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New Year…

 A year is drawing to a close! This year, I’ve went through so many things, and survived. I’ve grown up a little, I’ve set up thoughtsramble, I went through examinations [ while watching Playful Kiss even when examinations were just on the next day. -guilt- ] I met new friends, and kept in contact with the old ones…. I did things that were memorable. 

Thoughtsramble, when it first started out, was quite sad… with like 0 readers, or at its best, 2 readers per day. Yet I continued writing because I don’t know… I just like it, and slowly the readership builds up. I started to recap on Playful Kiss, and the readership shot up. I get comments, and new readers. Then, Playful Kiss ended, and the readership drops again, but way better than when I first started. I still write about everything that I’ve watched, because I know I have readers that keep coming back [ Thank you so much!^^ ] and I love writing for them. Now, I suppose it’s luck/another phase of the readership, because it’s now even higher than the period of time when I did recaps for Playful Kiss. I’m happy:D 

So that was to tell you guys, that I’m glad I didn’t give up on this livejournal months ago, and it was all thanks to your support really. In the new year to come, I hope that I can continue to write entries that are good and entries that you will want to recommend to your friend. 😀 

I figured that it will be fun to write a profile entry in the next post 😛 So, look forward to that! 

In the meantime, what’s your new year’s resolutions?


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