung had a very cold expression when he met his mother. They were going to leave, when his mother almost fainted because she was too tired. Yoon Sung ran forward to catch her, his worried expression shown clearly on his face.

Nana quickly asked Yoon Sung to piggyback ahjumma (called Kyung Hee) which he did. Jin Pyo saw all this from the top of the stairs. Yoon Sung carried his mother back to her home and after he set her down, she praised him and said that his parents must be very proud of him — good looking, smart and strong. He answered strongly, "I don’t have a mother." Nana looked at him as Kyung Hee was a little taken aback. Before they left, she gave them energizing drinks. Yoon Sung told Nana to go home first and he went to sit by the river. After a while of emo-ing, Nana walked calmly to his side and sat down.

Nana told him that whenever she missed her mother, she would visit Kyung Hee and then go to the riverside, singing the song that her mother taught to her.

After saying that, she lapsed into a chorus while Yoon Sung listened. He couldn’t help but look at this girl beside him, who was trying to console him.

As usual though, the moment Nana turned her head, he quickly turned his too. Nana hugged him and was like, "Aigoo today our darling feels very tired is it?" Yoon Sung laughed while pushing her away, and she was glad that he finally smiled. So sweet of Nana!

Jin Pyo turned up the next day at Kyung Hee’s stall and imagine the amount of shock she felt. This guy who snatched her son and only appeared after 25 years!!!! She immediately lunged towards him crying for her kid but he held her in a firm hug. Later, she kept asking what happened and why did her husband not return after the mission, but Jin Pyo refused to tell her anything, refused to let her meet Yoon Sung and told her that Yoon Sung was still in America. She asked him for her son’s name, and he replied, "Johny." PSH. You meanieee~~~

The president came specially to request Yoon Sung to be the tutor to Da Hye because she suddenly really wanted to study, only on the condition that Yoon Sung was her tutor. Da Hye received the good news that Yoon Sung had agreed and as she rushed off to find Yoon Sung, she caught a whiff of Nana’s bath foam, apparently it’s a very limited edition of Chanel’s. Da Hye didn’t think too much and she went to find Yoon Sung, who tried to chase her out. She commented that Yoon Sung also had the same smell of Chanel’s as Nana and Yoon Sung didn’t reply.

Yoon Sung told her that she’s not his type, so she asked, "What’s your type?"

Yoon Sung saw Nana and then he replied, "Me? I like girls with long long hair and a sweet smile, knows how to make kimchi soup, likes small dogs and knows how to sing well." While Da Hye felt that he’s describing her, Nana murmured, "So she even made kimchi for him before…" Lol Nana! You got really slow thinking skills! Hahahaha don’t you realise that he’s describing YOU? Not Sae Hee, not anyone else?
Later, Yoon Sung sms-ed Nana and told her that she should give him coffee for using his bath foam. Lol. She did make coffee for him, while wondering why he always asked for her coffee. Yoon Sung reached out to brush something off her sleeves and she retorted that he should just leave this kind of actions to Sae Hee. Yoon Sung laughed and said that it’s obvious she still cared a bit. At night, Yoon Sung realised that the eldest son of Seo Yong Hak had applied to go to a researchers’ instituition in America. The thing is, he claimed that he had high blood pressure, so he could skip the army but the instituition was under water, hence the pressure would definitely be very high. The president, Choi Eung Chan, was very disappointed with Seo Yong Hak on the issue of the military army’s boots. However, Seo Yong Hak showed no signs of repentance and told Eung Chan that he would still be running for president.

Seo Yong Hak then went for this campaign speech and Young Joo showed him a picture of Jin Pyo, asking him if he had seen him before. Seo Yong Hak said no. Seo Yong Hak’s youngest son hit on Nana during the campaign but Nana feigned ignorance. Yet, when Nana was waiting at the bus stop, and massaging her sore legs, the youngest son drove up and told her that her legs would not ache if she got into his car. Nana kept pushing him away, but he kept trying to pull her into the car. Shik Joong who saw all this, quickly called Yoon Sung. WHOO~~ Yoon Sung to the rescue! Yoon Sung arrived at the scene promptly and whisked Nana off hee hee. Great job~~

Yoon Sung asked why Nana didn’t just flip the youngest son on the ground, since she obviously could, and she replied that ever since she was scolded by Seo Yong Hak’s wife for throwing the fan on the ground, she didn’t dare to do that to other people, especially Seo Yong Hak’s son. She asked what he was doing there, and he replied that he went to listen to the campaign speech as well. Yoon Sung got a call from Ki Joong who invited the both of them for this ‘celebratory/thanks giving’ party because Ki Joong’s brother didn’t have to go to prision thanks to a letter of plea written by the communications office and the security office.

Da Hye didn’t want to let Yoon Sung go and she whipped out a textbook to start asking Yoon Sung questions. LOL~

The next day, Yoon Sung and Shik Joong went on their mission to deceive the three sons to go for a health check up, using excuses like oh the instuition needed to confirm on the eldest son’s health, the insuarance company needed the family’s well being records etc. Yoon Sung got a sms from Da Hye to teach her, and he rushed off, leaving Shik Joong whining about how he always had to eat alone. Through out the tuition, Da Hye kept looking at Yoon Sung and even asked him, "How do you say pretty boy in English?" LOL. Nana watched happily from behind, when Yoon Sung rapped Da Hye’s head. Nana immediately rushed forward and said, "This kind of capital punishment will leave me in a dilemma." Yoon Sung smugly replied, "I had permission from the president to teach her in whatever methods." HAHAHA Nana had this expression of – oh really, yay I’m glad that you can hit her- before returning to her faithful corner.

Yoon Sung received a sms from Shik Joon about the youngest son’s whereabouts and he rushed off, saying that he was very busy at night. Nana muttered, "I’m sure you are very busy," so that only Yoon Sung could hear that. After he left, Da Hye wanted to go to a club and she brought Eun Ah and Nana there.

They all laughed and were quite relaxed when the youngest son came and put an arm around Nana’s waist. Nana got a shock and almost did a karate on him, but released her hold after she realised who it was. He tried to push his luck, but someone slapped his arms away. Yoon Sung! Yoon Sung reminded him not to touch what was his, and the youngest son hauled Yoon Sung out to beat him up. Yoon Sung pretended that he couldn’t fight at all, and he kept getting thrown around and beaten up. However, what the three girls didn’t know is that Shik Joong was hiding behind a wall, taking a video of this. Turns out that Yoon Sung had planned it! The person following Nana and Yoon Sung called Seo Yong Hak and told him that it couldn’t be Yoon Sung at all (since well, Yoon Sung looked like he couldn’t fight at all)

Then, the youngest son pushed Da Hye when she rushed foward to help. This gave Nana and Eun Ah the perfect excuse to taekwando him (lol pardon my description hahaha) and in the midst of this, Yoon Sung slipped away.

Nana helped him paste on the plaster which wouldn’t leave scars and said that she wanted to give him more intensive lessons so that he wouldn’t get beaten up everywhere he went. Later, Yoon Sung looked at the clip that Shik Joong had taken and said that it was very good. At the same time, he received an sms from the youngest son that he had sent his health report to him. Yoon Sung laughed that he didn’t know the moment he sent it to his email, he had also sent it to the military army’s adminstration office. The next day, when the eldest son was going to leave for America, the military army people came and said that the three sons had willingly submitted their health reports so that they could for army. They carted the three of them off and Seo Yong Hak’s wife fainted. Jin Pyo was very angry with Yoon Sung that he made it sound like the three sons were willing as this would boost the votes for Seo Yong Hak, but Yoon Sung said that his purpose was to send Seo Yong Hak up to the pedestral before thrashing him down. Jin Pyo said that he’s getting more arrogant and that opportunites don’t always knock on the door.

There’s the last campaign speech which Seo Yong Hak and other candidates were going to give. Yoon Sung gave Shik Joong a thumbdrive and told him to pluck it into a USB drive the moment he gave him a signal. Shik Joong passed two passes to him and off they went! While Shik Joong pretended that he’s the in charge of AVPA, Yoon Sung very cool-ly went to tackle all the bodyguards that stood in between him and Seo Yong Hak. AAH super cool! Him and his mask and his super cool way of fighting all those bodyguards. He succeeded of course, and even the last bodyguard who was a fierce female, couldn’t bring him down. Someone knocked on the door and Seo Yong Hak told him to come in, yet the person kept knocking. Irritated, Seo Yong Hak went to open the door but got electricuoted. Everything seemed to be going well, but it actually wasn’t on Shik Joong’s side. His pass fell out so the original photo was revealed. The person sitting next to him realised that he’s a fake and gave chase when Shik Joong escaped. Shik Joong tried calling Yoon Sung to tell him that the plan failed but Yoon Sung didn’t pick up the call.

Nana was tasked to bring Seo Yong Hak to the hall but she was shocked to see all the bodyguards lying on the floor. She was immediately very alert and she quickly informed her in charge that Seo Yong Hak was not in the room anymore. She held the gun in her hands as she went towards the lift. To her surprise, she found Young Joo and company in the lift. (with her aunt smiling haha)

Nana updated them on what had happened and told Young Joo that she’s going to sweep every floor to find Seo Yong Hak. However, the lift suddenly stopped. Turns out that it was Jin Pyo who did that. Yet, nothing could deter them. Young Joo gave Nana a boost so that she could climb onto the floor of the building. She thanked them and headed towards the roof. Yoon Sung tied Seo Yong Hak with a rope and he was going to abseil down the building when Nana appeared behind him, shouting, "I warn you. Stop!" Yoon Sung’s eyes widened as he turned his head towards Nana’s voice.

He quickly turned his head back and there was this pause where he just kept his head forward and Nana held the gun steady, pointing at his back. He made a motion of leaping down the building, and… Nana fired the shot. The bullet hit his shoulder and he lurched forward in pain.

-the end-


Hee hee sorry:P I’m always in admiration of scriptwriters who know exactly what to do so that their audience will be utterly baited. And this is a really good example! Aahhh I really hope that he will be able to get away!

I was totally ouch-ing for Yoon Sung. And the irony! To get a bullet shot because of Nana, the girl that he likes! Not sure if I mention this in the previous recaps before, but I really like the idea of how they pit a city hunter against a body guard. It isn’t two jobs that directly conflict with each other, not really, but there will be cases exactly like the one above where they will have to versus each other and see who ‘wins’. Another bonus point is that the action is really too good! All the climbing around and fighting was just enough, not too little that it seems trivial but not too much that it will bore me.

Aaahhh and to think that I thought this mission would be a success, because Yoon Sung is just so smart and devious! He knows how to play on his opportunities. Sad~~ Not that I will hate Nana, but arghhh why give him a bullet shot D:


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