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City Hunter Episode 8 Recap

Whoo I’m on a roll! City Hunter is soooo gooood.

Before we start on the recap proper, let me treat you to this:

OMGGGG!!!! (fangirling in process)

Okay, now let’s start:P

Yes so Nana shot Yoon Sung, and despite her warnings, Yoon Sung still tried to leap over the building. Instead, he suffered a gunshot from Nana (OUCH! Heartbreak ttm!) He still turned himself over the railing and abseiled down. Nana rushed over but was only in time to see him land on top of a car and then escaped via another car. Yoon Sung tried calling Shik Joong, who didn’t pick up because I presume he’s still running away. After Seo Yong Hak woke up, he insisted on having his campaign speech, knowing that it would be to his advantage. Sang Gook informed Jin Pyo that Yoon Sung had manged to escape and now the police was employing all methods to try and find him. Young Joo went up to the roof and told his assistant to send a sample of the blood for identification. They ruled out the possiblity of Steve Lee/Jin Pyo because the witness didn’t notice whether he had a limp or not.

Yoon Sung broke the window of Sae Hee’s vet hospital and went into the room. He poured the solution on his own wound to disinfect and he winced in pain.

Then, Sae Hee happened to return to take something. She realised something was wrong when she saw shards of glasses all over her couch. Entering her room, she turned around to find Yoon Sung hiding behind the door.

"Yoon Sung Sshi!" She exclaimed. Yoon Sung replied, admist weak breaths, "The favour that you own me, can you return it to me today?"

This was how Sae Hee was roped into helping Yoon Sung remove the bullet. She told him after that that the drip she gave him was actually meant for dogs, but the content should be the same as humans.

Yoon Sung asked why she didn’t ask anything about his wound and she said that of course there must be a reason for not going to the hospital.  She didn’t ask him anything and suggest turning on the television to relax. It happened to be the news where they reported about the attempted kidnapping of Seo Yong Hak and about the city hunter who had a bullet wound. There was this awkward moment, and Sae Hee switched off the television. They heard the police sirens and she remarked wryly that they must be very busy. Yoon Sung received a call from Jin Pyo.

Jin Pyo scolded him for messing up things and said that he’s too weak because he didn’t shoot the bodyguard. He ordered Yoon Sung to go see him asap, which Yoon Sung promised. Nana returned home and realised that Yoon Sung still hadn’t reached home. As she hugged the dog, she recalled about what happened previously.

❤ this screenshot!!

In the middle of the night, Yoon Sung had a nightmare. He dreamt that he and Nana were pointing the guns at each other.

While he looked at her in shock, Nana shot him in the heart. Then, Jin Pyo appeared and said that he should shoot her. The shot was fired and the dream blacked out, only to return a second later showing Nana and Yoon Sung lying on the ground, both with bullet wounds, blood and tears. They reached out for each other’s (bloodied) hand but they never reached.

Aww Yoon Sung!

The next morning, Nana brushed her teeth as she vented to her reflection about how the womanizer Yoon Sung didn’t return home the night before. Sae Hee returned to the hospital only to find that Yoon Sung was not on the couch anymore. She looked around worriedly for a moment, then Yoon Sung appeared from the room. She laughed and said, "Just what kind of man are you, Yoon Sung Sshi?"

"A dangerous man."

Lol~~ Sae Hee laughed again and gave him Young Joo’s clothes. Seeing his surprised expression, she explained, "Don’t you know? He’s my ex husband." So that explains it! Nana was walking towards the hospital when she saw Yoon Sung and Sae Hee outside the hospital. She frantically turned around and left but knocked into a cyclist. She dropped the bag she was holding and quickly escaped. Yoon Sung suspected who she was and saw that the bag held a suit with a tie. He grabbed the bag and chased up with Nana. Nana told him to stop, but he continued to reach out for her shoulder. She immediately did the judo thing and he flipped over. OUCH!!

Yoon Sung told Nana that she had misunderstood again, but Nana told him that if he didn’t want people to misunderstand, then he should have his relationship made public!

"Still thinking that oh that person didn’t return home that night, scared that other people will realise… I’m such a fool." AWW Nana! You are so sweet! As usual though, Yoon Sung had to spoil all that by remarking that she had awful taste in clothes. -box you, Yoon Sung-

Later, during the shooting lessons, Nana’s team leader, Park Ho Shik, told everyone to pretend that their target was the City Hunter. Hearing that, Yoon Sung couldn’t bring himself to shoot. He looked very bothered and we know why. After the lesson, he asked Nana if she also felt that the City Hunter was a baddie. She replied that it wasn’t exactly so, but since the person she had to protect was Seo Yong Hak, then her duty made it compulsory for her to fight the City Hunter.

Young Joo’s investigations revealed that the Blue House’s communications office IP address was used. He went to the office and told Song Young Duk, Yoon Sung’s team leader, that he needed to confiscate all the computers.

Due to the fact that there were many files in all the computers, Young Duk requested for a few days for them to clear their files, to which Young Joo allowed. Before he left the office, he saw Yoon Sung’s tie and suit. His eyes narrowed and he walked out of the office. Yoon Sung looked at his back with a smirk.

He quickly (and happily) deleted all the files that would prove that he’s the city hunter. Later, he went to the toilet to change his bandage and after Ki Joon left, Young Joo entered the toilet. "That suit, that tie" Yoon Sung answered with another smirk, "That’s right, it’s yours. Sae Hee lent it to me."

He left the toilet but Young Joo came out and grabbed his shoulder. Yoon Sung smarted with pain but didn’t show it. Young Joo said that Sae Hee should meet a good guy and not a frivolous one like him. Yoon Sung retorted that he only borrowed it because of a reason and it didn’t feel nice to hear him call him frivolous. He turned to walk away but got thrown against the wall by Young Joo, shouting, "Sae Hee is someone pure and innocent. She should not meet you this kind of baddie!"

Ouch!!!!! Omg it must be damn painful for Yoon Sung!

Yoon Sung shouted back that Young Joo should be the one who cleared up his feelings. "At least I won’t be like you, being sneaky behind other people’s backs acting as long legged uncle." Young Joo was shocked that he realised, and Yoon Sung walked away. He went to find Jin Pyo, who gave him a tight slap the moment he appeared. ARGH YOU GO AWAY. 

Yoon Sung told him that he still wanted to go ahead with his own way of revenge. After all, it’s not just Jin Pyo’s revenge for his best buddy, but also Yoon Sung’s revenge for his father! Jin Pyo decided to give him another chance and they discussed the plans once more. At the end of it, Jin Pyo rapped his wound and Yoon Sung contained his pain. Jin Pyo said, "Seems like you are fine… you must succeed." Later during dinner, Yoon Sung sighed and Shik Joong offered to feed him. LOL! Shik Joong learnt of the fact that Nana was the one who shot Yoon Sung and they were both very worried about Nana’s safety. They started to come up with schemes on how to remove Nana from her post, such as Yoon Sung’s idea on her having diarrohea. Shik Joong retorted that it would be unslightly for her to keep going to the toilet, and he suggested his own idea —

Which was to crash a pot on Nana. HUH HAHAHA omg.

Yoon Sung felt that it’s too dangerous, but in the midst of their mock ‘struggling’, the flower pot still crashed on Nana.

That didn’t give her any damage other than being really irritated at whoever who threw the pot. Thus, it’s Yoon Sung’s time to try out his method. He happily dumped lots of laxatives into the coffee and handed it over to Nana. At the last minute though, Eun Ah decided that Nana’s coffee seemed nicer, and she exchanged hers with Nana’s. Oh, there goes Yoon Sung’s plan down the drain. He got dragged to sing ktv with Da Hye and halfway through, Eun Ah had a really bad stomach ache. Da Hye kidnapped Yoon Sung’s briefcase so that he wouldn’t leave and the three of them went to the toilet.

Yoon Sung then sneaked into another ktv room where Shik Joong was ready to help him change his dressing. He winced in pain as he reminded Shik Joong not to let Jin Pyo know that Nana was the one who shot him. Shik Joong talked about how stress he was. On the other side, Eun Ah kept going back to the toilet and shitting (lol that’s the best way of putting it). Nana told her that she woud guard outside the toilet but when she did that, she saw Shik Joong and ran after him. Shik Joong realised and hid behind a wall, his face full of guilt, while Nana looked really down. Some random girls came in and insulted the president’s daughter, not knowing that she’s right there next to them. She got into a fight with them and someone uploaded the clip onto the web.

Nana was scolded and suspended for leaving her post voluntarily. (Eun Ah was punished too, except only her salary was docked).

As Nana left the office dejectedly, Yoon Sung came out and told her "Just go home and clean the house, it’s kinda dirty." OMGGG YOON SUNG!!!!!! Seriously, there must be some form of short circuit that connects your brain to your mouth

Nana had tears in her eyes as she said that Yoon Sung was the worst jerk that she met. Then she left, while Yoon Sung dropped his smile and murmured, "You would never know how thankful I am that you have been suspended." Aww </3

Nana recollected about what happened years ago, and now we realise the link between Nana and Shik Joong. Shik Joong was the eye witness that was so crucial, he changed Nana’s parents from being the victims of someone drunk driving to be the ones who were drunk driving. Nana cried so hard, because her parents were maligned and they wouldn’t have justice.

She murmured to herself that she definitely saw the witness but now that she’s suspended, she couldn’t do anything. Yoon Sung turned up saying, "If you want to cry, please cry in the house." Nana got ready to leave, when Yoon Sung dragged her into the car. Aww sweet Yoon Sung decided to take Nana out for a drive so that she could vent her frustrations. They turned into a nice walkway with nice trees and nice coffee, but the heavens decided to rain and it just so happened that Yoon Sung’s convertible couldn’t work, so the hood wouldn’t come up. Drenched, Yoon Sung decided to take Nana to his house instead, because it’s nearer.

Nana couldn’t understand why he would ignore such a huge house and live in hers. He looked at her, and couldn’t turn his attention away from her shirt, up to her shoulders, up to her wet hair.

Nana looked at him with an innocent expression, and Yoon Sung threw his coat on her, saying, "Please cover, you have spoilt my eyes." Realising what Yoon Sung meant, she quickly covered her chest and wondered if Yoon Sung saw everything. Later, Yoon Sung gave her his shirt to change into, and he went to change his dressing.


He took some time in changing the bandage and when he was done, he came down calling Kim Nana. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him — Nana standing in front of his stove, in his long shirt….. with her long legs. LOL he totally spluttered when Nana turned to him and told him that she wanted to cook noodles for him! He quickly went over to help her, and she went to take the bowls, which were placed right on the top shelf. Seeing that she had difficulty, he went over to help her take the bowls and realised that they were in very close proximity.

Yoon Sung quickly escaped with a, "I don’t want noodles. You can eat alone."

Nana fell asleep on the couch and when Yoon Sung came out, he came over and tucked her hair behind her ears.

What a caring expression. Lol, do all guys like to tuck girls’ hair behind their ears? Or is that just a classic scene in Korean Dramas?

He stood up and turned to leave, only to turned back and kneeled down again. Slowly, he leaned towards her, his intention very clear. He’s was very close to Nana when Nana opened her eyes. Knowing what Yoon Sung was going to do, she shut her eyes tight and clenched her fists. Yoon Sung continued leaning down.

He was so close to her lips, when a call broke the silence. He immediately stood up and answered the call by his father, who asked him if he’s confident. He told his father that he would take care of things, and murmured, "Have a good rest" to Nana before returning to his study. The next day, Nana thanked him for making her feel better about her suspension and she promised that she would cook something nice for him. He answered that he wanted mixed noodles but with no vegetables. Nana laughed that he’s a meaty man and promised.

However, after he left, Nana got a call from Ho Shik who told her that Seo Yong Hak insisted on her being his bodyguard. With no choice, Ho Shik decided to let Nana return to her work. OMG.

Thinking that Nana was safe at home, Yoon Sung went confidently with his work. He quietly threw a gas bomb into the control office, and after they all fainted, he entered and played the video of Seo Yong Hak having dealings with the CEO of the American company on the projector screen. Seo Yong Hak was doing his campaign speech and he was super shock when he saw that. He immediately said that it’s a conspiracy and he left the stage. Yoon Sung cool-ly threw his gas mask away and put on the other mask. He descended via the stairs and that’s why Young Joo found him. Young Joo tried to fight him and he had a mild advantage because Yoon Sung had the shoulder injury. At one point, Young Joo almost managed to rip the mask off Yoon Sung’s face, but Yoon Sung managed to push Young Joo down the stairs and he escaped.

Nana was in charge of bringing Seo Yong Hak somewhere safe, and in the corridor, she asked Seo Yong Hak if it would be better that he stayed and clarified things. Seo Yong Hak looked irritated and then he was frightened when he saw the City Hunter walking towards them. Nana immediately squinted her eyes and pointed her gun at the City Hunter, a.k.a Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung’s eyes widened when he realised that Nana was still the bodyguard. This hesitation allowed Young Joo to chase up with Yoon Sung.

Seo Yong Hak freaked out and he snatched the gun from Nana, turning Nana into a hostage. Nana tried to tell him not to freak out, but he told the City Hunter to stay away from him. Nana saw that he was distracted and tried to push him away. However, his hold was too strong and in the struggle, he threw Nana over the railing. He immediately ran away frantically and there was a moment when Young Joo and Yoon Sung looked at each other through the corner of their eyes. A second later, Young Joo chased Seo Yong Hak while Yoon Sung ran over and grabbed Nana’s hand just right when her hold slipped.  

Imagine exciting instrumental chords as he tried to grab her with only his right arm. Nana hanging over the railing

His face scrunched up in pain as we heard something split.


Nana’s eyes widened as Yoon Sung’s face showed both pain and worry and exertion and more worry and more shock.

-the end-

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMGGGGGG was my reaction when I first watched this. Seriously, how good can the cliffhangers go?? First, you get Nana to flip over a railing, then you had Yoon Sung to rush towards her and reach out for her with just one arm. As if that suspense is not enough, gosh, you had Yoon Sung’s wound split open and blood trickling down the arm?

It’s just pure ARGHHHHHHHHHH. It’s THE cliffhanger.

I mean the scriptwriters are really good at writing the cliffhangers!! I swear, that I don’t even remember what are most of the cliffhangers that I’ve watched before in dramas, but this particular cliffhanger is just too excellent to be forgotten. I love how Yoon Sung is now pit against Nana to show the conflict, that he’s so worried for her and that he won’t do anything to hurt her, even if it means failing the mission or hurting himself. It’s just so exciting, don’t you think? I can’t express enough about my admiration hahah!

Another point why I really like this ending was because you could tell that Nana was on the verge of matching the face of Yoon Sung and the face of this City Hunter. She just needs one small push and she will realise just what is going on. And the thing is, I’ve absolute faith in her because she’s so smart. Also, have I mentioned how much I love instrumentals??

I really like Sae Hee here too! She asks no questions and doesn’t probe, but is so helpful all the same. Not fazed by difficulties nor sudden situations! I think that it’s really awesome that the second female lead isn’t someone who is going to ‘snatch’ Yoon Sung away, but rather, she’s going to be someone who will aid Yoon Sung. How awesome can you get? She’s quite funny too lol all the comparing Yoon Sung to a big-sized dog hahaha. Yoon Sung’s so strong too! Even when Young Joo threw him against the wall, he didn’t show his pain on his face… and that’s when I get into another short rant on how impressed I am with Lee Min Ho’s acting. He really improved a lot ever since BOF or Personal Taste! That subtlety in acting is something, to be honest, that I never thought Lee Min Ho could master. Well, he did, and we have more proof of that in following episodes.

(I love his hair!!)


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