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Nodame Cantabile!

Whoo! I have a sudden urge to rewatch Nodame Cantabile live action drama suddenly… the good thing is I’ve a friend who has the DVD of it, so I’m going to watch it in GOOOOD quality XDD (Okay you can see my excitement hee hee) <3thoughtsramble

Nodame Cantabile Live Action Drama + Movie Review

  NODAMEEEEE! Okay sorry:P That was the fangirl side of me going slightly crazy over this fantastic live action drama. I absolutely love the characters in here and the music as well! I actually watched the drama a long time ago but I decided that I would only blog a review about it when I finally watched the Movie. Which I did. FINALLY. YES. So. Nodame (Ueno Juri) is a really innocent and sweet girl who is a really really talented pianist. She loves playing by the ear and because of this, she cannot sightread well. She is really messy and dirty. In fact, her appartment is recognised by the heaps and heaps of soft toys and don’t-know-what-else junk. Enters the handsome guy of the story, Chiaki ( Tamaki Hiroshi. AHHH) who is also a very talented pianist. In fact he’s talented at everything. He can play the violin, he can play the piano, but the thing that he wants to do the most is to go to Vienna ( I think) and be a famous …