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Nodame Cantabile Live Action Drama + Movie Review


NODAMEEEEE! Okay sorry:P That was the fangirl side of me going slightly crazy over this fantastic live action drama. I absolutely love the characters in here and the music as well! I actually watched the drama a long time ago but I decided that I would only blog a review about it when I finally watched the Movie. Which I did. FINALLY. YES.

So. Nodame (Ueno Juri) is a really innocent and sweet girl who is a really really talented pianist. She loves playing by the ear and because of this, she cannot sightread well. She is really messy and dirty. In fact, her appartment is recognised by the heaps and heaps of soft toys and don’t-know-what-else junk. Enters the handsome guy of the story, Chiaki ( Tamaki Hiroshi. AHHH) who is also a very talented pianist. In fact he’s talented at everything. He can play the violin, he can play the piano, but the thing that he wants to do the most is to go to Vienna ( I think) and be a famous conductor. He can’t get out of Japan because of a phobia that developed after an accident that involved aeroplanes. In the drama, Chiaki starts to realise his dream slowly. He is given the opportunity to lead a student orchestra and together with Nodame, they discover about what opportunities, friends, dreams, love and family that life has to offer.

Chiaki looks loads better in the drama. Tamaki Hiroshi looks so so skinny and gaunt in Nodame Movie that my heart just breaks. The drama is funnier and has more of a plot. It is really inspiring for anyone who loves music. It’s interesting for those who are just looking for entertainment as well! My heart warms thinking of Mine (Eika) who loves the violin, Kiyora (Mizukawa Asami) who loves the violin as well and is much better at it than Mine, and Masumi (Koide Keisuka) who loves the timpani. MASUMI AND HIS HAIR IS EPIC. HIS GAYNESS simply lights up my day! Of course, who can forget the famous conductor, Strezemann (Takenaka Naoto) who is such a funny, pervertic and at the same time, thoughtful character? I will never forget the day when I watched episode 1 (?):

Nodame: What’s your name?
Strezemann: Milch….Holstein…. (german name)
Nodame:Ohhhh Milch… Holstein ( looks into the far distance)
-later at Chiaki’s house-
Nodame: Chiaki, this is Milch Holstein… -insert look into the distance-
Chiaki: Milch Holstein.. MILK COW?? I knew it. This guy is just a pervert guy trying to prey on innocent people.

Okay. Forgive me if this is not funny and if it doesn’t mean milk cow. I MEAN, I watched this last year! (: The movie was awesome as well but it doesn’t focus so much on the plot. Instead, the main point here is more about dreams and taking in the good music + scenery. In here, the setting has moved to Europe and the couple finds themselves in situations which force them to think more about what’s music to them AND WHAT ARE THEY TO  EACH OTHER.

Nodame still looks as cute and innocent as ever; Chiaki, on the other hand, is another story. No matter what, I still love them! They make a good couple and the music is just entrancing. It surprises me so much that classical music doesn’t put me to sleep. The acting is convincing, the scenes pretty and breathtaking and the music is just simply tres bien. If you are worried that you won’t understand the music, fret not! They accompany the music with stories of the composers and the context of their lives/the composed piece in question.

Final line? If you’re simply looking for entertainment and comedy, put together with sweet romance, go for the live action drama. If you are a music lover AND looking for all the aforementioned criteria, go for the live action drama AND the movie. I swear, the stories were so inspiring, I scrambled to have quality time with my piano after watching both. ( That’s saying something I promise:P)

Oh right. Final final line. Please don’t watch the movie online yeah. It’s too good ( especially for the music lovers) to be heard and viewed on a small screen. ( Yes besides the issues on copyrights:P)


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