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Nodame Cantabile!

Whoo! I have a sudden urge to rewatch Nodame Cantabile live action drama suddenly… the good thing is I’ve a friend who has the DVD of it, so I’m going to watch it in GOOOOD quality XDD

(Okay you can see my excitement hee hee)



    • Haha oops I typed wrongly — I meant rewatched! So yep I’ve watched the specials and the movie before as well! In fact I did a review on the movie in one of my earlier entries. Do read it and share with me what you think!^^ (ChiakiXNodame is so cute)


  1. Anonymous says

    Best movie/series/manga/whatever about classical music ever… XD

    Also, have you ever watched Jay Chou’s Secret? I’m a lee hom fan but I have to say that movie was awesome… although leehom’s movie with yi fei was cute as well.

    I’m a fan of anything that involves music in it… ^^



    • YES AGREED^^ Were you already reading my livejournal when I spazzed over Nodame?^^

      YEP I love that show!! Oh for me because I’m a Jay Chou fan so it was super awesome for me, plus I love all the music tracks + the plot was good:P Haha you can see that I’m full of praises for the show:P Ooh I really like some of Lee Hom’s songs but hmm I must admit I don’t know much about him as a celeb.

      YES AGREE X2 Hahaha!


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