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City Hunter Episode 9 Recap

Whoo! Let’s just jump into this straight:D

Oh wait, I lied. Hahaha some trivia first: According to Wikipedia, this episode was the higest among the nine episodes!

Ouch. After we return from last episode where Yoon Sung’s wounds split opened, and blood flowed out, he managed to pull Nana up after all.

However, he quickly ran away before Nana could recognise him. Young Joo who ran after Seo Yong Hak was trapped in between the revolving doors, thanks to Sang Gook. When Seo Yong Hak threatened someone to give up the car to him in the basement carpark, Jin Pyo appeared and he beat Seo Yong Hak up so that he couldn’t reach for the gun. It was revealed that Jin Pyo’s cane wasn’t really cane, but a long sword. Yoon Sung came, clutching at his bleeding wound and Jin Pyo muttered, "Useless bum." Yoon Sung didnt’ reply and Shik Joong appeared in another car, hurrying them. Yoon Sung quickly moved Seo Yong Hak into the car, and all of them drove off before Young Joo could stop them. Young Joo’s assistant asked Young Joo for instructions and Young Joo revealed that before when he was fighting with the City Hunter, he had managed to stick a GPS locating chip on his coat.

Wah smart!

The moment Seo Yong Hak was awake, Jin Pyo pointed a gun to his head. Seo Yong Hak’s eyes widened, and then Jin Pyo did something. He took out four bullets out of the five holes, and then he spun the thing. He fired the first time and Seo Yong Hak jerked, but there was no shot.

Jin Pyo wanted Seo Yong Hak to say the names of those who joined in the let’s-term-it-as The Mission (the one where 21 special agents were sent to kill North Korean spies). Initially, Seo Yong Hak still tried to play tough, but after another time of an empty shot, he got scared and he said hurriedly that it’s Kim Jong Shik.

Young Joo managed to track all the way to the warehouse and the police officers surrounded the place quietly.

Seo Yong Hak thought that he was safe because they all heard the police sirens, but Jin Pyo showed that nothing would change by firing another empty shot. Jin Pyo demanded for all the names of the Group of Five who came up the plans for The Mission, and as he pointed the gun, wanting to fire the shot, Yoon Sung nodded at Shik Joong and Shik Joong immediately threw a smoke bomb. Unaware that something like this would happen, Jin Pyo, Sang Gook and Seo Yong Hak were all made unconscious by the smoke. However, Jin Pyo did shoot his gun, though it was pointed upwards, and there was a bullet (meaning if he had shot it at Seo Yong Hak, he would have died). Hearing the shot, Young Joo rushed into the warehouse with the other officers, but to find that the City Hunter had escaped.

Yoon Sung was then shown driving an ambulance and he called Young Joo to tell him to receive Seo Yong Hak at the police headquarters. "To find out why I brought him there, that should be your next task." He challenges. Young Joo felt very frustrated and his assistant told him that the coat the City Hunter left behind was rather expensive. Noticing that there was a certain perfume smell on it, he immediately told his assistant to find out what smell this belonged to.

Yoon Sung very cool-ly deposited Seo Yong Hak at the headquarters, with him all bound to the stretcher. He quickly drove off before Young Joo could stop him in time, and all the reporters swarmed around them. Jin Pyo woke up and punched Shik Joong when he realised what Yoon Sung had done. On the way home in his car, Yoon Sung received a call from Jin Pyo, showing this:

ARGH. Yoon Sung realised that Jin Pyo had beaten Shik Joong up and he quickly rushed to Jin Pyo’s house.

When he arrived, Sang Gook tried to stop him but Yoon Sung beat him up so badly, it was the same state as Shik Joong. Yoon Sung immediately went to Shik Joong when he entered the room and asked if he was all right. Jin Pyo shouted while raising his cane, “You messed up the whole plan! We totally could kill him, why did you hand him over to the police?!”

Yoon Sung grabbed his cane and threw it to the side, replying in his strong voice, “Because I don’t want to create another me. I’m someone who lost his father thanks to the five people, because of them I don’t have a normal life, I want my revenge more than anyone else!"

He told Jin Pyo that the blood-for-blood revenge should stop right there. Jin Pyo asked coldly, "I’m going to kill them even if it means chasing them till the ends of earth, so are you going to oppose me?" "Yes." "Even if it means starting a war with me —" "A war? Even if it’s something more horrible than that." Jin Pyo’s lips curled in anger and Yoon Sung finished super cool statement, “Don’t touch those whom I cherish, I will protect them, including you Dad.” Then he went to help Shik Joong up and they left.

In the hospital, Nana was buttoning up her shirt as someone took down her statement. The police officer asked her if she remembered anything about the person who saved her and she had a sudden flashback to the City Hunter’s eyes when he saved her, and Yoon Sung’s eyes when he wanted to kiss her the other time. Her eyes widened as she struggled to make the link.

He asked if she recalled anything and she lied that she couldn’t remember anything because she was too panicked at that moment. After the officer left, Nana shook her head, her eyes filled with worry and murmured, "Where did he go?"

Yoon Sung  was in fact, lying on the bed at home and he asked Shik Joong about Nana. Shik Joong said that he had no idea and Yoon Sung was so worried, he pushed the blankets off the bed and tried to go look for Nana. The word tried, because the moment he stepped off his bed, he clutched his arm and tumbled to the floor in an unconscious state.

Sae Hee was watching the news on Seo Yong Hak when Shik Joong entered and asked if she knew Lee Yoon Sung. Turns out Shik Joong went to find Sae Hee to ask her to help treat Yoon Sung. Later, Yoon Sung who was very pale told Sae Hee, “You know yet another of my secret, this will add another round of danger around you Sae Hee.” Sae Hee smiled and replied him that instead, she’s glad that he trusted her enough to ask her to come. She told him that she gave him anaesthesia and he would feel sleepy.

After some time, Shik Joong came into the room and Yoon Sung woke up from his sleep. Yoon Sung told Shik Joong that there’s no other way to protect Nana from Jin Pyo other than to move out. At this point in time, Nana called him and asked if he’s not feeling well anywhere. He quickly hung up on her after claiming that he’s busy. He closed his eyes and soon, he drifted off to sleep. In his sleep, he had a nightmare that there was so much blood flowing from his wounds that Nana’s hands slipped from his, and she fell dead. He was startled awake, and he quickly jumped off the bed to find Nana, even though Shik Joong told him not to.

Nana couldn’t fall asleep and she went to sit on the swing at the roof. She murmured to herself that she really wanted to see (Yoon Sung) when someone called her name, “Kim Nana!” She turned around and jumped up when she saw Yoon Sung standing in front of her. Yoon Sung chided her for thinking that she’s so great just because she knew a little bit of judo, that she dared to come up to the rooftop at two in the morning. Nana replied angrily that she couldn’t fall asleep because she was too worried “Who was the one who made me worried, and you could still say —-“

Yoon Sung crossed the distance between them and kissed her. (Awww!)

After some moments, he gently drew back and hugged her, saying a list of reminders, “Don’t come to the rooftop in the morning just because you can’t sleep. You must remember to lock the door, and don’t be too trusting of your own defending abilities. Be careful of strangers. Don’t just eat kimchi because you like kimchi….. the coffee that you brew, is really nice.” Unsuspecting, Nana drew back and said that she would go down to brew coffee for him.

Yoon Sung nodded and she ran down. Aaah I feel so sad for Nana! I mean she should have guessed something right??? That list of reminders aint what someone would usually say right after a romantic kiss and hug.

Obviously, after she returned, she didn’t find Yoon Sung, but he left his coat on the floor. She tried calling him but he didn’t pick up his call. He murmured, "I will protect you. That’s the only way." Nana sat on the swing and kept trying to call Yoon Sung but no one picked up.

The next morning, Yoon Sung thanked Sae Hee for her help and said that Shik Joong would drive her back. She joked that he’s chasing her home and not even giving her breakfast, when Shik Joong came in and told her that she’s invited for a very delicious breakfast. Omg I would love to have Shik Joong around. Thoughtsramble am always a hungry person and even more so when watching dramas:P

Sae Hee asked in an innocent manner if Yoon Sung knew Kim Jong Shik because he was muttering his name in his dreams the night before. There were looks of guilty on both Yoon Sung and Shik Joong’s faces. Sae Hee looked at the both of them, and dropped another ‘bomb’ even more innocently "I wonder if the City Hunter knows that…. the son of Kim Jong Shik is Kim Young Joo prosecutor."

Both Shik Joong’s eyes and Yoon Sung’s eyes widened as they took in the news.

At the same time, Jin Pyo also received news of that and he commented angrily that now Yoon Sung had sent two members of the Group of Five right into the hands of the son of the third member. Yoon Sung blamed himself for that judgemental fault and he got a video call from Jin Pyo who told him that Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Yong Hak would die at his hands in his own fashion of revenge.

Nana got reprimanded by Ho Shik for ending up as a hostage. She was sacked and she had to be sent to pack her things. While doing that, Eun Ah was very angry and indignant at the injustice of it all but there was nothing they could do. As she walked out of the place, she met Yoon Sung who ignored her and disappeared. Before she could react much, Young Joo appeared and asked her if she felt that the expression of the eyes of the City Hunter was really familiar. Nana hastily said no and asked if he felt that it was someone he knew. He told her that they had sent the blood that the City Hunter left when she shot him and the blood left the day before for analysis. If they had any suspect, they would just need to match it to the analysis and they would have an answer. He noticed that Nana was carrying a keychain and asked where she’d gotten it from. She answered that it’s from Yoon Sung and Young Joo recalled seeing the same keychain in Jin Pyo’s house.

Yoon Sung heard all this from behind the trees.

Seo Yong Hak was sent for investigation by Young Joo and on the way there, he was thrown with rotten eggs and lots of verbal words. Well, it’s a kind of revenge for Yoon Sung isn’t it? Young Joo asked a series of charges, to which Seo Yong Hak admitted guilty to all charges. Young Joo told him that someone sent a letter to the office, detailing all the charges which he had just admitted guilty seconds before. His assistant revealed that the fingerprints matched those of Lee Kyung Wan. Seo Yong Hak was angry that he betrayed him but Young Joo told him to calm down and he asked him about the chains that were placed both on him and Lee Kyung Wan. Seo Yong Hak didn’t want to reveal about The Mission and lied that he’s not too sure about that.

Young Joo was very irritated because there was just nowhere for him to go on investigating. Even the records of the people who wore those chains were hidden and could only be revealed in 2030. Then, he realised that he could go to the president and asked for help. Ki Joong’s brother was commended and recognised about his efforts in the military army. He talked about how he never regretted being a soldier even though he lost a leg. After the thing ended, the president caught a glimpse of Jin Pyo and his eyes widened in shock. However, a second later, and Jin Pyo disappeared. While he was still reeling from the shock, Young Joo came to ask the president if he could make the exception and allow the records to be revealed even before 2030. The president told him that it’s a matter of consideration.

After this, Young Joo came out of the auditorium and saw Yoon Sung. He asked him about whether he knew Steve Lee or not, and Yoon Sung answered no, before turning around and leave. Young Joo had a "Oh yeah?" expression as he left as well.

Eun Ah was so angry that Ho Shik sacked Nana that she kept venting it on poor Ki Joong who was flipped over and over again. Since Nana was sacked, then Yoon Sung’s instructor was Ho Shik. He asked about Nana and Ho Shik explained that she was fired. Yoon Sung defended her by saying that she had really tried her best but Ho Shik scoffed at him, "You said as if you were there." Well, he was there.

I love the scene that follows! You could tell that Yoon Sung was pissed and when Ho Shik wanted to flip him, (and I was worrying about his shoulder, stupid me) Yoon Sung stopped Ho Shik and in his surprise, he flipped Ho Shik onto the ground.

WAH SO COOL<3 He left the training after throwing a sentence, "This is what I’ve learnt from Kim Nana."

Ki Joong reminded him of the pink pouch he had bought for Nana and he was looking at it, when he got a call from Nana. He answered with a "I’m busy."

Then Nana turned around and passed the phone to…. Jin Pyo (!!!!!!) who answered with a, "So are you still busy?"

Yoon Sung’s eyes widened when he recognised Jin Pyo’s voice. He immediately left for his house. In the meanwhile, Nana talked happily to Jin Pyo, not knowing who he really was. He asked her about her necklace and she told him that it was left behind by her saviour who saved her life on the night where a sniper wanted to kill Seo Yong Hak. There was more small talk, and Yoon Sung dashed into the room, his eyes wild. Jin Pyo smiled calmly at him.

As he walked out of the house with Yoon Sung, he was like, "So do you love this girl?" Yoon Sung looked at him worriedly and replied in the negative but Jin Pyo said that a strong denial meant confirmation. "This was the girl that you saved on the night I tried to kill Seo Yong Hak." , as Jin Pyo continued that he’s stupid for falling in love. "I already warned you not to. You must remember, that girl’s life will be in danger because of you." Then he left, leaving Yoon Sung distressed. Nana came out and asked if Jin Pyo was unhappy about them ‘cohabiting’ together but Yoon Sung hurt her feelings (further) by replying that he had so many women problems, his father was no longer bothered by them.

Yoon Sung returned home and told Shik Joong that they had to try and find out what’s wrong with Kim Jong Shik. Shik Joong told Yoon Sung that there would certainly be something wrong, and Yoon Sung asked him how he’d knew. Shik Joong said that he just knew and left the room. Yoon Sung picked up his phone and typed slowly, "Brew coffee for me." Aww….

Since now Nana had no job, she’s working in a cafe and Eun Ah and Da Hye went to visit her. Yoon Sung told Shik Joong to pack his stuff first while he would get some treatment from Sae Hee. At the same time, Young Joo’s assistant managed to get a list of those people who owned the perfume, since it’s limited edition and always in need of stock. Young Joo realised that Yoon Sung’s name was on the list and he realised that all the evidence, such as how Yoon Sung didn’t return home on the night the City Hunter got shot and like how he was in the same hotel as Seo Yong Hak the other time etc. He realised the link and muttered, "Then… Sae Hee."

He immediately went to find Sae Hee and told her that he knew Lee Yoon Sung was the City Hunter. "That night you lent him my clothes right?" Sae Hee replied while drawing circles on the table, "That night it was raining and his clothes were wet." Young Joo revealed that he knew she’s lying because "Your habit of drawing circles on the table when you are lying has not changed." He told her that he could find out anyway and he rushed out to the bin outside, trying to find bloodied clothes. He couldn’t find them and drove away in disappointment. Sae Hee went back into the room and told Yoon Sung it was lucky she took care not to dispose of his clothes anyhow. She returned his clothes to him and reminded him not to drive.

He left after thanking her. Shik Joong helped to pack Yoon Sung’s stuff but he accidentally dropped some books. Unknown to him, a photo inside slipped out and dropped under the cabinet, but he didn’t realise. Shik Joong sighed that Yoon Sung had to leave a home which brought smiles to his face. When Yoon Sung came, he told Shik Joong to bring the luggage home first and he would stay to say goodbye to Nana. Shik Joong left after telling Yoon Sung to rest on the couch. Nana went to the supermarket and bought the materials needed to cool the mixed noodles that Yoon Sung requested before.

When she reached home, she was surprised to see Yoon Sung conked out on the couch and she cooked a meal for him. After she was done, she went over to call him, but he was in a deep slumber. Then, Nana recalled about the eyes thing and she reached out carefully… to cover Yoon Sung’s nose and mouth.

She realised without a doubt that Yoon Sung was indeed the City Hunter and her face was in shock. Then, Yoon Sung woke up and she quickly turned away, saying that she was in the midst of a sneeze. She walked away, her face still in shock, while telling Yoon Sung that she had cooked the meal for him. At the table, she told him that she had fulfiled her promise of cooking mixed noodles for him, and that’s when Yoon Sung started being a jerk like telling her that he had gotten tired of her. If she felt that the kiss meant anything, well it didn’t and basically he’s moving out, but she could stay as long as she wanted to. He left after that, leaving Nana sad and rejected and I guess, really confused.

Yoon Sung returned home, a tired man and when Shik Joong and him watched the news, it was reported that Lee Kyung Wan was sent to the hospital. In that heart stopping moment, Yoon Sung saw Jin Pyo’s face at the background of the television, dressed up as a doctor. He immediately rushed to the hospital the same time Young Joo reached. At the entrance, there were two policemen wheeled on stretchers, dead. Yoon Sung and Young Joo began to realise that something was really wrong and Young Joo dashed into the room. Lee Kyung Wan was dead.

Yoon Sung looked around him and there, Jin Pyo stepped out, his face set in determination.

-the end-

I’ve been waiting so long to start on this recap!!!Finally!!:DD This is because I can finally start on my rant on Nana! I really like her character so much, because unlike most female characters who 1.need the whole world to sweep after their problems 2. Can’t defend themselves 3.no ounce of dignity 4. Basically quite useless when faced with problems and 5.so stupid to other people’s feelings (such as female leads to second leads, sorry, sore spot there lolol)

Nana is not like that at all! If given other female characters, I’m sure they will take agesss to realise that Yoon Sung is the city hunter, but with Nana, she took such an ingenious manner to realise that HEY YOON SUNG IS THE CITY HUNTER! Love it~ Haha sorry!:P I really cannot stand characters like Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful. Epitome of damsels in distress man. (plus Nana can fight so well(Y))

For this episode, it wasn’t so much of a cliffhanger per se, but it’s just that tone of finality that was kinda sad – that Jin Pyo wouldn’t mind resorting to killing just to achieve his revenge, he aint joking, he’s playing serious. I guess Yoon Sung realised that as well!  This is a more sad episode rather than an episode dedicated to thrilling scenes… as we have the jerky side of Yoon Sung coming out to play. I thought that it would be kinda cliche because we always have these kind of noble scenes in dramas, but honestly, I felt that it was pretty nice!

I really love the instrumentals!! Also, the starting song is very impactful and fits very well too. Haha too bad the version of the drama I watch cuts the starting song, so all I hear is the chorus (I think).

Before I end off, can I just reiterate again — omg I love this show so much because all the characters are just so smart!!! I only realise while recapping this that all three characters realised/show that they realised Yoon Sung was the City Hunter in the same episode. This doesn’t mean that Yoon Sung did a bad job, certainly not. Instead, it demonstrates just how smart all the leads are! And well, smartness is something which appeals strongly to me, especially in female leads. Hence, I felt that it was really smart and impactful of the scriptwriter to unveil the discovery in different manners! Sae Hee’s innocent hint, Nana’s and Young Joo’s smart linkage… awesome! Nothing better than a cast of smart characters really. (Lol in case you think I’m ranting too much, just take it that sometimes I’m so tired of watching stupid girls/ stupid noble guys in many dramas. Refer to post:Cliches you think can find in a korean drama/Cliches you think you can find in a taiwanese drama)


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