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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 5 Recap

Sorry for the delay!^^ Haha no screenshots this time round!

Toma and Sebumi wake up from their knock out and they both realise how serious the situation is, because it was obviously an inside job since they’re at the police station/ headquarters/somewhere. Toma calmly drinks water, and Sebumi asks, "Why are you so calm? Do you know something?!" Toma replies that she doesn’t know anything, but what she does know is that both of them can disappear from the face of the earth without no one knowing. There’s a grave silence. Ninomae goes to see Unno but stops time so that he can copy the address of the previous patient — the girl who came with her mother. When time resumes, Unno is a little startled because one moment he sees Ninomae, the next moment he’s gone. A guy is using the crane when he suddenly has a heart attack. Another guy reads the newspaper, sees that article with a worried expression, and throw it into the dustbin. Sebumi has a meet-up with his senior [ who happens to be that ‘another guy’] , a former SIT [ the department that Sebumi used to work in ] officer. His senior tells him of his good times with his family and advices him to start up a family, because for them you can do anything, and he doesn’t want to go back to his former SIT days. Sebumi thinks that it’s amazing that his senior will actually say something like this, and assures his senior that he will be fine and healthy [ because his senior jokes that even though he was from SIT, even he cannot fight against a bandit since he has to go on business trips to Africa and all ]. His senior laughs and says that he really knows how to talk. Sebumi orders two dishes, but the boss tells him that it’s out of stock because " That big appetite beauty over there has ordered 11 [!!!] bowls of it." Sebumi goes over and asks Toma, "Delicious?" "Delicious." and she looks up to see Sebumi who knocks her on her head. She starts to speak in that not happy tone when Sebumi comments that she eats a lot. Sebumi’s senior comes up and asks who she is but Sebumi just replies, "Passer-by A." 

After they part ways, Sebumi’s senior remarks that the both of them are very compatible, but Sebumi is like, "If you say that, I rather be shot with a gun." His senior laughs and becomes serious, telling him that he should really consider having a family life, because the experience is something different. Sebumi says that as long as the truth about Shimura’s shooting is not revealed, he will not retire from the police force. His senior tells him that sometimes, people have to look forward instead of looking at the past all the time. Then, his senior leaves as well, leaving Sebumi in a thoughtful silence. Unno meets Shimura to discuss with her about unplugging the machine that her brother is hooked to. Shimura says that she wishes to talk to her brother one last time because the last time she had seen him, they had parted on bad terms because of her studies. She wants to apologise to her brother. 

Mishou has another case — five men all die from natural causes, except that they were all undercovers for the police force. The guy thinks that someone might be actually murdering them, but attribute that to dying of natural cause. He asks Toma to get tea for him, which Toma does, and he says, "As this part time lady mocks, we wish that this is a coincidence, and we hope that Mishou can take full responsibility for discovering the truth." That makes Toma angry and she dashes up saying, " Sis is not a part time worker, I’m a police. Police!" and she accepts the case. Sebumi and her go to find the doctor who confirmed that all five of them died of natural cause. The doctor asks if he can finish Sebumi’s lunch as well, and Toma replies, "No." at the same time that Sebumi says, "Sure." Later, Toma reveals that she thinks there’s something fishy. These five guys are all in different jobs, so they should have different time slots for health checks as well, but they all visited the doctor in the same month. She thinks that it’s because someone sent them a hidden message, and being undercovers, they knew the codewords, which asked them to go for health check ups. She thinks that something was done to them during the check up. Suddenly, many police come up to Mishou because Sebumi’s card was used to check into some top secret place and information was stolen. They want to bring Sebumi back to interrogate him but Toma says that it’s most probably someone took Sebumi’s card and used it to steal information, because Sebumi has absolute no idea how to hack computers — "He’s just someone with four fit limbs, but a simple brain." Toma describes.

They ask if Sebumi has any idea who stole the card, and he said no. The guy gets agitated and shouts. Toma shouts back, and the guy threatens to send her to some island, which causes her to be so happy because she loves that island. The guy pulls out his gun at Toma, but Nonomura pulls his hand towards his forehead and tells him, "If you want to shoot, shoot here. Mishou will take responsibility for this." After the police leave, Nonomura tells Sebumi that he trusts that he has an idea in his heart, and that personal feelings are forbidden. Sebumi takes off to investigate, but not before Nonomura gives him arms. Toma rushes up to follow him and Nonomura stops her saying, "Please take care of Sebumi." Toma nods, and turns, but realises that the elevator has gone down without her. She jumps down, and lets out a cry of pain. Nonomura murmurs, " The Pandora box has been opened. Should it be opened like thaaatttt-" and the scene changes to Masaki feeding Nonomura ice cream. She asks when they’re getting married, and Nonomura is going to say something [ obviously not good ] and she just keeps feeding him. He tells her that he has diabetes, and she’s like "I know. The child in me is growing day by day." This scene ends off with Masaki ordering another two big ice creams [ or something like that ]. Toma and Sebumi eat dumplings at the shop, where Toma guesses correctly that it was his senior who stole his card, and made a copy. Sebumi denies it, but Toma just goes on with her guess, which makes it more or less the truth. The scene changes to this two ominous looking guy exchange a dialogue [ they were SUPPOSED to be speaking Chinese but uh…. ] about some big transaction etc and one guy asks the other guy to quickly return to Japan. 

Sebumi and Toma visit his senior’s house but learns that his senior had gone on a business trip to a place where gems and jewels are most famous for. While talking, the senior’s daughter suddenly calls out Mummy, and the wife dashes to see what’s wrong. It’s only sleep talking, and Sebumi wishes that she will grow into a pretty lady, causing the wife to tear because turns out that her daughter has gotten this disease that occurs mostly in adults, which means that fats will be accumulated around her heart, and slowly, her heart will fail her. Sebumi and Toma fall into this silence because both of them have experiences with death [ in a sense ] Later, Toma remarks to Sebumi that bliss is a very fragile thing, which breaks very easily — "Something that you should not wish for… Didn’t your… life break in just a moment as well?" "What about you?" Toma recalls Chii’s proposal to her, which she accepts but later, during a confrontation between her and Ninomae, Ninomae blasts/cuts her arm off [ which explains her only one arm now ]. Toma says that it’s the responsibility for the criminal police to protect other’s happiness, to which Sebumi says that he will protect his senior’s family’s happiness. He requests for Toma to tell him any good ways that she can think of, and Toma replies, "Personal feelings are forbidden…. but…okay."

Toma hacks into some computer and gets information that Sebumi’s senior was an undercover as well. Toma questions out loud the reason why the senior will do such thing, and Nonomura asks if it’s because there’a  hostage. "Hostage?!" and Toma’s eyes widen. They go to find Sebumi’s senior’s wife, who tell them that the doctor who did the health check up for her daughter was an old man. Toma asks if her husband knows this, and she suddenly remembers that her husband came home asking if she brought her daughter to the hospital, to which she replied yes. After that, her husband just hugged his daughter tightly for a long time, and 3 days later, the daughter’s health deteriorated. While they are waiting for the lift, Sebumi asks Toma to do "her thing" which refers to the calligraphy thing.  Which she does. 

Sebumi speaks [ in Chinese, and surprisingly not bad:P ] to secure a deal with some obscure person, and receives a call. Toma meets up with Sebumi and Nonomura, where Toma tells them that she suspects there’s a person with the SPEC of killing people. Since there’s someone that has the SPEC of curing people, she believes there’s the reverse of it as well. The five people that were killed by this person must have been a mean by some organisation to threaten Sebumi’s senior, and she says that the password for the computer that she hacked, when entered into the system, is actually a point on the map — the condo where Reizei stays in and she is very sure that his senior will go there that night to kidnap Reizei. Tsuda buys sushi for Reizei but Reizei suspects that he puts something inside the food. He becomes cautious. While talking, Tsuda mentions that they’re protecting him from other organisations who are waiting to kill him/ make use of his ability. Reizei asks who, but Tsuda asks him to just eat — offering one sushi. Reizei likes it, and eats it, before realising that he ate the sushi on his side, which was drugged. So he falls into a deep slumber. 

True to what Toma predicts, Sebumi’s senior really comes to this condo. He has this equipment which tells him that there’s someone in a particular room. Thinking that it might be Reizei, he dashes towards it, only to end up in a fight with Sebumi. He pulls the gun on Sebumi and asks him to tell him where Reizei is, but Sebumi pulls out his gun as well and there’s this emotional scene where Sebumi refuses to tell him Reizei’s locations because he’s a police, and he even questions his senior if he’s fit to be a police. His senior’s helpers come into the room and help the senior escape, but turns out there’s already back up police force. Sebumi reveals that he knows someone causes his daughter to fall sick, so that they can threaten the senior. The senior is shocked and Toma asks him for the name of the guy with the SPEC of causing illness and diseases. He’s finally about to say the name, when he gets shot. Sebumi’s shocked and jumps from the second floor. He realises there’s no hope for his senior, and cries out in agony, as his senior dies. 

In the morgue, Toma wants to tell the wife and the daughter about Sebumi’s senior’s demise, but Nonomura says that they can only hide the truth from them because they’ll be sadder if they’d known the truth. Toma looks at the blood splattered photos. Sebumi recalls their former SIT days where his senior saved his life. Toma quietly sits down behind him, and Sebumi says, "Toma…" "Yep." "Death always appears out of the blue. My senior’s death is punishment for the crimes that he had done… but his daughter and his wife are innocent. I will use my life to protect their happiness… I will definitely save Rika chan [ the daughter. I finally figured out her name oops:P ]" Toma replies, " Personal feelings are forbidden…..but…. I understand."

The camera draws out.

-the end-

AWW I knew it, I knew it that the senior will die if he opens his mouth and says a single word of the guy who has the SPEC to kill grrrr. I wish he hadn’t died! In this episode, we see the connection between Toma and Sebumi because of their common feelings towards death — bitter, grief, regret etc. From this episode onwards, the plot starts to get a little more warped as we are introduced to the idea of different camps. Last time, it was just the idea of oh, Tsuda being the leader and working against Mishou in a sense, but he says that he’s actually protecting Reizei from other people as well… so… haha watch on and see how!:D 

SHOCK. Wow the wonders that make up and hair can do 0.0 Okay… not like Toma’s ugly now the way she is or anything, but wow!



  1. Anonymous says

    Haha are you avoiding it because you are scared that you will be gloomy after watching it?:P

    All right!^^


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