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Personal Preference Review

Personal Preference! The first thing I have to say is — if you hated Lee Min Ho from BOF because of his hair, his character and everything else, don’t let that stop you from watching Personal Preference!

All right, on with the synopsis of the story. Jeon Jin Ho ( Lee Min Ho) is an aspiring architect who is really good but is always defeated by Chang Ryul (Kim Ji Suk) and his evil father. As Jin Ho did not want to go down without a fight, he decided to partake in the competition to see who gets to build the upcoming mega project — the Dam Art Gallery. He heard rumours that this gallery was supposed to be based on the concept of Sanggojae, a traditional korean house. He could not understand why and he grabbed the opportunity to move into Sanggojae when the chance arrived. However, he was misunderstood to be gay by Kae In (So Ye Jin), the landlady of the house. Kae In was just recently hurt by her relationship with Chang Ryul, who, may I add, stupidly ran off with In Hee ( Wang Ji Hye) who  was Kae In’s best friend and room mate/tenant for ten years. However, their wedding fell apart when Kae In accidentally announced Chang Ryul’s betrayal over the broadcasting system. Stung by this failed relationship, Kae In could not help herself but turned to Jin Ho for friendship and care. How will she react when she knows that Jin Ho is not gay at all and that his initial motive of moving in is to make use of Sanggojae?

The drama’s plot is really interesting but the whole 16 episodes focus on just that few climaxes and betrayals that ultimately, you don’t watch for the plot. You watch for the wonderful chemistry between the co-actors. It was really fun sitting on the rollar coaster with the show, going all the way up right up to the top with the secret that’s going to be revealed, but once it is revealed, you wonder what is all the excitement and hype for. In any sense, it is not very dramatic, it feels more realistic but I have no idea if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Perhaps, it is very much intended so that the focus of the audience is on the love between the two main leads. They are seriously the cutest pair that I have ever seen. Sometimes, I find myself wishing that the plot will just get on with so that I can go back to fangirling at the sweetness both exude. You won’t be surprised to be find my squealing in front of the screen and basically hugging myself with anything that I can find. It is that sweet.

Lee Min Ho’s acting has always been quite okay for me, so that’s that. HIS HAIR. Everytime I look at Jin Ho, I will think of Jun Pyo and think that hair does make a lot of difference. He smiles a lot more here so you get to see his mega watt smile. However, my impression of Jun Pyo was so strong that even till now, watching Jin Ho gives me a sense of inbalance at times. Like what is Jun Pyo doing with nice hair and smiling at another girl? I am serious:O I was a little sad when it comes to So Ye Jin. If any of you finds this name familiar, it could probably be because you remember her from SUMMER SCENT. I watched this many years ago and I could still remember how pretty and PRETTY she was that it makes me jealous. A little anyway. Then I watch Personal Preference and was struck by the realisation that age does make a difference. The first 4 episodes were an ordeal for me because I just could not believe my eyes that they are the same women — Kae In and her in Summer Scent. Nevertheless, she gets prettier through the episodes (as expected) and I find myself thinking that it does not matter if she’s not as breathtakingly pretty as before because her acting has certainly improved. My friends think that In Hee is prettier and that Kae In will never match up, but there’s something so soft and gentle about So Ye Jin’s looks that no one can replicate.

Please watch it and tell me what’s your most memorable scenes in the show! I could think up of quite a few that made me squeal in laughter and replay the scene over and over again.

P.S This show certainly brings to my mind the cliches of Korean Plots and I think it will be fun to share with you all! So do watch out for the upcoming post about it(:

P.S.S I’m sorry if this review sounds a bit crappy:(

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